March 22, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! Namaste.

Night on the Ajira flight that is in route to the “Island”.

Kate, Sun, Jack, Sayid {Sleeping Ilana}, Hurley, Caesar and Ben wait for the “event” that will "deliver" them to the "Island".
The co-pilot {Drinking coffee} asks Frank, “Wanna hear something crazy? Did you see the big guy, when we got on in L.A., sitting in 1st class, curly hair, guitar case?...He’s one of the Oceanic 6. The guy’s got nerves of steel, man. He survives a full on commercial airliner crash and now he’s back flying over the same South Pacific.”
Frank- “Maybe he doesn’t believe that lightening will strike twice in the same place.”
Turbulence shakes the drowsy passengers, getting their attention. Hurley, who is prepared with eye shades, looks up.
The co-pilot asks Frank if he’s all right.
Frank’s just fine. There's another big “shake”.
The co-pilot turns on fasten seatbelt/no smoking sign.
Jack looks a little excited.
Hurley suggests to Caesar, “You might wanna fasten your seatbelt”, and then he puts on his eye shades, holds on to the guitar case and relaxes his head back.
Concerned Frank says, “Oh no.”
The plane starts to shake, jump and makes noise.
In the cabin things are falling out of the overhead storage and passengers are getting tossed around. The co-pilot turns off “Auto Pilot” while Frank has the controls. A bright light is seen in the cabin. The plane seems to pitch and roll.

Now it's daylight and Frank says, "We’ve lost power!”
The system's/automated woman’s voice says- “Stall.”
The co-pilot affirms, “Restarting 1. Restarting 2. Altimeter reading 650.”
The plane is flying through clouds....
...The clouds clear to reveal the green mountains of the “Island.”
Frank pulls on the joystick and says, “Give me more power, I can pull us out of this!”
The co-pilot feels he’s gonna rip them apart.   Frank, holding on to the joystick  tells him to just do it! They see a convenient runway ahead and attempt a landing.   They have instrument failure, “We’re putting her down.”
The co-pilot of Ajira flight 3 1 6, “Mayday. Mayday.”
{You can hear …8 15 16…}
The nervous co-pilot feels Frank's coming in too steep.
Frank brings her in, “Reverse thrusters!”
They’re running out of runway.
Frank- “Hold on. Brace for impact.”
They’re sliding into home plate and hit the jungle greens.
Frank comes to; he’s bloody and his head hurts, right arm hurt, but he’s OK . The co-pilot isn’t so lucky; a tree speared him through the chest.   Frank exits the cockpit with a flashlight.
Caesar wakes up Ilana and in her haze she says to him, “Sarah/Jarrah.”
No, his name is Caesar. Ilana sees her prisoner is gone.
Frank stumbles into first class. Ilana is off balance too.
Sun calls out to Frank and asks, “What happened?” {Really?!}
Frank doesn’t know but he notices people are missing. “Where’s everyone else? Jack, Kate and Hurley. Where’d they go?” {Doesn’t wonder about Sayid.}
Ben announces from behind him, “They’re gone.”
Frank shines the light on Ben’s chest, even though there’s enough light in the cabin.
Frank-“Gone. Gone where?”
Ben-“How would I know.”

Thirty Years Earlier:
At the blue Dharma van  Jack, Hugo, guitar case, and Kate meet up with LaFleur on the day of their return. Jack smiles, seems happy to see the glasses wearing LaFleur.
Jack realizes LaFleur and Kate are seeing each other after a long absence.  Hugo drops the guitar case, walks over to La Fleur and says, “You’re alive.”
He's very happy and gives LaFleur a tight ape hug.
LaFleur is happy too, “Easy on the ribs there, Kong.”
Hugo actually missed the nicknames he used to be called by him.
LaFleur- “Missed you too, Hugo.”
Doc shakes Sawyer’s hand.
Kate and Sawyer hug, “It’s good to see you, Kate.”
Kate-“You too, James.”
LaFleur- “You’re really here. The son of a bitch actually did it! Locke said he was gonna bring you back. But...Where is he?”
Jack tells him John’s dead.
LaFleur is surprised, “Dead. How?
Jack- “It doesn’t matter. He’s gone.” {It doesn't matter?! Why?}
No time for grieving, Hugo asks, “So, what’s up with you guys in the ol Dharma jumpsuits?”
Jin didn’t tell the ol gang about it. Jin, in great English, “No. I was waiting for you.”
LaFleur reveals, “We’re in the Dharma Initiative.”
Jack- “They came back to the Island?
No, Jackass!
LaFleur-“No. We came back.And so did you. It’s 1977” 
They are silent for a second, then…
Jack tries to wrap his mind around this reveal, “You’re telling me you’ve been here living here with the Dharma Initiative for the past three years.”
LaFleur- “That’s right. How longs it been for you since the chopper?”
Kate- “Three years.” {Same time elapsed.}
A voice is heard over Jin’s radio, “Hey Jin. This is Miles. Where are you? Over.”
Jin tells LaFleur if he doesn’t report in soon, they’ll send out a patrol. “What should we do with them?”
Hugo- “Dude. You’re English is awesome.”
LaFleur says they’ll bring them back into the barracks in Dharmaville. They can’t be wandering around the jungle with the Hostiles.
Kate-”The Hostiles?”
LaFleur-“The Others.”
Hugo asks about everyone else from the plane; they could still be out there.
Jin- “What do you mean everyone else?”
Jack reveals they didn’t come back alone. “Sayid was on the plane, Lapidus, and Sun.”
Jin jumps in the Dharma jeep and speeds off to see Radzinski. After all, if a plane landed on the Island, he would know.
LaFleur yells for Jin to hold up, “We gotta think about this!”
But Jin speeds off.
La Fleur tells them to stay put. “Don’t go nowhere. Don’t do nothing until I can figure out how the hell to explain where you came from.”
Kate asks him besides him and Jin, “Who else is still here?”

Juliet, in her blue Motor Pool jumpsuit, runs down the stairs to see Miles at the security station. She asks if he’s seen James. She looks in on the monitors. Miles hasn’t heard from him, “And he isn’t answering his walkie either.”
Juliet takes the cup of coffee off the desk and tells Miles about Jin calling James this morning and he just ran off without telling her what was going on.
Miles- “Well. Let's see what we’ve got.”
He bangs on a screen. {static} Now with a clearer picture, “There he is.”

LaFleur is rummaging through his closet gathering Dharma jumpsuits and extra clothes. Juliet comes in.
He asks her if she’s seen his baggy sweatshirt, the one with the bulldog on it. It’s in the laundry. She asks James what’s going on.
He tells her they’re back.
LaFleur-“Jack, Hurley, Kate.”
Juliet- “What?” {Open your friggin ears!}
LaFleur whispers, “They came back, Juliet.”
He tells her they are here now, at the North Point, “Waitin' for me to tell em what to do.”
She seems stunned, “How did they…?”
He’s not sure, they said they were on a plane. “I don’t understand it anymore than you do. But they’re here. And I gotta find a way to bring em in before somebody else finds em and they screw up everything we got here.”
Juliet tells him a sub is coming in this afternoon.

Jin pulls up at the Flame Station. Radzinski is building a model of the Swan Hatch. {Blue prints, diagrams.} Jin storms in.
Radzinski- “Hey. You understand the concept of knocking?”
Jin checks out black and white TV monitors, presses buttons.{Muppets, News, Alka seltzer commercial}
Radzinski scolds Jin when he grabs the computer printout. “Thought you learned English.”
“Hands off! No body handles any of the gear in this station except me! Understand?”
Jin needs to check the radar logs to see if a plane landed on the Island.
Radzinski- “If a plane landed, here? What? So you think if a plane landed on our Island I’d be over there just building my model. That I wouldn’t have called any one? That I wouldn’t have put out an alert?
Jin- “May be you missed it. Can you check with the other stations?
Annoyed Radzinski just told him...
Jin grabs him and throws him against the wall, “Just check with the other stations.”
Radzinski sits at the control board sends out a bulletin via microphone announcement.
“Attention all stations this is a system wide broadcast from Radzinski at the Flame. Checking in to see if anyone’s seen a airplane over the Island. No one else has seen a airplane. But if you have could you call in to me please? Over.”
He asks Kwon what he’s all hot and bothered about. “Why is this plane so damn important?”
Jin-“It just is.”

Sun opens her hand revealing Jin’s wedding ring. She is standing on the beach with the rest of the Ajira passengers. {Shot of the landed intact plane.}
Ilana notices Sun looking around and asks her if she lost someone.
Sun tells her no, she was traveling alone. Frank yells out a call to the passengers, “Can I get everybody’s attention?”
Frank has them listen up, “Here’s where we’re at. The radio’s dead. So I haven’t been able to call in our situation, but that’s all right. Soon as they figure out we’re not where we’re supposed to be they’ll come looking for us. So the best thing we could do right now is stick together. Stick together, hunker down and just wait till help gets here.”
Caesar-“Where is here? What is this place?”
Frank doesn’t know where here is because this Island isn’t in his charts. Really. Caesar announces to the people, “Because there are some buildings over there and animal cages. Down the beach you can see a big Island across the water. So maybe you should get some new charts.”
Ben sits quietly listening to Caesar’s announcement and then heads out.
Right now Frank is trying to keep everyone there safe. He wants them to gather firewood.
Sun follows Ben into the jungle.
Caesar’s fired up! He tells the people if Frank wants to wait, let him! He says they should search the buildings, maybe they have a radio or food, “Who wants to help me?”
Frank follows Sun following Ben.

Sun follows sling arm Ben through the jungle; She’s lost him.
Ben, standing in the trees asks, “Why are you following me?”
Sun wonders where he’s going.
Ben tells her back to their Island of course, “You wanna come?”

Juliet quietly walks over to sleeping non Dharma jumpsuit wearing Amy. {Blue bassinet} She’s sleeping in a hammock. Juliet inadvertently wakes Amy while gingerly lifting the clipboard with the sub manifest.  She didn’t mean to wake her.   Juliet doesn’t want Amy to be working today.
Juliet- “Full load?”
Amy tells her two of the recruits dropped out in the 11th hour. “They didn’t want to take the sedative for the trip. Can you tell Pierre for me?”
Juliet picks up the infant. Amy reveals that she and Horace decided to name the baby Ethan. Juliet gives the baby to his mama. Amy asks when Juliet and Jim are “gonna have one of these?” {1 of these?!}
Juliet doesn’t know, “The times gotta be right.”
She smiles and leaves with the manifest.

Jack taps the face of his watch 3x {No sense of time now.} as they wait for LaFleur to return.
Hugo sits alone.
Kate asks Jack if the woman who told him how to come back mentioned it would be 30 years ago. Jack tells her no, “She left that part out.
Kate asks what their supposed to do now. Jack’s not sure yet.
Hurley announces, “Sawyer’s back!” {Indeed he is.}
Sawyer gives the three blind mice clothes, “All right. Listen. You’re all gonna be the second batch of recruits coming in off the sub pulling into port right about now so we ain't got much time.”
Sawyer notes the Doc’s suit isn’t exactly Island wear and gives him something to try instead. Jack questions how is saying they came in off the sub’s gonna work. Sawyer explains that everyone gets knocked out before the trip so no one meets each other until they process them. Jack says they need to find the rest of the people from the plane.
Sawyer- “If there was a plane, Jin will find it. So we got about 10 minutes to intake or you’re all gonna be camping in the jungle for a long time. There ain't another batch of recruits due in for six months.”
Jack asks Kate, “What do you think?”
Kate thinks they should listen to Sawyer. Hurley votes for not camping.
Sawyer removes his spectacles, “Trust me. Do what I say and you’ll be fine.”
Jacks nods “OK.”
Sawyer- “Let's move.”
They begin their change.

Jin watches the monitors {The Puppet, uh I mean Muppet show is on amongst other interesting shows.} Radzinsky just heard from the Looking Glass, they were the last to check in. They got nothing but an incoming sub. He suggests Jin go home and he’ll call him if something happens. Beeping starts. {Red light}
Radzinski hurries to the monitors, pushes Jin out of the way, “Move. Move. Outta my way.” Checking out incoming info, “Those bastards!”
Jin- “What do you see?
Radzinski- “Grid 3 2 5. The motion sensor alarm was tripped. We got a Hostile inside the perimeter.”
Jin grabs the rifle and runs out. {Water tower 4} Radzinski comes out with his rifle, looking around.
Running through the jungle Jin comes upon someone. “Stop right there!"
It’s Sayid.
They are happy to see each other. Sayid doesn’t know where Sun is. Radzinksi pops up behind Jin and Jin goes into security mode; acting as if Sayid is a Hostile. Jin makes Sayid get down on his knees, “Say another word and your dead.

In the passenger seat of the Dharma Van Hugo chats with Sawyer, “OK. So it’s 1977…And you guys are all members of the Dharma Initiative.”
Hugo- “You do realize those dudes get wiped out, right?”
Sawyer gives him a look.
Hurley tells him he saw the pit where all the bodies got dumped. “Aren’t you gonna warn them? Aren’t ya gonna stop it from happening?”
Sawyer’s not there to play Nostradamus to these people, “Besides, Faraday’s got some interesting theories on what we can and can’t do here.”
Jack seems excited at the mention of Faraday, “He’s here?”
Sawyer-“Not anymore.”

Ride Captain Ride, Upon Your Mystery Ship" by the band Blues Image. By the way, the band was formed TAMPA. Music plays at the Dharmaville celebration for the arrival of the new recruits. They even have Dharma balloons! A big blue banner welcomes recruits.
Sawyer pulls up with his three new recruits. He welcomes them with leis of shells and flowers. He shares a smile with Kate. Sawyer quietly tells them to listen up, Juliet has it worked out so their names are on the list, “So when you get in there just watch the little meet and greet video, wait for em to call your name. When they do, smile, step up take your jumpsuits and work assignments.”
Sawyer’s got their work assignments covered. He tells them to remember to act a little doped up cause they “just woke up from the sub.”
Nervous Hugo’s concerned if they start asking them questions they can’t answer “like, who’s President in 1977.” {WTF? He doesn’t know this answer?!}
Sawyer-“It’s not a damn game show, Hugo. Besides I’m gonna be in there to get your backs. All right?”
All Right. “Let's move.”
They head in to the PROCESSING CENTER.
Miles pulls up in a Dharma van asks LaFleur, "Where you been? I’ve been trying to reach you on the walki?”
He sees familiar faces and quietly mumbles, ”What the hell are they doing here?”
They’re new inductees.
Sawyer tells Miles to stop staring, he’ll explain everything later, “Tell me what your damn problem is.”
Miles tells him it’s Jin, “There’s a 14J at the Flame.”
Sawyer talks on the walkie like it’s a phone. "
Jin. You there?”
Jin-“James we have a problem. We found a Hostile.”
He was wandering in the jungle. Radzinski puts Sayid in the food pantry. LaFleur asks what’s he’s doing in our territory, it’s a violation of the truce. Jin steps outside and quietly tells LaFleur it’s Sayid. Sawyer quietly, “Son of a bitch!...Was anyone else with him?”
Jin-“No. He was alone.”

Ben and Sun continue their trek. Ben’s moving very quickly and she’s trying to keep up.
Ben’s sorry, but waiting doesn’t interest him much right now. “There are three outriggers near here. I’m gonna take one. So you can come alone and help me row…” {He removes his sling. He is fine!}…”Or you can stay here.
Frankly it makes no difference to me.”
Sun- “Why are you leaving?”
Ben-“Why are you staying?”
She asks if Jin is on the main Island.
Ben-“Honestly, I don’t know. But that’s where I’d start looking.” {Honestly. Ha!} Frank still holding his flashlight calls out for Sun. Ben says hello to Frank. Frank asks Sun if she’s ok; he got worried when he could find her. {WTF? Lies! He’s been following her since the beach.} Sun’s fine, by the way.
Frank-“I saw him leaving. What are you doing out here?”
Sun reveals that Ben knows where there’s a boat and their going back to the main Island.
Frank-“You don’t think you can really trust this guy, do you?”
Ben looks deep in to her eyes. She says she has to trust him. Ben is pleased and moves on. {Watch Sun here. She seems proud of what she just pulled off.}
Ben “on a mission” seems strong. He uncovers an outrigger.
Sun’s ready.
Frank wants her to think about this, “This guy is dangerous.” He goes on to remind her the boat he “came here on was filled with commandos whose only mission was to get him.”
Ben-“And how’d that work out for everyone?”
No answer.
Frank just tells Sun not to do it. Sun asks Frank to come with them. Frank declines because he has a group of people he’s gotta look after.
Ben walks up to Frank, “That’s right Frank, a captain’s first responsibility is to his passengers. But I have people I have to take care of too. There’s a small dock about a half a mile due south across the water that leads directly to a town where I used to live. There are resources there. So if anyone can help you and the rest of the plane get out of here safely then…”
Sun knocks out Ben with an oar!
Frank-“I thought you trusted this guy.”
Sun-“I lied.”

A Dharma dude on a bike, the good Dr. {Swan logo} instructs the new Island residents to remain inside the confines of their new living quarters. The barracks are surrounded by high frequency sonar fence. Jack and Kate are watching the welcome orientation video in the processing room. Kate looks uncomfortable. The video goes on to say “You are now a member of the Dharma Initiative.”
Kate asks Jack how are they gonna do this. Phil calls out for “Jack Shephard.”
Jack takes a seat at the uniforms table.

Pierre Cheng, looking through papers, “Of course it isn’t here.”
Jacks file.
Annoyed Cheng- “How can they be any more disorganized on the other side {Of what? The glass?} Cheng apologizes and shakes Jack’s hand, “Namaste.”
Introduces himself and welcomes him to the Dharma Initiative. He asks Jack how his ride in was, and who was his shuttle driver {from the sub}.
Jack-“That was, uh, uh, ummm, it was LaFleur.”
Cheng mentions LaFleur is a good man and runs a very tight operation. Cheng also apologizes for all the disorganization. “The woman who was supposed to be processing you in had a baby last night, I get pulled out of my lab…”
He pulls out Jack’s card from the card file and gives him his job assignment/uniform. Cheng tells Jack according to his aptitude test he’ll be working in the shed. Janitorial work. This amuses Jack.
{For a second, it looks like Kate is going to walk out the door, but doesn’t}
Phil says hello to her. They haven’t called her name yet. He looks through his list of names for Kate Austen, and notices she’s not on the list or the sub manifest either.
Phil-"Who’s your recruiter?” {Uncomfortable Kate is keeping her on Jack} As Kate tried to “think”, Juliet comes in just in time with the new list for Phil.
Phil-“All righty then. She’s all yours.”
The ladies smile and Juliet apologizes for the mix up. “I’m Juliet.”
Kate introduces herself, they shake hands.
Juliet-“Hi Kate. Welcome to the Island.”

At the Flame, Jin waits for LaFluer’s arrival. Jin tells LaFleur that Sayid just came walking out of the jungle in handcuffs, alone and he didn’t say anything about the plane because he couldn’t talk to him. Radzinski thinks he’s a Hostile and he won’t leave Jin and Sayid alone. LaFleur tells Jin, “I got this.”
Inside LaFleur asks Radzinski, “Where is he?”
Radzinski locked him the storage room {food storage.} LaFleur wants the key.
Radzinski- “You need to know, LaFleur, he saw the model of the Swan. And he could’ve seen the survey of where we’re building it.”
Radzinski feels he’s a spy, “This whole thing is an act and we either play into it or we don’t. We can end this right now.”
Radzinski suggests- “We shoot him.”
LaFleur appreciates Quick Draws input but he wants to talk to him first, “Give me the damn keys.”
Jin brings Sayid out from the pantry.
Sayid’s surprised to see Sawyer. “My name’s LaFleur. I’m head of security. I want you to listen to real carefully to what I’ve got to say. And if you do that, you’ll be fine. Understand?”
Sayid nods yes.
LaFleur starts simple, “Identify yourself as a Hostile. The terms of the truce say you gotta identify yourself as a Hostile or we got the right to shoot you.”
Sayid understands where he’s going with this, “We do not refer to ourselves as Hostile but yes, I am one of them.”
Radzinski is thrilled. Good, they can proceed like a couple of gentlemen. LaFleur is taking him in to the barracks. LaFleur and Jin take Sayid. Radzinski wants to go with them, “This is a horrible mistake. I’m gonna talk directly to Horace about this.”
LaFleur-“Fine! Talk away.”

Two Islands in the moonlight:
Frank and Sun pull up to the dock. Frank wants Sun to remind him why the hell they’re doing this. Sun tells him that Ben said if her husband was on the Island, “The best place to start looking for him his here.
Frank-“Oh I see. That’s some advice you took before you whacked him in the head."
Sun, Frank and his flashlight head on their journey. The dock has lamp posts knocked over, things are rusted and old. They hear a noise. Trees rustle and snap; the clicking noises of the smoke monster. Sun isn’t really scared.
Frank-“Tell me you saw that.”
Sun-“Probably just an animal.”
They move on.
They come upon Dharmaville. It’s old, a mess and boarded up. You can hear the swinging Processing Center sign move in the breeze. Frank is sorry to say but he “Doesn’t think we’ll find your husband here. Maybe we autta head back.”
They hear whispers and a light goes on in one of the houses. The front door with Dharma sign on it opens. There stands Christian, “Hello.”
Frank- “Who the hell are you?”
My name’s Christian.”
Sun tells him she’s looking for her husband, “His name is Jin Kwon. Do you know where he is?”
Christian- “Follow me.”
The door opens, the light of the flashlight and Christian guide them in to the Processing Center. Sun- “What is this place?
Christian shines the light on photos hanging on the wall, “72. 76. 78. Ah, here we go. 77.”
He takes the class {recruits} picture off the wall and tells Sun her husband is with her friends.
Sun-“What are you talking about? What friends?”
He just smiles. The door creaks open and a smoky mist enters. Christian shows her the photo. {Hugo looks so sad}
Christian-“I’m sorry but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you.” {It looks like there is a person hiding in the corner}

(click to enlarge)
“Ok. Are you ready? Everybody say, Namaste.”   The photographer snaps the New Dharma Recruits class photo.
Hugo asks Kate, “Nam-a-what?
Dharma Lady tune plays in the background.
Phil tells them they "have the day off to get acquainted with their security protocol handbooks waiting in their new digs. Some of it may seem a little scary, but he assures them they “are perfectly safe here.”
Phil tells them to make themselves at home. They have hamburgers and punch. LaFleur radios Phil to tell him he’s coming in with a 14J.
Phil- “Roger that, Mr. La Fleur.”
Jack watches Phil and the situation. Phil gets the party crowd to “hold back. We have a minor security situation. They escort Sayid. Overzealous Radzinski shoves Sayid, “Move!”
Kate looks nervous.
Hugo- “I guess we found Sayid.”

Heading down stairs bathed in red-orange color, Sayid is led through the security monitor room, through double doors into a cell.
LaFleur tells Sayid he gets to hang out there until they can figure out what to do with him.
Phil asks-“What are we gonna do with him?”
LaFleur-“Bring the man some damn food. We’re not savages.”
LaFleur shuts the cell door, and gives Sayid the “eyes”, {Letting him know it will be OK/I got his back.}
Sayid doesn’t say a word.

Jack stops Phil outside the barracks and asks where he “James LaFleur lives.”
Phil points out his house but advises Jack not to call him James; he hates it. {Did Phil pick up on something here?}
Jack knocks on the door 4x and Juliet answers. Jack’s a bit stunned. They hug hello. He wanted to say hello to her earlier when he saw her helping Kate.
Juliet-“We’re not supposed to know each other.”
Jack-“I was looking for Sawyer. I guess I came to the wrong house.”
Nope, it's the right house.
Sawyer is reading a book, “Evening Doc.
Jack smiles; he seems a bit amazed at it all. Juliet gives them time to talk. Sawyer tells Jack to take a load off and offers him a beer but Jack declines the beer.
Sawyer-“What can I do for ya, Jack?”
Jack doesn’t know where to start, “How bout Sayid.”
Sawyer-“I had no choice. He was running around the jungle, got caught by my people. Seein' as how he can’t tell the truth about how he got here I had to improvise.”
Sawyer tells him for now Sayid is safe, which is all that matters. Sawyer sips his beer.
Jack wonders, “So where do we go from here?
Sawyer’s working on it.
Jack-“Really. Cause it looked to me like you were reading a book.” {Silly Jack!}
Sawyer tells Jack he heard once how Winston Churchill read a book every night, even during the Blitz, “Said it made him think better. That’s how I like to run things. I think. I’m sure that doesn’t mean that much to you cause back when you were callin' the shots you pretty much just reacted. See, you didn’t think, Jack. And as I recall a lot of people ended up dead.”
Cocky Jack replies, “I got us off the Island.”
Sawyer-“But here you are, right back where you started. {Literally! Jack started over in the same starting position as the other time.} So I’m gonna go back to readin' my book, and I'm gonna think. Cause that’s how I saved your ass today and that’s how I’m gonna save Sayid’s tomorrow. All you gotta do is go home and get a good night's rest. Let me do what I do.”
Sawyer leads him to the door, opens it and Jack steps outside.
Sawyer-"Now ain’t that a relief?”
Pissed off in control Sawyer practically burns a whole into Jack with his eyes. He follows Jack out the door. Sawyer sees Kate {Half in her Dharma jumpsuit-half out of it} gives her a little wave. He feels for her. She gives a little wave back.

At the dark security station a young boy tells Phil he’d just gonna go in there “and deliver him a sandwich.”
The young boy in glasses enters the cell area and closes the door. He says hello to Sayid. {Sayid was laying down. Eyes closed} The kid holds the bag through the bars, “I brought you a sandwich.”
Cuffed Sayid takes the bag. The kid didn’t put mustard on it, “But if you’d like some, I could get some.”
Sayid-“This will be fine. Thank you.”
The kid asks, “Are you a Hostile?”
Sayid-“Do you think I am?”  {Does he?}
The kid-“What’s your name?” {The red light from camera blinks behind him}
Sayid-“Sayid. What’s yours?”
The kid-“I’m Ben.”
Sayid-“It’s nice to meet you Ben.”

Namaste is a GREAT episode. Hail, Hail the gangs all here! Why is Namaste such an eye opening episode...Come on Losties…THINK!

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* It is 30 years earlier.
* Change roles.
* Drugged up. Woozy. Sedatives. Sleep.
* Waves.
* Where is everyone who was left from Oceanic 815? Rose, Bernard, etc.
* Where is everyone Ben sent to the Temple in January 2005?
* The co-pilot only recognizes Hurley as one of the O6, not the rest of them.
* Jin’s command of the English language has shown tremendous growth.
* Who the hell are the Hostiles all ready?!! What constitutes a Hostile?! Is it anyone other than "yourself"? Is it a bad emotional trait to have.
* Phil tells Jack, James hates being called James. Yet James is what Juliet and Kate call him.
* Juliet was the Dr. who delivered Ethan. Ethan delivered Juliet to the island.
* Ethan Rom. Ethan Goodspeed. Which is it?
* Le Fleur tells Jack he needs to “Think”. He needed to “Think” to figure out what to do with the group when they arrived. It was Juliet's idea about blending them in with the new recruits, not his.
* Computers. Models. Joystick. Power. Game.
* Was Frank in Geronimo Jackson?
* I can’t help but note Juliet’s jumpsuit has a wrench. Is she the wrench in the system?
* Ben’s Sling- Amy’s Hammock.
* Sawyer got Jack the Job as Workman.
* Going down "deeper".
* Dead -"gone".
* Hugo is a chef. Sayid was a chef. Sayid's been locked up in a food storage room before...or is it 'will be'? Lol
* SHIP. Captains. Passengers. Sub. Dock.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Namaste- An Indian greeting (To bow to you/your form; Let there be a salutation to you).
- In Yoga-belief that there is a divine spark/light within each of us located in the heart chakra.  It is acknowledged one soul to the other soul.

* Check-A small crack in the glass, also known as a check, in the glass container industry. Also a term used in computing.
* Processing typically describes the act of taking something through an established and usually routine set of procedures to convert it from one form to another.
* Processing is an open source project. It is a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts and visual design communities.
* -Conditionally Search And Replace: (in computing) SAR has long meant the initialism Search And Replace-the process used in some command line processing and in Text editors of searching for a word or string in a text stream, sometimes allowing the search object to include wildcard characters, and replacing the search string with a replacement string.
* CSAR-Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR or C-SAR)
 * ROM/Read-Only Memory, a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. This tells the computer how to load the operating system.
* Random Oracle Model, a mathematical abstraction used in cryptographic proofs.
* ROM Image, a computer file which contains a copy of the data from a read-only memory chip.
 * Stalling (gaming), obstruction of the flow of play while leading in a timed game.
* Manifest File that can contain information about the files packaged in a J A R File.
* Manifest Expression, in computer science, an expression referring only to surrounding loop counters.
* Manifestation- The Law of Attractions is a New Age thought that people can manifest reality using thought.
 * Blizt-
1). Very fast war.
2). Computing and computer games.
3). 5 minute chess game.
4). German for Lightning.
5). A play in American football.
* 14J- Carl Folsom Airport, Coffee County Alabama.
- U.S. Army: Job-Air defense tactical operations center operator.

* Lyrics- “Ride Captain Ride”
Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay
Rolled off of their ship, and here's what they had to say
We're callin' everyone to ride along to another shore
We can laugh our lives away and be free once more
But no one heard them callin', no one came at all
Cause they were too busy watchin' those old raindrops fall
As a storm was blowin' out on the peaceful sea
Seventy-three men sailed off to history
Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip
Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship
On your way to a world that others might have missed
Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip.

Metaphorically, in all this chaos we still seeing people on a journey of self discovery; finding yourself and finding and feeling unconditional love.  With this layer of the story {of which there are many} we still have hints to thinking, learning, growth, journey, moving forward, testing, etc.. And we also see people having to start back from where they started from.   Here we know Jack has had to go back to the same starting position at least twice.   Kind of like when you play a video game and you have to start a level all over again.

So, let's stick to the episode at hand. A little reminder of the teachings of human growth and enlightenment.
Aids to thinking:
1. Use of models, symbols, diagrams and pictures.
2. Use of abstraction to simplify the effort of thinking.
3. Use of metasyntactic variables to simplify the effort of naming.
4. Use of iteration and recursion to converge on a concept.
5. Limitation of attention to aid concentration and focus on a concept. Use of peace and quiet to aid concentration.
6. Goal setting and goal revision. Simply letting the concept percolate in the subconscious, and waiting for the concept to re-surface.
7. Talking with like-minded people. Resorting to communication with others.
8. Working backward from the goal.
9. Desire for learning.
Pitfalls: 1. Prejudice can lead to flawed thinking 2. Self-delusions: inability to confront relevant issues {roadblocks}.

Dharma or Concepts. Four Noble Truths. Noble Eightfold Path. Three marks of existence. Dependent Origination. Samsara. Nirvana. Skandha. Cosmology. Karma. Rebirth.

I still feel a major war game element here.  How is it tying into the other elements I note?  Are things done with computers, programming and drugs, while they are sleeping or unconscious, in an altered state?  It's possible things are affecting their brainwaves or consciousness.  Is what we are seeing strictly a game or is it a journey of growth and enlightenment experienced under the guise of a game or some other experiments or exercise?

A little flashback to share with you is the video that Sayid watches with Inman in “One of Them”.  On the top of the screen it says EYES ONLY-TOP SECRET, then it has property of DIA...Then, REEL 23108-42.

Just as I’ve suggested in the past...Always been part of Dharma and Dharma part of least here on this "Island".
If “Time Travel” is happening, then it was always happening. And if what ever happened, happened, then this already happened.  The new recruits in the photo would mean they were there. But really...what the hell do I know?

Keep this in mind...Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid literally Enter 7 7.   Remember Locke is the one that enters the 7 7 command in the computer.

Love to all who are “LOST” ™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.


  1. ;) keep up the good work Karen

  2. Yeah, you're right -- they've entered 77!! How freaky is that?

    I, too, would like to know what happened to the rest of the people from 815 who were left behind on the Island when the O6 left and were rescued. (Bernard, Rose, etc.)

    I've been struggling to figure out how our new DI recruits could be "there" when they weren't there yet, since everything that happened has to have happened. (At least, if we can believe Faraday 100 percent, but at this point, I think the nature and rules of time travel may not be exactly as he postulated.) The future seems to be changing the past, even before the future happens -- like Richard A. going to see baby Locke before Locke had a chance to grow up, go back in time, and tell him to go there. Time doesn't seem to be linear anymore...

    Great blog, as always!! :)


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