November 3, 2008


Let's talk about LOST! The Shape of Things to Come.

Kate is on the beach washing up; She smiles over at Jack. {2 bottles}

Inside Jack's tent, he goes through a mega suitcase of meds. Kate asks if he has a prescription for that.
Jack-"Yeah, I wrote it myself."
{Note this RX bottle is a pop top bottle, not child proof top!}
Kate tells him he looks terrible. {Heard that before!} Jack explains he's taking antibiotic for a stomach bug.  Kate suggests he eat some crackers as they always make her feel better. {Pregnant perhaps?!}
Kate wonders why "they aren't back from the boat yet, Jack?"
Jack explains Sayid said the engines are down, "My guess is their trying to fix it, wondering why the hell they can't get in touch with us."But he's not worried; his gut says "We're getting off this Island."
Kate jokes about his sick gut.
Vincent barks.
Bernard calls out for help as Vincent frantically barks {No collar}.
Dr. Ray's body washes up on shore.
Bernard tells Jack and Kate that the dog was barking, "I didn't see him."
Dr. Ray, complete with sewn up left cheek, has a slit throat!
Daniel, Charlotte, Juliet, Sun and Jin run over to see what's going on.
Jack asks Daniel if he knows who this is.  Dan knows this is the boat's Doctor.

"We're all gonna die" Hugo proclaims, as he holds Aaron.
They're hanging out in Ben's house, where he, Sawyer and Locke are involved in a game of Risk!
Sawyer tells "Chicken little" to calm down, "The sky aint falling just yet."
Hugo-"This is exactly what he wants, for us to fight amongst ourselves. You're making a big mistake, Dude."
Locke-"It's his mistake to make, Hugo"
Sawyer states that he's "attacking Siberia."
Sawyer and Hugo roll the 5 die/dice.
Sawyer RED- 6-5-2 (13).
Hugo WHITE 3-2 (5)
Sawyer's happy with the roll.
Hugo-"I can't believe your just giving him Australia. AUSTRALIA'S THE KEY TO THE WHOLE GAME."
Sawyer-"Says you."
Sawyer rolls the 3 red dice 6-6-2 {Orange juice, coffee. Also note-All dice rolls happen in the NORTH section of the board. Greenland, etc.}

Alex, black blindfold and cuffed, is hostage of the tiny army.    Her captor removes the blindfold and demands she turn off the security fence.  Alex begs for them to be aware of a baby with them.  He doesn't give a shit and holds a gun to her head.  She disarms using the 1623 code.

In Ben's house the RISK game is interrupted by the black phone ringing. {Not Bat Phone.} John answers it.  A woman's recorded voice repeats CODE 14 J.
John automatically decides it must be for Ben.

Ben is playing piano; much like Jack did in this house. He is playing a very ominous tune.
The three amigos enter and Ben turns initially happy to see them.
John asks about that code.
Ben freaks asking where he heard that. Ben gets into protection mode, grabs a weapon from the piano bench and hands it to Sawyer and instructs the men to get over to the other house, "it's easier to fortify and we'll have better position on the tree lines."
John wants to know what he's talking about.
Ben- "They're here."
Ben's eyes are closed and he's shaking; opens eyes!

Laying on the dry/packed sand of the Sahara Desert. {No footprints around} He's wearing a Dharma parker belonging to Halliwax. Vapor escapes from him; he pukes. His right arm is injured.
He hears horses. {Horse's wearing pretty black and white decoration} Two men approach him with guns.
In their native language they appear to be commenting and questioning on how this man got there as they note there are no footprints. Ben asks if they speak English, but he speaks Arabic/Turkish to them. (I think Turkish)
One man searches Ben and finds something in Ben's pocket; it's a baton/night stick.
Ben clubs one guy, acquires his rifle and then shoots the one on the horse. The other man says he surrenders.
Ben-"Oh, so you do speak English."
Ben knocks him out with the rifle. In Indian Jones style, Ben mounts the horse and heads off, triumphant!

Laundry hangs on the line. (Remember Ben gave Juliet a washer and dryer.) Sawyer guesses code 14 J aint for the pizza boy.
Ben explains it's the early warning system; somebody tripped the panic switch at the security fence. He also knows one of his people's been captured.
Ben's also upset they debated 5 minutes before getting him. So much for their head start.
Inside Ben's house they prepare for protection.
Sawyer wants to go grab Frenchy and the kids if their gonna hunker down. Ben tells him not to bother as he's sent them away to somewhere safe. Sawyer wants to get sleeping Claire.
Ben feels there's no time for that, but Sawyer will make time.
Everyone is armed.
Ben informs John it's very important that he survives what's about to happen here, "I need you to stay close to me." {Why? No. really…why?}
Ben explains the people that are coming won't risk hurting him. If John wants to live Ben's his best chance.

Jack covers Dr Rays body/head, "His throat was slit. Know anything about that?"
Miles- "No, he was fine when I last saw him."
Jack asks when.
Dan-"When? When" is kind of a relative term."
Of course they don't know anything about it. No luck fixing the sat phone either; the 'mic/mike' was smashed. Best case scenario they'd only be able to broadcast tone squelch "Beeps and Boops."
Bernard comments that it still can be used as some sort of a telegraph. Dan feels if he had some strips of ferrous metal, a 9 volt battery clip and some wiring maybe he can set it up, so Kate lets him know about the salvage from the plane.
Dan and his mullet leave with Kate.
Jack asks Bernard if he's got a second.

Ben and John hunker down, blocking entrances into the house. John asks Ben if he's scared of these people.
Ben-"That's right John, I am."
Hugo enters the room holding Aaron. John warns him to stay away from the window. Hugo is very concerned about Sawyer getting back in.
Ben-"He's not."

Sawyer runs into Doug on his search for Claire.
Doug carries firewood and questions Sawyer about him having a gun. Sawyer tells him to get back inside and wait… Doug is shot! Two more Lostie's come out to look and they are shot!
Sawyer ends up in a shootout!  He takes cover behind a picnic table and yells out for Claire.  He makes a run for it {And doesn't fucking get hit!} The house is blown up!

Ben arrives nonchalant at a lovely hotel in Tunisia. He's dusty and dirty. He rings the desk bell. The counter clerk named Narjiss. We learn this is not his first time in Tunisia, but it's been a while. She asks his name.
Ben-"I'm actually a preferred guest, it should be under Dean Moriarity."
He shows a passport. She checks her ledger and then looks at Ben with prudence.
Ben-"Today's date is?"
Narjiss-"October the 24th Sir." {10-24}
Ben jokingly comments verifying it's "2005".
She confirms, 2005.
Ben takes the keys and on his way up the stairs he sees Sayid on the news. Sayid is surrounded by press. Sayid's wife had been killed.

Aaron is crying. Hugo looks out the window at the destroyed house.  In the other room John demands that Ben tell him what's going on. Ben tells him the technical term is "Shock and Awe."
They are trying to frighten Ben into surrendering.
John asks why they stopped shooting.
Hugo asks if that is Claire's house {He doesn't know?}
John again tells him to get the baby away from the window.
Hugo brings Aaron in the back room.
Ben tells John he needs to survive this because there is only one person who can help them now; Jacob. And they have to go to him together. John reveals he doesn't know where the cabin in.
Ben-"I know. But Hurley does."

Sawyer rummages through the wreckage searching for Claire.  There she is under a tarp/blanket, relatively unharmed but knocked out.
Sawyer picks her up she says "Charlie? Where's Aaron?"
{Was she just with Charlie?}
Sawyer carries her back to Ben's house.
Hurley prepares a laundry basket as a crib for Aaron. He hears Sawyer yell for them to open the front door but Ben won't open the door. So Hurley breaks open a window to let him in with Claire.
Sawyer tells John "She got her bell rung, but she's gonna be all right."
Hurley carries Claire off.
John closes the black out curtains. Sawyer asks Ben why "They" started shooting not saying what they want.

Ben-"Those people were murdered to make you angry, James. So you'd be more likely to come storming in here and throw me to the wolves."
James grabs Ben and tells him that sounds like a great plan.
Conveniently the doorbell rings and they all look to the door.
Ben loudly states, "I wouldn't if I were you."
They cautiously let Miles in.
Sawyer-"Who the hell let you out?"
The guilty people are those who gave him a walki talki. They have a hostage and they wan to talk.

A funeral procession in Tikrit, Iraq. Mourners are holding framed photos of Nadia. This area is guarded by American soldiers. A jeep with the word "PRESS" written on it pulls up.It's Ben, outfitted with a fancy camera and groovy hat! He makes his way up stairs to a roof area where he photographs a man across the street drinking, and snaps shots of the procession. He photographs Sayid, who is 2nd on the right side line of the casket carriers. Sayid conveniently turns his head and sees Ben. Ben realizes he's been spotted so he tries to get away quickly and is tackled by Sayid.

Sayid-"You vultures. You follow me to Tikrit, you spy on me!"
He sees it's Ben!
Ben tells him he's there "to find the man who murdered your wife."
Sayid-"How did you get here?"
Ben tells him he came across the Syrian border.
Sayid wants to know how he got off the island.
Ben-"Your friend Desmond had a boat. Remember, the Elizabeth. I followed a heading to Fiji. Then I chartered a plane."
Sayid-"Why now?"
Ben-"You remember the name Charles Widmore, don't ya? The man who tried to convince the world that your plane was on the bottom of the ocean."
Sayid wants to know what that has to do with him and Nadia.
Ben goes on to say there was a man at her procession who goes by the name of Ishmael Bakir, one of Widmore's men. Ben shows him a photo of this man behind the wheel at a traffic light. Bakia was last seen five days ago in L.A., caught by a traffic camera, speeding away from the corner of La Brea and Santa Monica. That's three blocks from where Nadia was killed.
Sayid is heartbroken, "Why would these people want to murder her?"
Ben doesn't know, but they did. Sayid crumbles the photo as Ben watched Sayid to see if he's "taken the bait".

Sawyer pats down Miles.
John asks Miles how many of them are there. Miles thinks maybe six but he's not sure. Sawyer asks how he's not sure, he came over on the same boat with them.
Miles-"They told me they were just security."
Security for Ben; once they got him to escort him to the mainland.
Ben-"Well Miles. Sounds like you're not gonna collect your 3.2 million dollars."
Miles tells him to take it (walki).
Ben refuses to talk to them.
Miles reveals they have a hostage. Ben informs him "they've badly miscalculated. Because every single one of his people is prepared to die in service to this island."
Miles admits they have his daughter.
Ben takes the walki, says "Hello."
The voice on the other end confirms he's speaking with Benjamin Linus. This is Martin Keamy, an employee of Charles Widmore.
Sawyer asks "Who's Charles Widmore?" {Sawyer seems to never know who anyone is!}
Keamy instructs Ben to look out his east window so they can talk about this face to face.
At the window, Ben is told to look to the left.
Ben sees Keamy.
Keamy explains his terms, "You're gonna step out the front door, put your hands above your head, you're gonna walk straight to me. Once I have you in my custody, and I promise you that no one else in that house will be harmed."
They both know that once they have Ben there's nothing to stop them from killing everyone on this island. After all Ben knows what kind of guy Keamy is.
Ben-"Martin Christopher Keamy, former first Sergeant United States Marine Corp. Served with distinction from 1996-2001 but since then you've worked with a number of mercenary organizations, specifically in Uganda. So I know exactly what kind of man you are Mr. Keamy. And we can dispense with the formalities."
Keamy whistles to have cuffed Alex brought out.
Frightened Alex kneels on the ground with his gun pointed to her head.
Keamy tells Ben to get his ass out there right now or "I'm gonna kill your daughter."
Ben wants to present a counter proposal. To have Keamy and his friends turn around, walk back to their helicopter and fly away, forget they ever heard of this island.
Keamy isn't budging, he gives Alex the walki so she can say goodbye to her daddy.
Alex cries, tells Ben they are serious mentioning they killed Karl and her mother.
Ben assures her he has this under control and that everything is gonna be okay.
Keamy takes the walki back and gives Ben 10 seconds!
During this countdown Ben exclaims she is not his daughter, that he stole her as a baby from an insane woman, "She's a pawn, nothing more. She means nothing to me. I'm not coming out of this house. So if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it…"       Without hesitation Alex is shot!
Ben is shocked!

Sawyer looks out the window, he "doesn't see him.    He just left her body there and disappeared into the jungle."
Locke knows they won't be gone long, "it'll be dark in 20 minutes and then they're gonna come for him."
Sawyer suggests they just hand Ben over to them. John feels that still would keep them from getting killed. James aint got no intention of dying.
Ben is still stunned and in a bit of shock, "HE CHANGED THE RULES."
John wonders Who?! What Rules?!
Sawyer tells John he knows he's right, their best chance is to toss Ben out and fend for themselves.
Stunned Ben walks to the bookcase and reveals the hidden room/closet. He closes himself in.

There's Sawyer again yelling for someone to "Open this damn door!"

Hidden behind the hanging clothes, Ben reveals another fake wall/panel that opened, reveals an ancient door with hieroglyphics.
Ben heads through that entrance.

Ben in a Tea/Coffee house. {Mirror over the bar.} Ben is drinking tea/coffee while keeping his eye on Ishmael. Ishmael leaves so Ben follows him through a crowded market area.
In a back alley Ishmael sneaks up behind Ben, pulls a gun and tells him to "walk." He wants to know who he is and why is he following him. {He doesn't know this is Ben?} Ben introduces himself and informs Ishmael he needs him to take a message to Mr. Widmore. Ishmael gets shot from behind by Sayid! Sayid empties his gun w/silencer into the man!
Ben tells Sayid they are finished there, that he should turn around, walk away, "Morn your loss, get on with your life."
Ben tells him to go home. Once you let your grief become anger it will never go away, "I speak from experience."
Sayid tells him he spent the last eight years of his life searching for the woman he loves. He finally found and married her, then he buried her yesterday, "So don't tell me this is not my war. Benjamin. Who's next?"
Ben lets Sayid know he will be in touch.

Sawyer still bangs on the door, telling Ben to open it.
Claire, Aaron and Hugo come out from the back room. Claire's a bit wobbly, "But I'll live."
Miles-"I wouldn't be too sure about that."
Ben re-emerges from the hidden lair covered in black soot. Ben takes the walki and instructs the rest that in a minute they have to run from the house as fast as they can, when he gives the order he wants them to head straight for the tree line. They want to be as far away from the guys with guns as possible. Rumbling begins! The orange juice glass shakes! {Very familiar! Hmmm!}
Outside a huge aggressive train-like version of the black smoke comes from behind the house.
Ben instructs them to get outside.
Through the Flashing of the smoke monster we see it grab the soldiers.
Hugo-"You just call that thing?"
Ben just has them to head for the trees and he'll catch up; he's going to say goodbye to his daughter.

At her body, Ben cries.

Back at the beach Dan sends a message via Morse code to the freighter.They might actually have a signal... "What happened to the doctor?"
A reply in Morse code comes back.
Dan looks troubled and tells them that the freighter didn't exactly say what happened to the doctor, your friends are fine and the helicopters coming back in the morning.
Jack looks to Bernard for translating the code.
Bernard tells him Dan's lying. The message said "What are you talking about? The doctor is fine."
Yes, Bernard knows Morse code.
Doctor Jack asks what does that mean, the doctor is fine. Jack wants to know what's with the lies. He grabs Dan and asks, "Were you ever gonna take us off this Island?"
Dan- "No."
Juliet has no reaction.
Jack starts to get pains. Our doctor is sick.

Lighting up their torches, Sawyer tells Miles which direction his chopper buddies went and if he wants to catch up. Miles wants to stay with them for now. Ben joins them.
John-"Sorry about your daughter."
Ben thanks him.
John continues about Ben lying to him, "You told me you didn't know what the smoke monster was." {Not really}
Ben tells him he can ask Jacob all about it when they get to the cabin.
Sawyer-"Jacob? Who the hell's Jacob?"{Really?!}
He the man who's gonna tell them what to do next.
Sawyer is frustrated and proclaims he's done with all of this he should have never followed these wackos in the first place. They all decide to leave Locke and head back to the beach; Hurley too.
Locke pulls a gun on James.
Sawyer wonders-"Have you lost your mind?"
John tells him Hugo stays with them. Sawyer pulls a gun on John, "Not a chance!"     Hurley reluctantly will go with them to find the cabin. Upset Hurley wants them to put their guns down.
Sawyer-"You don't have to do this."
Hurley-"You guys go back to the beach. I will catch up sooner or later."
Sawyer- to John, "You harm so much as one hair on his curly head, I'll kill you."
John- "Fair enough."
John hands Ben a torch and asks "Which way?"
Ben-"Follow me."

A taxi pulls up to a fancy building in London, England. {Taxi license R838VLW. Parked car LLO4BAV} Ben is dressed very sharp, all in black, tells the doorman that he is there to see Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick in 4E. They're expecting him, even at this hour, "Feel free to call up."
Ben has his trusty baton with him. The doorman doesn't call up and just lets Ben go on.
In the elevator he removes his black gloves and uses a key to get him to the penthouse suite.
He enters Charles Widmore's bedroom,"Wake up Charles."
Charles- "I wondered when you were gonna show up. I see you've been getting more sun."
Ben-"Iraq is lovely this time of year." {Although it sounds like he says your rock. lol.  Note Ben stands in the complete dark of the room, NOT in the lit area of the doorway. We have half light-half dark}
Ben asks when he started sleeping with a bottle of scotch by the bed. {MacCutheons}
Charles admits, "When the nightmares started."
He pours a drink and asks if Ben is there to kill him.
Ben-"We both know I can't do that."
Ben his there because "You murdered my daughter."
Charles-"Don't stand there and look at me with those horrible eyes of yours. And lay the blame for the death of that poor girl on me. When we both know very well I didn't murder her at all, Benjamin. You did."
Ben-"No. that's not true."
Charles-"Yes, Benjamin. It is. You creep into my bedroom in the dead of night, like a rat, and have the audacity to pretend that you're the victim. I know who you are, Boy. What you are. I know that everything you have, you took from me. So, once again I ask you, why are you here?"
Ben-"I'm going to kill your daughter. Penelope, is it? And once she's gone, once she's dead, then you'll understand how I feel. And you'll wish you hadn't changed the rules."
Charles says he'll never find her, "That Island's mine, Benjamin. It always was. It will be again."
Ben-"But you'll never find it."
Charles "Then I suppose the hunt is on for both of us."
Ben tells him to sleep tight and closes the door behind him.

The Shape of Things to Come is a GREAT EPISODE!

Things to note…Questions to ask…
* "AUSTRALIA'S THE KEY TO THE WHOLE GAME." Who visits Australia often?! CHRISTIAN.  Jack.
* Here we see the "game" element/layer.
"HE CHANGED THE RULES."   You know I LOVE that this is a living-breathing CHESS game!  A gentleman's game, complete with gentlemen rules and guidelines! They are AWARE of what they are involved in. That means the parties involved all had an "understanding" in how to engage in this " War game" (so to speak).
* How many times has this "game" been played? Is the "prize" this Island?  Has it changed hands according to who wins the war? Is this how Ben acquired it? Widmore claims it was his before and it will be again. Or does that have nothing to do with who "Has" the Island?
* Who is Ben a preferred guest of?
* Do they have DeLorean cars in Iraq?
* Could Kate be pregnant? I'm just asking!
* What is Ben? Really…
* Ben wears a scarf thingy around his neck in the Flashes.
* How often has Jack been hitting the "prescription suitcase"?   The drug suitcase could be bottomless!
* Vincent is always around to draw attention to the "Issue" at hand. Convenient, huh?! Nope!
* There's NO delay in the Morse code transmission, just as there was no delay in the radio transmission previously.
* I'm not so sure this is the exact passport of Ben's that Sayid finds in the Economist.
* Sayid is part of the casket carriers. Do husbands carry the casket there?
* Freighter soldiers have walki's not Sat-phones.
* New DHARMA LOGO. {Cone? Spiral?} Is it connected to the Airport we saw when Juliet left Miami? HALLIWAX  JACKET. Cold.
* All of a sudden Ben NEEDS John and Hugo to go to the cabin.   Is Ben to 'deliver' John and Hugo to Jacob? Are they brothers/related?
* Of the remaining Locke camp, they all choose to abandon his side.  Reluctantly Hugo stays to help them find the cabin.
* I have the urge for a cup of tea.
* Ben heads into yet another secret underground area that is closed off by a door with hieroglyphics on it. {Timer in Hatch} ANCIENT. How/Why does he have access to it?
* The title is also the title of H.G. Wells book.
* No Footprints. How did Ben appear in the desert?
* The traffic light photo is in the same area Hurley was having is run in/chase with the police.
* What's with the $3.2 million mention again? Code for something? Morse Code.
* Along with 14J, could 4E be a code too?  A chess game move, maybe? Game codes.
* The reason for pushing the button every 108 minutes was to deal with the electromagnetic build up. Since there is NO button to push is maintaining this build up not an issue anymore?  Was the 108 minutes really a timer for something else?  Does it have anything to do with the Smoke Monster or just the game?
* "Time Issues" …Ben tells Widmore he'll never find the Island.  Ben's daughter has been killed by Widmore's side, if Widmore got his "pawns" to the Island he obviously knows where it is.   So when is this Flash from? If this is after Alex is killed, as we see it, depending on how fast Ben got to Widmore, there are no holiday decorations in the lobby of Widmore's building. So how long could Ben have waited to see Charles? Is this a different time?
* Sayid tells Danielle when he is her prisoner that Nadia was dead.
* Why is Ben so intent on calling Alex his daughter?
* The word PRESS on Ben's car in Iraq.  Press what? The button?
* The freighter people=Security?  Nope, Just MORE PAWNS/soldiers.
* Could Charlie have been removed from the playing field because he could be considered a "Hanging Pawn"?
* Mental health.  Carriers of emotional pain.
* Head
* Why did the smoke monster toss Eko around the jungle? Why did Eko need to be removed?
* Narjiss anagram- Jar Sins-Jars Sin- Jars Ins. That was fun.
* "Dharma" food drops have always been made.  Widmore products are also delivered to the "Island".  Of course you need to keep rations/sundries, etc., supplied to your soldiers.
* Could the smoke monster have anything to do with removal of people from the playing field or transporting them somewhere else?  What is the purpose of it? What is it protecting/securing?  It could just a metaphor.

I loved this episode. To hear things I've been hinting at from the clues was very exciting. Ben is very talented at manipulating people into doing things by making them thinks it's their idea. He is the ultimate Con Man.

Ben has killed people but it seems he is not be able to kill certain people so he gets others to do the actual killing of someone for him.  Now Sayid is "hooked" and committed to eliminating Widmore's pawns.   This bit of convincing others to kill for him includes getting Locke to kill Anthony Cooper.  But remember, in that case Locke couldn't kill Anthony either.  So Richard cleverly shows Locke a "loophole" or a "cheat" to get the task done. Locke gets Sawyer to do it.
Good vs. evil. Light vs. dark.  Who are the Good Guys and who are the Bad?  I think it was finally made more clear to everyone in this episode.

Remember the Karen mantra, People (and things)aren't who/what you think, so be careful which side you are picking!

The shape of things to come. The shape of the "Island" or the shape of those who can/will transform? Hmmm.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. I'll only note things that I feel "could be" clues in bold.

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