November 4, 2008


Let's talk about LOST! There's No Place Like Home. P2.
Bearded Jack watches Kate back up the car.   Kate yells at him about being stoned on his pills, calling her for two days and showing her an obit for Jeremy Bentham. {plate- 4 QKD 695}
Kate tells Jack that Jeremy came to her and she heard what he had to say; she determined he was crazy. Jack on the other hand believes Jeremy. "Him of all people."
Jack believes him because he says that's the only way he can keep Kate and Aaron safe.
Kate slaps Jack for saying Aaron's name. She's upset that she has to explain to Aaron why Jack can't read to him. She spent the last three years trying to forget the horrible things that happened on the day they left, "How dare you ask me to go back."
Kate drives off, leaving Jack alone.

Jack treks through the jungle with Sawyer. He's still suppurating and a bit wobbly.
Jack tells Sawyer that Lapidus said "they" were headed North East.  Sawyer wants Jack to slow down because he looks like he's about to keel over. But of course, Jack is always fine.

They arrive at the Orchid; but what's the plan?  The guys hear a noise and out of nowhere see it's Hugo's taking a leak. Hurley is excited Sawyer came back but wanted to know how he knew where he was.  Jack tells Hurley it's good to see him.
Sawyer asks Hurley "So where the hell is he?"

The three enter the greenhouse area to find John looking around. Locke's happy to see Jack.
On the moving freighter, Desmond, Jin and Michael investigate the C-4 issue that's large enough to blow up an aircraft carrier.
C-4 is wired to a battery.
Desmond reveals that he did six months Explosive Ordinance Disposal, when he was in the Army. {EOD- Bomb Squad. Just enough time to learn how to blow yourself up} This bomb is on a timer that hasn't gone off yet.
Desmond explains "This is a radio receiver. It's like a walki talki, sends it a signal and it triggers a bomb remotely
Jin asks if they can turn it off.
Desmond looks at the bomb details more closely: tripwire, dummy wiring, multiple firing systems, battery's the power source, Mess with any of it…BOOM! {Come on! Game over!}

John, with a Dharma handbook, explains to Jack "There's a Dharma station below us, and I'm looking for a way to get in."
Jack-"Get in and do what?"
John wants to speak to Jack alone but Jack doesn't want to be bothered, "We just came back for Hurley."
Locke-"Jack, you need to hear what I have to say..."
Jack forcefully tells John that he needs to walk back to the chopper, get on and get the rest of our people off this island."
Hurley-"Dude. Probably not the best idea right now. Those Rambo guys are taking Ben to that helicopter. He surrendered himself to them about an hour ago."
Jack asks John, why the hell he would do that?

Cuffed Ben walks with Keamy and the other G.I. Joe's.  Keamy wants to know what makes Ben so important.  Widmore paid Keamy a lot of money to capture Ben and bring him back alive
Ben wonders, "Charles Widmore tell you to kill my daughter."
Keamy sees that Frank has the red tool box and is trying to free himself.  Keamy wants to know who gave him the toolbox.   Just then they hear rustling.  It's Kate; who identifies herself as one of the passengers of flight 815, claiming she's being chased by Ben's people. {Points at Ben, she's helping him.}
Keamy yells out to Kocol, Lacour, "Redfern on Frank."
Frank looks around like WTF is going on?! LOL!
Then there are whispers.
Ben listens, the Others show themselves and the bad men! {They have guns and shock darts.}
Keamy orders- "Now! Spray it!" {Spray what? Bug?}
Frank takes cover in the chopper. Kate instructs Ben when to run. Grenade!
Keamy runs after them!
Sayid ambushes Keamy with a tackle and they have one hell of a fight. Sayid stabs Keamy and then beats him with an Eko-like looking stick!  
Four shots are fired into Keamy's back. It was Richard who fired the shots.
Kate helps Sayid up. {What is with the look they share? Go back and watch!}
Keamy looks dead; eyes open. {Like Naomi.}
Ben is pleased that Richard finally showed up. Kate cuts Ben free. Richard informs Ben the arrangement for Kate helping to free him was they let them off the island.  Ben feels that's fair enough.  Ben tells Kate, "The helicopter is yours. You and Sayid have a safe journey back."
Permission granted.

Hurley is in Santa Rosa; opens a fruit snack. {Molly Fishers.} Walt's grandma brought her grandson across country to see him.   She makes sure Hurley isn't dangerous/crazy first.
Walt sits opposite Hurley. Walt's getting big.  Grandma watches. {A black wheelchair rolls by.}
Walt tells Hurley, when he came back, he was waiting for one of them to go see him but nobody did. Jeremy Bentham went to see him. Walt doesn't understand why they are lying.
Hurley explains they're lying because it's the only way to protect everyone who didn't come back, safe. Including Walt's dad. {Hurley just opened his mouth and just told someone part of the secret!}

Sawyer watches Jack and Locke through the binoculars. Hurley thinks they are talking about "leader stuff."
Hurley shares the 15 year old crackers that came out of the ground with Sawyer. Hurley thanks Sawyer for coming back for him. Hurley asks if Claire and the baby are okay.
John wants Jack to reconsider leaving the island; he would like him to stay. Jack recounts John dealing with Naomi; getting most of their people killed.
John-"Well Jack, you put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger."
John was hoping to let bygones be bygones. Jack tells him to stay in his little greenhouse, the rest of them are going home even though John tells him he's not supposed to go home.
Jack thinks he remembers what he's supposed to do "What is it that you said on the way out to the hatch? That crashing here was our destiny."
John insists Jack knows he's there for a reason, "…And if you leave this place, that knowledge is gonna eat you alive from the inside out. Until you decide to come back."
Jack says goodbye.
John tells Jack, he's gonna have to lie about everything. It's the only way to protect it.
Jack-"It's an island, John. No one needs to protect it."
John-"It's not an 'Island'. It's a place where miracles happen.  And, and, if you, if you don't believe that, Jack, if you can't believe that, just wait till you see what I'm about to do
Jack-"There's no such thing as miracles."
John-"We'll just have to see which one of us is right."
Ben appears. He's going to head inside the Orchid with John. John couldn't find the Anthuriums because he doesn't know what they look like. Ben shows him and reveals the entrance to the elevator. Ben encourages Jack to go to the helicopter and leave, and informs him that the rest of his people are leaving to the freighter. He'd love to fill Jack in on everything he missed, but you, Hugo, James, need to get moving.

Ben-"If I were you, I'd wanna be on that boat within the hour." {WHY? Does he know he's going to let it be blown up?!!} Goodbye.
John-"Lie to them Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you."
Jack watches John and Ben head below.

CRYO-CYL nitrogen {UN 1977} wheeled/delivered by Michael.
Sun w/Aaron, asks what going on down there.
Michael-"Did you tell anybody?"
She asks if he can turn it off. He tells her it isn't even on yet, "But yeah. If what's in this tank does what it's supposed to do, we're gonna be okay."
He'll send Jin upstairs because there's no need for him to be downstairs with him.
Sun shares with Michael she's pregnant. {Why did she feel the need to tell him? Hmmm?}
Michael tells Des and Jin he's going to freeze the battery. Liquid nitrogen, they use it in the refrigeration hold. He explains the bomb needs a charge from the battery to detonate, the battery runs on a chemical reaction. {Why not just disconnect the wires then?} He sprays the battery to keep it cold, NO reaction. The catch is they only have one canister; use it up, they're right back where they started.
They can't save it until the light turns red. They need to chill the battery now or else it's the last thing they will ever see. Either way at least they'll have a warning and buy themselves some time. Desmond notes the freezing the battery and asks Jin to help him trace back the wires make a list to where each of them goes to. {Good thing Jin has full command of the English language!}

Daniel comes back to the beach and confirms to Juliet he got them on the boat. Tells her they're gonna get as close to the island without hitting the reef, "So the next trip shouldn't take so long."
He's going to get water. She'll get the next group ready to go. Juliet thanks Dan for his help.
Miles, in the beach kitchen/table eats Dharma peanuts. Rose asks him who said he can eat them. Miles asks her permission. Rose will keep her eye on Shorty.
Dan gets Miles' attention.
Miles-"Something wrong with your neck?"
Dan tells him and Charlotte he's leaving in 10 minutes and they need to make sure they are with him on that raft. Miles reveals he's gonna stay. Dan is concerned Miles doesn't understand his direness of the circumstance. Miles knows Dan's dire, but still will stay.
Dan tells Charlotte "10 minutes."
Miles is surprised Charlotte wants to leave, after all the time she spent trying to get back here.
Charlotte-"What do you mean, get back here?"
Miles-"What DO I mean?" {He knows.}

Ben and John descending in the elevator to the station. It goes down very deep.
Once there, Ben gets things going.
John has questions. They are in what Dharma calls the Orchid, complete with bunny cage and a VAULT!
John wonders if this is the magic box.
He's told it is not.
Ben tells him all the Dharma stations were used for "Silly experiments.
Ben takes care of some business, starts to put metal items in the vault, including the bunny cage.
John watches the orientation video {6 of 6} hosted by Edgar Halliwax and bunny 15.
Edgar mentions the Orchid is not used as a botanical research unit. The unique properties of this island have created a kind of casimir effect, allowing Dharma to conduct unique experiments in both space and time. "This is the vault. Constructed adjacent to a pocket of what we believe to be negatively charged exotic matter. Great care must be taken to avoid leaving inorganic materials inside the chamber. The electromagnetic energy within the island is highly volatile and unpredictable. Now, for your own safety and the safety of those around you, metallic objects must never be placed within the vault. In our first demonstration we'll attempt to shift the test subject 100 milliseconds ahead in 4 dimensional space. For the briefest of the moment the animal will seem to disappear, but in reality…." {In reality what? Nothing? Fucking magic trick!}
All of a sudden the tape starts rewinding on its own. John tries to get it to play, but then gets a snowy screen.
John asks Ben, "Is he talking about what I think he was talking about?" 
Ben-"If you mean time traveling bunnies, then yes."
John remarks that Edgar said not to put anything metal in the vault. Ben is aware. The men hear the elevator and concerned Ben asks John for his weapon back.

Hurley and Sawyer find Kate and Sayid with Lapidus at the chopper. Kate's trying to un-cuff Frank, but can't.
Sawyer sees dead bodies and asks Kate in flirty fashion if this one "Did something to tick you off, Freckles?"
She replies in flirty flattered fashion, "I didn't kill that one."
He asks which one did she kill.
Kate touches Jack; he asks where the baby is. Aaron is with Sun, they should be at the freighter by now. Sawyer seems jealous.
Kate asks Jack if he's okay.
Jack-"I am now."
Sawyer asks Kenny Rogers if he's trying to pick a lock. Sawyer cuts the cuffs off Frank with a hacksaw. Jack asks Sayid how he got back  Sayid tells him he took the zodiac from the freighter. Jack asks if it's safe and tells Sayid about the body that washed up on the beach. Sayid feels it's safe now. With Frank released, he's excited to fly them out of there! Sawyer's happy, as he's seen enough of this rock.
Sayid sits co-pilot.
Hurley asks Jack, after they drop everyone off at the boat, they can come back and look for Claire.
Jack says yes.
Frank instructs the passengers to keep their hands and feet inside the vehicle {Like they're on a ride at Disney World! Weeeeeeeeee!} "Let's go for a ride!"
They seem relieved to lift off. {Shot of joystick.}

Inside the Orchid, the elevator arrives and un-dead Keamy steps out looking for Ben. He has another knife. {You can hear the orientation video playing.} He knows Ben is down there, crouching in the dark just waiting to take a shot at him. Keamy tells him to be sure to aim for the head. He calls Richard, Ben's boyfriend who shot him in the back, like a coward, "This body armor is um, has been known to take a bullet or two in its time."
But before Ben takes his shot, Keamy shows him the rigged bomb remote. Keamy took out a bit of a life insurance policy. He explains it's a heart rate monitor is connected to a radio transmitter, they call it a dead man's trigger. When his heart stops beating it sends a signal to the 500lbs of C4 that he has hardwired on the freighter. It will kill innocent people.
Need he remind Ben of his daughter looked as she bled out, face down in the grass. {Not face up}
John Locke appears to Keamy and tells him he has no conflict with him, neither do the people on the boat. {Keamy doesn't know him}
John asks him to put the knife down and talk about it. Keamy's never really been one for talk. Ben busts out of a locker, beats then stabs Keamy for killing his daughter.
John-"Ben, what did you do?"
John sees the monitor/beeping and tries to keep Keamy's heart beating.
John-"You just killed everybody on that boat."

Charlotte tells Dan she's going to stay, for now.
Dan tells her there is "No, 'for now'. If you come with me, could be forever."
Charlotte-"Nothing's forever."
She asks him if it would make any sense if she said she was still looking for where she was born.
Nope, it wouldn't.
She kisses him on the cheek and says goodbye.
Happy Juliet confirms with "guessing Dan" that she too will stay. She promised she "wouldn't leave until I got everyone safely off this island. "Relax. I'll still be here when you get back."
Dan-"Right. Right. When I get back."
Dan gets the next group started. "Off we go."
We see the freighter.

Michael is freezing the battery.  Desmond thinks he may found a way to cut a wire, but Jin sees the connection would not disconnect the firing mechanism.
Desmond is upset "I just don't know enough! How do we even know if your freezer trick's doing anything?"
Michael- "We'll know if that light turns red and we're still here."
There's only a quarter tank left. If they can't deactivate the bomb, they better get everybody off this boat.

While flying in the chopper, Frank sees they're losing fuel because there's bullet hole in the tank. The have to set her down. Jack tells him there's no fuel on the island and demands Frank head to the boat or the chopper's useless. But they can't see the boat!
Jack-"Then keep looking."
Frank instructs them to get rid of any extra weight that isn't bolted down. They toss shit out but it's still not enough.
Frank-"I would feel a hell of a lot better if we were a few hundred lbs lighter." {Hurley's face} If they don't make it, they're still close enough to ditch it on the beach. Again Jack demands he doesn't go back to the island. Frank doesn't have a choice.
Sawyer leans over, whispers something into Kate's ear, kisses her, tells her to "Just do it" and jumps out of the chopper.
Jack sees Sawyer and Kate's whole transaction.
Sawyer resurfaces and swims back!

Things to note…Questions to ask...
{Including bunch of things that are making me jump up and down with excitement as they are ties to major things I've hinted at.}
* Three. Boone-Libby-Charlie. Could these three represent the three cribs I saw in the nursery when baby John was in the incubator? Or just coincidence?
* It's not an "Island"
* Joystick. Trigger. Wire. Power source. Monitor. Timer.
* Freeze the POWER SOURCE. {Battery. Wheel.}
* Underground. Underwater.
* The Orchid tape starts on its own; never giving us the reality of anything! Damn glitches!!
* Keamy uses a heart rate monitor as a device to signal a bomb remotely. Ben used a heart rate monitor as a device to make Sawyer believe it would kill him. Both would execute an action based on the heart.
* Ben-"If you mean time traveling bunnies, then yes."    Is Ben just confirming the "words" John heard on the tape, or if the tape reveals fact of time travel? {I think he's only confirming the "words".}
* Charlotte apparently has left the "Island" too, and has returned to the it!  See, it can be done!
* John tells Jack to lie.  Jack makes up the lie.
* Again, there are no time issues with going back and forth to freighter.
* Different Orchid orientation video than we've seen.
* Desmond knows about bombs. That's convenient.
* John has a Dharma handbook (Where did he get it?) and he still couldn't find his way around.
* Keamy looks dead..But is NOT.
* Some of the paper letter cutouts on the walls at Santa Rosa are backwards.
* Natives. Others. Hostiles. Alien. Hybrid.
* Created. Special.
* Blood. Bomb. Grenade. Boom. War game.
* Bird Birds-Perch-Duck-Duct tape. Animals.
* Bug.(electronic) Bugs.(Insect/alien)
* Shape, shift, transform, morph, fly.
* Fertility. Parentage. Pregnancy. Men. Fathers.
* The chopper and freighter were close to the beach.
* Jack wasn't on Jacob's list.
* I've mentioned it in the past I feel the Orchid logo looks like a whale tail descending deep into to the water. We know it to be the 'flower petal-time cone' motif. It is a spiral. Maybe it's just a damn funnel to funnel them somewhere.  Or metaphor for spiraling down.
* What were the stations for, really? On the surface the stations seem to be portrayed as one thing, but was that was a smoke screen for deeper purposes.
* Is there really "time travel"? {lol}
* Should Hurley have not gone on the chopper?
* What did Sawyer tell Kate before jumping?
* Is there a long royal lineage to everything?
* Four.  4 toed statue. 4 horsemen? 4 leaf clover?
* Widmore wants Ben alive.  Is the capture of Ben more like Big game hunting? Bag the big bird!
* Shoot Keamy in the head? What is he?  Keamy's body armor.  Is he talking about the military issued vest, or a layer of human material over robot skeleton? Or shit like the Terminator.
* "Be careful not to leave inorganic materials inside the chamber."   Do jackets and baton's count?
* Do we need to revisit Karen DeGroot at this time?

Vocabulary…and Research…
* Dare- is a risky challenge one person suggests to another, to try to get the person to prove their courage.
- Dan Dare, British sci fi  comic character. Dan Dare appeared in the Eagle comic story Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future in 1950.
- Virginia Dare, the first child born in the Americas to English parents.
* KEEL- the central beam of the hull of a boat. Keelboat or "keel", a flat-bottomed boat designed for use on rivers.
- John Keel an author, journalist and ufologist.
- Keel (flower), the two bottom petals of the flower, forming a boat-like structure called the keel.
- Sailing spar at the foot of a sail on a sailboat. Or a wishbone shaped piece of windsurfing equipment
- Boom (barrier), a floating separation barrier usually a chain supported by interspersed buoyant elements, for blocking a waterway.
- Boom- a character from Power Rangers: S.P.D.
- Boom (source port), a source port of the computer game Doom
- BOOM, a clone of Bomberman with Doom-inspired characters
* Methamphetamine, as a slang term for the drug.
* Perch: from the Greek perke meaning perch, and the Latin meaning shape.
 -the common name for the freshwater fish in the genus Perca. - The USS Perch, one of 2 submarines in the United States Navy.
- Perch SSSI a Site of Special Scientific Interest in England.
* The word Cryos is Greek, means "ice". cryobiology.  In English a sperm bank is often called a Cryobank.
* Vault an underground facility in the Marvel Universe for super villains.
* Vault (company) formerly Vault Reports, a recruitment company.
* LaCour A town and commune in France.
* Redfern could relate to AUSTRALIA.
* Anthurium- The flowers are hermaphrodite, containing male and female flowers.
* Jeremy Bentham (15 February 1748–6 June 1832) was an English jurist, philosopher, and legal and social reformer. He was a political radical, and a leading theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law. He  designed the prison building known as a Panopticon.

Up to this point…John told Jack it's his destiny to be on the "Island"!   Jack is ALWAYS in denial about everything that happens, i.e. the bad people on the boat, the others, getting off the "Island", making "that" call, Naomi helping, etc.. He's WRONG, yet he's always taking charge.
John screws things up. He couldn't even follow directions Ben gave to enter the Orchid, even with a damn handbook!

The Oceanic 6 have Ben's permission to get off the "Island".    Couldn't it all be part of Ben's plan to have them leave, only to make it seem like their idea to want to return to the "Island"?!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Original MySpace post June 3, 2008.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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