March 18, 2009

Par Avion.

Let's talk about LOST!   Par Avion.

The right directional blinker is blinking.  There has been a car accident. {Miles show 108.} The girl wakes up; this is Miss Littleton with dark hair.  The girl crawls out of the broken windshield and tries to help the woman who was 'thrown' from the car; she calls for her mum. The girl is dressed all in black; very Goth {Blood.}  She shakes mum to try and wake her. {Are you supposed to shake people who are injured?}
Eye opens.
It's light/blond Claire.   She focuses her vision in on a note 'G-Day' and a fruit spread.
Charlie-"Oh look Aaron. Your mum has finally decided to wake up...The only way I could get you to sleep in was to borrow the midget."
Charlie set up an aperitif of mysterious island fruit he prepared before the breakfast in her honor." {Hello! Mysterious fruit! YES!} Claire wonders what's gotten into him, as he's been depressed all week, now its breakfast in bed and picnics.
Charlie tells her, "I woke up this morning, said it's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and seize the day." There's no one he rather do some day seizing with.
Charlie-"So what do you say? Let's drop the cherub off with Auntie Sun and Uncle Jin, and you and I will go for a little stroll."
Claire accepts and takes his hand.
Sayid is looking at the map. {Check out the info on the map.} "From the position of this stream, we should be here. {Points to map.} If the scale is right, these people are two miles in that direction."
He doesn't expect Mikhail to confirm that.
Locke is looking very intense; keeping his eyes on Mikhail.
Locke tells Sayid "It's an electrical wiring map, Sayid. I'm not sure it's as accurate as you think."
Sayid-“Well it's certainly not as infallible as the magical carving's on your stick."
Locke feels the stick did get them to that station.
Sayid-"That station that you accidentally blew up."
Locke tells Sayid if he'd been warned the basement was rigged with C-4, he would have been more careful. Mikhail smirks.
Kate tells Mikhail to tell them if they're going the right way.  He says they're "going the right way". {Truth/lie?}
Locke wants to be reminded why they're keeping Mikhail alive.    Sayid asks if he's suggesting they shoot him like a dog. Locke's not suggesting that because he likes dogs.
Danielle-"He's right. They will not trade his life for your friends. We should just shoot him. {Did she just put words in Locke's mouth?}
Kate stops the bickering. She says the map says where 'they' are; Mikhail says the map is right then they need to keep moving.

Breakfast on the beach includes flowers, water, coconuts, bananas and some Dharma items. Charlie leads Claire, who has shielded her eyes to the feast. They will begin with the first course.   Desmond approaches. {Backpack and rifle.} He suggests to Charlie that he go boar hunting with him. Charlie obviously has plans. Claire is distracted; she seems to be remembering something. Then birds fly over. Des is strongly suggesting to Charlie that hunting will be a better way to spend your day; feeling of all the things Charlie can choose to do today, hunting is his best option. Excited Claire blurts out, "I think I know how to get us off this Island!" She runs off.
Charlie and Desmond just look' at each other. {But neither is excited about her thoughts on getting off the Island.}

Claire excitedly runs up to Sun and Jin. She needs Jin's nets, fish and buckets. Sawyer is propped up on his seat reading a book; he listens. Claire goes on to tell them they have to catch the birds, "They just flew over. They're only going to be here today. So if we're gonna catch one, we need to do it now."
Sawyer asks her what she needs the nets for.
Claire-"Five minutes ago, a flock of seabirds flew over my head. Seabirds are migratory, which means they're gonna keep heading south."
Sun doesn't understand so Claire explains the birds are tagged. {She uses her own wrist as an example.} Scientists tag the birds so they can track them, so when they eventually land in Australia or New Zealand or wherever, somebody's gonna gather them up. Jin gives her a net.
Desmond is a few feet away; he keeps his eyes on Charlie/group.
Sun-"Then we can send a message."

Claire-"If we can catch one. So here's the plan. 1st we gotta cut up these fish into chum, that will get the birds to settle in the water."
She says they have to cut up the net so asks Charlie to get some knives. Charlie is in a daze. Claire calls his name and he snaps out of it! He asks her how she knows about this stuff about birds. Claire watched nature shows with her mum. Charlie feels that doesn't make her an expert; he doesn't want to see her waste her time.
Claire-"So what happened to seizing the day?"
Charlie-"Sorry. Don't see the point."
Claire catches Des watching. He turns and walks away.
{Flash Whoosh}
The dark haired Miss Littleton gets stitches above right eye in the ER. She still has glass in her hair. Her left arm is in a sling.
Officer Barnes asks her questions. "How did the accident happen? Who was driving? Anyone contacted her father?"
Miss Littleton tells him a truck forced them off the road; she was driving. She also reveals her father died when she was two. Barnes is sorry to hear that.  Barnes spoke to the truck driver, "He's fine by the way.{Of course he is!} He's says that when you hit him..."
Miss Littleton interrupts, "No he hit us."
Barnes asks what speed.
Miss Littleton-"It just came out of nowhere."
She doesn't know how fast she was driving. Miss Littleton is upset and wonders why he's asking her these questions.
Barnes-"These questions are standard procedure when there's a fatality."
Miss Littleton-"My mother is in surgery. She's not dead."
Barnes-"Right. So she is." {He has some attitude! Note his arm patch has a red cross, bird/eagle, State police}
She says it wasn't her fault!
Barnes-"I didn't say it was, Miss Littleton."

Kate fills up her water bottle from the stream. Kate wonders why since she told Danielle that her daughter is really living with them, she hasn't asked her a single question about her. Danielle cuts her off. {This bitch keeps cutting people off!  Somebody tell her to shut-up!} She asks if Kate cares about Jack. She wants Kate to imagine 16 years from now you're told he is still alive, but in your heart you know that he wouldn't remember you, he wouldn't know you. He wouldn't even know that you ever cared about him. She doesn't ask because she doesn't want to know the answers.
On their trek Kate offers Mikhail water and asks how he got onto this island. Danielle doesn't give him a second to answer, but says "Don't waste your breath, whatever he says will be a lie." {She takes a different path then the rest of them. What's that about? Note sprinkling of red flowers.}
Mikhail answers anyway, "I was recruited when I was 24. I was approached by a man"
Kate cuts him off,"I didn't ask you when, I asked you how?" {Why wouldn't she want to know 'when' on top of 'how'?}
Mikhail says they brought him on the submarine; this intrigues Locke.
Kate-"So your people can come and go whenever they want?"
Mikhail-"Go Yes. But two weeks ago our underwater beacon stopped emitting its locater signal. There was an event. An electromagnetic pulse. It would be impossible to come back."
Kate wonders why you would want to come back.
Mikhail-"You would not understand."
Kate-"Try me."
Mikhail-"I miss-spoke. What I meant to say is you're not capable of understanding."
Insulted Kate wants to know why she's not capable.
Mikhail-"Because you are not on the list."
Kate wants to know what list Locke gives Mikhail a sort of "warning" look.
Mikhail-"The man who brought me here. Who brought all of my people here. He is a magnificent man.”
Kate comments if Ben is such a magnificent man why did he need one of our people to save him.
Mikhail starts to say Ben is not...he will make this simple, "You are not on the list because you are flawed, because you are angry, and weak and frightened."
Sayid-"The more I learn about you, the more I suspect you are not as omniscient as you'd have us believe. Do not speak to us as if you know us."
Mikhail-"Of course I don't know you Sayid Jarrah, how could I? And you Kate Austen are a complete stranger to me. But you John Locke, You I have a fleeting memory of. But I must be confused because the John Locke I know was para" Danielle again conveniently cuts him off! {Mikhail never has to mention Danielle!}
Locke and Mikhail seem satisfied that the memory conversation didn't go any further. Danielle calls them over to another direction.
She has led them to the "Pylons; a security fence".
Mikhail is pleased.
Locke-"Well. Looks like we’re here."

Jin and Claire make a trap. Claire asks Jin, in English if this will work. He replies, “Yes, work.”
Jin asks Claire to help Sun, who is carrying two buckets. Sun tells her a story about her mother’s worst fear. Sun's mom feared she would end up doing something like this, cutting bait. She had high hopes for her future. They didn't include Sun marrying a fisherman's son.
Claire- "I guess we don't always turn out like our mothers want."
Sun's mother never worked a day in her life and Claire shares that her mom was a librarian.
Claire never replies back.
{Flash Whoosh}
Dark Miss Littleton, her left arm in a sling and a bandage over her right eye, visits her mum in hospital. Mum is on a respirator.
Her Aunt Lindsey asks, "Where were you?"
Miss Littleton says she went home to shower, being mum was still in surgery, "I had glass in my hair."
Her Aunt sarcastically says she's "Glad you're feeling refreshed."
Dr. Woodruff from neurosurgery comes in to give an update. He'll be observing her mother for the next few days. {Red file.} They managed to stabilize her immediate injuries but she suffered a severe head trauma. They have to wait for the swelling in her brain to go down before they make any determinations. "But I'm afraid we're looking at fairly widespread damage." He goes on to explain, "That right now, that these machines are the only thing sustaining her life."
Claire-"But, I mean, it won't always be...When she wakes up, she won't need ..."
Dr.-"I can't say with any real confidence that she will wake up."
Claire asks the Doc, "Can she hear us?"
He'd like to think she can.
Lindsey wants to know how long she'll be like this. The Dr. says could be a day, a week, or years. They have to wait and see. He assures them "She will be well looked after." The family can't pay for that.
Dr. Woodruff- "Don't worry. Her expenses have already bee taken care of." He's been asked to keep who is paying for everything, confidential.

Birds are flying overhead.
Sun, Claire and Jin sit hidden so that Jin can trap a bird.
A bird lands on the bucket. Jin is about to pull the trap cord; he counts, 1, 2...2 Gun shots! It frightens all the birds away. Claire is pissed! Desmond says he was after a boar. Claire asks him where Charlie is. Des tells her he's not with him; he's back at the camp.
Claire- "So it was just you?"
Desmond-"Aye, it's just me."
Claire questions the coincidence of him hunting in the exact same spot that they're setting their trap. Again he tells her he was following a boar. She asks him where is the boar.
Desmond-"It got away."
Claire-"You don't want me to catch the birds, do you? You and Charlie. What's going on?"
Desmond asks her why he wouldn't want her to catch the birds. Claire walks away.
Kate wonders, "What is it?"
Sayid grabs her and tells her not to touch it, don't even go near it!
Sayid asks Mikhail "What are these pylons?"
Clever Mikhail asks-"What do you think they are?" {This question makes me wonder if the pylons will "become" whatever Sayid says they are; almost like the story gets created along the way with whatever is wished for or imagined as.}
Sayid properly answers the question, "A security perimeter. Those sensors on the side would be triggered if anyone passed between them. It's an alarm system or a trap. Either way we'd be safer going around it."
Mikhail tells him he's right; it was a security perimeter. But like everything else on this Island, it hasn't functioned in years.
Sayid-"Of course it hasn't."
Mikhail tells him if he wishes to waste his time, be his guest. The pylons encircle the entire barracks so there is no going around them. "If you don't believe me look at your map."
Sayid looks at his map, in its clear sheet protector and confirms what Mikhail said. Locke takes off his back pack, grabs Mikhail and throws him into the fence! Electrical hum!
Mikhail-"Thank you." {Voice.} The sound really kicks up and he starts to bleed and foam at the mouth! He gets jolted backwards!
Locke-"Sorry." {Sorry for what? He proved Mikhail was lying.}
Mikhail body lies on the ground.
Sayid-"It looks like he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage."
Kate asks Locke why he did that; they needed him. Locke feels they were never gonna trade him for Jack.
Kate-"You don't know that!"
Locke says they do know "that he shot one of his own people who didn't want to be in this exact situation. So I'm gonna stick with my plan."
Kate felt they could have discussed it.
Locke-"Pardon me if they had a sonic weapon fence."
Sayid asks Locke why he's really there; is it for Jack. Why else would he be there?! Kate suggests they go over the fence; she asks for the ax. Sayid goes into Locke's pack to get it and discovers C-4. So much for Locke not knowing about any C-4. Locke took it because it might come in handy.

Charlie puts Aaron down for a nap. Claire wants to know what's going on with him and Desmond. She asks him about Des shooting off his gun and scaring away the birds. Charlie's been with Aaron all morning. Claire accuses him of lying and wonders, "What happened to the guy who woke up this morning and wanted to have a picnic and Seize the Day?
Charlie-"You wanna know the truth? That glint you saw could have been anything. Piece of glass stuck in the bird's foot. Or it could have been nothing at all. I don't want to advocate false hope, Claire. That's all."
She's sorry she bothered him with her stupid ideas, it won't ever happen again. Of course, she doesn't want her baby around liars.
Claire- "I thought you were here for me. That I can count on you. I was wrong. I'm on my own. And at least I know that now."
She makes him, GO!

"Morning dear" The nurse greets Miss Littleton who's come to the hospital to visit her mom. The nurse, "I like your new doctor." {Her new Dr.? Note the word WING}
The American Doctor is in with her mom. Miss Littleton enters her mom’s room to find an older man standing over her, touching her arm. Claire asks if he's a Doctor. The man says yes, gets choked up, says he shouldn't be disturbing you, I was just leaving. Lindsey walks in, shocked to see him. "What are you doing here? If Carol knew you were here..."
The man wants to know what would she do, "She wouldn't be acting the way you are."
Claire realizes these people know each other and she wants to know who he is. Lindsey interjects to say it doesn't matter.
Christian-"Maybe you should tell her Lindsey. She deserves to know." She wants him to leave them alone.
Christian-"You are not the arbiter here. Under the circumstances Claire has every right to know..."
Lindsey is bickering over him. Claire yells for them to stop! {It looks like a statue of a Swan near the cards}
Claire asks him if he's the one paying the bills and taking care of all this?
He says "Yes."
Claire- "Then who are you?"
Christian-"I'm your father, Claire."
Locke cuts down a tree. Kate will be first to climb up the tree that they will lean against one of the pylons.
Sayid- "The system appears to fire a sonic pulse when an object breaks the plane between two pylons. So as long as we don't break the plane, we should remain unharmed.”
Danielle- "Why not use the plastic explosive you took.
Locke-"Be my guest. You wanna go stick it on there."
Sayid- "Whoever climbs over first give those sensors a wide berth."
Kate climbs over safely. Locke is next.

Claire uses a Bondi Beach shirt for the baby. Sun tells her she has every right to be upset.
Claire, "It doesn't make any sense. Desmond has never gone boar hunting before and the boar never come that close to the beach."
Sun points out the Des and Charlie are still talking about what ever's going on. Claire asks Sun to watch him/Aaron. She's going to get some answers!{Flash}
Miss Littleton is piercing the left ear of a girl. She works in a tattoo parlor. Christian comes to talk to her. Miss Littleton charges the girl 10 bucks; gives the girl a red mirror to look into. {Note on the wall behind Christian one of the Tats says 'ALEX' if you blink you'll miss it! -click the pic- There is also a book on the counter with a tribal mask on it. Check out the jar with red liquid. Very interesting}
Her father offers to buy her a cup; he's leaving tonight and he'll be out of her life forever, "It's 1 cup of coffee." {He’s all decked out in silver/gray}
Claire and her father are sitting in a food court.
Claire-"So. It's true?”
Christian-"Yes. It's true."
He found out about the accident from a doctor friend here in Sydney; called the minute her mother went into surgery. Claire asks why mom said he was dead?
Christian-"Because I no doubt left her with so many wonderful memories. Look. We had a fling. I was back in Los Angeles and she told me that she was pregnant that she was going to have the baby. Have you."
Claire-"What? And you didn't want to see me."
Christian- "No. I came out a bunch of times when you were little {Littleton. Lol} I stayed over. I gave you toys. I sang to you."
This pleases Claire. She asks why he stopped coming.
Christian-"Cause your Aunt hates me. And your mother didn't like the fact that I had another family."
He could have paid the bills from the states. He came over because he wanted to help. He goes on to explain that her mother is alive, but she's not really living. Now may be the time to look at other alternatives, other ways to relieve her pain. It is illegal to turn off her machines, but he knows ways that can achieve the same affect without the legal consequences.
Claire tells him to stop, "You didn't come here to help me. You came here to try and fix a mistake you made. You think that just paying her bills makes you noble or something? You come down here and you try to get me to kill her."
Christian says that's not true.
Claire-"Why don't you just go back to your real family...You might be my father, but I don't even know your name. And I um, want it to stay that way."
She starts to walk away, but he stops her, "Claire listen to me. Do not keep your mother alive for the wrong reasons. Now, there is hope and there is guilt, and believe me I know the difference."
He takes a deep breath, smiles, "Goodbye Kiddo. It's great seeing you again"
He walks away from her.

Claire spies on Des; {his pack back on} she follows/watches him climb rocks by the water. He saves a bird. Claire asks how he knew it was going to be there.
Desmond-"I didn't. She insists he did know, he walked straight to it, "No doubt at all about where you were going. You came right to this beach and right to this rock." {He SURE fucking did!!}"And Low and behold there is the bird."
She wants to know what's going on. Desmond points out a spot over there {a black rock}; he tells her that's where Charlie slipped and fell in. He got pounded again and again by the rocks, broke his neck. "That's where Charlie died."

Claire brings Charlie the bird. {I guess he's watching the baby, not Sun. He's wearing the black and white vans shoes.}
Claire- "Look what Desmond found."
Charlie notices it does have a tag; she was right. Claire tells him Desmond told her everything; about all his visions, "That he knew you'd get hit by lightening. That you were gonna drown trying to rescue me in the ocean. How you died trying to get me this bird."
{Flash Whoosh}
Blond, pregnant Claire visits her mom in the hospital. {Room 213 in red. Mom is in room 212} Someone turned off the telly; Mum loves her nature shows. Claire turns the TV back on. {Big mirror} She talks to her mom who is still sleeping,{Coma} revealing to her mom she's pregnant. This is something she should have told her a long time ago. She also tells her she's going to give it away. She wonders how her mom raised her all alone. Claire was awful and horrible to her mother; she's sorry for all the things she said in the car, "I hated you. And that I wished you weren't my mother. I wished you were dead. It's all my fault. The accident. Everything. I'm so sorry...I'll see you soon, Okay?"
Charlie reads the note, "To whom it may concern. We are survivors of Oceanic flight 815. We have survived on this island for 80 days. We were 6 hours into the flight when the pilot said we were off course and turned back towards Fiji. We hit turbulence and crashed. We've been waiting here all this time, for rescue that has not come. {Sawyer reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand} We do not know where we are. We only know you have not found us. {Des in his tent} We've done our best to live on this island. Some of us have come to accept we may never leave it. Not all of us have survived since the crash. {Jin cooking. Sun with Aaron} There is new life too. And with it there is hope. We are alive. Please don't give up on us."
Claire tells him she's not giving up on him,"It's gonna be okay. Your gonna be okay." {Charlie's watch 3:00.
They attach the note to the bird and send it off.
The birds fly over Kate.
Sayid tells Kate and Locke, "We're here."
The four of them hide in the jungle greens to spy on the barracks. Kate sees Jack running and she wants to call out and run to him, but Sayid quiets her. Jack has just caught a pass with a football thrown by Tom. They are in the yard playing football! {Note all the people with backpacks}
Par Avion is a great episode!
Christian, Jack and Claire. Is there more to that than meets the "eye"?   Again we see people trying to come to terms with mistakes they made. They are seeking forgiveness and peace by learning how to let go of baggage and emotional attachments, pain and guilt.   They shouldn't keep feeding those negative things, as all it is doing is keeping it alive.  You have to learn when it is a hopeful situation and when it is one you must move on from.
We also have people that are exercising certain types of missions or quests. In both scenarios (emotional and physical) they need to do certain things before they can move forward.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
How come no one questions the fact of how Mikhail knows them?!
Net. Break the plane. Memory. Machine.
Issues involving the head and brain.
Flying!  Flying on a plane? Flying high? Someone/something can fly? Birds? Getting to the island? I can't help but note the hospital is painted a nice 'Sky Blue'!!
Birds are a direct link/relation to dinosaurs.
Why does Officer Barnes mention 'Fatality' when clearly there wasn't. Or was there?
Mikhail uses the Dharma storyline a lot. He obviously is not Dharma. That brings me back to when Sayid says in Enter 7 7 that "A group of scientists attacked Mikhail's people. Mikhail says, “The Hostiles were there for a long time. A long time before they were.” Danielle says she was traveling with a group of scientists. She couldn't have come on the Black Rock because that was a slave ship. So if Danielle is telling the truth about her arriving with other scientists, she arrived on a different ship. Or is she an original resident/native? Who would these scientists be? Think about it!
✈  Danielle and Mikhail's behavior is very odd. They're purpose is obviously to put certain things in play and to "move" people along. They're more like guides. {Guru}
Mysterious Island Fruit! What makes the fruit mysterious? What's in it?
Magical Carvings on a stick! How are they magical?
Clues telling us to go even further under/down. Deeper.
Getting to the Island. Yes it is hidden. But again I must ask where? Someplace tropical or some place cold? Underwater? Or just so far south, down under, that it's "Guest island?" Is the island a "plane"? Don't laugh! No matter what I have to keep my eyes on those particular clues to see where they really lead.
How many more people are related?
Dog-Vincent! How much of the events are put in play via 'planted' props and people? Is Vincent one that morphs/transforms? Or whatever morphs/transforms, morphs into Vincent? That way 'it' can stay close and keep tabs with the Castaways. Maybe Vincent is bugged? Maybe this morphing being morphs into our Castaways and Others too.
✈  In Maternity Leave, Claire says her dad used to sing Catch a Falling Star to her.
✈  In Raised By Another, Claire says she's estranged by her mother.
Claire is tied to a tattoo parlor + Jack is tied to a tattoo parlor =Jack/tattoos
Is Alex the biological child of Danielle? Is she tied to Christian?
What is really going on with Locke, Mikhail and Danielle? They are all too familiar with each other. How far back does their relationship go? Maybe Locke is one of Mikhail's people or vice versa. They all may know each other.
This Locke knows things.
Security pylons. Keeping things out or keeping things in? Or is it really for something else? Think "metaphor".
✈  If they're in a bloody snow globe those birds aren't going anywhere. If the “globe” was opened when the sky turned purple, maybe they could be headed somewhere.
Right: A direction. Or the opposite of Left or Wrong.
I still feel Desmond is using this knowledge about Charlie's "demise" to his advantage. Plus, what is the importance of Desmond overall?
Has a new unit been deployed? Are they the new unit?
Is something being harvested or nurtured?

Vocabulary and Research... 
An airmail etiquette, is an adhesive label used to indicate that a letter is to be sent by airmail. Use phrases such as "AIR MAIL" and/or "PAR AVION" (French, traditionally the international mail language) in white letters.
G-Day is the unnamed day on which an order, normally national, is given to deploy a unit. (NATO)
✉  Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace. It is popularly translated as "seize the day", although a more literal translation of carpe would be "harvest" ("Harvest the day"), as in the harvesting of fruit.
In Further Instructions, Johnathan Locke worked harvesting fruit in an orchard.
An aperitif, apéritif (French.), is an alcoholic drink usually enjoyed as an appetizer before a large meal. It is often served with something small to eat, like olives or crackers. The word is derived from the Latin verb "aperire", which means to open.
Arbiter 1).  A person appointed, or chosen, by parties to determine a controversy between them; an arbitrator.   2). Any person who has the power of judging and determining, or ordaining, without control; one whose power of deciding and governing is not limited; as, an arbiter of fashion.  3). Master
✉  Bucket, also called a pail is a watertight, vertical cylinder or truncated cone, with an open top and a flat bottom, usually attached to a semicircular carrying handle called the bail.
✉  Electronic tagging, a form of non-surreptitious surveillance where an electronic GPS device is placed on a person or vehicle.
Sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW) are weapons of various types that use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent. Some sonic weapons are currently in limited use or in research and development by military. Others exist only in the realm of science fiction.
✉  Guest- is an invited visitor or performer to an institution or to a broadcast.
    - Guest Island
is a glacial island in the Ross Sea approximately 100 kilometers off the coast of   Ross Dependency, Antarctica. The island part of New Zealand.
   -"The Guest"
(L'Hôte) is a short story by the French writer Albert Camus. Published in 1957 as part of a collection entitled Exile and the Kingdom. The French title "L'Hote" translates into both "the guest" and "the host".   The major theme of The Guest is that decisions and choices have a consequence and the ultimate consequence of death is not a result only by chance, but by the fact that everyone will eventually die and that life does not matter after you die.
✉  Bondi Beach (pronounced BOND-eye ) is a popular beach and the name of the surrounding suburb in Sydney, Australia. Bondi Icebergs a Swimming Club dates back to 1929.
Coffee is a stimulant beverage prepared from roasted seeds, called beans, of the coffee plant. The seeds are roasted, undergoing several physical and chemical changes. Coffee was initially used for spiritual reasons. At least 1,000 years ago, traders brought coffee across the Red Sea into Arabia. Coffee is black. Caffeine is a stimulant drug. It is a xanthine alkaloid compound that acts as a psychoactive stimulant. In humans, caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. A psychoactive drug or psychotropic substance is a chemical substance that acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it alters brain function, resulting in temporary changes in perception, mood, consciousness and behavior.
✉  Magnificent-grand, elegant, or splendid in appearance, grand or noble in action, exceptional for its kind.
    - 4 major and 3 minor ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Magnificent. HMS Magnificent was a 74-gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 30 August 1806 at Blackwall Yard.
✉  Colors: The color Black in Chinese represent the north and winter. They are a common color of Mourning.

I noted Christian in gray/silver.   The color gray is associated with gloom and depression, but also as a balance between black and white. Things that aren't certain are considered gray areas.

The "Island" is a place where the journey brings forth life, death and rebirth.  I am questioning if it is all literal or do I still hold on to the metaphors of the story to connect these things. These people seem to be alive, but not really living; they are just going through the motions and not truly living or experiencing life. 

Par Avion... Air Mail... All of them. They all came right to that beach, right to that rock! Do our Castaway's "migrate" to the "Island" on a regular basis? Are they "tagged" and must return? I feel that "they" must return over and over until they find what they have lost or discover who they truly are.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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