March 24, 2009

Left Behind.

Let's talk about LOST! Left Behind.

Kate sits up against the pool table holding a pool cue in the Others game room.  She is cuffed and seems antsy.    The game Mouse Trap is by the window. She sees Juliet walk by the window. Kate is going to sneak attack Juliet with the pool cue.
Juliet enters. Almost as if prepared for Kate's attack Juliet ducks and flips Kate to the ground! Juliet was only bringing her something to eat. {Sandwich. Broken Plate.} Juliet is wearing the same blue top as the day she's to leave with Jack.
The song Walking After Midnight is heard. We see open rural farmland. "Kate's" car is broken down. Her car gets lifted for a tow and is told her fan belt is shot. The tow guy tells her it will take "Two days. Maybe three." {For a friggin' fan belt? Doesn't he have any at the Service Station?}
Kate comments on that same thing!
He says, "Welcome to Iowa." {Is she new to Iowa?!! Her cap has a cowboy on it. Cowboy up! Sawyer reference}
They drive off. {Johnny's towing. 24 hrs}
Her name is Lucy.

The tow truck pulls up to the Service Station where we see a woman selling/scamming 18 karat gold jewelry to a guy in a plaid shirt. We hear her claim they retail for 500 bucks. The guy tells her "Those don't look real. I'm not buying them."
The Con something about going out of business and insists they're real. {Note blue seats on the porch; very Sawyer.  Iowa license plate 41g ncj in the windshield.}
Johnny offers Lucy a lift into town. The guy in the plaid shirt tells him to call the cops; he knows he's getting scammed. "Those are fake necklaces and you're a rip off artist."
Again the con insists they are real. Lucy comes to her rescue and plays along with the con; buying one of the necklaces.
Lucy claims her father owns s a jewelry shop, "I think I can spot a fake."
For 60 bucks she'll take the one on the end. With the transaction complete and everyone leaves.   Lucy asks the con for her money back. {Kate in cap, army jacket and back pack.}
Lucy helped her, "Just one girl watching another girls' back. I guess."
The con- "Or you're stranded here and for some reason you don't want that guy calling the cops." {BINGO! Yeah the con knows.}
She'll give Lucy a ride into town for a drink.
Cuffed Kate fiddles with the white pieces/markers of the backgammon game. John comes in with his right hand bandaged.
Kate- "Did they capture you too?"
John says yes, but only temporarily. {Two guards outside. Broken plates still there.} John came to say goodbye because he's leaving with them.
Kate-"What the hell is going on? I mean, what are they doing to you? Are you brainwashed? Where did Jack go?"
{Yes! Where did Jack go?! Maybe he's off somewhere having a Flash/back/forward/memory while he's sleeping!?}
John says Jack didn't go anywhere, "He's going to have to stay behind like you."
Kate tells him he can't trust them. If they told him they were going to take him home they're lying.
John- "I don't want to go home, Kate. I want you to know I made a strong case for you. I told them that you were a good person. Reliable, smart. Honest. And then they told me who you were and what you had done. Let's just say forgiveness isn't one of their strong suitsGood Luck."
Kate asks where he's going.
John tells the guards, "Coming out."
Kate stops him and asks about Jack, Sayid and Rousseau, but John doesn't answer her.
Sawyer is sitting in his old blue airplane seat, Watership down, looking out to the water. {Again, looking like he stepped out of Everyman for Himself.}
Hurley kicks his foot and tells Sawyer not to look at him and pretend they're not talking.
Hurley- "I'm not supposed to be here." {WOW!!} He tells Sawyer there's been some chatter, "After Paulo and Nikki and everything. Tomorrow there's gonna be a vote."
They're going to vote whether or not to banish him from the camp. There was debate about where to banish him; the consensus was ½ a mile down the beach.  Sawyer looks around to see the camp functioning as if nothing is wrong.   Hurley is telling him this because there may be a way to fix it, to make amends.
Sawyer- "I don't do amends."
Hurley tells him to ask himself about all the good stuff that comes with being part of this society. Sawyer can't even feed himself. He uses their latrine, drinks the water that Steve brings every morning to the trough. {Horse drinks out of that.}
Sawyer looks at a watch and says "You know how for 3 days 10 hrs and 15 minutes I ain't allowed to use nicknames? Well you, sir, Hugo are Rotund, annoying and you're ruining my damn view! How's that for amends?"
Hurley tells him he's making a big mistake.

Flies gather around the sandwich on the floor from Juliet and Kate's tiff. Cuffed Kate is {waking up} lying on the floor. She eyes the old sandwich and takes a bite of the white bread. {Why would Kate voluntarily sleep on the floor with the broken plate and old food? She could have napped on the sofa. So…Time line? Flashes in order? When is this scene really from?!!!}
The commotion from outside makes her go to the window to check it out. She sees the Others with their back packs and bags, putting on gas masks and they are armed. The door to the game room opens and one of them tosses a gas can in with Kate. She tries to escape it, fight off the gas but it knocks her out.

In a bar we get a shot of a pool table.
Lucy and Cassidy are in a bar chatting and doing shots.
Cassidy asks her name. She tells her it's Lucy. Cassidy asks her "real name" but Lucy doesn't answer. Cassidy directs her the next time somebody asks you, you don't think about it, not even for a second. Lucy chose that alias. She explains 'Lucy's a saint'.  She memorized them all from Sunday school; they were all probably rattling around in her brain. Lucy shares why a Sunday school girl is afraid of cops. She tells Cassidy that a few months ago she killed her step father and she escaped from the marshal who arrested her for it.
Cassidy asks why.
Lucy- "Cause he was a bad guy." {Who is she talking about, the marshal or step father?} She also reveals she's in Iowa to talk to her mother.
Cassidy- "If you did, what you just said you did, the feds are gonna be watching her. 24/7."
Lucy/Kate-"What? You wanna help me?"
Cassidy will. {Of course she will. She has to.}
Because Cassidy fell in love with the wrong guy and then gave him her life savings. He conned and embarrassed her; he was a bad guy. She will help Lucy get the meeting with her mom because one of them deserves something good.

(Click the pic)
Kate is waking up in the jungle. She opens her eyes looks up and sees PALM TREES! A second after blinking she is seeing DIFFERENT KIND OF TREES!! {We were just shown two versions; Two DIFFERENT THINGS!}
Kate jolts up discovering  her left wrist is cuffed to Juliet's right wrist. Kate looks bewildered.

Sawyer is fishing. He looks over to Jin and Sun who are fishing a little further away. He smiles at Sun but she's not having it! "I ain't gonna get the Korean vote."
Sawyer's inexperience as a fisherman is obvious. He catches and cleans a fish. {Catfish?} Sawyer heads over to Hurley who is doing his laundry. Sawyer tells him he's "Ready to make amends. Change the vote."
Hurley tells him he stinks, "Is that fish? Did you try to gut one on yourself? How have you not learned that by now? We've been here like, three months?"
Sawyer wants to get going on the making amends thing. Hurley wants him to apologize for calling him all those names.
Sawyer- "I'm really sorry I called you rotund."
Sawyer wants to spread the love! {Spread the love my way!}

Kate gingerly takes the pocket knife from Juliet's front pocket. {How convenient that it's right there!} Juliet jolts awake instinctively ready for defense. She grabs Kate's wrist, "What the hell am I doing here?"
Both say they don't know what they're doing there.
Kate uses the knife to try to get out of the cuffs. Juliet recalls she was making a cup of tea and a canister came in through the window.
Kate asks her what she did to piss him off. Juliet tells her she's wasting her time as the knife is too big and she needs something smaller like a safety pin. {A safety pin! YES!}
Kate- "We're going back."
Juliet- "What? They did this to us. Why would we go back?"
Kate,- "You say THEY like you didn't lock me in a cage and watch me break rocks all day. We're going back to your village because my friends are probably gassed just like us."
Kate tells her, her people are packed up and gone; Locke said goodbye and told her they were taking off.
Juliet asks to where.
Kate- "Welcome to the world of not knowing what the hells going on."
Lucy/Kate pulls a case on wheels and knocks on the door 5x {Door F.}
Diane, Kate's mother answers the door and looks at her. "Go, Go, Go!"
Guns, Marshal Mars yells at Lucy/Kate- "Get down. On the ground! Let me see those hands!" Marshals swarm the place.
Mars- "Long time no see, Austen."
Mars turns her over and reveals it's not Kate! {Decoy} She says she's just selling bibles. Mars opens the case grabs the red bible. {Of course.}
Kate sits in a car watching this through binoculars.

Cassidy knocks on the hotel room door 5x. {Coffee} Cassidy takes off her wig and tells Lucy she was questioned for ½ hour. They confiscated her case, "It's a good thing I know how to lie."
Lucy, drinking coffee, "At least we know what we're up against."
{We're? Also note five spoons in the cup. I know, I'm insane.}
Cassidy tells her there were six guys waiting to take her down. Lucy will figure it out.
Cassidy- "That marshal. I don't know what you did to him, but if he ever gets his hands on you, it's gonna be you or him." {Interesting!}
Lucy tells her it's OK if she changed her mind about helping.
Cassidy will help her; but if she's going to keep lying to federal agents for her so she can have a chat with her mother, she needs to know that's there's a pretty good reason. {No she doesn't.}
Lucy tells her he used to get drunk and beat up my mom. So I blew up his house. Made it look like an accident; A gas leak. She took out an insurance policy on the house for her; Set her up for life. Mom gave her up, chose him over me. "So the reason I have to talk to her is…Someone, I love, who's supposed to care about me, betrayed me. And I wanna know why!"

Kate’s looking for a trail at night. She’s cuffed to Juliet. Kate starts to walk away and Juliet tugs her back.
Juliet- "It's gonna rain. Don't you think we should wait till morning?"
Kate pulls her and says "No."
They walk through the jungle in the dark.
Kate asks her why they would handcuff "You to me, and drag us out into the jungle?"
Juliet shares that Ben has a thing for mind games.
Kate-"Is that why he left you behind?"
Juliet is not in the mood to talk.
Thunder and rain starts up. Kate wants to keep moving so she doesn't lose the trail in the rain.
Juliet- "I hope you're not dragging me all the way back there with you for him…..I hope you're not going back for Jack." {She made a rhyme! lol}
Juliet tells her she was standing right there when he told Kate not to come back, "And now that you ruined his chance to get off the Island…"
Kate punches her right in the face! They fight in the rain and mud! Kate gets Juliet's arm behind her back, "Are you done?"
Juliet starts screaming in pain.
Kate apologizes; she didn't mean to…The monster is released!
Juliet- "What the hell is that?"
Juliet informs Kate her shoulder is dislocated. {Left one.} Kate has them hide in a banyan tree but the monster is right there! Juliet looks at it and it starts flashing bright light at her. She shields her eyes but does look at it again. It flashes some more and then seems to recoil away! It's gone.
Juliet asks Kate if they're safe.
Kate- "You tell me."

Night on the beach:
Claire is tending to the baby. A few feet away Sawyer tells Hurley, "I aint kissing no damn baby."
Hurley coaches Sawyer- "Claire's like really influential. If she votes for you to stay, then you're home free, Dude....Moms love it when you show an interest in their babies."
He suggests a nice gesture to her would be to call her Claire, give her a blanket for Aaron and say something nice about the baby.
Sawyer heads over, says hi to Claire and Aaron. He just came by to say, "Your baby's not as wrinkly as he was a couple of weeks ago."
Claire finds this cute and true. Sawyer gets thumbs up from Hurley.

Back in the banyan trees Juliet asks Kate if it's gone and are they safe.
Kate asks her if she's serious, "You've never seen that before?"
Juliet- "If you don't believe me, you can always pull my other shoulder out of its socket."
Juliet tells Kate this is the 4th time her shoulder's been dislocated. Kate has to pop it back in.
Kate doesn't want to!
Juliet- "You're gonna. Right now if feels like there's broken glass under my skin and if it weren't for you, I would be on my way home right now."
Kate shares Jack told her not to come back to protect her. Juliet admits that they have cameras on the cages so Jack saw her and Sawyer. The reason Jack told Kate not to come back is because she broke his heart, "So, grab my wrist, push up and twist!"
Kate does. {Could this be the 4th time she and Kate have run this scenario?}

Desmond and Sawyer are out very early boar hunting. {Looking very army-like.}
Des explains getting up early, "This is when they break cover to eat."
Sawyer- "Looks like they picked a day to sleep in."
Desmond asks him his angle.
Sawyer hasn't spoken three words to him and suddenly he wants to be his hunting partner.
 Sawyer- "My angle is, I got hearts and minds to change. And politics is all about bribes. Since money don't mean squat on this Island, I gotta give the people something they like. And people like meat."
Desmond shoots a boar.

It's Daylight and the ladies are still hiding in the tree.
Juliet is awake; Kate jolts awake. Juliet's shoulder is awesome so they move on.
Cassidy is sitting in a diner. She's wearing glasses.
Diane is the waitress who serves Cassidy a huge bowl of soup. {Blue name tag.} Cassidy purposely knocks the soup onto Diane.
Diane washes up in the rest room. {View via the mirror. Note wedding ring.} Kate is there to see her. Diane calls her Katherine. She wants to know what she's doing here.
Kate wants to know why she told them what she did to Wayne.
Diane hoped she came there to say she was sorry but Kate is not sorry. "He treated you like a dog."
Diane explains that you can't help who you love and for good or bad, she loved him.
Diane- "And you burnt him alive. You turned on the gas and you lit a match. You murdered him in cold blood."
Kate says she did it for her. Diane says she did it for herself.
Diane- "I have to go back to work. Because you are my daughter I'm not gonna tell the two men sitting who are sitting at the table who have been following me for the last month that you are here. But I swear to god Katie if I ever see you again, the first thing I will do is yell for help. Goodbye." Diane leaves and Kate cries. {View via the mirror.}

On their trek back Kate asks Juliet, "Did he say that to you?...That I broke his heart."
Juliet- "He didn't have to."
Kate- "You don't know anything about him."
Juliet- "I know where he was born. I know what his parent's did for a living. I know that he was married, and to who he was married to. I know why he got a divorce. I know how his father died. I know his height, his weight. His birthday, and his blood type. What do you know about him, Kate."

They take a few steps and "Monster" sounds! Kate tells Juliet to run.
They run and fall into mud and then get up and run right to the security fence. Kate stops dead in her tracks because she knows what happens when you step through those things so she suggests we will go along side them.
Juliet- "No Kate, they're off, we don't need to… we can go around, they're off!"
The monster is getting closer. Juliet takes the key to the cuffs from her back pocket and un-cuff's herself. She runs to a keypad on one of the pylons, uses both hands to finger in the code {16, 23. So is the full code 4 8 15 16 23 42?}
The monster is closer!
Juliet tells Kate "You're gonna wanna be over here."
Kate is petrified, Juliet is not.   Kate joins her on the other side of the fence.   Juliet activates the fence and  the smoke monster literally bangs into the invisible fence.     Juliet stands there and looks directly at it.
The "monster" "runs away".    Kate's pissed.
Juliet claims, "We don't know what it is. But we know that it doesn't like our fences."
Kate's not interested in that; she's mad that Juliet had a key. {Juliet must know LOTS about the smoke monster!}
Juliet piles on the crap about the people she lived with for the past three years left her behind too. They gassed her, "I thought that maybe, maybe if I could make you think that we were in it together. Maybe I wouldn't get left behind again." {GO RE-READ THAT WHOLE BIT!} 
Kate takes the key from her, removes her cuff and walks away.

Pig Roast at the beach: {boar roast actually.} Sawyer is cooking. Everyone's eating and drinking, having a nice day. Charlie tells Sawyer this is wonderful.
Sawyer-"Some Dharma A-1 and Paprika. I hope you remember this little barbecue at your meeting later."
Charlie- "What meeting?"
Hurley told Sawyer about the vote.
Charlie-"Since when does anyone around here vote?"
Sawyer realizes he was conned so he confronts Hurley, "There never was gonna be no vote."
Hurley- "Wasn't it nice, just being nice?"
Sawyer- "You tricked me into being decent. That's gotta be the lamest cons in the history of cons!"
Hurley tells him it wasn't a con, "If you're gonna be our temporary leader you need to do some damage control."
Sawyer-"Leader? What the hell are you smoking?"
Hurley- "Jack's gone. Locke's gone. Kate and Sayid. You're all we got."
He goes on to say when Nikki and Paulo died they all looked to him. Even though he tried to steal the diamonds they wanted to look to him {WTF? No. When Sawyer wanted to help investigate things, Hurley was suspicious of him.} "Look around. You made everyone happy. Just for today, they can eat boar, laugh and forget that they are totally screwed. And you did that for them, Dude. You."
 Sawyer- "What if I don't want to be the leader?"
Hurley explains that he didn't think Jack wanted it either. Sucks for you, dude." {So does being in the leadership role suck?! It isn't a good place to be? Interesting!}
We see that the camp is enjoying their day; Laughing, eating, drinking and sharing.
Sun sees Sawyer hold Aaron and Sawyer smiles at her but she's still not having it.

Kate and Juliet arrive at the abandoned barracks.
Juliet mentions Sayid's in one of those backyards, she'll get him. Juliet tells Kate to go get Jack. Kate enters the 'house' Jack is in. {Note 2 canisters, broken dish? Pillows. He gets 2 canisters!}
Jack is unconscious in the hallway. Kate tells him to wake up and Jack jolts awake! He asks, what happened.
Kate informs him they all left, "Because of me. I'm so sorry. I should have listened to you. I never… I wanted to come back to help you. But you didn't need me to. And now because of me, you can't go." She cries, "I'm so sorry. I am so sorry."
Confused Jack asks- "They just…left?…Even, Even Juliet?"
Kate says no they left her too.
Jack asks why.
Kate- "You know her better that I do….Now what?"
Jack-"Now we go back."
At the service station: Cassidy brings Lucy back. {Hmmmm!}  Lucy looks at 'her car' in the garage {plate –Missouri 4ON DVB} and thanks Cassidy for everything.
Lucy- "So, this guy who ripped you off. Will you give me his name? Tell me where I can find him?…You almost got arrested for me, Cassidy. I want to help you."
Cassidy tells her she's pregnant and "It's his. The baby's his. And I still love him."
Kate tells her to call the cops; have him locked up.
Cassidy asks her if she'll ever forgive her mom for calling the cops?
Lucy-"No. No I won't."
Cassidy- "Thanks Lucy."
Lucy- "My name's Kate."
Kate gets out the SUV.

Back at the barracks Jack heads straight to Juliet to ask if she's OK. Sayid tells Jack he checked all the houses, "Everyone's gone. No weapons. No trail. It's like 50 people disappeared into thin air."
Jack, still the leader tells them they "should take what they can find and head out while we still got light."
Sayid-"She's not coming with us."
Jack gives him a look, "Yes, she is."
Sayid- “Why?”
Jack-"Because they left her behind too."
Jack, Juliet, Sayid and Kate, all with their back packs, leave the barracks.

Left Behind is a Great Episode!!!!
Talk about literally being bound to pain and broken hearts. This episode brings us back to Hearts and Minds.  That episode showed us that Locke knows how to use of the land/island (magic paste/hallucinogen) and bring "experiences" to people; experiences that are vital to their survival on the "island".

Things to Note…Questions to ask…
* EYES! I'm sure by now I have you all on a mission of watching everyone's eye color change or intensify. Everyone on "Island" and Flashes.
* Different versions of things. Different Times on the "Island"?
* FARM: Plant, nurture, harvest.
* Juliet always has something in her "back pocket".
* Different diner for Diane?
* Juliet on the "Island" for  three years and Desmond for three years. Did they come together, or should we just throw out the whole three years crap out because one or both of them have always been there?  There, I said it.
* Alright, Juliet proves she knows details about Jack. How did she acquire such detailed details? When the "crash" happened Ben tells Mikhail he wants files on everybody.  If someone were to acquire a file on you, your personal life, they still would not get intimate details to your life.  So, with that said, is it possible that these files on Jack and the Losties are already filled, just waiting to be pulled out of a file drawer/box from somewhere on the "Island"?   I'm just asking!!!   Their whole life, whether it's scripted, planned out, lived already and notes taken/kept, what ever, it's already in a complete A-Z biography for each person.
* Plates. Broken Plates.
* Things made to look like an accident.
* Gas. Going to sleep. Knocked out.
* Coaching. Guiding.
* Decoy people- Decoy props- Decoy Costumes-Fakes!
* Clues to things having to be rehearsed/memorized. Drills/exercise.
* Cassidy admits to knowing how to lie. Juliet knows how to lie. Maybe they had the same teacher.
* What did Kate do to the marshal? What did Kate really do?
* Sawyer should know how to fend for himself especially if he's lived that "Island" life before.
* Juliet's shoulder dislocated. Jack's shoulder dislocated in The Moth.
* "What did you do to piss them off?" is also mentioned in Hearts and Minds regarding Locke.
* Juliet involved in the plan to gas the barracks. So how would that fit in to her plan to "leave" with Jack?
* Jack knows what Ben considers to be home. Maybe that's what Jack considers to be home too.
* Coincidence that Kate and Cassidy are in the same scene/set up?  Coincidence that Kate and Juliet are in the same set up? Come on!
* John doesn't want to go "HOME",  yet is moving on.
* Hurley feels there is good stuff that comes with being part of this society!
* Is Kate on the light/white side?
* How far back does Jack and Juliet's relationship/connection really go?
* Games. Chess, Mouse trap, Backgammon.
* Kate waking up in the jungle and seeing the different trees.  It was very important for me to show you this because it shows us, "flashes/Island" time being either out of time order or different from another "Island" visits, or both.  Return "visits" to the "Island", YES.  The same storyline on the "Island" over and over.  Are things slightly different every time they have these return "visits"?    Remember, in addition to the tress here we have the "Charlie don't swim, then he does swim" example, two different lotto tickets for Hurley, and the list goes on.
* Now for fun, what if we throw the possibility of twins or replicas.  Two identical looking sets of people…Imagine witnessing the exact set of scenarios played out by two identical looking sets of people. Which team makes the better decisions? lol.  The wreckage of Oceanic flight 815 will be found.   Maybe there be a set of identical looking people in it.
* The eye color changes have to fit in somewhere with either return visits, consciousness/altered/hallucination state or twin/replica. Which one do you think it is?
* Monster Time: There are so many sounds associated with the monster. Is there a possibility that it gets released from somewhere?  There must be a place he/it lives?   One of the sounds we hear is almost like a giant heavy door/gate of some sort that gets opened.  Then there are the other sounds like, gears, metal, giant footsteps, growls, grunts, breathing, clicking, etc..  Do the hatches have anything to do with the monster?  Is there only one monster?  If the smoke monster morphs, what determines if it's in the mood to morph to fool someone or stay in smoke state? What about it's flashing bright light?  Scanning images from the person it's confronting?  Is it taking pictures/images from the person or is it putting images in? Maybe just checking things out or making the person take a look at the things they need to confront.  Besides, you already know that I think it connects to someone in particular.(wink, wink)
* There are certain things in our story that remind me of episodes of The Twilight Zone.  LOST deals with many of the same topics; "time" being a large part of it.
* Ben and mind games...I'm sure he's isn't the only one with this gift of mind games.
* Politics. Government. Vote. We have political issues abound. I think we've established by this point that there always two sides involved. Politics has made its presence known on the island. Government has been brought to the surface. Even in a Utopian society you need rules. Rules need people to govern them.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Apollo- In Greek and Roman mythology, is one of the most important and many-sided of the Olympian deities. Apollo has been recognized as a god of LIGHT and the sun; truth, prophecy, archery, medicine, healing; music, poetry, the arts; and more. Apollo has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis.
* Mars was the Roman god of war, and the son of Juno and Jupiter. As the word Mars has no Indo-European derivation, it is most likely the Latin form of the agricultural Etruscan god Maris. Initially the Roman god of fertility and vegetation and a protector of cattle, fields and boundaries.
The two names I mention here all encompass major themes, issues in our story. This also included some islander's traits, roles or jobs in our story too.
* The Etruscans: Believed to be one, if not the, world's oldest civilization. They were a people of unknown origin living in Northern Italy, who were eventually integrated into Roman culture and politically became part of the Roman Republic. As distinguished by its own language, the civilization endured from an unknown prehistoric time prior to the foundation of Rome until its complete assimilation to Italic Rome in the Roman Republic. Like the Egyptians, the Etruscans believed in eternal life.
Then we have other ancient civilizations that have similar ties to what we see in the show.
The MU civilization. Hypothetical lost continent located in the S. Pacific before it sank beneath the waters, similar to Atlantis and Lemuria. In either case, the issue of Plate Tectonics fits in here.
* Left – Simple past tense and past participle of leave. The left side. The west side of the body when one is facing north. Opposite of right side.(politics). The ensemble of left-wing political parties. Port Is a Synonym.
* Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days. A Christian series of books.
* Chatter in the speech sense - to talk noisily or conversationally. Talk, especially meaningless or unimportant talk.
-An intermittent noise, as from vibration.
-The sound made by a MAGPIE.
-In electronics, the unwanted bouncing of switch or relay contacts.
-In signal intelligence, encrypted electronic signals to be subjected to Traffic analysis.
-Project CHATTER (1947-1953), a U.S. Navy truth serum project.
-Mukesh Chatter, technology entrepreneur.
* Hearts and Minds was a euphemism for a campaign by the United States military during the Vietnam War, intended to win the popular support of the Vietnamese people.
-Hearts and minds was a Justice League episode/story.
* Latrine is also a term common in the US Military which a civilian might call a bathroom or toilet. Called Head in watercraft.
* Buck(s)- The male of various species of animal, including human male.
-Examples of slang words for Buck(s)- an aboriginal male.
* A marker or button that indicates the dealer in the card game Poker.
* A repetition of an old joke, story, or fact.
-A buck converter a type of electronics power supply.
-A kind of knife: Buck knife.
-A chicken (bucker), from the sound a chicken makes.
-A type of shoe.
Other interesting Buck(s) facts…
-Pearl S. Buck is a famous author.
-An abbreviation for Buckinghamshire.
-Buck Grangerford is the name of Huck Finn's friend. (Tom 'Sawyer' connection)
-Buck Rogers is a science fiction hero from the 1930s and 1970s.
-Cameron "Buck" Williams is a character in the Left Behind series.
-Buck Cluck is the father of the film version of Chicken Little.
* 3- The trinity. The number combines 1+2. That includes ALL life and experience. Birth-Life-Death. Mind-Body-Soul. Past-Present-Future. Man-Woman-Child.
* 5- The 5 human senses. Or, on a human figure, a line joining the head to outstretched arms and legs forms a pentagram. Or simply that Muslims pray 5x a day.

Left behind? Who? We know the “Island” has "magnetic" properties so let's imagine in a sense the "Island" is one big giant magnet constantly pulling them all back.  They always come back!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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