March 18, 2009

Stranger in a Strange Land.

Let's talk about LOST! Stranger in a Strange Land.
"Show me the way to go home. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it went straight to my head" …Sawyer is singing on the outrigger with Kate and Karl; they are heading back to their island.
Kate tells him to stop because they have to go back for Jack. She wants him to turn the boat around.
Sawyer wants to know if she lost her mind, "We just got away!"
Kate's one good reason for wanting to go back is "Because we can't leave Jack behind!"
Sawyer-"Yes we can. Cause that's what he asked us to do."
He asks her what she thinks Captain Bunny Killer's gonna do if he catches them.
Karl interjects, "Kill you. God loves you as he loved Jacob" {Loved? NOT LOVES?}
Kate looks surprised and confused.
Sawyer- “Sorry kiddo. Jack's on his own." {Christian calls younger people kiddo.}

Jack is sleeping sitting up in the corner of his glass cell. Tom comes in and tells him it's "Time to get up."
They're moving him someplace else.
Jack wants to know "Where?"
Tom doesn't answer; only gives an interesting look.    Jack assumes "that look" means they're going to kill him. "You just helped me save his life. If you're going to kill me, at least show me the respect of not calling it "moving." .
Jack misconstrues the word "moving" for "killing".
Tom wonders, "Now why would we kill YOU?"
Jack- "Because you're done with me."
After all they're the kind of people who would take a pregnant woman, would hang Charlie from a tree or drag our people out of the jungle, and would kidnap children. Insulted Tom walks over to the glass and knocks 3x on it with his ring, "You see this glass house you're living in Jack? How bout I get you some stones?"  {Video camera red light blinking. Also the door into Jack's cell is already open. There's a guard there. After Tom's line, you hear the door open and two guards walk in}
Jack is cuffed.
On his walk in the hallway he passes a cuffed Juliet. She is escorted by two guards and Isabel. {Jack looks like he's checking out her ass! LOL!}
Juliet is put in the room.
On a beautiful tropical beach with palm trees Jack is at a tiki hut. He has a backpack and a kite. He buys two sodas with $10 from the island kid who calls him Doctor Jack. The boy says something to Jack in his native language but Jack replies "You know I can't understand a word you're saying, right?"   The boy watches.  
 Jack walks away.

Jack sets up on the beach and tries to assemble the kite but he's having trouble with it. {Spinal surgeon can't put a kite together. LOL}
A pretty Thai woman picks up her shoes comes to his assistance. They fly the bird shaped kite together. She is extra friendly and has shiny red nails! lol {How this chick doesn't fall out of her top is friggin' magic! Note Jack's necklace.}
She acknowledges that he's not from around here. Jack introduces himself but doesn't say where he's from. Her name is Achara.
Red food button in the cage.
This cage now belongs to pacing Jack. Tom brings him an un-grilled cheese sandwich; Juliet grills them. Tom folds the plate and passes it through the bars to Jack. Jack asks who that woman was.
Tom reveals, "That would be the sheriff."
Jack-"You have a sheriff?"
Tom- "Not literally, Jack."
Jack wants to know why Juliet is being moved into his room.
Tom explains, "She's in trouble, Jack."
Tom, with authority, tells Jack, "Don't try anything stupid! You stay put in this cage."
Jack-"You say that like you're not watching me from that camera right there."
Tom recalls Ben telling him that Jack got into the surveillance room. Tom looks around to see if the coast is clear, "Let me ask you something…You risk your neck to cut them loose, they run away and don't ever look back…"
Jack cuts him off and thanks him for the sandwich.
Tom walks away like, Yeah… Okay.

On the outrigger Sawyer states he'd never thought he'd be glad to get back to this rock again; he is paddling into shore.
Kate wants him to keep going, they can circle around; sooner or later they would get to camp and tell Locke and Sayid what happened.
Sawyer-"Oh we will huh? You got a map you ain't showin' me Magella?"
They don't have food or water, and he can't steer in the dark. Kate says she'll steer but Sawyer go ashore and they'll make camp. says no; tells her she'll Sawyer also tells her she can contribute by building a campfire while he carries the kid.
Kate doesn't answer, but Sawyer says "Good. Glad we agree."
Damn! Kate is burning a hole right through him!
The three of them sit near a campfire. Sawyer offers Kate fruit to eat. Pissed Kate says, "No James. I aint hungry."
Karl tells them they shouldn't fight.
Sawyer wonders, "When the hell did you wake up?"
Karl tells them they shouldn't fight because their lucky to be alive.
Kate questions him about the island they were on, "Is that where your people live?"
Karl says no, it's just where they work.
Kate wants to know what they're working on.
Karl replies "Projects."
Sarcastic Sawyer remarks, "Like the steal the kid off the raft project? That was a humdinger."
They don't actually live on that island;
they live here on this island.”
Kate asks what they did with the people they took; the kids.
Karl reveals they give them a better life.
Kate-"Better than what?"
Karl- "Better than yours." {Aint that the truth?!}
Karl sits and stares at the stars and tells them there isn't go to be any moon tonight; it'll be dark. Karl shares him and Alex used to lie in his backyard at night and make up names for the constellations. He point to the sky and tells them they can't see it yet, but right there will be Ursa Theadorus, "The teddy bear." {Make them up? Aren't they named already?! Look in a book!}
Sawyer is amazed they have backyards.
Jack pushes the big red food button in the cage twice.
Juliet, carrying a file, is escorted by two guards.
Jack-"I thought you were locked up?"
She tells him they let her out to examine Ben. Ben's vitals are low and he has a fever. Juliet shows him a picture she took 10 minutes ago of Ben's stitches; they are infected.   Jack doesn't want to go look at him.
Juliet is asking for him to look as a personal favor to her. {A personal favor?! What?}
Jack-"This is because he said he'd let you go home."
Juliet says no, it's because she's in trouble, "I just killed someone. That's why they put me in your room." {That's why she gets put in that room. Is that the reason Jack got put in that room?}
Jack asks who {she killed}.
Julie- "It's complicated."
Jack will simplify it; he's not going to help him and he won't help her. Juliet gets escorted back. Jack just watches them.

A waiter brings Jack a bowl of food. (Note the shape is wheels}
Achara gives him some tentacle thingy to try. The waiter, who is her brother calls Jack very brave (for eating).   Achara says her brother likes him; after all, Jacks' a very likable guy. She thinks it's very sad that he never learned how to fly a kite. Jack explains that his dad worked a lot and he really wasn't the type. She cuts him off and says she's not interested in his father because some things are personal. That's good because Jack's pretty tired of talking about him.
Achara wonders, "So you're in Phuket to find yourself?"
Jack smiles, "Why would you say that?"
Achara- "Because you're an American."
A man comes over speaks to her in her language and gives her a white letter size envelope filled with money. They bow to each other and then he leaves.   Jack is intrigued. She smiles and shares, "I have a gift."
Jack- "Must be one hell of a gift."

Jack sits in the corner of the cage. Isabel the sheriff says something in Chinese; actually she is reading his tattoos. "The 5 and the stars are very cute. But the Chinese I find…bit ironic…..What it says….You do know what it says?"
Jack knows what it says.
Isabel- "Chinese is a very complicated language. It's fairly common for things to get lost in translation."
Jack insists he knows what it says. She formally introduces herself to him. {Bows like the Asian culture.} She wants him to go with her because she'd like to ask him a few questions. {This is one weird chick! She gives a mischievous yet flirty look to him.}
Jack and Isabel walk down a hall.
Alex is being escorted by a guard. Isabel tells Alex to check on her father. {Note Jack is not cuffed}
Juliet has one hand cuffed to the chair. {This office has file boxes/files and lockers.}
Isabel offers Jack a seat, "As you may have gathered, we don't live on this little island. In fact, most of us don't even like coming here." {WHY? Also note the red file on the desk.} Isabel has her two hands on an open notebook in front of her.
Tom is in the room, as well as an armed guard.
Isabel has been investigating an incident. She was hoping Jack could help her “clear up a few of the inconsistencies."
As Isabel looks directly at Juliet, {She is VERY dramatic and exaggerated in her way of speaking} "Now correct me if I'm wrong Tom. You said in the midst of a surgical procedure, Jack made several comments indicating that Juliet had asked him to kill Ben." Tom says yes.
Isabel asks Jack if Juliet did indeed ask that of him.
Jack hesitates; doesn't answer. He gives a little amused laugh and says "No. No. I was lying. I would have done anything to get my friends out. And turning you people against each other was my best chance of creating chaos." {Check out Juliets' expression here. Did that answer from Jack give her the idea she had an ally?}
Isabel is mad. She wants to know why he is lying for her.
After some silence by all, Jack announces he wants to go back to his cage.
Pretty shoes enter an exotic room. It's Achara holding a lantern; enters Jacks hut. {They don't have real hotels in Phuket? lol}
Jack's bed has a mosquito net. {'BUG' protection}
Jack hears the footsteps and asks who's there?
Achara- "Who do you think? {Well, who else goes to his place in the middle of the night?}
Jack-"What time it is?"
Achara kisses him tells him it's late. They kiss.
Jack comments that she tastes salty {Too bad. Kate tastes like strawberries.} She went for a swim in the ocean.
Jack-"Washing the day off ya, huh?"
As they're making out she asks him if there's something he'd like to ask her. Jack feels that it "might be nice if after a month of you coming and going whenever you want to find out something about you."
She stops and tells him that "There are things that happen here that you could never understand."
Jack-"Like your gift."
Yeah, like her gift. They make out, yada, yada, yada. Jack is having fun with her.
Jack jolts awake in his cage. There are a bunch of people standing bizarrely outside of his cage. They are talking amongst themselves. Jack gets up and asks, "WHAT?!"
A woman who knows his name comes over to talk to him.
Jack- "Do I know you?"
He remembers, "815. You were the stewardess."
She smiles and says, "Cindy."
Jack, very confused, "What are you doing here with them? I thought you were taken, you were captured."
Cindy-"They're not. It's not that simple."
Jack wants to know what they are doing there.
Cindy- "We're here to watch, Jack."
Emma comes over and whispers in Cindy's ear. Emma smiles at Jack. Cindy asks how Ana Lucia's doing on the little girls behalf.
Pissed off Jack yells, "Are you serious? If you've got something to watch, Cindy, go watch it! GO!" {A little boy has a teddy bear he gives it to Emma.} They appear to be startled and confused by his outburst. The little boy lags behind to look at Jack. Jack watches them leave.

A campfire has burned out. Kate is sleeping.
She wakes up.
Sawyer is sleeping. Kate tells him to wake up. {Note white smoke rising from the extinguished campfire.}
Karl is gone. They hear crying coming from a few feet away. It's Karl.
They both look like they feel bad for the kid. Kate offers to talk to him, but Sawyer will go, "Boys only."
Sawyer punches Karl in the shoulder in a "guy gesture" so Karl would cowboy up. {Yeehaw!!}
Sawyer says, "Crying in the jungle. I thought you people were supposed to be tough."
Karl shoves him and says that he is tough.
Sawyer- "Sure you are Bobby."
Karl doesn't know what the Brady Bunch is. Sawyer, in his own Sawyer way, tells Karl that he has been with a lot of girls; some were worth the trouble, some were not. Every now and again there's one you name dumb stars with. {Sweet}
Karl loves Alex more than anything. Sawyer tells him to go back to where ever the hell there yards are and get her back."
Karl- "If I get caught, they’ll kill me this time."
Sawyer tells him at least it'll be worth it.

Jack drinks water from a silver cup. {Not a silver spoon?}
Alex throws a rock at the camera near his cage. With anyone "watching" Alex talks to Jack. "They're not watching anymore, so you can tell me the truth." She wants to know why he saved Ben's life, after all this time, after all he did to him as his people.
Jack should hate him.
Alex wonders why Jack fixed him up even after his friends got away.
Jack- "You're his daughter."
Alex doesn't answer.
Jack wants to know where Juliet is. Alex shares she's with the rest of them; they're gonna read her verdict.
Jack- "Her verdict?"
Alex informs him they all know what it's gonna be because their pretty strict about killing one of their own. "Eye for an eye."
Jack asks who she killed.
Alex-"The man who was gonna murder your friends….No wonder you're so worried about her. If it wasn't for you she never would have done it. That was three questions! Your turn, Jack."
He tells her he saved her father because he said he would.
Jack asks "Is he still in charge? Ben, Your father? Will that woman Isabel do what he says?"
Alex says yes.
Jack wants out of the cage.

A Dr. has a needle aimed at Ben's infection. Jack enters just in time {or on cue.} Happy Ben announces, "The cavalry has arrived at last."
Jack looks at the infection and says he'd be more impressed with them if they had a good surgeon.
Ben tells Jack, "We had an excellent surgeon, Jack. His name was Ethan."
Jack explains how bad Ben's infection is and that he needs to be closely monitored from here on out. There may be nerve damage and other complications, "You may not walk again."
Ben doesn't care for his bedside manner, but Jack feels Ben is stuck with him.
Ben-"Am I?"
Jack goes on to say that he needs a doctor, someone to stay with him and bring him back to good health. Ben realizes that Jack will want something in return.
Ben-"I've already given you a ticket off this island, Jack. What's it gonna cost me this time?"
Jack explains that his people are in a room deciding to execute Juliet. So Ben will stop it. {Ben doesn't care at all.}
Ben informs Jack, "Juliet doesn't care about you, Jack. Doesn't matter what she's done, no matter what you think, she's one of us."
Jack just wants to know, "Do we have a deal or not?"
Ben asks "Does Isabel have a walkie?"
Alex tells him they're already in the meeting. Ben wants something to write on.

In some red light district in Phuket. {Lovely red glow} Jack is spying/stalking on Achara. {She's wearing a red dress.}
Jack is drinking.
He follows her into a tattoo parlor. {RED EVERYWHERE} Candles are everywhere. Her reflection in the mirror.
Achara- "You're following me."
She strikes a match; this is where she works.
Jack-"A tattoo parlor. This was your big secret? The envelopes? Your gift?"
She is not a tattoo artist. She is able to see who people are, "My work is not decoration. It is Definition." That's her gift; she marks people.
Jack wants to know who he is but she won't do it because he is an outsider and she's not allowed.
So you can sleep with me... ?
Jack-"Do you see who I am, Achara?"
Jack-"Who am I?"
Achara enlightens him-"You are a leader, a great man. But this, this makes you lonely, and frightened, and angry."
Jack demands-"Now, put it on me. Put it on me!"
Achara-"No. This, this is against my people."
Jack forces her; he presents his left shoulder to her.
Achara-"There will be consequences, Jack."
Jack-"There always are."

A close up of Jacks Tats; running in slow motion.
Jack and Alex run to interrupt the meeting. Alex tells Jack, “You shouldn't be here" and she knocks on the metal door 3x.
Tom answers; seeing Jack is there.
Jack can see Juliet sitting front and center in the room. There is a Hydra Logo on the podium. Tom grabs Jack; he's pissed that Alex brought him there. Isabel comes to the door and tells Tom to let him go. She reads the note from Ben.
Isabel-"Ben has commuted Juliet's sentence.  Execution is off the table. He says the rules don't apply. He has however ordered her to be marked."
Jack and Juliet share a look.

Jack comes out of his hut on the beach. {Dressed in a similar shirt as the other flash.} The kite is wrapped up in the backpack.   He attempts to buy two sodas from the little boy, but the child backs away from him in fear. Five guys, including Achara's brother, check out Jacks marking and they beat the shit out of him. {Everybody was Kung-Foo Fighting!}
The brother tells Jack to “leave this beach. You will get out of this country!"
Achara stood by, watching.

Juliet visits Jack in his cage; she looks awful. She made him a grilled cheese sandwich {Four toothpicks. Did those toothpick frillies changes from yellow to red? OMG! I'm losing my mind! Is the light playing tricks on my eyes! Aaaahhh!}
She heard he only likes them grilled. Jack missed the toothpicks too. Juliet folds the plate to get it through the bars to him.
Jack wants to see her tat that they put on her lower back. He tenderly applies aloe to her tat. {Tat looks like it could be a hydra, maybe. Maybe not} Jack tells her he helped her "Because he told you he would let you go home; he told me the same thing. We're gonna make sure he keeps his word."
Juliet wonders how?
Jack- "Together."
Juliet tells him that they'll be coming for him in a few minutes.   His friends know where they are, "so we have to leave this island and go back to where we live."
Jack- "Go where?"
Juliet- "Well, Ben calls it home."

Sawyer tells Kate he let Karl go. {Again, I am drawn to the rising smoke.} Kate is mad because Karl could had led us back to where they live. Sawyer cut him loose because he's a target! They also bicker about Ben. In charge Sawyer wants to get moving.
Pissed off Kate asks, "Should I walk beside you or 10 paces behind you? You've gotten so good at telling me what to do, I can't think for myself anymore."
Sawyer tells her not to take it out on him because she feels guilty; and not about Jack either. He's "talking about you and me. I know you did it because you thought I was a dead man. So don't beat yourself up cause the doc's left behind."
She's not beating herself up. They move on.

Isabel and her notebook escort Jack and Juliet to the beach. Ben is on a stretcher.
Tom is the official umbrella holder.
Isabel says out loud, "He walks amongst us, But he is not one of us."
She says that's what his tats say.
Jack-"That's what they say. It's not what they mean."
As they're loading Ben on a little rowboat we see a bigger boat out in the water.

Sawyer lights a torch for Kate in the jungle. Sawyer really loves her.
Karl is sitting by a campfire and looking up at the stars.
We see the stars in the sky.
Alex is looking up at the stars from a boat.
Juliet stands in the front of the boat for her ride.   Jack comes up to stand next to her.

Yep! STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND IS A GREAT EPISODE! I remind you that this show gives us clues in a subliminal fashion, this includes "play on words."

I can't help but feel we were possibly shown clues or hints to Jack's father here.  Jack and his connection, struggle and pain with his father and himself always runs a thread through the story.  But there is no doubt we are shown many other important connections to important people.
Speaking of people...what the hell is up with Cindy, the kids and the people who are hanging around to look at "Caged Jack"?  What's the purpose of that? Didn't that feel weird? Are they really there? I'm just fucking asking!

There is a "prison" theme going on in this story.  Again is it literal or a metaphor for Jack and his friends feeling imprisoned by their deep seeded emotional pain.   Are they being judged or judging themselves?

Things to note…Questions to ask... 
RED. Symbolizes the color of life. Blood, fire, danger, passion and war. Warning signs are always posted in red.
CANDLES… Marvin Candle, Wickmund, Halliwax=  Light.
EYES:  Even though I've noted eye changes since season 1, I wonder if the "eye changes" are associated with the hydra or the island they "work" on.  The eye changes happen with Castaways and Others. Is it just from an altered state of consciousness, level, mate?
☯ Circle-ring-around
Deals being made. Rules. Strategy. Game.
Thai- I see "ties" to Jack's father in this episode.   The word tie also could refer to attach.
"Now why would we kill YOU?"   Could Jack be exempt from certain things on the island? Treated differently or special? If this is the case, why would that be? Christian, perhaps?
Apparently being 'Marked" is a worse fate than execution!
Something or someone (maybe a few/all) that transform or morph/change. Literally, figuratively or metaphorically.
Even though Jack made Kate promise to never come back for him, Ben and the Others know she will. So they move out before she even decides to go back for Jack.
Ben calls the "Island" "home".    That's home.    If Juliet knows that, is that where her sister is? Why would she think Ben's version of home would mean anything other that what he calls home. They're all home.
Guilty. Juliet guilty. Kate feels guilt.
The people Cindy was with at Jack's cage…WHO/WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY?
Remember that Waaaaaaalt wasn't the only child associated with flight 815. True the two with Cindy were with the 'Tail section', but they are two more children.
The Brady Bunch is a story about a blended family. Two separate families that come together to make one new family. The Brady's have six kids!
Isabel calls it a little Island yet Ben says it's roughly the size of Alcatraz. That would make it about 18.86 acres. Alcatraz was also known as "The Rock." The earliest recorded owner of the island of Alcatraz is one Julian Workman.
I still wonder if there are other 'little Islands' that are the "settings" for other important parts of this story.
I still question if Jack is getting "special" treatment with the Others.
I would crack up if we see another flash of when Claire was kidnapped by Ethan. If the view into the delivery room with the masked doctor’s showed us that one of those masked doctors is Jack!
Jack has a backpack in his Flash. Standard "Island" requirements.
☯  Jack wears a necklace in this episode.  He wears the gun case key around his neck as a necklace in season 1 and 2.
Other than Tom taking Waaaaaalt off the raft, he's been very cordial and friendly to the Losties. Like he knows them.
The sheriff is not literally a sheriff.
Does Karl have any parents? Where are his parents? Why aren't they out looking for him? Why would this be? Hmmmm....
Languages. Chinese is hard to understand. Things can get Lost In Translation.
Is one of the rules of the game must be to never leave anyone behind?
☯  And just for laughs, let's imagine that there is some sort of creating/breeding/fertility stuff going on, etc. There's a problem with the females and pregnancy. Why don't they just find a way for the guys to carry the babies! Yeah! That would solve everything! Hehehehehe!! Maybe there's nothing going on with fertility issues at all.
Bug. Infected. People or computer?
Sleep. Wake up!

Vocabulary and Research…
Strange is a hamlet on the western outskirt of King City located in King Township, Ontario, Canada.
Strange is a 6 part American comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics. A medical student named Stephen Strange, while in Tibet, meets a sickly, apparently mute young man and later an old man while going to a monastery called "The Garden of Fountains”, asks him why he wants to become a doctor. Later he hears the young man started talking after Stephen gave him a watch, hoping he would return later in life.
Doc Strange
- His civilian identity is Doctor Thomas Hugo Strange, a scientist operating in the U.S. He operated under the name 'Dr. Strange', later 'Doc Strange' during the Golden Age of Comic Books. A scientist who developed a serum called Alosun, which is described in the comics as a distillate of sun atoms. Ingestion of this serum gives him superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and invulnerability.
Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, responsible for defending the universe from mystic threats. He is a master of the mystic arts, using his abilities to battle evil magicians and other supernatural villains.
Hugo Strange first appears as a scientist who uses a stolen "concentrated lightening" machine that he uses to generate a dense fog, allowing him to rob banks unseen. In his second appearance he escapes from the "city asylum" (later known as Arkham Asylum) with "5 insane patients" and uses them as test subjects, turning them into hulking zombies by administering a powerful artificial growth hormone.
Adam Strange is an archaeologist suddenly teleported from Peru, Earth to fictional planet Rann through the "Zeta Beam." Called on to protect the planet from extraterrestrial threats using high-tech weaponry.
Strangers- a novel by Dean Koontz, 1986. About a group of people who are brought together by their different and equally strange maladies. These people meet in the middle of the Nevada 'high-desert' to try and figure out what was done to them, who could have done it, while at same time being watched by the people who have done this.
Stranger in a Strange Land is a science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. The novel is about Valentine Michael Smith, who is raised by Martians on Mars until his young adulthood, at which time he returns back to Earth. Valentine, the child of 2 astronauts, is the centerpiece in a political struggle.
A watch is a small clock for wrist or pocket.
-Act of guarding or observing. A period of guard duty. Or to keep vigil
Hydra- We all know the examples I gave when we were introduced to the hydra. But let not forget in mythology it was an ancient nameless serpent-like water beast that had 9 heads. One head were cut off, 2 more sprang up in it's place. They hydra was the offspring of Typhoon and Echidna. It was said to be the sibling of Nemean Lion, the Chimaera and Cerberus. It guarded the entrance the underworld.
Hydra- Also means a persistent or many-sided problem that presents new obstacles as soon as one aspect is solved.
Hydra is a chess machine.
-Hydra constellation, moon.
-Hydra Transformer in the transformers universe.
The Hamsa  is a palm-shaped amulet  popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  The hamsa is often incorporated in jewelery and wall hangings, as a defense against the evil eye and means "Five".  It is believed to originate in ancient practices associated with the Phoenicians of Carthage.
An Islamic alternative name for this charm : “Eye of Fatima or the hand of Fatima” , regarding to Fatima Zahra, Prophet Muhammad’s daughter. The other meaning in Jewish is Miriam’s hand , as regards Miriam, the sister of Aaron and Moses. It is a sort of “protection of the hand” or “The hand of God“.
♦ Achara is a Sanskrit term for Right conduct, custom, practice, external observance of established rules and laws.

Jack, along with the rest of them are trying to find out who they are.  He literally asks out loud "Who am I...Do you see who I am?"  
Jack is living in a glass house…I wonder who else is in a "glass" hatch, uh, I mean house! Hmmm?

Isabel is not literally a sheriff and Jack is only "walking" among "them", but isn't one of he the only "real person" on this adventurous journey?
Stranger in a Strange Land…Is Jack really a stranger in a strange land?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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