November 3, 2008


Let's talk about LOST!

"This isn't really happening!"- Desmond Hume. The Constant

I have been asked many times while writing my notes in these blogs if I have any idea what is going on, and why don't I outright tell you what my theories are.

By now you know I try to keep my opinion on what's going on low key.
This way I can keep the clue line neutral, presenting to you as many clue options as possible.
Sometimes it is hard for me to keep my thoughts to myself or my big mouth shut. lol.
You know the show became my place of escape and in that, absorbing things that enable me to have fun piecing together this living breathing puzzle game.

We all see different things in the episodes and even have a different take on the show. That's what makes all of this so special. We all contribute to this puzzle as a means to get to the big picture. I value all of your insight!

Being careful never to take one side of an issue or clue; and presenting the many choices of what an answer could be, is the way to see which clues pan out. This way you can make your own discoveries and minds up about things.
I know my vocabulary and research can be a bit over the top, but including those things show you the answer may not be the first answer it was assumed to be.

This show is all about the subliminal. Things right there in plain sight and if you blink, you'll miss it. I LOVE that!

To answer your question... Yes, I have a theory that I'm leaning toward. It is based only on the clues noted in my notes and not outside influences or other theories.  Anything I write is still only my opinion on what I see. I do kind of share my thoughts subliminally through the questions I ask you.

We're only halfway through this epic story and there is so much more to learn. To think we have all the "correct answers" right now is just wrong.

I'll never tell you what to think.  I only hope that I've been able to bring a little something different to the LOST theory table.

Even though we have "information" making us look to "certain things" i.e. this crazy time travel thingy, plane crash and the Oceanic 6, etc., we still can't discount illusion, manipulation, tricks and Razzle Freakin Dazzle because they are at play here!
What is real and what is NOT?
How many times have I said this... "Flashes, people and "things" are not what they seem."
I think were being led to believe something. {Just like the people on the "Island"} But is it the truth?

If you get the chance head back into my past posts regarding the Missing Pieces Mobisodes in particular. I think you'll find those very interesting since we've seen the first 8 episodes of this season.

There are a lot of wonderful theories out there! I'd love to hear yours.
Share with me what you think is happening with the "Island's snow globe", its surreal surroundings and players. What do you hope to learn when the season returns?

Is what we're seeing really what you think it is?
Remember...It's all about PERCEPTION!

You all make this so much fun for me.
Thank you. I truly appreciate all of you.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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