March 21, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! EXPOSE

Blurred/jostled visual of Nikki running through the jungle with her bag. She stops to dig a hole and bury something, covers it and runs off!

In a strip club we’re introduced to sexy pole dancing Nikki. She begins her dance on stage 3; in a white coat and hat. She is the 'Pride of St. Paul', Corvette. She strips down to her diamond bikini. From her pole she keeps her eye on a man who heads into a back office.
In the office that man opens a suitcase filled with cash.
Corvette says "That's the money for the orphanage. Which means Mr. LaShade, you're the Cobra." {LaShade,Shady}
The Cobra turns around from his 2 video monitors and says "Sorry baby. It's just business."

Corvette realizes, "All this time it was you."
He has to eliminate her. She karate chops a thug, says her catch phrase, "Razzle Dazzle."
The Cobra shoots her 2x anyway. {1 of the pics on the wall looks similar to the one on the Girls of Fiji magazine from Sawyers stash!!}
Cobra fires 1 more shot into her. Autumn and Crystal run in.
Cobra-"Bad news. Corvette was working for the Cobra. But fear not, he will pay."
This was the last shot filmed for the TV show, EXPOSE.
Billy Dee Williams gives Nikki a hand up. {Note: silver platter} She walks through the sound stage. This was a series wrap on Corvette.{Note the sign says EXPOSE. Season 4}
Howard tells her, "You know you don't need to die. We can bring you back next season."
She only had a guest starring role but they could have her come back. He suggests Corvette could have been wearing a bullet proof vest...Bullet proof breast. Her work is done there, but she will not be leaving Sydney, "I love you."
He loves her too.

Hurley and Sawyer play Ping Pong.
Hurley wins, "Best out of 5."
Sawyer-"Now we're going best out of 7."
Nikki falls out of the jungle; collapses and the guys run over to her. Nikki in her lack of breath says something but they can't make out what she said. Sawyer tells Hurley to get some water; Get help. Sawyer gets up to look into the jungle to see if anything else is going on. Hurley never got up to get the water.
Sawyer- "What are you doing? Get moving!"
Hurley-"Dude. Nikki's dead."
Sawyer-"Who the hell's Nikki?"

84 Days Ago

Nikki and Howard are eating breakfast frittatas prepared by his new chef Paulo. {Note: crystal knick knack on the table.} Howard introduces Paulo to his new fan, Nikki. She compliments his cooking.
Paulo feels "The secret is the shaved truffles. Lucky for you they're in season." {Paulo white uniform, black shoes.} Paulo showed up at Howard's door every day until he would hire him.
Howard- "He is the Wolfgang Puck of Brazil."
Howard presents Nikki with the bread basket, "Here try one of these homemade rolls." He gives her a diamond bracelet that was hidden in the basket.
Nikki- "It's beautiful." {Nikki's black nails}
Howard tells her he realizes it's not a ring, not yet, "But when my wife..." He stops right there as he's having a heart attack.

Nikki calls out for Paulo. He checks Howard's pulse and declares "He's gone."
Nikki doesn't waste a second; she rips the key from around his neck. Annoyed Nikki tells Paulo, "I would have loved it if you could have figured out a way where I didn't have to eat the same food as him."
They head into the closet to open the safe.
Paulo questions, "So, nobody else knows about this thing?"
Nikki- "Everything in here is way off the books."
She removes a panel with neckties to reveal the safe. Paulo wants to light up a cigarette but she reminds him that they don't want to leave any evidence behind. "We poisoned him Paulo. Let’s not poison ourselves."
Once inside the safe she recovers a Matryoshka doll and proudly says “Razzle Freakin Dazzle"

Hurley, Sawyer, Charlie, Jin and Sun sit around Nikki's body. They’re trying to figure out what happened to her. Hurley tells them she has no gunshot wound, no knife wound, no polar bear bite. {These are the fatal injuries he mentions!}
Sun wonders, "Maybe it was something she ate?"
Charlie-"Maybe she was poisoned?"
Sun suggests checking the food supply to see if anyone else is sick. Charlie wearing the big cross on his chest shirt; checks Nikki's nails; she has gunk under her finger nails.
Charlie asks Sawyer where he found her. {Sawyer's reaction was of "Oh yeah. That makes sense"}
But he tells Charlie –"Right here. She stumbled out of the jungle, face planted, said something like ply wood, and then, sayonara."
Hurley thinks she said “Power lines.”
Sawyer doesn't know what she said, "She was 5 seconds from dying. She probably seeing the light at the end of the tunnel."
"Paulo lies!"
Hurley feels confident that she said "Paulo lies."
He tells Sawyer, "That's her husband or boyfriend or whatever. They live down the beach."
Sawyer wants to know where he is because if he lies, "That might be a good place to start."

80 Days Ago

 In the airport Paulo reads the newspaper aloud to Nikki about the death of English ex pat Howard L. Zuckerman. Headline- Famed Tube Tycoon Dies Of Heart attack. He was the creative force behind hit shows like EXPOSE, STRIKE TEAM ALPHA, and DOCTOR KINCAIDE, ESQUIRE. {2 glasses champagne.} They are pleased they have gotten away with murder.

Paulo is chewing nicotine gum because he quit smoking. {Quit smoking! Paulo wearing is Brazil Sweatshirt/jacket. Opens an EXPOSE script bag to get gum. Brazilian passport. Nesting doll} They toast their new life together.
Shannon and her step Brother Boone make their way through the airport. Shannon is complaining about there being no place to sit. Boone offers her a chair from the restaurant. Pissed off Shannon says, "Good call Boone. Let's just leave. You already screwed us out of seats in first class, why would you be able to find them here?" {By the way, I see Dustin Watchman walking by. Hi Dustin!}
Boone asks permission from Nikki and Paulo for one of their chairs, they say yes.
Shannon has a fit and accuses Boone of flirting with random guys, and walks away.

On the beach Shannon is screaming for Boone! It's the day of the 'Crash'.
Nikki is searching the site for Paulo/bag. We see many familiar and similar images from 'Crash' day; Jin, Jack with Claire, Boone trying to revive Rose, Locke, {whom has contact with Nikki in this version}
Explosions and Nikki's meeting with Arzt.
Arzt is heard asking, "Are we alive? Did we survive? Look at me. Am I okay? Am I okay?" {Apparently he doesn't know the answer to this trick question.}
Boone asks Nikki if she has a pen.
Boone obviously on a quest asks, "Does anybody have a pen?"
Nikki sees Paulo staring out at the water. Her first question to him is, "Where's the bag?"

In the jungle Paulo lays on the ground with his eyes open. Sawyer tells Hurley,”This is the trail."
Hurley asks him what he knows about tracking. {Damn if you’re around someone long enough or often enough, you’re bound to eventually pick it up!}
Jin, Sawyer and Hurley find Paulo.
He's just like Nikki; no wound. Jin says something to Hurley in Korean, trying to show him something and Hurley seems to understand him and replies back.
Sawyer finds a right sneaker in a tree and Paulo's pants are undone.
Sawyer- "Maybe he stepped on something."
Jin looks through the back pack. Sawyers peers into the jungle; he doesn't admit he sees anything to Hurley.
Jin opens Paulo's water bottle and cautious Sawyer runs over tells him, "NO!" and pours it out. Hurley freaks because that's evidence!
Sawyer- "Two people are dead. Did you ever think they might have been poisoned?"
Hurley feels Sawyer's messing up the crime scene.
Sawyer- "Crime scene? There a forensics hatch I don't know about?" {Yes Sawyer. More hatches.}
Jin tells him to stop, "Monster."

75 Days Ago

Nikki and Paulo are fiddling with a pile of suitcases; they're talking about the monster.
Nikki says {as did Danielle} there’s no such thing as monsters. Apparently she's told him this many times. Paulo wonders if it was a dinosaur.
Nikki- "It's not Jurassic Park, Paulo. It's the South Pacific." {Well maybe it Jurassic Park!} He asks her what it was after all she saw the trees move. She doesn't care; she wants him to start focusing! They've been there for 6 days, the coast guard is going to get there any second, and she just wants the script bag.
Ethan asks them if they lost their luggage. He found some stuff, pants or a sweatshirt; he can help them find some that fit. {WTF? And yes, he's wearing the Wisconsin sweatshirt. Is he the wardrobe master?}
Nikki share with Ethan that Paulo lost his nicotine gum. Ethan cleverly and conveniently points them inland where they may have more luck. He explains the plane split apart so some of the stuff may have rained down in there. Paulo doesn't want to go into the jungle.
Arzt the 'town crier' tells everyone,”Boone! Boone took the water."
We witness Jack's Live Together, Die Alone speech, again.
Remember, he found water in the valley.

At Nikki's body:
Hurley, Jin and Sawyer carry Paulo's body to the cemetery; Hurley announces he's with Jin on the "Monster".
Sawyer comments sarcastically, "Yeah. Because that makes the most sense."
Hurley-"Locke said when Eko died his last words were, you’re next. And Nikki and Paulo were with them. He was talking about them."
Sawyer tells him he wasn't saying that about them. He was saying it as in 'You're all next.' The way Sawyer sees it they need to "find out whatever we can about these Jabonies...Nina and Pablo."
Hurley tells him to show respect; he knows their names.
Sawyer- "Whatever Hugo."
They head off to their tent; they better get some shovels too. The 2 bodies are left there uncovered, staring at the sky. {Damn, dry eyes! Visine, anyone?!}

57 Days Ago

Nikki is going to flirt her way in her “red top” to get info from Dr.Arzt. He has built himself a fucking LAB; complete with a shit load of peanut butter jars and containers! He's studying millipedes or centipedes and all kinds of creepy crawlies.
Nikki- "You're a scientist
Arzt proudly replies, "And and educator."
Since they got there HE discovered 20 new species, "I'm gonna be the next Charles Darwin."
Nikki picks up a blue topped jar that's holding the very dangerous Latrodectus Regina, Medusa Spider! {Oooooh-aaaaahhh} Her pheromones are very strong; one whiff and every male of the species would be there in seconds. {Is this one of his discoveries? There's no such thing as a Medusa Spider as far as we know. Is this an 'Island' discovery? He says "They call it the Medusa Spider." And if it's so dangerous, shouldn't it be in a jar with a RED top?! LOL}

Nikki asks him to explain trajectories so she can figure out where her luggage may have landed. He adjusts his handsome necktie obviously honored she asked him for help. He is going to draw a map. {Of course!}

Nikki and Paulo trek out into the jungle using a Jr. High school teachers hand drawn map. Nikki accuses Paulo of being jealous of Leslie.
Sarcastic Nikki says, "His spiders turn me on… I had to sleep with him."
Paulo brings up that she slept with Zuckerman, but Nikki reminds him she did that for "Us."
Paulo apologizes to her, "I don't trust that guy. We should have gone to Ethan. He would have helped."
Nikki points out the drug plane that's hanging off the cliff.
Paulo-"Another plane. Looks like it's been here a while."
She tries to get him to go up there, "Maybe there's a radio or something."
Paulo-"Are you insane. If I go up there, that thing's gonna fall."
{Paulo knows it's gonna fall. Boone and Locke didn't?! Where is the common sense?}
She tells him he's not gonna fall.
Paulo asks her if she wants him to die. "Come on. Let’s keep moving."

Nikki now points out the hatch that in the ground. {She's 2 for 2!} Paulo uses a rock to help open it; he wants to go check it out.
Nikk-"So, our carry on bag fell from the sky, opened a man hole, crawled inside, closed the doors behind itself? You don't' wanna climb up to a plane, but you wanna climb down a ladder into a dark tunnel. I don't think so."
Sawyer rummages through Nikki and Paulo stuff. Hurley tells him to be careful.
Sawyer- "Why? They don't live here anymore."
Charlie informs them Sun checked the food, "They're eating the same as us and no one else is sick. Could be a virus."
Hurley-"Dude. Monster." {Very interesting! Hmmmm}

Arzt's bug collection is in Nikki and Paulo’s tent. Butterflies {morphing bug}.
Charlie-"He collected all kinds of creepy crawlies before he exploded.
Hurley- "They must have been friends." {Very interesting. Hmmm?}
Charlie finds Nikki's EXPOSE script. Hurley claims it's only the most awesome hour of TV, ever! He flips through the pages very excited! It's like Baywatch, only better.
Hurley explains-"It's about Autumn and Crystal, two strippers that solve crimes with the help of their suave, smooth talking club owner, Mr. LaShade." {IMPORTANT NOTE- Hurley shows the cast list. Nikki is mentioned, but so is RICK LAPIDUS! Could that be a relative of Frank Lapidus? His name came up in find815!} Her big break must have been in Australia. Hurley reads the reveal that Mr. LaShade is the Cobra. The Cobra is this big bad guy; his identity has been shrouded in mystery for 4 seasons! Sawyer finds a walkie talkie, the same ones the Others use. Sawyer says they must have been working with the Others.

48 Days Ago

Shannon, Kate and Arzt are on the beach.
Artz-"Excuse me. Are you my mother? Because she knows what's best for me. Other than that, I decide."
Nikki {L.A. shirt} and Paulo ask the group what's going on.
Shannon tells her, "Kate and her two boyfriends found a case of guns that fell out of the plane. They decided they didn't really need to tell the camp."
Kate says the case is locked and the key is around Jack's neck; they're safe.
Artz tells Kate, "You're all out of control. The pigs are walking. Huh. The pigs are walking!" {Animal farm} Nikki wants to know where they found the case.

Nikki wants Paulo to dive in the water and find the script bag. She calls him a wuss.
She is manipulating him, "As you had no trouble reminding me I slept with Howie Zuckerman so the least you can do is go for a swim and Kate said they found the case on the bottom.”
Paulo asks her if she didn't need him so bad to get the bag, would they still be together.
Nikki tells him that bag is worth 8 Million Dollars, "Just dive in, Paulo."{Paulo, there's your answer} He dives in and passes the two bodies that are still in the seats and he sees the bag wedged between rocks. He returns to the surface but lies to Nikki telling her there was no bag.
Nikki-"There's nothing down there?"
Just dead bodies. {She is carrying a bag} He dives under.

The staring and still bodies of Nikki and Paulo at the graves:
Charlie, Jin, Sun and Hurley wonder if they were working with the Others. How?
Sawyer-"Like Michael."
The Others could be out there waiting to "get us."
Hurley tells him very nonchalant that he was with the Others two weeks ago. They're on the total other side of the island." Then who dragged Sun into the jungle?
Sun-"The Others came into our camp. They grabbed me; put a bag over my head. And if I hadn't gotten away, they would have killed me."
Sawyer has a gun and he offers to go see if "I can see any sign of them. I'll do a perimeter sweep." Sawyer says he got the gun off one of 'them' and he was gonna let the camp know about the gun, “Right Now."
Hurley asks what a perimeter sweep is.
Charlie asks Sun if they should "Cover them up?" Yes.

32 Days Ago

Paulo is on the beach at night with the script bag. He pops two pieces of Nicotine gum. {It's been 32 days! Does he still need the nicotine gum that badly?} He starts digging a hole.
Locke happens upon him and say, "Nice night."
Paulo hides the nesting dolls behind him and says he's doing nothing.
Locke says it looks like he's digging a hole, "Every man's entitled to his secrets Paulo, but can I give you a piece of advice?...You should put the shovel away and save yourself some trouble...Things don't stay buried on this island. The beach is eroding. Winter's coming. High tide. Whatever it is your hiding, make sure you pick a spot that won't wash away. See you back at camp."

Paulo climbs down the ladder into the Pearl Station. {Has a flashlight} He hides the nesting dolls in the toilet tank that's filled with water. {Number 22}
A voice is heard asking, "Who left this open?"
It's Ben and Juliet dressed in 'Others' garb with no shoes.
Juliet tells Ben that Tom was down here a couple of days ago. We hear Ben reply to her, "Have him cover it with a plank."
Paulo, hiding, shuts the bathrooms pocket door and watches them through the crack.
Ben tunes monitor 5 and we see Jack in the Swan hatch. Juliet remarks that's Shepherd; he's cute. Ben and Juliet have the 'surgery' conversation. Ben feels he can convince him to do the surgery, "The same way I get anybody to do anything. I find out what he's emotionally invested in, and I exploit it.” {Hmmm…Like taking Walt from Michael, maybe?}
Juliet- "We just grab all three of them? Ford and Austen too?"
No.Ben says they need to "Come to us." They're going to do that, using Michael of course.
Juliet- "This place gives me the creeps."
And they leave.
Paulo takes the walkie they left behind.{With all the camera's everywhere, wouldn't they know where everyone was wandering about to and from?!}

Hurley tells Desmond about Nikki and Paulo. He wants Des to use his psychic powers to see what happened. Of course he can't because it conveniently doesn't work like that. He only sees Flashes. {Yeah, so does everybody else!}
Hurley- "As far as superpowers go, yours is kind of lame.”
Desmond says he saw her with his mate this morning, "Your boy Sawyer."
Nikki was yelling at him, right before she died. {At this point it seems like Des's 'power' really only works when he knows it can get him closer to Penny. Manipulating Charlie gets him closer to Penny.}

Vincent {No collar} is sniffing around the blanket covered bodies of Nikki and Paulo.
Hurley-"Vincent! Dude!" The dog pulls the blankets off of them.
Charlie feels that Des seeing Sawyer and Nikki fighting doesn't prove anything. Hurley wonders why Sawyer is gung-ho about investigating this.
Sun states Sawyer's not a murderer, "He went all the way across the island to help Michael."
Sun insists it's the Others. Charlie comes clean about Sun's abduction. He tells her it was he who took her not the Others. After Locke hit him he just wasn't himself. Sawyer told him he could get even by helping steal the guns so they just made it look like the Others, "I didn't mean to hurt you." She walks away. Charlie is sorry.

9 Days Ago

Locke asks the group at the beach kitchen/pantry who wants to go to the Pearl Station. The computer there could help find "Our people." Nikki wants to go.
Inside the Pearl Station we see the gang talking about the monitors.

Paulo is in the bathroom retrieving the nesting dolls from the toilet tank.
We can hear Dr. Mark Wickmund's voice coming from the video.
Nikki talks about connecting to other hatches, etc.. Paulo opens all the nesting dolls to get to the little pouch; he hides the pouch down his pants. He throws the pieces of the nesting dolls back into the tank; flushes the toilet to complete the illusion he actually used the toilet.
Sawyer returns to the graves and the Losties. Hurley demands the gun from him; it's not even loaded.

Hurley tells him to quit lying, Desmond saw him with Nikki.
Sawyer-"Oh, I see what this is. Villagers got themselves some torches."
Sawyer did not kill them but admits he went at it with Nikki this morning because she wanted a gun. He didn't tell them because of the dirt under her nails. She was digging a hole. He saw a fresh mound of dirt near Paulo; she was burying something. Sawyer explains if you take the time to dig a hole right before you die, then what you're hiding probably pretty damn good. Sawyer throws the pouch of diamonds to Sun. He says he had nothing to do with those two.

12 Hours Ago

Nikki and Paulo sit and look out toward the water. Thanksgiving was 2 weeks ago and they missed it. They're gonna miss everything.
Paulo says they're going to find us, “We'll get rescued.”
She's surprised by his optimism. Paulo tells her it's how you look at things, "Like the bag. Maybe not finding it was good for us." Finding it may have torn them apart. He's going to go get them some breakfast. When he gets up, there's his nicotine gum!
Upset Nikki tells Sawyer she wants a gun. He's sitting reading a book, glasses on. "I don't have the guns. The A team took em all."
She knows he kept guns for himself.

Sawyer still wouldn't give her one, "Judging by the fire you're breathing, I got a feeling no good would come of it."
Nikki demands, "Sawyer. Give me a gun."
Des watches all of this.
Sawyer tells her to cool herself off, "And who the hell are you?"

Sawyer at Nikki's grave whispers,”Thanks for nothing" and closes her eyes. {What's he thanking her for?!}
As Sawyer digs a grave, Sun comes over and tells him Charlie told her everything.
Sawyer asks if she'll tell Jin.
Sun-"No...Because then we'd have to dig another grave." {Sawyer has no shirt on! YEAH!} Sun gives him the pouch of diamonds because they are worthless here. She slaps him.

At the graveside service for the two, Hurley does the talking,”We didn't know you very well. And it appears; you killed each other for diamonds. But I know there are good parts to you too. {Check out Sawyer here.} You were always nice to me. And you were a member of the camp. And, I really loved EXPOSE."
Good bye.

Sawyer takes the diamonds out of the pouch and pours them over their bodies, "Rest in peace Nikki and Paulo."

8 Hours Ago

Nikki leads Paulo into the jungle because she has a surprise! She found the diamonds, right here! She knows he has them but he says he doesn't. To prove it she shows him the nicotine gum. She takes out the peanut butter jar with the Medusa Spider and throws the spider at him.
She gives him a spider lesson. They call it the Medusa Spider because one look from Medusa would turn anyone into stone. One bite from this spider will paralyze you for 8 hours. It won't kill you. Only slow your heart rate down to the point even a doctor would have a hard time hearing it beat.
Paulo falls to the ground and becomes paralyzed; it bit him on the neck.
Nikki searches his body, throws the shoe that land in the tree, and finds the diamonds down his pants.
Paulo says he's sorry, he was afraid of losing her. If they “found the diamonds then you wouldn't need me anymore."
The smoke monster sounds!! Then lots of spiders arrive; one bites Nikki’s leg. Knowing what is to come from the bite she runs to bury the diamonds before paralysis kicks in. She runs and Nikki falls out of the jungle into the Ping Pong game.
Nikki- "Paralyzed."

At their graves, Sawyer and Hurley are shoveling dirt onto the bodies. Nikki and Paulo’s EYES OPEN!! The men continue cover the bodies!

EXPOSE IS A GREAT EPISODE! There, I said it! A lot of clues and info in this episode.

Things to Note…Questions to ask...
✈ Again talk of being dead, but NOT really being dead! Reappearing after supposedly being dead. There it is, again and again and again and again!!!
✈ Sound stages, scripts, props, costumes, cast. Isn't it possible that things are elaborately designed to create illusions and scenes to fool whoever they want to fool?!! Including a death scene?! 
Sawyer doesn't know who Nikki is here. Yet when he returns to the island we know he hugs her. Here Nikki is comfortable saying his name when demanding the gun.
✈ Layers!
✈ Brazilians speak Portuguese.
✈ Role. Roll. Play on words.
✈ Does Arzt have a scientific name for a bug that is an undiscovered species?
✈ Fun props to Star Wars! Woooohoooo!
✈ Apparently it's been said it's Gary Troup that gets sucked into the engine the day of the 'crash'.
✈ Shannon and Boone again get mistaken for a 'couple' not 'siblings'
✈ Sit/Seat/Sitting/Chair, why do these always come up in a specific manor?
✈ Jabonies. {Jabronies} Sounds like the word, similar to the one used by Pro-Wrestler 'The Rock'.
✈ Team 'A'. 'Alpha'
✈ The cobra's most recognizable feature is its hood.
✈ Nicotine, drugs. Addiction
✈ Bug! Bugs! Bugs! Spiders!
✈ Clues to Orphanage. Orphans who need a family!
✈ Eggs. Hatch. Nesting. Carry
✈ Babies. Yes. Babies. And mothers.
✈ Down, down, down…Tunnel, Tube.
✈ Who is the Cobra on the "Island"?
✈ Cold coat weather or Hot Bikini weather? Are we going somewhere with this?
✈ Morphing/transforming.
✈ Regina Queen in Italian. This is not the first time we have hints/clues to Queen. In chess, the Queen is a VERY important player. We cannot look over the importance of a woman in our story. There has to be one just as important as the king. Who could that important woman be? Hmm?!
✈ Since season 1, I have been saying Michael has a connection to the Others/Island.
✈ Here we have proof of something that can cause temporary paralysis. Makes me think of dear ol John.
✈ I read a similar Stephen King story in "Autopsy Room 4". It's the first short story in the collection Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales. A golfer gets bit by a snake. Paralyzed, wakes up in the autopsy room. Yada, Yada, Yada.

Vocabulary and Research...
Nicotine is an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants, predominantly in tobacco and coca, and in lower quantities in tomato, potato, eggplant and green pepper. Nicotine is named after the tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum, which in turn is named after Jean Nicot, French ambassador in Portugal, who sent tobacco and seeds from Brazil to Paris in 1560 and promoted their medicinal use. As a nitrogenous base, nicotine forms salts with acids that are usually solid and water soluble. Nicotine easily penetrates the skin. Nicotine causes mood-altering effects and feelings of relaxation, calmness, and alertness. It is even reported to produce a mildly euphoric state.
EXPOSE-to uncover, make visible, bring to daylight, introduce to. Or, to subject photographic film to light thus ruining it or taking a picture if controlled.
-Exposé -publication of some disreputable facts. Exposed. Presentation.
✦ A matryoshka doll  (Russian nested doll) is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside another. However, the concept of nested objects was familiar in Russia, having been applied to carved wooden apples and Easter eggs; the first Fabergé egg in 1885, had a nesting of egg, yolk, hen, and crown. Matryoshkas are also used metaphorically, as a design paradigm, known as the "matryoshka principle" or "nested doll principle". It denotes a recognizable relationship of "similar object-within-similar object" that appears in the design of many other natural and man made objects. An example is the Matrioshka brain.
Medusa- In Greek mythology, "guardian, protectress" was a monstrous chthonic female character; gazing upon her could turn onlookers to stone. Her hair of writhing serpents. She was beheaded by the human hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head as a weapon until giving it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield.
Medusa is a fictional superhero published by Marvel Comics. She first appeared in Fantastic 4. Medusa belongs to the race of Inhumans, a species of prehistoric earthlings mutated by the Terrigen Mists produced deep under the Inhuman city-state of Attilan, presently located in the oxygen-rich Blue Area of the moon.
* Medusa, New York.
* Medusa, the name of a secret organization in the classic Bourne series of novels.
* Medusa(ship), one of the most infamous shipwrecks of the Age of Sailing.
* Medusa, a proposed type of nuclear pulse propulsion using a solar sail as its "pusher plate"
SPIDER- is predatory invertebrate animals that have 2 body segments, 8 legs, no chewing mouth parts and no wings. They are classified in the order Araneae, one of several orders within the larger class of arachnids. Trigonotarbids, spider-like a rachnids, were among the oldest known land arthropods. Like spiders, they were terrestrial, respired through book lungs, and walked on eight legs with two additional legs adapted to use around their mouth. However, they were not true spiders, not even ancestral to them, but represented independent offshoots of the Arachnida. True spiders (thin-waisted arachnids) evolved about 400 million years ago, and were among the first species to live on land.
* Spider Myths occur in many cultures. In general it represents the the Sun, or the Great Mother as a weaver of destiny. (Peter BenjaminParker) Spider-Man is a fictional superhero. A bite from an irradiated spider causes a variety of changes in Peter Parker's body, giving him superpowers.
-Bug-Computer "Bug".

The Spider Protocol is a classified scientific project of the Hanso Foundation run by Thomas Mittelwerk. It seems to be based in Sri Lanka, and is strongly implied to be the operation shown in Rachel Blake's Sri Lanka video, involving killing 30% of a control group with a virus in order to somehow help Mittelwerk in his zealotry at tempts to solve the Valenzetti equation.
✦ Manifest File that can contain information about the files packaged in a J A R File.
✦ 1). Jar is a container. 2). to vibrate or shake.
In Buddhism- Known as a Treasure Vase or Bumpa: Representing inexhaustible treasure and wealth.
-Jar, Norway, a center in the municipality of Bærum
-Canopic jar used in ancient Egyptian burial.
Diamond is a symbol of power and wealth.
Diamond Sutra is a short and well-known Mahāyāna sūtra from the Prajñāpāramitā, or "Perfection of Wisdom" genre, and emphasizes the practice of non-abiding and non-attachment. The Diamond Sūtra, like many Buddhist sūtras, begins with the famous phrase "Thus have I heard".
A list of vivid metaphors for impermanence appears in a popular four-line verse at the end of the sūtra:
All conditioned phenomena
Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, or shadows;
Like drops of dew, or flashes of lightning;
Thusly should they be contemplated. 

Razzle Dazzle Dazzle camouflage, also known as Razzle Dazzle or Dazzle painting, was a camouflage paint scheme used on ships.
✦Also term Razzle Dazzle to imply a trick or illusion to fool or dazzle someone.

Expose. For anyone who thought this was a throw away episode I hope I showed you some of the fun and clever ways the creative team still handed us a shit load of very important clues and information!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Apparently Arzt can't decide if he's a married man or not. Note the disappearing wedding ring.

Posted at MySpace February 2008.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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