November 2, 2008


Let’s talk about LOST! Confirmed Dead.
We see images on a monitor.
An ROV crawls across the bottom of the ocean. {2 ROV.}
Ron is one of the operators; he’s picking up ZIP so the operators switch feeds. The men use bearing 137 from the coordinates off the guys map. There’s a lot of anomaly down there.
"Keep dreaming, Ron."
They’re gonna recalibrate.
"Are you getting this?"
They come upon Oceanic flight 815.
The TV news reports the haunting footage comes to them from the Christiane 1; a salvage vehicle in the Indian Ocean. For more than two months it’s been scouring the depths of the Sunda Trench off Bali in search of sunken trading ships. The reporter tells us of the discovery of Oceanic flight 815.

Essex, Massachusetts:
Dan sits emotional while watching this report. His caretaker asks how he wants his eggs.
She asks him, "They find that missing plane?"
Dan is very emotional and his caretaker wonders why.
Dan-"I don’t know." {House looks like a barracks house.}

A helicopter is flying through a storm. The woman on board can’t find her vest so the Asian guy hands her his.
The pilot yells for them to "Get ready!"
It’s raining badly. "Everybody out now!"
Dan doesn’t want to jump out so the Asian guy pushes him out. Dan falls through the trees. We see his blinking red beacon. He hears something and readies his gun, tucks in his pants and then acts nonchalant...There’s Jack and Kate.
Dan-"Are you Jack?"
This is Daniel Faraday.
Dan-"I’m here to rescue you." {Oh really Luke}
He is dressed in a tie and sweater vest. {He didn’t ask about Naomi.}
Jack asks him how many were on the chopper.
We're told "Four".
Dan doesn’t know how many of them were able to get out before it went down; he jumped and lost his pack. {WTF?!! He got pushed out! }
If he had his phone...Kate tells him "We have a phone."
Dan uses the phone to call George Minkowski.
George mentions the chopper com went dead.
Dan informs him there was an electrical storm; all the instruments went down. He made contact with some of the survivors. George wants to speak to Dan in private and not on speaker.
Kate tells Jack not to worry, "Naomi covered for us. They don’t know what Locke did to her."
Jack notes that Dan has a gun in his pants waistband.
Dan tells Jack the boat hasn’t heard from anybody else yet; their GPS Transponders will send the locations back to the ship and the ship will send all the locations back into the phones. {Yeah. Then what?} His whole team has one. {His signal 5771} "Will you help me find them?"
Jack- "Absolutely."
Dan asks about the rest of their people. Kate shares that most of them went back to the beach.
Dan-"Most of them?"

Locke stands smiling with his eyes closed enjoying the rain shower. It’s daylight. He is alone, away from the group.
Concerned Hurley asks Locke "What’s wrong with you? You’re gonna get struck by lightning."
Still with his eyes closed, Locke tells Hugo the storms about to pass.
Hugo feels "It’s a friggin' monsoon! We gotta..." All of a sudden the rain stops! Vincent who is still with Hugo, shakes the rain  off.
Locke tells the group "Let's go!"
Sawyer asks Locke why is he going East when the barracks are due South. Locke informs James they have to make a little detour first; there’s a cabin he has to go to.
Hugo interjects-"I thought the cabin was back that way."
Surprised Locke asks him what he said.
Hugo lies and tells him he thought he was talking about the airplane cabin. Locke tells them they’re supposed to go to the shack.
Sawyer- "Like you were supposed to throw a knife into that chick Naomi’s back?"
Sawyer wants to know who Locke’s getting his orders from "Colonel Kurtz."
Locke informs them he got them from Waaaaaaalt.

Sayid is looking out to the ocean.
Juliet tells him that "Jack still isn’t back." And no freighter yet. It’s a big Island and it could be approaching from the other side.
Sayid-"You lived amongst the Others. Why would Ben say the people who are coming here intend to do us harm."
Juliet feels that’s what Ben does. He’s a liar; he's trying to scare them. That’s what he does, "Or because the people who are coming here intend to do us harm." {Well, which is it?} Juliet asks him how many guns he has left.
Kate points out a metal foot locker and asks if it’s from Dan’s chopper. Dan confirms it is from the chopper. They tossed it out of the chopper to reduce the weight load when it was going down, "I guess that’s why they pushed me out. {You didn’t jump this time? Ass.}
Jack sees it contains gas masks and wonders what they’re for. Dan only tells him he’s not in charge of packing. So Jack asks him about the gun. Dan touches the gun and tells him it’s a precaution "Rescuing you and your people, can’t say is our primary objective."
Jack-"Then what is?"
The phone conveniently beeps at that moment. It’s Miles’ signal.

Sawyer to Locke-"What do you mean you saw Walt? In a dream?"
Locke-"It was no dream. It was Walt. Only taller."
Sawyer- Taller? What, like a giant?"
Locke explains Walt said he had work to do; he had to stop Naomi from bringing the rest of her people here.
Sawyer-"You didn’t ask any follow up questions?"
Locke tells him that Ben shot him and left him for dead. Walt saved his life so he took him at his word.
Sawyer is amazed and mockingly says that yet here he is tromping through the jungle "Fit as a Fiddle.
Locke shows him the bullet hole where it went in one side came out the other. If he had a kidney it would have killed him.

Dan, Kate and Jack find Miles. {Familiar... Where Des and Kelvin had their fight.} Miles' helmet wasn’t even on him! {Come on!} Miles instinctively draws his gun.
Miles- "Back up, handsome."
Dan informs Miles it’s Okay, "They’re just trying to help us."
Miles yells for Kate to "Back away from him."
Jack tells her it’s Okay.
Miles-"You’re Kate? Do you want to tell me where Naomi is? The woman you killed. Where is she?"
Inglewood, California:
Miles arrives at a home. The news on car radio reports the discovery of flight 815, "All 324 passengers- dead."
Miles takes a suitcase with a combination lock out of the trunk. {Note red and black cables.}
Ms. Gardner has hired Miles for his unique services. Miles Straume spoke to her on the phone earlier. {Note wood frame picture of a young black teen.}
Miles-"Which room is it?" {Not room 23?! Lol}
Ms. Gardener directs him to upstairs at the end of the hall. Miles tells her he gets paid in advance; $200.00 cash only.
Ms.Gardner-"You told me $100."
Well, that was before his buddy at the police station told him her grandson was murdered. takes the money out of a coffee can.
Miles takes a contraption/dust buster out of his suitcase. She gives Miles the cash; all 20’s. He tells her no matter what she hears, "Don’t come up."

In the grandson’s room there are images/words/numbers "relating" to the island. Miles turns on his contraption, kinips a moment and then speaks, "You’re not doing your grandmother any good staying here, man. Causing her a lot of pain. I want to go downstairs and tell her you’ve gone. But the only way I’m gonna be able to do that is if you tell me where it is. So where is it?" Something falls directing his attention to an area across the room. Miles moves a bookcase and removes the vent grate. There he finds a paper bag filled with drugs and money. He takes only the cash and puts everything back in its place.
Before leaving the room he says "You can go now."
Miles tells Ms. Gardner it worked, "He’s at peace now."
Miles packs up his stuff. He looks over at the photos on the wall {Now the same pic is in a metal frame.}and he gives her a refund of half mentioning "It wasn’t as tricky as I thought."
The relieved grandmother hugs him and thanks him.

Back on the rocks Dan tells Miles "These are good people."
Miles tells Dan Naomi used the damn code. {How does he know that? Was he with George on the freighter?}
Miles reminds Dan that’s what their supposed to say when they’re captured and have a gun to their heads, "Like right now!" As he’s still pointing the gun at Jack "You get it?"
Jack tells Miles they didn’t kill their friend. Miles just wants to be taken to her body.
Dan-"What about Charlotte, Frank?"
Kate reveals Naomi was "killed by a man named John Locke, he’s not with us anymore."
Miles will know the truth once he sees her body.

Locke and his followers are by the stream and a Banyan tree drinking water. Ben wants to tell Alex something. Karl tries to look tough and touch the gun he’s carrying to intimidate Ben. "Keep your mouth shut Mr. Linus."
Ben-"Karl. Now if you’re gonna sleep with my daughter I insist you call me Ben."
Karl does take out the gun but Sawyer says "Easy kid. Guys just trying to get under your skin…" {Like a bug?!}
Sawyer minds if Ben asks him a question yet Ben will ask it anyway.
So Ben asks Sawyer, "Why did you leave Kate behind?"
Sawyer tells Yoda he’s wasting his time. Ben talks anyway telling Sawyer, "On this island he’s brave, daring, handsome, you’re someone. But if he left with them, back in the real world a low life scam artist like you could never compete with a first class surgeon. I think Kate was really upset when you made your choice to come with us. Thank god she has Jack there to comfort her."
Sawyer beats him up! Locke stops him.
Locke explains to Sawyer they are keeping Ben alive "because he’s been on this island a lot longer than any of us. Because he has information that we need. And because a part from his mouth he’s completely harmless" {Eyes!}
Sawyer-"His mouth put that hole in your gut?"
Locke-"Okay, James. Let's, let's execute him right here, right now. Right in front of his daughter."
Hurley quietly shakes his head ’no’ to Sawyer.
Sawyer-"It’s only a matter of time before he gets us Johnny. And I’ll bet he’s already figured out how he’s gonna do it. So you walk him." {Like a dog!}

Miles is kneeling/sitting over Naomi’s body, prays/mumbles. {She looks like a DROID!}
Kate asks Jack what Miles is doing {She doesn’t know praying/mumbling?} Dan comments that the light is strange out here; it doesn’t scatter quite right. {Important-Watch Jack, look around and listen.}
Kate asks Dan to put the gun away but he won’t because Miles would kill him. Miles tells Dan that Kate and Jack were telling the truth about Naomi.
Jack tells Kate to just let this play out and see what happens; he gives her a wink. The phone beeps, it’s Charlotte transponder; she’s three kilometers from there.
Miles wants to go get her but Jack wants them to put the guns down "Because our friends are out in the jungle right now holding a gun at your head and his head. So I’m gonna forget about the misunderstanding, just put the guns down."
Miles asks how stupid does Jack think he is.Just then three Gunshots ring out! It’s Sayid and Juliet!
Jack sarcastically asks, "I don’t know, Miles? How stupid are ya?"
They take their guns.

Medenine, Tunisia:
A redheaded woman reads a French newspaper reporting on the discovery of flight 815.
Her friend wonders, "How many different languages do you have to read that in before you believe it’s true?"
The redhead asks "How many different languages are there?"
The redhead tells a man that people in their line of work are terrible at keeping secrets,"I know about the dig." She bribes the man with cash for access into the site. There she discovers the remains of a {Dinosaur? Not by a few million years.} polar bear and a Dharma/hydra collar. Her friend remarks that they are in the dessert, "This is a hoax, right?"

Caught and hanging from a tree is the redhead, Charlotte. {Is she just waking up now?!}
Charlotte pulls the red release hook and falls into the water. She conveniently pops up just in time to greet Locke and his followers.

Juliet tells Jack they were worried they didn’t get back so they went out to the cockpit and tracked them from there. Jack thanks her.
Kate-"Someone could have told me that cavalry were here."
Jack says he gave her that wink!
Sayid asks the newbies their names.
Daniel tells him is name but Miles won’t let Dan tell Sayid his last name.Dan reveals to Sayid he’s a physicist for a living, "I guess you can call me a physicist. I don’t really like being pigeon hold into one..."
Miles warns Dan if he says one more thing he’s gonna break his fingers. Miles tells Sayid he collects soil samples.
Sayid asks for his help, "You say you’re not here on a rescue mission and the world at large believes us to be dead, but here we are alive and well and you don’t seem remotely surprised to see us."
Miles mocks a dramatic scene of surprise.

Charlotte sits in supposed surprise of the survivors of flight 815. {Everyone is standing except for Locke, Sawyer, Ben and Vincent}
Hugo asks her why she wants to know how many survivors there are. He shares with her "48 of us survived the crash...that’s not counting the tail section. They’re pretty much all dead now."
Locke cuts him off as to not say anymore!
She asks Claire if that’s her baby, "Did you have him here, on the Island?"
Charlotte thinks it’s all very amazing.
Ben eyes Karl’s gun.
Charlotte has a million questions she wants to ask them but they can wait until they get them back to the freighter. She explains the purpose of the transponders.
Locke asks her about "This team of yours, how many of you are there?"
Four including her.
She doesn’t know what happened to the helicopter. The pilot was trying to put it down but she doesn’t know where. There was ciaos and she had to jump, "I’m lucky to be alive."
In charge Locke tells her to get up; she’s going with ’us’.
Charlotte wants to sit there so "they" can find them.
Locke informs Charlotte, "See there’s your problem. We don’t wanna be found."

Sayid is messing around with the phone, "It can’t hurt to try and call someone else."
Miles-"Oh it can hurt."
The phone is beeping. It is Charlotte’s transponder and it's moving very fast.    Jack feels that "She’s running from something."    So they all run toward it.     According to the beeping she’s right here. {Note the red flowers.}
But it’s not Charlotte, it's Vincent with the transponder attached. {Although it doesn’t look like Vincent.}
Jack "knows" that Locke has Charlotte.

Eleuthera, The Bahamas:

A toy plane floats down to the bottom of an aquarium. Frank Lapidus tossed this plane in there.
A Sign in the room displays-Caribbean Dreams, Island Travel and Tours.  The old TV has the news about the discovery of flight 815. {Replica helicopter and brochures on top of TV. Scuba poster.} The TV shows graphic footage. There is a hotline for family members to call 888-548-0034. They show a picture of the pilot Seth Norris, with a mustache. As the news continues- there's static on the TV.

Frank hits the TV as to correct the static. He calls the hotline number to report that the photo on the TV isn’t who they say it is. Captain Seth Norris was married to his high school sweetheart at 19 and never took off his wedding ring. The pilot they show has isn't wearing a wedding ring.
Frank knows about flight 815 because he was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815 on that day.

Out of the trees comes Frank. He climbs up a hill and sees a cow {Bell and all.} His phone is broken so he shoots up a flair out of a colorful gun.
Charlotte sees the flair and is happy, "That’s somebody from my team."
The rest aren’t excited.
Charlotte wonders "What’s wrong with you people? We’re here because of you. I just almost died jumping out of a helicopter because you called us for help."
Ben eyes Karl’s gun again.
Hugo thinks they should go see who launched the flair.
Locke tells the flock she’s lying, "Whatever they came for it isn’t us. We keep moving forward as planned."
Sawyer-"Sure. Who are we to argue with taller ghost Walt?"
Charlotte starts to walk away but Locke wants her to go with them.
Charlotte- I’m not asking for permission. If you think your gonna bloody stop me from getting to my..."
Two shots are fired into her chest! Ben pulled the trigger!
Sawyer beats him up again.
Locke checks on Charlotte to find she is fine because she was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Frank is not awake/unconscious.  Jack and the gang check him out. Frank wakes up. He tells the little group that they got struck by lightning and says that Charlotte bailed out; he doesn’t know where she is. Miles asks about the chopper.  {Lawnmower man. Lol!}
Frank blurts out he saw a cow and zones out for a second.
Miles snaps him out of it and asks where the chopper crashed.
Frank- "What kind of pilot you think I am, I set her down safe and sound right over there."
And there it is in a perfectly placed area just the right size to sit in.
Juliet is very happy! {N842M on blue/white heli.}

Photos of Daniel, Miles, Charlotte and Frank are revealed. {Miles' is black/white}
Naomi with different color brown eyes wonders, "This is the team?"
Abaddon makes sure she’s familiarized herself with their profiles.
Naomi feels these are the wrong people for a mission like this, "None of them have field experience, military training, you can’t just drop them in unprotected. It’ll be a disaster."
Abaddon says they’re not unprotected as they have her. {The room is empty except for the desk. Files}
She feels this is a high risk covert op in unstable territory, it’s dodgy enough without having to baby sit a head case, ghost buster, anthropologist and a drunk. He tells her the drunk is a pretty good pilot.
Naomi-"What if we find survivors from 815?"
Abaddon emphatically says "There were no survivors."
Naomi-"Yes, I know. What if there are survivors?"
He again states "There were no survivors of Oceanic 815. Don’t ask questions, just do what you were hired for. Every member of this team was selected for a specific purpose. Everything relies on you getting them in, getting them out and preventing anyone from getting killed. Think you can do that?"

Karen, uh I mean Kate carries one end of the stretcher that carries Naomi's body, with Dan carrying the other end. {Naomi looks like a mannequin or a robot.}
Sayid checks out the chopper to find the mechanical systems are in tact. He feels it will fly.
Miles asks Jack for the phone. Jack won’t trade unless he tells them what they are doing there. Miles reverses the offer.
Jack gives the phone to him but warns, "Don’t say anything about your sister." {Who is his sister? Lol}
Miles dials and Regina answers. Miles tells Regina he needs to talk to Minkowski. Regina informs him that Minkowski can’t come to the phone right now. Miles instructs her to have him call him back when he can.
Regina-"I gotta go."
Miles asks what Kate and Dan are doing with Naomi. Dan says they’re taking her with them.
Miles-"What’s the point, That’s not Naomi, it’s just meat."
Dan feels they can’t just leave her there. {Why?}

There are crow sounds. Frank says Miles is right; after all they burned up most of the fuel flying around in the storm so he’ll take Naomi next run.  Juliet is tending to Franks cuts. He asks her name, again and she replies "Juliet Burke."
He realizes she wasn’t on the plane.
Frank informs Miles "This is Juliet and she was not on the plane."
Frank has studied the manifest so he knows she wasn’t on the plane, "She’s a native."
Miles is fired up. He wants to know from Juliet "Where is he?"
Jack tells him to back off.
Miles reveals they are there to find Benjamin Linus. He shows them a picture of Ben from the "Outside World". {Ben's wearing a vest}

Sawyer still beating up Ben; pulls a gun on him "Keep your mouth shut."
After checking Charlotte, Locke walks over to Sawyer. He turns to Locke "I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to say I told you so."
Locke stands corrected.
James asks if he wants him to do it.
Locke- "No, it’s my mess, I’ll clean it up."
Locke takes the gun and tells anyone who doesn’t want to see this should leave now.
Prisoner Ben- "John, Listen. I have information that you need. I have answers."
John outright asks,"What is the monster?"
Ben- "What?...I don’t know...Her name is Charlotte Lewis. Charlotte Staples Lewis. She was born July 2, 1979 Essex, England. Parents, David and Janette.   Eldest of three, all girls.  She was raised in Browns grove. Did her undergraduate studied at Kent. Took her PHD in Cultural anthropology at Oxford. She’s here with two other team members and a pilot. Their names, Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume, Frank Lapidus. Your instinct was right John, these people are a threat. And if you shoot me you’ll never know how great of a threat they were. Because I know what they’re doing here. I know what they want...Me, James. They want me."
Locke asks how he knows all this.
Ben- "Because I have a man on their boat."

Confirmed dead is a Great Episode!
The big question I have is...Were these four placed on the "Island" just like the Jack and the rest of the Castaway's and the Tailies were? Hmmm?!

Things to Note...Questions to ask... 
Two Versions of things.
✈  If Charlotte didn’t have the vest on when she jumped out how did it get on her?
✈  Drugs. Zoned out. Sleep. Unconscious. Wake up. {Lucid Dreaming/Altered State.}
All 324 passengers died.
✈  Kate tells Sun she was on her way to Bali when she ended up on a flight to L.A. instead in "Hearts and Minds".
✈  Naomi is very much aware that the territory she is headed is home to the survivors as do the four newbies.
✈  Naomi looks like a droid or a POD person. Maybe she’s a Xenomorph? "That’s not Naomi, It's just meat". Hmmmm...
✈  Why did Naomi die? The Island saved her before, why not this time?
✈  Star Wars. Yoda. YAY!
Sawyer and Jack get called HANDSOME.
✈  Remember The EXPOSE script-one of the actors on the show was Rick Lapidus.
✈  Using the ’Connect 4’ metaphor, could it be about connecting these four new arrivals to the rest of the ’Islanders’ or just four more pawns in the chess game?
✈  Naomi says something to Miles while he’s over her body...Backwards{It’s been said she says ’You gotta see it through’}
✈  The discovery of the polar bear...Is this the future? Or is it because Dharma/Hanso had facilities all over the world? Or simply, it’s not real?
✈  Ben is still in control of keeping all the pieces in play on the chess board/game! Keeping everyone where they’re supposed to be, including himself.
✈  Ben knows what the "monster" is...It’s John {and possibly a couple of others that are part of the "smoke monster".}
✈  Helicopter has the word RESTRICTED on it.
If Ben was born in 1963-ish, the picture we see here is from the late 70’s to 1980-ish...How old is he supposed to be? Again, I ask...How old is Ben, really????
✈  Is Daniel or any of the others fitting into a ’savant’ category?
✈  Ben and Locke realize Hugo saw Jacobs cabin too.
Ben claims to have someone on their boat. So with Intel like that wouldn’t Ben have known they were coming all along?  Why are they looking for Ben? Could Ben have a twin? I’m just fucking asking!!
✈  The four have a picture of what appears to be Ben circa late 70’s early 80’s. But when Naomi arrived she had a picture of Desmond. That’s who she said she was looking for. So, which one are they really looking for?
✈  Ben shoots Charlotte who is wearing a bullet proof vest. Ben is wearing a vest in the picture they have of him. In EXPOSE Howard makes reference to bullet proof vest to Nikki.
✈  Daniel comments on the lighting being different on the "Island".
✈  Juliet a native. Who else? Yes there are more "natives".
Why do the four have gas masks? Another purge perhaps?
✈  Vincent.
✈  Mirrors. Take a look at yourself.
✈  GPS Transponders. Tracking.
✈  Things being faked. Tricks. Manipulated etc.
✈  Technically Jack could be considered the drunk pilot. lol
Giant Waaaaaaaaaallt. What is Walt in charge of? What is he up to?
EYE COLOR. Are they trying to tell us these are look a-likes, twins, replicas, bred/created from something... Are these another set of beings? Altered state of consciousness, perhaps.

Vocabulary and Research... 
The obvious name of Miles Staumme=Maelstrom.
 -A maelstrom is a very powerful whirlpool, a large, swirling body of water. The word was introduced from the Nordic form by Edgar Allan Poe in his story "A Descent into the Maelstrom" (1841).
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne, the Nautilus is sucked into a maelstrom.
In the book Eldest, there is a Maelstrom by the name of "The Boar’s Eye", which was unique in that it was caused by tidal currents, and spun in one direction during the waxing tide, and the other direction during the waning tide.
♦  In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Khan Noonien Singh pledges to chase James T. Kirk "round the Antares Maelstrom" rather than give him up.
♦  In the MMORPG  "Eve Online" there is a spaceship known as the maelstrom.
♦  The Alien Sea- from the wreck of the Perechon in the Blood Sea Maelstrom.
♦  Savant- French savant "knowing" may refer to: An autistic savant, formerly "idiot savant". Polymath, a person possessing superior abilities in multiple, often unrelated subjects In intelligence testing, a person of exceptional genius, also referred to as a "genius savant"
♦  Characters in the Noble Warriors Trilogy.
Savant (DC)Brian Durlin, better known as Savant, is the spoiled heir to an enormous fortune. Savant had moved to Gotham to become a self-styled vigilante.
Savant(Wild storm)Savant’s real name is Kenesha. She is the daughter of Lord Majestros (aka Mr. Majestic) and Lady Zannah, better known as Zealot.

This episode is filled with examples of people trying to convince others things are real.  It’s right there! Convince people the plane crashed, convince the public they are dead, convince people they are there to help, the room is haunted by a dead grandson, a polar bear in the dessert, dead people, etc.. What is the truth?
I’ve told you this before, don’t be fooled by trickery and illusion.  Things are not what they seem! People are not who/what we think they are and "Flashes"...Yeah, you know how I feel about them too.

Remember...if you repeat a lie over and over, it will become believable!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don’t claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don’t need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I’ll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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