November 4, 2008


Let's talk about LOST! There's No Place Like Home. pt1.

A view of blue sky and white puffy clouds. {Note the Set Alt- is all zeros!}
The Pilot and Co-Pilot mention they have a little "Chop" ahead.

The Pilot tells the Co-Pilot to put the rabbit's foot away.
Co pilot {Rubbing rabbit's foot w/ left hand} replies that they need this "Thing".
He's is very nervous about the cargo they have back there, "Bad Mojo."

Karen Decker is asked to head back there and let them know we're landing.  Karen heads back and says hello to an unseen passenger. She tells the group they're coming in for a landing.


Karen tells them it's a military facility just west of Honolulu; it's completely private, "Your families are already here."
Jack wakes up. The six don't look very happy. Karen goes on to say there's a lot of Press who want to speak to them, but as far as Oceanic is concerned they don't have to speak to any reporters.
Jack tells Karen "We'll talk to them."
She asks if that's alright with all of them.
Jack answers for all six and says it's fine, "We all agreed. We just want to get it over with."

Karen reveals, "They're referring to you as the Oceanic 6. That's not the best branding as far as we're concerned, but it's catchy. We'll see you on the ground."
Jack talks to the group, "We all know the story, if we get any questions that we don't want to answer or that we can't answer, let's just keep our mouths shut."
Jack tells them it's okay; they'll think they're in shock.
Sun admits they are in shock.  Jack feels then it should be easy.

The plane lands on the Island. {Barbers Point} The six seem apprehensive and unsure.
The Hatch/ramp opens on the plane and people gather to see them.
Hurley exits first. The six meet their families for a reunion. {Five Parents.}
Kate has no one.
Sayid has no one, but Hurley includes him in his family reunion.
Sun, looking distant and stand-offish, meets her emotional parents but only hugs her mother.
Jack hugs his crying mom. {She's wearing green, wedding ring.}

Night on the beach:
Rose-"It was Sayid and Desmond in the helicopter, right? I mean It had to be. Why else would they drop that thingamabob right over us?"
Sun asks why they wouldn't just land. Jack doesn't know, but tells them this thing is tracking the chopper, so if they were on it, they want us to know where they're going.
Sun-"It's a phone. Can't we just call?"
Jack asks Charlotte and Daniel if they could, Dan nods yes.
Jack hands him the phone and warns, "Don't try anything stupid."
Dan understands. He presses a bunch of things on the sat phone and discovers it's being used only as a monitor.
We can hear dialog between Keamy and Frank; they're five clicks from the site. Keamy wants Frank to "Put her down!"
Keamy also announces that as soon as they hit the ground, they deploy to the Orchid, "Heads down." {Watch Juliet and Kate.}
Juliet claims she doesn't know what the Orchid is. They also note they didn't hear Desmond or Sayid either.
Jack takes the sat phone from Dan and asks Kate if she wants to "Take a walk." {Of course she does!} He'll get the guns, she'll get some water.
Juliet freaks out, as Jack just had surgery and she needs him to rest; she's worried about his sutures. Jack feels he can't just sit around.
Juliet-"Recovery is not just sitting around."
Jack has to do this because he "promised those people he'd get them off this island."
Juliet angrily walks away telling him not to bleed to death.
Jack-"I'll see you in a couple of hours."
Daniel is very worked up. He gets out his notebook and looks up his notes about the Orchid.
Dan whispers to Charlotte that they're going to the Orchid, they're using the secondary protocol, "We HAVE to get off this Island, right now."

Jack has the sat phone monitor/tracker, tells Kate they're catching up; the chopper must have landed. Kate suggests they take a break.
Jack is bleeding; only he calls it suppurating, discharge. His body is fighting off infection around the stitches. They drink some water.
Kate-"You know when most people are lying and they can't look you in the eye, you do the exact opposite."
A branch snaps and they draw their guns.  
Miles nonchalantly walks out of the jungle, "Hey, long time, no see."
Sawyer's behind him carrying Aaron. Sawyer wants to know who he's "talking to up there, Genghis?"
Sawyer's surprised/happy to see Kate. He tells them they lost Claire; she just walked off in the middle of the night, "We looked for her for a day, but she was just gone."
Jack's troubled. Claire didn't walk back to the beach.
Sawyer asks what they're doing out there, "What's that phone for?"
Jack explains it to him.
Sawyer explains to Jack he better hope it aint Sayid, "Because if he's with those animals who blew up half of New Otherton you do not want to tussle with them...They" tried to kill them. Just like Locke said "they" would.
Jack mockingly asks if they're supposed to just turn around and hide because it seems that didn't to work out to well for him. Aaron's crying.
Sawyer says, "I'm sorry Doc, maybe this is Deja vu. But didn't you just do the whole run through the jungle with a walki plan?"
Jack claims the helicopter is the only way off the island.
Sawyer wonders, "What's with you and getting off the Island? You're like a damn broken record."

Kate questions these two fighting each other now.  Jack says he put Sayid and Desmond on that chopper, it was his call, his responsibility and he's going after it whether they're on it or not. Kate doesn't want him to go by himself. Sawyer tells Kate to take care of the baby {Jack and Miles share a look here} and all should head back to the beach.

Sawyer w/gun-"That son of a bitch is stubborn. Hold up! You don't get to die alone."
Sawyer goes with Jack.
Kate holds Aaron. The Oceanic six sit at the dais table.

Karen gives the fabricated specifics about the Oceanic 6. "Based on the wreckage, our best estimate of the crash site is here. {Map of Indonesia. Note 3 Oceanic logos.} From there, the survivors were carried by the ocean's current to here. An uninhabited island in the lesser Sunda islands known as Membata. As you've all read in your briefing books, on day 103 a typhoon washed up the remnants of an Indonesian fishing boat, including basic supplies and a survival raft. {WOW! How else would they have survived?!} On day 108 the remaining six survivors, including Miss Austen's baby, which she gave birth to on the island of Membata, used this raft to journey here, an island called Sumba. They then came ashore near a village called Manukangga. This photo was taken by the local fisherman who found them. {I'm glad he had a camera!lol!} Once it was discovered who they were, they were transported to Honolulu by the U.S. Coast Guard. {us?} As you can imagine this has been an extraordinarily trying experience. They have however agreed to answer a few questions."
Karen introduces the survivors of Oceanic 815. The reporters snap pictures and begin their questioning. The first reporter {Press Pass written in Orange} asks Dr. Shephard what it was like when the plane hit the ocean and how he survived. Jack tells him it happened really fast. He remembers the impact and remembers the plane filling up with water. A few of them got out through the emergency door before it went down. They didn't swim to the island, they had cushions, some life jackets, they were in the water for over a day before the current took them in. "By then there was only 8 of us left." {Watch Sun.}

Another reporter comments that they look pretty healthy considering they were on an island for more than 100 days. Hurley thinks the comment was directed at him. The reporter mentions that he was worth more than 150 million dollars at the time of his "death", "How does it feel to know you're gonna get all that money back?"   {This is an example hint for "dead" yet not really "dead"}
Hurley doesn't want it back; that money was bad luck.
A Korean reporter asks Sun a question in Korean. Someone yells out for a translation.
Sun translates-"She asked if my husband was one of the people who died on the island." Apprehensively Sun replies "The answer is no. He never made it off the plane."
The reporter w/the orange Press Pass asks Miss Austen what it was like giving birth on the island.
He asks how old her son Aaron is.
Kate-"He's just a little over five weeks." {WTF?!}
The reporter states "That would have made you six months pregnant when the U.S. Marshall Service apprehended you in Australia for an outstanding murder warrant. Is that correct?"
Karen interjects telling him Kate's legal issue is off the table. The female reporter asks Sayid, considering the circumstances of their survival, could there be any others yet to be discovered.
Sayid-"No. Absolutely not."
With the briefing over, Jack tells Kate she did good. Karen informs Sayid that there's a woman outside who says she knows him wasn't on the list of family members. Her name is Noor Abed Jaseem.
Sayid heads out the rose colored hanger doors to find a waiting Nadia outside with a patrol car and officer. They kiss and cry.

Sayid is on the zodiac raft making his way back to the beach. {Sea Turtle on the beach. EKO'S CHURCH.} Sayid tells the beach camp Desmond is on the freighter and that he's going to start taking people back to the freighter six at a time. They have to go right now before the helicopter gets back to the boat. Juliet asks why.
Sayid-"Because the men on that chopper have every intention of killing us all."
Juliet's upset because Jack and Kate just went running after it.
Hurley, John and Ben on their trek. Hurley wonders when someone is going to tell him where they're going. Ben tells him they're going to a place called the Orchid it's a greenhouse.
He heard John, "we're going there, to move the Island."
Ben will accomplish this task "Very carefully."
Hurley-"If you could move the island whenever you wanted, why didn't you just move it before the psychos with guns got here?"
Apparently doing it is both dangerous and unpredictable. "It's a measure of last resort."
Ben retrieves a foot locker from an army duffel hidden under broken rock. Ben allows John to open it. There are Dharma soda crackers, a mirror, rope and binoculars. Hurley eats one of the 15 year old crackers. Ben uses the mirror to communicate a code/message to someone in the hills. John looks through the binoculars. Ben gets a reply from his communications.
Ben-"Alright. Now we can go."
John wants to know what did he tell them.
Ben-"None of your business, John."

Daniel tells Sayid if he wants to run into the jungle after that chopper he should, but in the meantime they need to get people off of this Island. Dan can start ferrying people back and forth. By the time Sayid gets back Dan can have "Most of these people on our boat."
Sayid gives Dan a compass and says, "I trust you know the bearing."
Juliet is sure to have Sun go out on the first trip.

Kate, Aaron and quiet Miles walk out of the jungle right into the "ferrying scene".  Sayid is aware that Jack thought he was on the chopper.  Kate gives Sun baby Aaron to take along with her and Kate and Sayid will head after Jack. Dan starts ferrying.

On the raft, Jin is proud to tell Sun "I told you I'd get you off the Island."

Pregnant Sun at Paik headquarters. {Dressed in her signature Blk/white, wedding ring.} She heads up stairs to talk to her father.
Mr. Paik is in a heated discussion with two men about 'How could this happen' and whoever did this used five different banks.
Sun interrupts his business; father just lets her know there's "Some complications with the company. Nothing you'd understand."
He asks how the pregnancy is. She confronts him about him ruining her husband's life.
Paik's pissed; he wants her respect. Sun informs him she received a very large settlement from Oceanic so this morning she bought controlling interest in his company,"So you will now respect me."
He wants to know why.
Sun explains, it's because of him that she and Jin were on that plane. Two people are responsible for his death and Paik is one of them. Sun will have her baby and then they'll talk about plans for the future of "Our company."

Hurley pulls up to his fancy house in an old dilapidated Pinto. He picked up some chicken from Mr. Clucks. The front door ajar.
Inside he calls out for Mom, Dad, Mr. Tron and Lady Tron. {Grandfather clock.} No one's around. He picks up a coconut from the floor. {Hears whispers.} Cautious and nervous Hurley picks up golden Jesus to check things out. He wonders, "Why am I doing this?"
Hurley opens the double door to the outside and, "Surprise!"

Friends and family are there to throw him a surprise birthday party; "Island" theme of course. Hugo thought there might have been a prowler and that's why he had golden Jesus.
Mrs. Reyes tells him, "Hugo. Jesus Christ is not a weapon."
{Kid with 42 on his shirt}

Kate, Aaron, Sayid w/wedding ring and Nadia are guests at this party.   Jack is running late. {Jack is running late!}

Mr. Reyes asks if Hugo and friends are talking about building a fire or boar hunting.
Dad had a present for Hugo and Hugo makes it clear he doesn't want anything bought with "The money."
Dad tells Hugo to "Relax. I got this before you gave us the money."
It's the Camaro Z28; Dad fixed it. After the crash dad worked on it as a memorial to Hugo. "When I was fixing it up, it was almost like I was with ya. But now you're back. And it's all yours."
Dad gives him the key w/ rabbit foot key chain.

Inside the car, Hurley freaks because the numbers are displayed on the dash! Hurley wants to know if dad did this; if this is a joke. Dad calls it a coincidence.
Freaked out Hugo says -"No! Not a coincidence. No! I don't want this!"
Hugo runs away.
Hugo asks Ben if the greenhouse thing does what he says it will, he understands it's dangerous and unpredictable, but suppose it works and they move the island, "Doesn't that mean the dudes with the guns move too?"
Ben admits it does and he's working on that problem. Hugo's upset because he wants off it! John tells him it's a little late for that. Ben stops and asks for the binoculars and tells them to get lower to the ground as they are at the Orchid. Ben shares with John that Widmore knows about this place and knows what they need is inside. John thought Ben had no idea what Widmore wanted.
Ben admits to not being entirely truthful.
John-"When were you ever entirely truthful?"
Ben has John take a look through the binoculars, "Watch the plants at the back." {Hint to things being hidden in plain sight.
Ben-"They're already here."

The raft approaches the freighter.
Dan announces, "We're back!"
He tells Desmond Sayid went after Jack and the chopper. Desmond helps the passengers out and Dan will head back for the next group.
Jin and Sun hear Michaels voice. {He says he fixed the.}
Desmond tells Hendricks that the engines work so, "Take us to the island."

Desmond wants him to be sure to follow the bearing exactly, 305.
Hendricks says he's getting R.F. interference with the fathometer and he can't see the reef.
Desmond asks how that's possible with the radio room down. Something on this boat is broadcasting. Hendricks won't go closer than five miles off the coast if they don't turn it off.
Desmond will locate it.

Sawyer asks Jack if he cut himself shaving. {The monitor is beeping.} Jack tells him Juliet took out his appendix a couple of days ago. Sawyer feels like he missed a lot while away.
Jack says, "We're here."
They hear noise/rattling from the chopper. Frank is cuffed inside.
Frank tells Sawyer to get a tool box from the back compartment so he can get him out of the cuffs. Frank admits to dropping the phone on the beach so they could find them and he could fly them out of there. Lapidus tells Jack that Sayid and Des were smart to keep their asses on the boat; that's the safest place to be, "Because when the boys I brought over here come stomping out of this jungle, you're gonna wanna be long gone."
The boys are at the greenhouse, "Perched up there waiting to snatch Linus."
Jack confirms that once they cut him free that he'll fly them out of there.
Frank also confirms that once the boys have Ben, nothing good will come to the people with him.

Sawyer is concerned and tells Jack that Hugo is with Ben, "Son of a bitch."

A photo of Christian Shephard is displayed in the church.   Jack is speaking at the memorial service. Kate holds Aaron,{How old is Aaron here?} Hurley, Sayid and Nadia are also there.

Jack shares that 10 months ago he wrote on the back of a cocktail napkin in the airport in Sydney what he was going to say at his father's funeral and he doesn't remember what he wrote. Jack tells us his father couldn't stand eulogies, "They only good thing about a wake is the free booze, he'd say."
Jack feels it's not much of a wake because he won't even be able to bury him.
Jack says "Good bye, dad. I loved you. I miss you."
Jack tells his mom he'll be at the house later; {Mom w/wedding ring.} they love each other. Mom is so glad he's home. Kate tells Jack he did that well.
Jack-"I had a lot of practice." {Huh?}
A blond woman asks to speak with Mr. Shephard. {Not Dr. Shephard?} She tells Jack she believes that Christian was in Australia to see his daughter. The woman mentions she was still in the hospital so she never saw him. Jack is shocked! Jack could check dads phone records if he doesn't believe her claim. The woman also goes on to say the daughter was on flight 815, probably sitting a few rows from him. They were in the air for six hours and never knew they were related. She was one who died when the plane hit the water; her name was Claire.
Jack is really, really shocked!
The woman comments to Kate that her son is beautiful. Jack just looks at Aaron.

Sun asks Michael how he got back to New York.
Michael-"Uh, Walt and I uh, uh, we took Ben's boat and we followed his bearing. A couple of days we came to an island, you know, with people, sold the boat, we hopped a cargo ferry back to the states, didn't tell anybody who we were."

He says he DOES NOT WORK FOR BEN. He's trying to make up for what he did, "trying to help you out here. Translate what I said."
Jin admits he understands.
Desmond busts open the door and screams for Michael; he needs him.
Des leads Michael, Jin and Sun to a room filled with C-4. {Wow how convenient!} Jin says something in Korean to Sun.
Sun leaves.

Kate tells Sayid the tracks aren't Jacks or Sawyers, "They're different tracks, fresh and they're doubling back behind us."
Sayid yells out, "Whoever you are come out now!"
Richard comes out, hands up, tells them to relax and to drop their guns.
Sayid-"Take one more step." All of a sudden they are surrounded by armed Others; dressed in the brown drab garb.
Richard takes their guns.

John, looking through binoculars says, "I see two of them. But not the one who killed Alex."
Ben says he's there.
Ben hands is baton to John and wants him to listen very carefully because he won't have time to repeat it...Ben goes on to quickly ramble exact instructions, "You're gonna go into that greenhouse through that hole there, once inside you're gonna turn left go about 20 paces until you see a patch of Anthuriums on your left, they're in a alcove against the north wall face that wall reach down with your left hand you'll find a switch that activates the elevator. The elevator takes you down to the actual Orchid station."

John wants to know what he's supposed to do about the armed men inside. Ben will take care of them. John wonders how.
Ben-"How many times do I have to tell you, John I always have a plan."
Ben walks toward the Orchid.

Sun exit's the ship door to the deck.
Jack and Sawyer walk away from the chopper.
Richard leads the posse with Kate and Sayid.
John and Hurley watch Ben.
Ben enters the greenhouse; hands raised.
Keamy comes out... "My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you're looking for me."
Keamy points the gun between Ben's eyes, but opts to knock him out instead.

I won't rehash the same info as my "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" blog.   Head back there for that additional info.
Could the Oceanic six be six who are being discharged from duty? Did they get tossed out? Or did they just want off that badly? Debriefing? Another level?
Are they the next big shots in charge of the "Island"? Could they be in line to take over the family business? Or is there something extra that makes them different, separate from the rest?
Is John on his way to bringing the family back together?

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* Desmond has to shut off another radio signal!
* Deja vu. Broken record. Repeat.
* It's Business.
* EYE Color.
* Numbers.
* The pilots badge has a rainbow on it.
* They bring the Oceanic six to a private military airport, yet it's filled with reporters.
* Clothes shades of blues and greens
* Sun wears black and white in her "flashes".
* Catchy Brand Name…"Oceanic 6".
* Kate is raising Aaron as her own. Kate delivered Aaron at birth.
* Underground. Underwater. Under-Over. UP THERE.
* Jack's eye contact issues when lying or telling the truth.
* Map. Click.
* Mirror.
* Dead. Not Dead.  Life, Death, Rebirth.  Literal or metaphor?
* Daniel is privy to the Tempest, Orchid and Secondary Protocol.
* The Others don't leave tracks.
* "He never made it off the plane" -Sun. What/which plane?
* Is Patch, Charlie and Eko inside the Orchid? Or just repeated "Island" data (so to speak)
* Did the Oceanic 6 have to drink the juice to get back?
* Could the whole "Island" be a "Green house", Biosphere Or a Moon Pool?
* Is the "island/Islands" in a "container"? Is it really in a cold place? Is it only 5 miles off shore somewhere?
* Is the "Island" hidden by 'Plates' or rocks? Is it underwater? Beside moving, can it fly?
* Why wait all that time to have Christian's memorial service?
* The Set Altitude on the plane's dash was on all zeros! Hmmm....simulation...

Vocabulary and Research…
* Suture-
An album by American coldwave band Chemlab.
- The suture is an external feature of the shell of a snail, a shelled gastropod mollusk.
- A suture is in structural geology a major fault zone through an orogen or mountain range.
- Sutures separate terrains: tectonic units that have different plate tectonic metamorphic and paleogeographic histories.
* A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse or hothouse) is a building where plants are cultivated.
- Operation Greenhouse was the fifth American nuclear test series, the second conducted in 1951.
* Mahâbhûta: is Pali for the "Great Elements." The 4 Great Elements (Pali: cattâro mahâbhûtâni) are earth, water, fire and air. Mahâbhûta is generally synonymous with catudhâtu, which is Pâli for the "4 Elements."   In early Buddhism, the 4 Elements are a basis for understanding and for liberating oneself from suffering.

I still feel this could be called Further Instructions Part 2!
Check out my past notes for the connections. Read Further Instructions or Instructing Further and Tricia Tanaka is Dead notes.

The Wizard of Oz motif is all over this episode. Dorothy thinks she leaves home to go to Oz.  In Oz, without her realizing it, she is surrounded by her friends and family who are in costume/disguise; playing other characters. She tries very hard to get back home. The reality is it was all in her head. She never left home and her family was always there with her. I see the same thing with the Losties. The "Island"="home". Surrounded by their friends and family the whole time. Watching.

Love to all who are "LOST"™
{Click the pics!}

Karen saying hello to an unseen passenger-

Rainbow in patch-

Daniels notebook-Orchid- but also note the Bug-

Set Alt...(zeros)

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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