March 18, 2009

Tricia Tanaka Is Dead.

Let's talk about LOST! Tricia Tananka is Dead.

The radio plays Road to Shambala.

Young Hugo is carrying an old faded red toolbox. His father is working on an old Camaro. {Plate 429 PCE} Hugo unrolls a red towel to reveal old faded red handled tools {Background guys play basketball; you can hear one yell "Down low, Down Low"}

Hugo's father comes outside wearing a plaid jacket and carrying a duffle.
He asks Hugo, "You got the thing running yet, Buddy?"
Hugo tells him no but has his tools all set. Dad wants to see if they can get it started. Little Hugo thought they needed a new carburetor.
Dad has him to slide behind the wheel; they're "gonna fire this up."
Dad hands him the key.
Hugo closes his eyes and hopes it starts. He turns the key and it doesn't start. Hugo tells dad that without the new carburetor it just won't work. Dad talks to him about having hope, "Having hope is never stupid. You gotta believe that good things will happen and then they will. Understand what I'm saying? In this world son, you gotta make' your own luck."
They both get out of the car.
Hugo-"What do you want to fix today?"
Dad tells him they have to put that on hold for a while because he has to go to Vegas; he's got some work out there.
Hugo- "What about the road trip?"
Dad- "The Grand Canyon will still be there when I get back, little dude." Dad gives him a candy bar. {Glacier bar}
Hugo-"Mom says I'm not supposed to have it."
Dad wants him to "Live a little Hugo, it's just a candy bar. Okay?"
Dad starts to leave and tenderly touches Hugo's face, "Alright. I'll be back before you know it. Alright? Hold down the fort? You're my man? Alright"
Dad gets on a motorcycle, puts his duffle bag on like a backpack and rides off. Sad and disappointed Hugo eats the candy. Mom watches from the window.

Hurley- "So then, the Others take the bags off our heads and we're like on the other side of the island. And they take Jack, Kate and Sawyer some place and they send me back to warn everyone to stay away. Which I did, and now everyone's freaked out. With them gone and what happened to Eko, they're all scared. And I'm scared. But then, I've been scared most of my time here anyway. Except when I'm with you. I miss you, Libby. {He's getting emotional.} Hurley puts a red flower at her grave. {That flower is from a plant.}
Charlie is shaving; looking into a broken piece mirror. {DS ring on right middle finger facing him. Oceanic water bottle. Hurley's reflection in Charlie's mirror!} Charlie cuts himself. Hurley asks if he's okay.
Hurley feels that Charlie's been moping around. Charlie shares with him that Desmond says he's gonna die. "He tells me he has these Flashes. Visions. Whatever. And in them I always die." Hurley doesn't say anything.
Charlie-"So this is the part where you tell me it is ridiculous. Don't be daft. He's a nutter."
Hurley thinks Des may be right, "And I think it may be my fault."
Hurley thinks he's cursed. "Death finds me, dude."
As if on cue, Vincent runs out of the jungle carrying a skeleton arm holding a key/rabbits foot. {Vincent not wearing a collar.} Hurley calls Vincent in hopes of retrieving the arm but Vincent runs away.
Charlie tells Hurley, "Yeah. Chase the dog with the skeletal arm into the creepy jungle. You be my guest."
Hurley-"Okay. If I'm not back in three hours, tell somebody." {Charlie wearing his Bob Dylan -Taking everything down to highway shirt.}
Hurley follows Vincent into the jungle; all the while Hurley is calling Vincent. Vincent drops the arm in front of him. This of course leads Hurley to the Dharma van. {That dog sure knows how to lead people directly to whatever he wants them to see!} The van is turned on its side with overgrown vines covering it.

"It's everyone's fantasy of winning the lottery. Un-told millions falling into your lap over night. What would you do with all that money? Well one such lucky winner bought a chicken shack." This is Tricia Tanaka. She works for ACTION 8. {Red shirt} They are being videotaped for a news broadcast. {Red sign says GRAND RE-OPENING. Red and Yellow balloons.} Tricia tells everyone in TV land that she is with Hugo Reyes, winner of a record $114 million dollars. They are outside Mr. Cluck’s chicken shack in Diamond Bar. The grand Re-opening is tomorrow. Randy is standing there with them.
Her first question to him is why he bought Mr. Clucks.
Hugo-"I like chicken."
Tricia- "And also with us is Hugo's former boss and now employee, Randy Nations. That's probably every working stiff’s fantasy? Isn't it Mr. Reyes?"
Hugo isn't much for talking in front of the camera it seems. She tries to get him to loosen up. Tricia asks him what else he's done since getting on his lucky streak. {Mr. Clucks van w/giant chicken head}
He tells her that he's had some bad luck too. "My Grandpa Tito died of a heart attack, the 1st house I bought my mom burnt down, my friend Johnny ran off with my girlfriend Starla...Oh and this guy jumped off of my accountant's roof."
Tricia yells "Cut!" She's mad. Tricia tells Hugo that this is supposed to be a "fluff piece' do you know what that is?"
Hugo says yeah, "Sorry Tricia Tanaka."
Tricia wants to go inside and shoot some 'B' roll. Hugo really doesn't want to but, Randy tells her, "Of course you can. He's just superstitious. The ribbon isn't cut yet." As Tricia walks inside you hear her complain about always getting the stupid stories.
Randy and Hugo walk over to the chicken van. Randy is unloading boxes. Hugo is concerned with the safety guards on the
Randy assures him everything is fine, "Those fryers are stone cold. We don't start cooking until tomorrow."
At the Mr. Cluck's van Hurley asks Randy, "Do you hear something?" There is a whizzing sound.
Tricia Tanaka is inside directing "…Pan through..." she hears it too. A meteor or meteorite hits and destroys the restaurant and killing Tricia Tanaka. {Alarms on the cars are going off.}

At the overturned van in the jungle Hurley looks in through the windshield... There is a skeleton wearing a Dharma Swan jumpsuit. ROGER Work Man. Hurley is amused.

At the beach food pantry/kitchen Charlie walks by.
Paulo-"Well, we're out of Dharma Oat Bars."
Nikki is surprised, "Already? Did you check behind the powdered milk?" {Kitchen is well stocked!} Jin is cutting up fruit. Sun asks him to pass the box of cereal in English twice. She tells him she will only speak to him in English from
now on because
that's the only way he'll learn. I don't think Jin really cares.
Just then Hurley comes running out of the jungle, "Hey, Everyone!"
Paulo-"Is it the others?" {WOW!} With the rabbits foot/key Hurley says "Car".
Hurley's excited and out of breath. He tells them about the tipped over car he found and that they can totally fix it; get it going again. It's not far.
Paulo-"Why do we need to start a car?"
Hurley fells it will be fun! Everyone just looks down, not interested. Hurley says after everything that's happened they could all use some fun. They need it.
{That's what the golf course was supposed to be for.}
Hurley looks at Charlie, "Especially you, dude. So who's with me?"
Everyone turns him down. {Check out how Paulo pulls Nikki back!}
Hurley-'"Come on! Anyone! We're gonna drive it!"
Except for Jin who is the stand alone by default. Hurley pats him on the shoulder and says, "Thanks Dude."
Jin shakes his head yes.
Hurley- "You have no idea what you volunteered for, do you?" Jin smiles.

In the jungle:
"Are we there yet?" asks Sawyer. Kate says if they are where she thinks they are then our beach should be just through those trees, "We'll be home in about five minutes."
Sawyer comments she should contain her excitement. Kate's "not excited about explaining why there are only two of them coming back, James."
Sawyer- "Maybe they should explain why they ain't come looking for us."
Sawyer steps on something; a dart in his shoe. He wonders, "How'd it get out here?"
Kate-"Relax for a second. I'm gonna pull it out. On the count of three. Are you ready? 1..."
She pulls it out.
Sawyer-“I thought you said three?"
She spared him the anticipation. {Eyes} They look in each other’s eyes. Kate tells him all he has "to do is say sorry. We can start again. Give each other a clean slate."
Sawyer-"Ha. Slate. Like on little house?"
He tells her how Laura Ingalls used to write on a little chalk board in school. She giggles because he calls it little house.
Sawyer-"I had mono when I was a kid. I missed two months of school. We only got 1 channel in my trailer."
Kate- "What are we even talking about?"
Sawyer- "We ain't talking about nothing….And I aint got nothing to be sorry for."
Kate asks if that's how it's gonna be and he doesn't answer.
Kate-"Welcome home, Sawyer." She walks away.
Sawyer- "Welcome home, Kate." {She goes back to calling him Sawyer not James.}

Two campfires burn on the beach. Sawyer and Kate return.
Locke is sitting with Sun at her tent. Everyone welcomes them back. Charlie and Desmond watch. {Note Sawyer hugs Nikki.}

At Hugo's big, grand, over the top white house, Hugo, covered in debris from the event at the restaurant enters. Hurley's mom asks what happened.
Hugo- "Tricia Tanaka's dead."
He tells mom Mr. Clucks got hit by a meteor or an asteroid, "I don't know the difference. But it's gone."
Mom- "It's crazy."
Hugo goes on to tell her it's about the money/ numbers. They're cursed. Tricia Tanaka and her camera dude are dead; he feels that it's his fault. Mom slaps him and says it was an accident. Hugo tells her the numbers are cursed so he has to go to Australia. That's where the numbers came from.
Mom-"Again with Australia?"
Hugo- "Lenny in the institution, he told me."
Mom tells him she can prove that he's not cursed; she has to show him something. She leads him to reveal his father has returned after 17 years. Hugo looks angry.
Dad-"Your mom wasn't kidding about those candy bars." {Wow! He makes a statement like that as if that conversation with the candy just happened yesterday.}

Skeleton Roger is in the van.
Jin and Hurley look through the windshield. Poor Roger. "Sorry about your arm, dude."
Jin calls Hurley over to look at what he's discovered through the glass; beer.
Roger was on a beer run. Jin tries to tell Hurley something but Hurley sucks at charades, "Oh, you want to take Roger out?"
Jin communicates in Korean to Hurley; they can turn the car over.
Hurley yells, "I understand." On the count of three they remove Roger from the car; minus his head. {He understands Korean.}

Desmond works on his tent. {Note his eyes and how he ties the cords.}
Charlie walks over to ask him, "When's it gonna happen?" {His eyes}
Desmond-"When's what gonna happen?"
Charlie tells him not to play stupid with him! Des blames what he said on being drunk. Charlie feels he has a right to know when he's gonna die.
Desmond- "It doesn't work like that."
Charlie- "What doesn't work like that?" {WTF? Are they having the same conversation?}
Just then Sawyer calls out, "Hey Oliver Twist! Where the hell's my stuff?" {His eyes!} He rattles off everything that he had.
Desmond apologizes for the scotch but Sawyer is pissed, "You drank it?"
Des admits to their being "three of us."
Sawyer-"You, the munchkin and who else?" No answer.

Jin and Hurley use big sticks to "Tip it up."
Hurley feels Jin's idea is- "Crafty."   He explains to Jin crafty means when you're good at crafts.
Sawyer appears at the van and asks, "Where the hells my stuff?"
Hurley is very excited, "Dude, You're alive!" They hug.
Sawyer comments about them finding a hippy car. {Sawyer called Jin, Jinbo.} They hug.
Jin says in English, "Good see you."
Sawyer- “Well look at that. Somebody's hooked on phonics."
Hurley wonders if Jack and Kate are with him.
Sawyer- "Kate's with me. But the Doc, they still got him."
Hurley is alright with that, he feels that things will be alright. He feels the car and Sawyer coming back safely is a sign. Sawyer's says it a sign he wants his stuff back. Hurley says no, that he's gonna help them fix this thing. Hurley gets him to help because there's beer!

Sayid-"Why did he say 'don't come back'?"
Kate explains to him and Locke that Jack sacrificed himself so they could escape. "Probably didn't want it to be for nothing."
Sayid tells her that Hurley said they released Michael and Walt and Kate confirms this, also adding they were given a boat "took off and never looked back."
Sayid asks if she saw any other boats.
Kate says something tells her they didn't give away their only one.
Locke- "So they can leave the island." {Does he know they can leave the island?}
Kate-"I don't know, John." {John}
Sayid- "Is that zoo they held you in, is that where they live?"
Kate explains that they escaped with a kid named Karl; he said that they live on this island. He could have taken them there but Sawyer let him go. Kate is going to go back to get Jack, "I owe him that." So she's going to get help. {Why doesn't she ask these two warriors for help?}

A Golden Jesus is on a revolving turntable. Mom says that Hugo is such a good son, "He knows of my love for the savior. So he commissioned artisans in Taxco to custom carve for me the statue in solid gold" {Note the big surreal picture of an island.}
Their dinner is served; Lasagna, hamburger and French fries. {America, France, Italy}
The Tron's are their butlers; Hugo found them in Bennigans. {Orchids}
Dad asks if something's wrong. Hugo feels his mother is acting like he never left them; like he hasn't been gone for 17 years. All of a sudden he shows up, "Aren't you at least a little suspicious?"
Apparently dad came back because Mom called and said he was in trouble.
Hugo- "What?"
Mom goes on to say she didn't know what do anymore with the numbers and curses she thought he needed a manly influence.
Hugo-"I'm not crazy! And the only reason he's back, is because he wants the money." He throws money on the table -Severance pay. Their services are no longer needed. He's doing them a favor. It's only a matter of time before the curse gets them, and they die, or worse! {What's worse than death?}
Hugo's getting rid of all of it! The money, the houses, the livestock! And he's starting with him! Mom says his father is staying.
Hugo wants to know "Where?"
Mom covers golden Jesus' ears to say she has needs.
Hugo covers his ears and yells "NO, this can't be happening!" He wants him gone! {Dad wears black and white}

Mom suggests he show his father what he has in the garage.

The garage door opens and we see the old Camaro.
Dad is pleased, "You saved it."
Hurley, Sawyer and Jin tip over the car. Right side up.

Sawyer opens the slide side door. Vincent is with them. Sawyer wonders what's up with all the recycling. He finds maps, beer, lots of crumpled up paper that looks new, not rotted as it would be after all these years. The map shows an interesting route to get to where the Dharma symbol is marked. {Note other important faint impressions on the map.}
Sawyer says it looks like the Dharma freaks were building some sort of dirt road.
Jin opens a little hatch to look at the engine. Jin talks to Hurley in Korean and Hurley responds to him. Sawyer freaks when he finds Roger's head.
Hurley with his key gestures and tells Jin he's going to start the car.
Jin in Korean tries to tell him something.
Hurley-"Even if you were speaking English dude, I wouldn't understand a word you're saying." He tells Jin to relax; this will work.
Hurley sits behind the wheel, "I have hope. This will work."
He turns the key and nothing happens.
Sawyer cracks open a flat stinky Dharma beer. Vincent is hanging out with the boys.
Hurley is anxious to see if Jin can get it to work. Hurley comments that the beer has been sitting there since before Rocky 3 (1982. This one starts with him fighting Apollo Creed.) "Maybe even 2. It's probably poison by now." (1979)
Sawyer has propped up Skeletor to have a drink with him. Hurley tells him that's not cool because that guy had a mom a family and a name; it's Roger Workmen. Sawyer corrects him Work Man as he was a Dharma janitor; that was his job. Hurley feels he still should respect the dead.
Hurley and Jin talk/communicate that Jin can't fix.
Hurley is very motivated to get this thing running. He asks Sawyer, "Why don't you want this to work?" Sawyer really doesn't care if it works but wonders why is it so important to Hurley. Hurley feels it's because they could all use a little hope.
Sawyer-"If its hope you're looking for ese then you’re on the wrong damn island. Cause there sure as hell ain't no hope here." {READ THAT LINE AGAIN!}

"Hugo. Time to get up!"
Hugo is hiding under blankets.
Dad wakes him up. "Come on. Rise and Shine. Hit the deck. We're burning daylight. Let’s go!"
Dad asks him what's with the earphones. Hugo tells him it's for the noise. Dad wants him up because they're going on an adventure. Hugo doesn't want to go anywhere with him.
Dad asks him to do this one thing with him, "If it doesn't work, you can go to Australia, I won't stop you."
Dad informs him, "we're gonna break the curse."

The Reyes men go see Madam Psychic. There are jars everywhere.
She tells Hugo to cut the deck. She proceeds to tell him his fortune of numbers, money, bad luck, etc. She predicts great tragedy around the numbers pulls the death card and reveals there's a curse on him; but she can exorcise it!
Hugo figures out this is a sham and he's pissed.
Dad-" I was just trying to help."
Hugo-"Help who?" {Really! Help who?! Also, I'm sure dad knew this wouldn't work. Now Hugo can go off to Australia.}

Hurley is sitting praying in the jungle. Vincent is right beside him!
Sawyer is giving Jin English lessons. Sawyer teaches him words and phrases {including beer, car, international house of pancakes.}
Hurley shares with Sawyer he's praying for help.
Sawyer-"I got your help right here." And throws him a beer. The beer is flung past him. Hurley goes to retrieve the over tossed can and gets excited when he discovers a BIG hill.
Hurley tells Charlie, who's sitting on the beach-moping, to get up and come with him.
Hurley-"When people stare out into the ocean, and get a quiet-like their moping."
He tells Charlie about the car they found and how they're gonna get it running. Charlie wants to know what the point is.
Hurley slaps him, wanting him to "Snap out of it!"
He has an idea that's gonna help them both! "It is dangerous. And there's a very good chance that you will die.
Charlie wonders how that is supposed to convince him.
Hurley continues, "Cause if you don't die, then we win. Look. I don't know about you, but things have really sucked for me lately and I could really use a victory."
He wants them to go get one, look death in the face and 'whatever', "Let's make our own luck."

Sawyer continues teaching Jin the art of 'telling a woman three things they need to hear' lesson.
Hurley comes back with Charlie and tells the other guys to get up; they have work to do!
Sawyer-"What's your problem, Jumbo Tron?"
Hurley needs another man to help push the car. Sawyer asks too many questions! LOL! Hurley picks him up!
The three guys push the car with Hurley in the driver’s seat. All four guys are looking at this big hill. Vincent is there. {Apparently to oversee the completion of the 'task'.}

Hugo packs for his trip to Australia. Dad comments that it's a long way to go for stupid numbers. Hugo wants him to leave.
Dad proceeds to tell him the story of when Hugo's mom called him to tell him about the lottery, he was on his bike before she hung up the phone. He goes on to tell him that he's getting old; saw his retirement, admitting he's there because of the money. Of course he's not getting any of it.
Dad tells Hugo that going to Australia's not going to break any curse.
Dad- "You don't need to leave. You just need a little hope. We make our own luck, Hugo."
He tells Hugo he should give away the money but save enough for a carburetor; work on the Camaro.; just Hugo and him, they'll take it off the blocks and take that road trip to the Grand Canyon. "It's never too late for a fresh start."
Hugo is not impressed with his father’s words he's only focused on his journey. "I'll send you a postcard from Sydney."
Dad- "I'll be here when you get back."

Sawyer asks, "Are you nuts? You're not gonna drive down that."
A big hill with black rocks at the bottom.
The guys are gonna jump start it; they'll push it. Hurley will pop the clutch on the way down.
Sawyer- "You see those rocks. All you have to do is crash into those real fast. If you don't roll over first."
Jin doesn't want him to do it but Hurley assures him knows how to drive. Sawyer wonders why Charlie is out there, "To what him crash and burn?"
Screw that, Charlie rides shotgun! Cool!
Sawyer-"It's your funeral." He's gonna give them their ride.

Inside the car Hurley asks Charlie if he's sure.
Charlie declares, "Victory or death."
Hurley turns the key.
The two guys in the rear give it a push and the van rolls down the hill. It gets scary!!!!
Just then….Hurley hopes and repeats, "There is no curse, There is no curse, we make our own luck, there is no curse." Just before they are going to hit the black rocks… Hurley pops the clutch! VICTORY! They're on the 'Road to Shambala!'
There is much rejoicing! They all drive around and around ...with their passenger Vincent!!

Three of the four men head back to camp, high from the excitement of the afternoon.
Jin brings Sun a white flower.
Charlie has a great story for Claire.
Sawyer has beer. He looks around for Kate. {I assume}

Hurley sits in victory in his car; then drives around and around by himself.
Sawyer cracks open a beer, alone. He checks out Jin and Charlie.

Kate with her torch treks through the jungle at night. Kate looks on the dark ground and finds what she was looking for. {She went right to it!} Rousseau's trap.
Kate sees two more torches coming her way; it's Sayid and Locke.
Kate didn't ask them for help for two reasons: "You don't know where to look, and you’re not motivated." She doesn't blame them as they'd have to trek across the island and risk more lives to get Jack back.
Locke tells her she's wrong about them not knowing where to look. He tells her they have a compass bearing and he's pretty sure it will lead them right to him. Kate wonders how.
Sayid-"Because of the way the sunlight hit Mr. Eko's stick when John was burying him."
Locke feels now she knows their secret so he wants to know hers. Just then shots are fired at them.
Kate yells out, "It's safe. We're only here to talk. You can come out."
It is Danielle.
Kate is there to ask for her help because she needs somebody who knows the island.
Danielle-"What makes you think I have an interest in helping you?"
Kate reveals information about the girl who helped her escape; she was about 16 years old and her name is Alex.

Tricia Tanaka is Dead is a GREAT episode!

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Please tell me after three seasons of me telling you to check out their eyes that you are! This episode is filled with examples of it, with many people!
* Different color eyes…Different person? Twin? Replica? …..?
* Different color eyes…Different state of consciousness, hallucination, dream etc.? OR The effects of being on another island? OR another go around on the island?
*  Are the events we see in this episode taking place on another island?
* Go back and re-read the couple of my blog posts that explain in detail the whole lucid dreaming info. (If you need)
* Jinbo- Yo-Jin-Bo -The Body guards- An animated novel.
* Guarding
* Livestock
* Game. Sacrifice. Escape.
* Engine. Machine.
* What/Which is old and new?
* Fake or Real? Reality/Manipulated? Dream/Memory/Real/Fake?
* Fake psychics, Planted to manipulate things.
* The van is called a car. Carburator. Car is another word for vehicle.
* Clues to a canyon.
* Bar and Key another word for ISLAND. So is Mr. Clucks really taking place on "island"?
* Where is the "Island"/"Islands" really?
* Kate and Sawyer return "home". Hugo's father returns "home"
* Why did Sawyer have a bottle of MacCutheon to begin with? Did he find it? Did it always belong to him?
* What's in the Dharma beer?
* I think Desmond may be 'working' Charlie!
* Hugo's mom/dad knows all about the lottery and the money. And much more.
* Looking in a mirror/glass/window. A two way mirror perhaps? WHO the fuck is doing all the watching? People from many nations all over the world involved with the island? Is there a parents club?
* Norway, France, Korea, America, Scotland, Mexico, etc…
* Clues to the use of substances and mental health. Is this episode giving us a tie in to Santa Rosa? Depression. Emotional state. The connection of mental institution and "the island"…Is Santa Rosa closer than we think? Wink, wink!
* Clues to language, understanding, communication, linguistics, teaching, and learning. What fucking language is needed for all of them to be able to understand? Music or computer language?
* Why did Sawyer let Karl go, really?!
* Many references to DOWN, DOWN LOW, UNDER.
* Morphing/Transforming.
* Vincent!
* Is it possible that we are seeing clues to a changing of the guard at the island? Meaning, is it possible that the parents of some of the Castaways were guards of the "Island", now they are getting older, so it's the 'offspring's' turn to stand guard? I'm just asking!

Vocabulary...and Research...
* Ese a village in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
* Taxco de Alarcón (Taxco) is a former colonial silver-mining center in the northern part of the Mexican State of Guerreo on the western arm of the Sierra Madre del Sur.
* TRON-is the title character of the movie. He is a security program! TRON is an open real time operating system kernel design, and is anacronym for "The Real-time Operating system Nucleus.
 -TRON is a debugging command in the Basic programming language.
 -Studio Tron- a comic book and animation studio.
* Beer is the world's oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage and is recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The shelf life of beer is 12 months if it's refrigerated. Beer is perishable-it deteriorates as a result of the action of bacteria, light, and air.
* Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous, metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low grade regional metamorphism. Metamorphic rock is the result of the transformation of a pre-existing rock type, the protolith, in a process called metamorphism, which means "change in form".
* MONO- Infectious mononucleosis, also referred to as "glandular fever", the "kissing disease,"
-The Town of Mono is situated in south-central Ontario.
-Mono Island is the largest island of the Treasury Islands, Solomon Islands,
-Mono, an important character in the video game Shadow of the Colossus.
* Mono language.
* Mono is a computer game created by Binary Zoo in which the goal is to turn the entire screen either white or black.
* Work- a) Labor, employment, occupation, job. To do a specific task by employing physical or mental powers. B) Effort expended on particular task. C) A literary, artistic, or intellectual production.
-The place where one is employed.-A fortification. To set into action.
-To provoke or excite; to influence. To use or manipulate to one's advantage. To cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
- (physics) a measure of energy expended in moving an object; most commonly, force, distance. No work is done if the object does not move.
3- Important insight to number Three.
* The holy trinity.
* Year 3 was a common year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar.
* 3 is the second triangular number…. A triangle is the most durable shape possible, the only "perfect" figure which if all endpoints have hinges will never change its shape unless the sides themselves are bent.
* Triceratops: Cretaceous period dinosaur with 3 horns on its head.
* 3-bodied general description of insects.
* Monocotyledon: A monocot's flower is often trimerous, with the flower parts in threes or in multiples of 3 (typically 3,6,9 petals.) ORCHIDS
* Psychology- Freud proposed that the psyche was divided into 3 parts: Ego, super-ego, and id.
* Geology- 3 basic planes: Above- Surfaced- Beneath.
* 3 basic rock formations: Igneous- Metamorphic- Sedimentary. In tectonic plate theory, the pacific plate's site can be said to be due to the "fusion" (engulfing) of 3 other plates: Izanagi plate~ Phoenix plate~ Kula plate.
* 3 types of volcanoes: Cinder cones~ Shield volcano~ Composite volcano.
* Biology- DNA has a triplet codon system.
* 3 basic life domains: Archaea- Bacteria- and Eucaryota
* The Triple Gem - Buddha , Dhamma (Buddha's teaching) and Sangha (the preachers of Dhamma)
* 3 Wise Men who visited Jesus after His birth left Him 3 gifts.
* The Tanakh is comprised of 3 sections.
* In Taoism, the 3 Pure Ones.
* Hegel's dialectic of Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis creates three-ness from two-ness.
* 3 strikes and you're out.
* Lucky, especially bad luck, is often said to "come in 3's".
* 3rd time's a charm.
* The Rule of Three (also threefold law or law of return) is a tenet of Wicca. claiming that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person 3 times.
* A canyon is a deep valley between cliffs often carved from the landscape by a river. Most canyons were formed by a process of long-time erosion from a plateau level.
* Submarine canyons are those which form underwater, generally at the mouths of rivers.
* The Grand Canyon is a colorful steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in the
U.S. state of Arizona. It is largely contained within the Grand Canyon National Park — one of the first national parks in the United States.
* The chicken is one of the most common and wide-spread domestic animals. There are more chickens in the world than any other bird. Humans keep chickens primarily as a source of food, from both their meat and their eggs.
* Crafty is a chess program.
* Van- Short form of Karavn: The word was used to designate a group of people who were traveling by camel or horse on the silk road. The word is derived from Karvan: karmeans mission or pursuit and wan/ban means those people and guardian.
* Hooked on Phonics is a commercial brand of educational materials.

FOR LAUGHS and FOR FUN- because the 4 guys reminded me of the 4 horseman when they were looking down the hill. LOL!
* 4 Horsemen, a 4-issue limited series under the DC Comics
* Transformers- the 4 Horsemen were former Autobots and Decepticons turned into minions of Unicron.
* The Horsemen of Apocalypse are 2 teams of fictional super villains in the Marvel Universal, the first was a team of aliensfrom the race known as the Axi-Tun that attacked Earth in ancient and modern times.
* The 4 Horsemen were a group of Immortals on the television show Highlander.
* Four Horsemen (Supreme Court), United States Supreme Court justices during the New Deal and a contemporary political group.
* The 4 Horsemen were a core group of linguists who promoted generative semantics.
* Senior scientists and consultants to NASA during Apollo.

TRICIA TANAKA IS DEAD…The moral of the story…Around and around and around…Do Over…Starting over…Here we go...AGAIN!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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