March 25, 2009


Let's talk about LOST!    D.O.C.

Very tall palm trees; pan down to see Sun working in her garden. She hears noises coming from the jungle. It's “Jack.” 
Sun- "Good morning, Jack.
{NOTE- We get a view of the area behind Sun, but we never see Jack walking there!!! Interesting, huh?!}
He went by her tent earlier, "Is Jin gone?"
She tells him he went off with Charlie, Hurley and Desmond.   Jack asks her how she's doing with her pregnancy. Sun is doing fine, but a little tired; but that's normal.  Jack asks her about morning sickness.
Sun-"Not anymore."
Jack-"Any bleeding?"
She wants to know why he's asking her all these questions.
Jack- "I'm just checking ya. And now that I'm back, I just wanted to make sure you were doin OK." She's OK.
Sun is walking across a bridge and her cell phone rings; it's Jin.  He calls her Mrs. Kwon.  Sun is happy. She's still not used to being called Mrs. Kwon.
Jin is dressed in an official Paik Industries lab coat/blazer; he is surrounded by boxes in their home. Jin’s on his lunch hour. Naughty Jin has prepared the bed!
He has to get back to the office.
They love each other madly.

An older woman sits next to Sun and asks her if that is her she sees in the newspaper. There is a picture of Sun and Jin for their wedding. {Yes they are dressed in traditional clothing; the picture looks old to me.} The woman congratulates the lucky bride. She then inquires about Sun's father of Paik Automotive; the very powerful family.
Sun looks suspicious of her. Sun tells her she doesn't really have much to do with the family business.
The woman then inquires about her husband's family.  Sun says his parents are dead. {Really?}
Sun- "Who are you?"
This woman goes off, "It would bring such shame if it was known that Mr. Paik's daughter married the son of a fisherman."
Sun knows that and it doesn't matter. This bitch also tells her he is the son of a prostitute. The woman informs Sun, "I will be back here in three days. At 5 pm. You will bring 100 thousand dollars. {She likes American money?} If you love your husband as madly as you say, then you will spare him the shame of learning the truth."

The parachutist is trying to wake up. The blinking beacon continues to blink away.
In English Jin asks, "Who is she?"
Desmond says he has no idea.
Hurley- "She seems to know you dude. She just said your name."
Desmond has never seen her before in his life.
Charlie- "She's waking up."
She's mumbling and rambling. Hurley looks for water.  The woman says something and Hurley recognizes it as Spanish.  Hurley understands and translates, "She says she's dying." 
The guys see blood and realize the branch pierced her side. They use supplies out of the borrowed first aid kit.
Hurley starts freaking, "What if this is a rescue? What if she came for us? We can't let her…"
Desmond tells him to start looking! {For what?}
Maybe they should get Jack. This person could be their way off the island.
Desmond-"No, if we mover her it will make it worse!"
Charlie asks if they're just gonna let her bleed to death.
Desmond says they need to bring Jack "here."
Charlie reminds him, "It's an 8 hour walk one way!"
Desmond-"Then I'll run." {WTF?}
Charlie thinks he's out of his mind; It's not safe and it'll be dark soon. Who knows who's out in this jungle? "In case you've forgotten, there are people on this island trying to kill us!" 
Desmond-"Nobody knows we're here!" {Well, there it is!!!}
Hurley shoots off the flare gun, "Oooops”. {Convenient. Wasn't that?}

Sun sits on the floor of the apartment; surrounded by boxes and looking at a picture. The door opens and she puts the picture down. Jin surprises her with her favorite tofu soup. She asks him if he minds her putting photo's on a table.
Not at all.
One photo is of Sun dressed in a graduation cap and gown; with a man and a woman. She asks if he has any pictures of his family.
Jin  shares they didn't have a camera growing up. Sun wonders if his father left any.
Jin tells her he was in the army when he died so No Pictures!
She questions his army statement, "You said you were 16 when your father died."
Jin insists he was in the army when he died. She must have misunderstood.
Her soups getting cold.

Sun and Kate tie things up at the tent.
Sun asks her, "What do you think happened to Jack when he was with the Others? Since he's been back, he seems different."
Kate tells her Jack said he was pretty much a prisoner. He just cooperated because he thought they'd let him off the island.
Sun-"Do you believe him?"
Why wouldn't she?
Sun tells her Jack came to her asking about her pregnancy, "What if the Others want my baby?" He's been there alone for over a week; how do they know he's not working with them?
Kate feels he's not. Sun wants to know what she knows. Kate shares what she knows about their fertility Doctor; Juliet studying pregnant women. "When Claire was sick she told me and Jack, the Others wanted her baby for research.”

Angry Sun confronts Juliet about her research, "What happens to pregnant women?"
Juliet asks her how she knows she's pregnant. {Of course Juliet already knows!} Even though Juliet has made herself at home on the beach Sun demands answers, "What are you people doing? Why are you taking children? What happens to pregnant women on this island?" 
Juliet- "They all die."

The parachutist is still rambling but in different languages. Hurley asks what she is saying.
Jin says it's Chinese not Korean. {Translation- What's happened? or what’s going on?}
Charlie suggests pulling out the stick that has injured her but Desmond doesn't want to make it worse.
Charlie- “You’ve forgotten what's at stake here. It's just another one of your Flashes. Who's getting an arrow in the neck this time?"
Desmond freaks, "Lest you forget, she said my bloody name! She had a photo of me and my girlfriend! Do I understand? I understand better than the lot of you!"
Hurley tells the guys to "Chill."
Desmond wants to go; Now he wants Charlie out of his way. They hear noises coming from the jungle.
Desmond readies with a machete. Out of the jungle comes Mikhail. {A coincidence?!} They all look at each other. Mikhail runs back into the jungle and the guys run after him. {Pretty far in too.}
Hurley stays behind.
Jin tackles Mikhail and they fight. Jin kicks his ass and puts him a dramatic headlock! {Everybody Was King Foo Fighting!} The very next thing is Desmond has Mikhail up against a tree, "Who are you?" 
Charlie says it's the guy who shot Sayid.
Patch gives Charlie a nasty look with his one eye!
Charlie-"Kate told us he lived down at that station Locke blew up. He's an Other."
Hurley-"I thought Locke killed that guy with the electro fence thingy?"
Patch gives a smirk.
Desmond gives him "5 seconds to talk", or he fires this gun, brother.
Mikhail-"That's a flare gun."
Desmond-"How do you think it'll feel taking a flare to the chest at this range?"
Mikhail-"As your friend pointed out. I already died once this week."

The parachutist is rambling again. {They are only a few feet away from her. They were all in the jungle a few moments ago! WTF?!}
Desmond notices that Mikhail understands her. She is speaking Italian.
Mikhail translates, "She says she dying. She needs help." {He’s paraphrasing, but close enough} He tells them he was a Soviet army field medic, he can help.   Desmond lets him help but still holds the flare gun at him.  Mikhail says the branch has punctured her lung and it's filling with blood. If it's not ventilated soon she will die.
Mikhail- "If I fix her. You must let me walk away as if I never came upon you."
Apparently that's cool with everyone.

Sun sits on the beach staring out over the ocean. Campfire burning. She looks over at Claire and the baby.

Fishing village:
 Sun walks down a dock to speak with Jin’s very happy father. {This has got to be the happiest man I've ever seen. He truly has such light in his eyes!}
Sun has a gray/silver file. {Namhae} Mr. Kwon has a newspaper clipping of their wedding on the wall, pictures of Jin in the army, awards/citations, and a karate trophy. They have tea.
{Although it looks like hot water. Also note the bamboo room divider. It looks like bars in a cell.}
He wants to hear all about the wedding.
It was the happiest day, ever! Sun asks why he wasn't at the wedding and also shares that Jin told her he was dead.
Mr. Kwon tells her Jin said this to avoid the shame of where he came from.
Sun- "Is that why you told him his mother died when he was a baby?"
He doesn't answer. He pours some liquor into dark colored cups. The tea was in light colored cups. He politely tells her she was with many men! She left him with the baby; he raised him alone, "I wasn't even sure if I was the father. Who else would take care of him?"
He wipes his right hand off on his shirt and tenderly lifts Sun's chin and tells her she is beautiful. It pleases him very much that he met her. But "he" could never know about their meeting or that his mother is still alive. He begs her, for him. So that Jin will never suffer the shame.

Night. Shadow.
Sun's mouth is covered. Juliet tells her to be quiet, "Don't move. You want me to help you and your baby. I have answers to your questions. But you have to come with me. If what Juliet told Sun is true, then she's already dead. Why should she go with her?
Juliet-"Because there may be hope for you yet." 
Juliet holds out her hand for Sun to take it.

Juliet and Sun carry their torches through the jungle. Juliet tells her "There's a medical station near here. They have an ultrasound machine."
Sun tells her that Claire and Kate told her about that place; it was abandoned. They found nothing there.
Juliet-"That's because they didn't know where to look."
Sun wants to know what she is going to do to her.  Juliet is going to look at your baby and determine the DOC. Um. Date of conception. The ultrasound will tell her when she got pregnant. Give or take a day."
Sun looks concerned. {Give or take a day! Bullshit! Results aren't that precise} ”If you got pregnant off the island, you and your baby will probably be OK. But if you got pregnant here…We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." {Mind games, people!} She asks the last time she and Jin had sex. Sun won't answer that personal question. The machine will tell them that answer. So keep walking!
Sun heads in to see her father at his very important office, Paik 'Heavy' Industries. She looks up the long flight of stairs and takes a deep breath. {She is wearing black, white and red. Pearl earrings}
In his office there are old car/vehicle replicas. Mr. Paik is speaking with three men. The secretary announces her although Sun walked in ahead of her. The men congratulate Sun on her wedding.
Mr. Paik is happy to see her.
Sun needs a favor. {Pretty box on his desk} She asks him for 100 thousand dollars but she can't tell him what it's for.   He asks her why he should give her the money without an explanation.
Sun-"Because my whole life I've pretended not to know what you do. I've allowed you to keep your control over me. I pretend that everything is alright. I will continue pretending, As long as you give me the money I am asking for. No questions asked."
Mr. Paik-"We do not live in a world where there are no questions asked."
Sun explains she is doing this to spare someone she loves deep shame.
Paik- "Your new husband? {Does she have an old husband? Lol} He opens the safe using a keypad/code. He stuffs the cash into a manila envelope.
Paik- "If this money is for your husband, it is he who will bear this debt. He will no longer be a floor manager. He will be working for me."
He tosses the envelope on the table. She looks at it and takes it.

In the dark jungle Jin and the guys have lit torches.
Mikhail tends to the parachutist. He asks "What else do you know about this women? Did she have anything on her besides the flare gun?" 
Hurley spills the beans and says a book and a fancy radio phone.  Mikhail asks if it works.
Charlie gives Hurley the "What the hell did you open your big mouth for?" look.
Mikhail needs someone to help him, "The rest clear the way. I need space."
With Mikhail on one side of her and Des on the other, the woman freaks and grabs them; looking at Desmond.
Mikhail tells him to hold her steady! He plunges a syringe into the woman; blood everywhere! {Mikhail sounds like he's piloting a ship with that dialog!} He pulls the stick/branch out of her and he tells Desmond to tape up the wound. The wound needs to breathe.
She mumbles something to Mikhail.  He tells Desmond she said “Thank you for helping me."

Juliet informs Sun, "Its right down here."
Juliet removes vines from the double doors. {I don't recall Kate, Claire and Danielle covering that back up? Did they? If not, how much time could have passed with the re-growth or re-covering of vines?}
Juliet opens the double doors and Sun looks down. You can see faint light flicker. There is sconce lighting along the corridor. Juliet turns on all the power. Sun's attention is to double doors at the end of the hallway. You can see it's the procedure room Claire was in with Ethan. The medicine refrigerator is on the floor.
Sun asks her why she's helping.
Juliet-"Once upon a time, I told women that they were pregnant. And their faces… it was the best news they ever got in their entire life. Then I came here. I've lost nine patients in the last three years. I'm helping you because I want to tell you that and your husband you got pregnant before you came here. I'm helping you because I want to give good news again."
Sun confesses she slept with another man before they got to the island. She and Jin were having trouble; she made a mistake.
Juliet-“We all make mistakes."
Sun- "Which way?"
They enter the locker room.  Juliet opens a locker, pulls a hidden level to reveal a secret door. Sun helps her move the short lockers forward. They push open a huge door. {This door is meant to seal off something big!}
This appears to be a secret treatment room. Also in this run down room is all the nursery items and furniture that were in Claire's Flashes with Ethan, yet the room is eerily prepared for Juliet's exam of Sun. Sun asks why the room is hidden.
Juliet-"Don't worry about it."
Sun-"What is this place?"
Juliet- "It’s where we brought the women to die."

Mikhail tells the guys she's fine, "She should be better in a day."
Charlie- "A day?"
Mikhail-"On this Island the wounds are a bit different. Maybe a day and a half." {Are there different Islands? If so, do wounds heal differently on different Islands? Don't laugh. I didn't say it! He said it!!}
Mikhail did as he promised and she will live.  So Desmond lets him go.
Charlie's pissed. "Are you kidding, he's one of them." 
Desmond-"So what would you have me do Charlie? We gotta make a stretcher and carry, how we gonna do that and bring a prisoner."
Charlie-"We need some rope, I'll take responsibility."
Jin looks through the bag and realizes that Mikhail took the phone! Desmond tells pissed off Jin it's alright.
Charlie-"No, let him, Desmond."
Desmond is trying to get Jin to let Mikhail go!
Jin retrieves the phone from Mikhail.
Charlie-"You stole this."
Mikhail-"How could you respect me if I didn't try?"
Charlie-"How about I take your other eye? Would you respect that?" {Is Charlie responsible for Patchy's Patch?}
Mikhail- "Sorry. What?" tauntingly making like he can't hear Charlie. Charlie yells that this is a mistake; they can't keep letting these people go!
Desmond wants to keep his word so Des lets him go.   Mikhail gives Charlie some look!

"The baby isn't Jin's" Sun tells Juliet.   She goes on to tell about the doctor in Korea who said Jin was infertile. {Maybe he friggin lied!} And then she came there. {To the "Island"}
Juliet gives her a sperm lesson, "Did you know that the average male sperm count is between 60 and 80 million? But on this Island it's 5 times that." {Holy Sperm, Batman!} Juliet starts the ultrasound. She tells Sun "It's cold." {Regarding the gel}
Sun asks if she'll see the baby.
Juliet-"Maybe. It's your first trimester, so it's a little iffy." {WTF?} She also tells her if she doesn't see a heartbeat not to worry, it's just early. {What medical school did this idiot go to?} Then she goes on to say she'll take a measurement of the fetus that will tell when the baby was conceived, and then we'll know "who".
Sun says she'll lose either way, "If I'm going to live, that means the baby's not Jin's."
She still wants the answer.
Moment of truth.
Sun is in her bedroom. Jin home.   He heard she came by the office today, he would have liked to see her. Jin asks for the mail; it's in her purse. She freaks because Jin finds the manila envelope of money. Sun tells him it's from her father for furniture and a nice honeymoon. Jin wants to be the provider for them. He feels it may take longer, but he can take care of her. He wants her to give it back, "I don't want to be in your father's debt any more than we already are."
She loves him madly. She puts the money back in her purse.

Sun is getting her ultrasound.  
There is the baby.
Juliet-"Do you see this little flutter? That's the heart beating….You crashed here 90 days ago. The baby was conceived about 8 weeks ago, so 53 days."
 Juliet tells her she conceived on the Island.

Sun cries; she is happy because it is Jin's. {For the most part, this machine has no measuring info on the screen, no dates, and no numbers}

Sun meets the older woman by the bridge. The older woman was starting to think Sun wouldn't come. Sun gives her the envelope, "Why didn't you tell me you were Jin's mother?”
The woman says she gave birth to him, that doesn't make her his mother.
Sun-"You know how powerful my family is. My husband believes you are dead. Don't force me to make that a reality."

Sun exit's the double doors of the underground medical station. She asks Juliet how long does she have. Juliet tells her most of the woman made it into the middle of their second trimester. Nobody made it to their 3rd.  So that gives Sun two months. Sun is just happy the baby is Jin's and Juliet is happy she gave Sun good news.
Juliet- "It was my pleasure, Sun. I'm gonna go back inside and make sure that I didn't miss anything, I don't wanna take the chance that we didn't cover our tracks. Do you wanna wait out here?"
Sun will wait outside. She thanks Juliet. Sun looks up toward the sky.

Juliet heads back down into the secret lair. She uses a little tape recorder to record notes, "Ben. It's 6 am on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant. The fetus is healthy and was conceived on Island with her husband. He was sterile before they got here. I'm still working on getting samples from the other women. I should have Austen's soon. I'll report back when I know more."
She shuts off the tape and says "I hate you."

The guys are making a stretcher to carry the parachutist. Charlie continues on about not trusting the Others, the one Desmond let go will be back with 5 of his mates tomorrow, "We should've killed him."
Desmond-"You know brother, by my count, you've killed more of them than they've killed of you." {That is a FANTASTIC line!!!}
Charlie-"They started it. Just because one comes traipsing back with Jack and Kate doesn't mean we can trust them now."
Hurley is sitting away from them fiddling with the phone thingy. He actually dials the phone holds it to his ear, listens, waits, and says "Mom?" {HOLY SHIT!}
He is with the injured woman;  She starts waking up and asks him where she is.
Hurley doesn't know, "You're on an island. Are you here to rescue us? Are there more of you? Can you make your phone work?"
The woman- "Who are you?" 
He says he's Hugo Reyes, "I crashed here on Oceanic flight 815. A bunch of us survived. Is that why you're here? Were you looking for us?"
The woman- "815? Flight 815 the one from Sydney? No. That's not possible."
He agrees, it wasn't easy. They found food and the hatch and more food
She-"No. Flight 815...They, they found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead."

D.O.C. is a GREAT EPISODE!   To me Doc relates to Jack.

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* We get a view of the area behind Sun but we never see Jack walking there!!! Is this really Jack? Maybe it's Vincent or...
* Jack is known as Doc.
* Could 'Jack' know more about the 'Island' mothers and their babies?
* Learn. Education. Graduation.
* Red. White. Black.
* What's with Hurley? He 'accidentally' fired the flare gun, opens his big mouth to Mikhail about the phone, and tells the injured girl they found the hatch! All that and he doesn't pass out at the sight of blood, not once! Come on!! We know Hurley's a fainter!
* Why are they checking all the women for pregnancy? What is the real issue with pregnancy and the "Island"? Is there some funky way their getting pregnant? How will we ever know what the truthful issue is with reproduction there?!
* "Thank you for helping me." No! She said "I'm not alone" to Mikhail. The night this originally aired, I called my Portuguese friend and he translated this for me! Next question… Do these 2 multi-lingual people know each other?
* Languages. Spoken and understood.
* Portuguese is a language that is a combination of many languages.
* Sun bribes her father.
* Do manila envelopes contain bribes?
* Life: Fertility. Egg. Parentage. Conception. DNA. 'Flutter.' Surrogates. Carriers. Breeding. Is there some sort of replicating and/or combining of DNA going on? Are there frozen embryos or eggs or even sperm somewhere? Could that be where our Cold or Chill, clues come in? Why do “mothers” get deadly conditions that kill them? It's really driving me crazy that I can't pinpoint the "COLD" clue!! Aahhhhhh!!!!
* Creating. Nurturing.
* Why would they hide that room in the medical station? How many other "hidden rooms" are there?
* With things being able to be implanted into people there, how many other things are we seeing that can be due to these types of physical manipulations?
* Dead. Not Dead. Assuming people are dead. But they are not.
* Do Charlie and Mikhail share a past?
* Reference to Sayid being shot, in the left shoulder I might add! That'll come back around!
* Soup.  Supe-as in the Superman-Flash conversation Hurley has with Charlie in Catch 22.
* This injured parachutist can heal from life threatening injuries. Don't forget that! Mikhail said so!
* What makes Hurley so special?!!

Vocabulary and Research...
* D.O.C. Date of conception.
- DOC. Short for Doctor.
- Department of Corrections.
- Drug of Choice- the appropriate medication prescribed in any given circumstance.
- D.O.C.- 4-Chloro-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine or 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine or 4-Chloro-2,5-DMA or DOC is a psychedelic hallucinogenic drug of the phenethylamine family. Unlike simple amphetamines, DOC is a psychedelic that resembles LSD, DOB, and mescaline. These effects include open and closed eye visuals, increased awareness of sound and movement and euphoria.
- Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII is a third person shooter and RPG which is a sequel to the popular 1997 video game Final Fantasy VII.

D.O.C.. Hmmmmm.... Maybe a Doc-tor gives them their drug of choice, preferably some DOC, to convince a woman of her date of conception, while she's playing Dirge of Cerberus in Final Fantasy VII with her day old cockerel falcon on her shoulder? I hope that made you giggle?! No seriously… I can't wait for the reveal about offspring and the Island!

Love to all who are "LOST" ™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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