March 25, 2009

Catch 22

Let's talk about LOST! Catch 22.

Sexy Desmond machetes his way through the jungle; it’s raining.Hurley, Charlie and Jin are with him.
Charlie tells Hurley he's insane because, "Superman, can fly around the entire planet in the blink of an eye!"
Hurley- "Dude. If we're going by a pure foot race, Supe's would get dusted by the Flash."
Charlie-"Why would the man of steel agree to a sodding foot race?"
Hurley- "For charity. And the Flash would totally win cause he could like vibrate through walls and stuff."
Charlie- "Ooooh, vibration! Whatever would Superman do if he ever came up against a wall?"
Hurley- "No smashing allowed."
Charlie-"No Flying. No smashing. Any other restrictions I need to know about? Perhaps we should fit Superman with a pair of kryptonite…"  With that Charlie steps on a tripwire {Wearing his black/white Vans} an Arrow is launched and hits Charlie in the neck/throat! Desmond tells Charlie to breathe, don't try to talk, "We've got to get back."  Jin yells for Des to help but he can't.   Charlie appears to die. Desmond-Flashes- Echoes. The cable in the sand, Hurley with the cable in his hands, Red light falling from the sky, Picture of Des and Penny w/ wide white border, Jin holding silver parachute, Charlie's voice 'Superman can fly around the entire planet.' Charlie holding a section of the silver parachute, something falls into it, body of parachutist hanging and the blinking beacon, Penny crying, arrow launched {Note Penny eyes.} Desmond snaps out of his Flash. He is on the rocks fishing with a bamboo pole. {Bottle of water.} He looks back toward the camp and sees Charlie with/bottle of water.

Desmond runs up to Hurley and asks him where the wire is.
Hurley- "Did you eat those mushrooms Jack warned us about?" {Hurley's plaid shirt w/yellow collar.}
Desmond-"There's a wire. A cable buried in the sand. Do you know what I'm talking about?"
Hurley- "This is future crap, isn't it?"
Desmond wants to know where the cable is; it's important.  Hurley asks why.
Des-Flashes- Red blinking beacon, Parachutist Hanging, Charlie 'Superman…' echoes, them holding the silver parachute, the wide white bordered pic of Des and Penny.  Desmond seems to be remembering something.  He reveals, "Because someone's coming."

Short haired Desmond is reading from a thin black book with Red edged paper. He is kneeling; wearing a gray sweatshirt. He seems distracted.  The door opens and Brother Campbell enters. He gives Desmond a brown robe and tells Desmond that God tests our faith in many ways, "So as you well know, we have our own test here. A vow of silence that lasts as long as we see fit. This challenges both one's patience and his faith. For some it may last a week. Those we're less sure about, a month. Personally Desmond, I'd never thought you'd last. And so now I stand corrected. For whatever reason your path has led you here. And now you're one of us. Welcome brother." Desmond seems happy.

Jack {red shirt} is working out of a suitcase. {Medicine bottles.} Desmond and Hurley walk over.
Des looks over at Jack's tent and says to him "It must be nice to wake up in your own bed."
Jack- "Yep! Home Sweet Home." {That's what I'm saying!}
Desmond asks to borrow his first aid kit as he's twisted his ankle. Jack offers to take a look at it but that's okay, Des has taped his share of ankles. Jack asks Hurley if he's okay.
Hurley tells him he's just keeping Des company, "Cause we're friends." {Although he didn't sound too sure of that!}
Jack wants Desmond to bring that back when you're done with it.
Desmond asks Hurley, "What the hell was that? Do you want him to get suspicious?"
Hurley-"Suspicious of what?"
Hurley thinks this has something to do with Desmond knowing when Claire was drowning; that's why Des got the first aid kit. Someone's gonna get hurt, but it's not Hurley.  Desmond tells him it's just a precaution. Hurley feels if Desmond wants to be taken to the wire he wants an explanation.
So Desmond shares with him, "I saw a sequence of events. Things that are gonna happen."
Des explains it's like a jigsaw puzzle. Only I didn't have the picture on the box, so I don't know how the pieces fit, exactly. But, but one of the pieces, the first one… Des-Flash-Hurley pulling the cable out of the sand. It was you pulling the cable out of the sand." Hurley asks about the other pieces.
Desmond- "If I tell you that, it'll change the picture on the box." {Bullshit! I call FUCKING SHENANIGANS!}
Hurley- "So what! Isn't that the point? Preventing something bad?"
Des- "Not this time." {WTF?} Des isn't trying to stop something from happening, He actually wants it to happen! Des-Flash- Actual bulb flash, Des and Penny take their picture. He wants it to happen more than anything!

Sawyer visits Freckles at her "house".
Kate- "I thought you weren't allowed to use nicknames?"
He tells her she wasn't around when he lost the bet. {The no nickname rule was to last 1 week.} She's in the middle of getting dressed and he is taken in by her beauty. {HA!} He wants to know if she told the Doc about them.
Kate- "No. But he knows"    She goes on to explain that he saw them on one of their surveillance monitors. Sawyer is happy telling the Doc about the two of them is out of the way. He would like some afternoon delight! "That means sex."
Kate teasingly walks out.
Sawyer- "You need me to make you a mix tape?"   She says yeah.

Jin is making a spear. Hurley wants to know why Desmond needs Jin there.
Desmond explains "Because he was there with us."  Des Flash-Hurley w/cable.
Hurley-"…In one of your puzzle Flashes."
Desmond- "Aye." {PIRATE! lol}
Hurley questions, if Jin doesn't go with them, the person who "supposed to" come won't either. Apparently that's "The long and short of it."
Desmond has no bloody idea how to get Jin to come with them.
Hurley- "Watch the master."
Hurley talks Jin into going camping; In English of course. "Sleeping under the stars, fire on the beach, marshmallows."
Of course Jin understands  and BINGO, Jin will go camping! {Hurley and Jin can communicate with each other} Desmond is pleased. He tells them to get food and water as he needs to get the "one more" to go with them;  Charlie and his guitar.
 Desmond is trying to convince him to go with them.  Charlie knows this isn't about camping; it's about Des's visions. Desmond informs him someone's coming to the island.
Charlie-"As in, someone who's not already here? How the hell is that gonna happen?"
Guess fucking what!…..Desmond can't tell him! {How convenient!} It seems that Desmond has misled Charlie in this adventure.
Charlie- "It's got nothing to do with me?"
Desmond shares he is part of it, as are Jin and Hurley.  Of course Des hasn't told Jin or Hurley they are gonna die. Des Flash- Arrow into Charlie's neck. Des-"That's not gonna happen. Not this time."
Charlie will go; Based on Desmond's Con. Charlie will bring his guitar. {Charlie has a PEARL STATION NOTEBOOK! And he never asks Desmond why he's carrying a medical bag. Stupid ass!}

The guys are on their trek across the beach whistling the Colonel Bogey March.
Desmond is not whistling. {Jin knows this tune. Cool!}
Hurley spots the "place."  He tells Des this is where he followed the wire into the jungle. Jin finds the cable in the sand. Then he and Hurley pull it up. Des-Flash- echoes-Hurley w/cable, it pulls through the sand, through the jungle, red blinking beacon. Des snaps out of it. Hurley explains that the last time he followed that wire into the jungle he almost got kebabbed by one of Rousseau's spiky deathtrap things. Des-Flash-Arrow launched, into Charlie's throat, Silver parachute floats down, Des says "Cut her down."   Desmond tells them they’re "not going in the jungle, well, not yet." It's getting late.
They camp there for the night.
Jin is happy! "Camp."
Charlie- "So when do they get here? Your mysterious someone?"
Apparently the answer is "Soon".

Desmond and Brother Campbell are bottling wine.
Brother Campbell-"You do realize, you're free to talk again Brother Desmond."
Desmond supposes he's used to being quiet. {Hmmmm} {Wine label- Moriah Vineyards. Cabernet Sauvignon 1995. Limited production of 500 bottles. Grown and Bottled by Moriah Vineyards}
Desmond finds the names the brothers gave the wines interesting. He explains that Moriah is the mountain where Abraham was asked to kill Isaac. It's really not a festive locale.
Brother Campbell tells him God spared Isaac. Desmond is bothered by the fact that Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son in the first place.
Brother Campbell educates him that it wouldn't have been much of a test otherwise.
Perhaps Desmond underestimates the value of sacrifice.
A monk dressed in white comes in to see Desmond and tells him, "Brother Desmond, I met this man down by the gates. Says he needs to have a word with you."
The visitor walks in and punches Desmond right in the nose! The guy blesses himself and says a prayer. {As if that's gonna make it okay}

Kate at night at the beach kitchen, eating. She tells Jack the oatmeal's awesome.
Kate- “It’s strange, huh….being back. Not looking for a way out of a cage. Not finding a reason to go running off into the jungle again. I almost don't know what to do with myself."
Jack tells her to enjoy it; he's sure something will go wrong soon enough. {Maybe he can see the future too! Yeah right! They really are at home there, if they feel being away for a week is strange! How long were they really gone? Is this a return trip to the "Island"? I'm just asking!}
Kate's going to do {wash} the dishes in the ocean.  Jack borrows her spoon and she licks it clean before giving it to him. {Whatever} He says goodnight and takes his food over to Juliet.  Kate watches them.

Kate busts into Sawyers "house".   He's relaxed, reading with his glasses on, "What, my doorbell busted again?"
She tells him to shut up and don't talk! She initiates some lovin! Kate cries during the kissing.

Guitar music; Charlie plays dramatic bits.
Jin with a flashlight making a spooky face is telling a scary story in Korean.
The campers have marshmallows! They are very into Jin's story. {Of course!} He and Charlie seem to understand. Jin's climax of the story involves a no handed right arm. Maybe a hook instead! Lol. {I, unlike Hurley and Charlie, do not speak Korean} They are entertained by the story.
Hurley says he loves the part about the bird. {WOW!} "There was a bird, right?"

Desmond sits looking at the picture of him with Penny.
It's Hurley's turn to tell a story, so he tells of the Chupacabra; it's like a bear with spines, but Mexican. He continues the story with Jin.
Charlie walks over to Des and gives him a can of vegetable stuff.
Desmond shows Charlie the picture.
Charlie-"How did you manage to leave her behind and come here?"
Desmond- “Because I'm a cowardYou and me both, pal."
Des tried to run away from her and she tracked him down, "With enough money and determination, you can find anyone, she said."
He used to get through the nights thinking she actually meant it; that she never gave up. That maybe she spent the last three years looking for him. All of a sudden they hear the sounds of a helicopter . They get a little excited. Then you hear engine give out. Splash!
Desmond is upset. Hurley says they gotta go out there. {Into the water} Jin spots a blinking beacon falling from the sky. Desmond is pleased.
Jin- "Pallet?"
Hurley says no. It's not a food drop. They saw the beacon thing. "Someone, like, ejected." {He knows for a fact it's not a food drop}
Charlie says you can't eject from a helicopter. Hurley suggests maybe they jumped. All that matters is that they're here.
Charlie- "They? How do we even know it's a person?"
'Cause Desmond said "someone was coming."  Desmond wants to head out to where it fell but Charlie doesn't want to trek into the jungle in the middle of the night. "Rousseau's deathtrap."
Charlie- "It's gonna be light in two hours. We'll wait…"
Desmond- "She can't wait!"
Desmond- "They. Whoever it is!" {Yeah. Just what I thought, Desmond knows things} They could be hurtAll four of us have to go now!" Because that is the way it's supposed to happen.
Charlie-"Right. Well I guess it's supposed to happen without me."  Des-Flash-echoes, Charlie's voice, 'Superman' Pic w/Penny, trip wire, Arrow through Charlie's neck, parachute person falls from trees. Desmond has second thoughts and says they go at first light...Together.

Door knocker: Desmond knocks 3x.
Derek, who punched Desmond in the nose, opens the door {plaid shirt}.
Desmond asks if his sister is in. Desmond has band aid on his nose. The brother wants Desmond to leave.
This is Ruth. {Dressed in shades of rose/red}
Ruth's home is very proper and very religious. {Images of roses everywhere!}
Ruth- "So you're a monk now, are ya?"
Well, technically he's still a novice; his initiation is done.
Ruth says he could never begin to explain what he did. He left 1 week before the wedding, "You just disappeared completely."
Desmond- "I had a calling."
Ruth-"We dated for six years and the closest you ever had to a religious experience was Celtic winning the cup!"
Desmond reveals he was scared about the wedding, maybe had a few pints too many, "I raised my eyes and I asked, Am I doing the right thing? And that's the last thing I remember. And when I woke up I was lying on my back in the street, and I don't know how I got there, and there was this man standing over me, Ruth. And he reached out his hand and he said to me 'Can I help you brother? And the first thing I noticed was the rope tied around his waist and I looked at him and I knew, I knew I was supposed to go with him. I was supposed to leave everything that mattered behind. Sacrifice all of it. For a greater calling."
Ruth-"Well, It's a good thing a bloody shepherd didn't help you up, or I'd supposed you'd be off with the sheep, wouldn't ya?" {WOW! For a religious girl, you'd think she'd understand!? Plus it is a nod to the Shepherd men.}
Ruth- "The next time you want to break up with someone, don't join a monastery. Just tell the girl you're too bloody scared." {Or join the secret society of the "Island". HA!}

Juliet hammers in a nail. Jack asks her if she's a doctor or a carpenter?
Juliet- "What? Your dad never taught you to use a hammer?"
Jack- "Nah, My dad taught me how to drink." {Yep! Jack knows how to drink!} Sawyer hopes he's not interrupting them, "You two arguing over who's your favorite Other?" {LOL!}
Sawyer is there to tell the Doc that there's been some developments since you went AWOL. Sawyer presents him with the handmade Ping Pong paddles!
Sawyer- "How's your backhand?"

As the two play Jack wonders where they got the table.
Sawyer asks, doesn't he recognize it? "It fell out of the purple haze after the hatch went blammo. If we don't play every 108 minutes, this Island's gonna explode!"
Sawyer feels this game is finally something he can beat Jack at.   Jack hasn't played since he was 12. 18 point.
Sawyer-"It's kinda strange, being back huh?"
Jack giggles, tells him Kate said the same thing in the kitchen last night. {DOH!} This distracts Sawyer.
Jack- "Best 2 outta 3."

"What's next?" Charlie asks Des "Yeah, you saw the wire, the flashy thing falling out of the sky. Now what? Maybe I can help…"
Desmond cuts him off,"That's it! There is no next. We find the beacon."
Charlie-"Why are you lying to me, Mate?"
Desmond- "Look, mate! I've saved your life 3 times now, If that hasn't bought me your trust I don't know what will? Let’s move." {3x?!}
Hurley- "Dude, seriously. I'm gonna have a coronary."  {Heart}
Desmond corrects him, "Actually you're not. And if we don't get a move on we're not gonna make it before night fall."
Charlie picks up a hula girl doll from the ground and Jin asks something in Korean. Charlie says it can't be Rousseau's because a massive rock would be flying at his head right now. Desmond sees something in a tree and uses Hurley as a ladder to get it. Of course it's a back pack! Hurley asks if that came down with the flashing red light thingy.
The pack contains a paperback of Catch-22, another book wrapped in plastic {Des wrapped his book and stuff in plastic when he was on his boat in the rain storm.}
Jin picks up, "Walkie Talkie."   Hurley knows it's a satellite phone; he even turns it on, but it dies. Desmond finds the picture of him and Penny. {Obviously a print out copy.}
Charlie looks at Desmond.

Sawyer brings Kate a mix tape; The Best of Phil Collins. He says if Bernard asks, he don't' know a thing about it. Kate thanks James. He also asks her if he 'jumped' him last night, was it because she saw the Doc with Juliet?
Kate-"It's not like that."
Sawyer-"It's not? You ain't gotta use me Freckles. All you gotta do is ask."

Thunder and lightning roll.
Charlie asks Desmond if he think it's "her", his "girl" Penny who bailed out of the helicopter.
Desmond- "Earlier I hoped it. Now I know it."
Charlie-"Why didn't you tell us?"
Desmond- "Would you've come if I had?"
Charlie-"Of course." {Watch Des's face!}
Desmond-"I didn't tell you because, I didn't want anything to change."
Charlie-"Look if whatever you’re seeing leads to your girl getting us rescued, why would we want to change anything, right?"   Des-Flash, trip wire, arrow in to Charlie.
Hurley-"Thanks for the heads up about bringing an umbrella, dude."
It rains. {Apparently Desmond can't predict rain.}

Desmond is singing the Celtic song in the winery. He's drunk with a Band aid on his nose; 2 bottles of wine. "It's a grand ol team to see…..and if you know your history…"
Brother Campbell sees Desmond getting pissed on their wine.  A bottle fetches over 100 quid; They've only bottled 108 cases this year. Desmond jokes it's a good thing they've taken a vow of poverty.
Brother Campbell says they've also taken a vow of charity. Desmond offers Brother Campbell some wine.
Brother Campbell-"Something tells me you're not cut out to be a monk."
Desmond had a tough week. Brother Campbell fires Desmond. Des tells him he heard the call!
Brother Campbell- "Sure you heard the CALL. But the Abbey isn't where you were meant to end up."
Brother Campbell goes on to tell him that god has bigger plans more important plans for him. He's just too busy running away to realize what you may be running toward.
Desmond asks him what he's supposed to do now.
Brother Campbell-"Whatever comes next."

"Who's Penny?" Jin asks in English.   Hurley tells him she's a chick Des used to date, and now he thinks she fell from the sky, so their gonna save her life and she's gonna get them rescued. Jin seems to be looking at Desmond but seems concerned. But then Hurley comments, "Dude, even if I spoke Korean, it wouldn't make any sense."
Des wants them to stop talking and move quicker.
Hurley says he's moving as fast as he can, "In case you haven't noticed dude, I'm not exactly the Flash." {Yes, there's literally is a FLASH} Charlie says the Flash is pathetic. Hurley asks if he's got something against the fastest man alive. "You're insane mate. Superman can fly around the entire planet in the blink of an eye."
Hurley-"Dude, if we're going by a pure foot race, Supe's would get dusted by the Flash." {Des realizing this is part of his Flash}
Charlie- "Why would the man of steel agree to a sodding foot race?"
Hurley- "Uh for charity! And Flash would totally win cause he can vibrate through walls and stuff."
Desmond sees the arrow and the tripwire.
Charlie- "OOOh Vibrations. And what would Superman do if he ever came up against a wall?"
Hurley-"No smashing allowed."
Charlie-" No Flying. No smashing. Any other restrictions I need to know about? Perhaps we could fit Superman with a pair of Kryptonite ballet slippers."
Charlie steps on the tripwire and the arrow is launched.
Desmond- "Charlie duck!"
Desmond tackles and saves him! Charlie's a little pissed!

On their trek the four aren't sure where the beacon fell. Desmond says it fell "On this side of the rise."
Jin disagrees. {Desmond doesn't know for sure?! It's his damn vision!}
Hurley suggests they split up

Charlie stays with Des. They cross over a stream. Charlie confronts Desmond about knowing to tell him he'd have to duck.
Desmond- "If I told you the truth you wouldn't have come!"
Charlie's pissed because Desmond is willing to sacrifice him, to get to his girl. {There's the answer!}
Desmond- "The Flashes don't happen exactly how I saw them. The picture changes. I was supposed to let you die, Charlie….I keep saving your life." And what good is it. It's gonna keep happening again and again. Maybe it's a test? Like god testing Abraham, “Except I failed, because I changed what I saw."
Jin yells something in Korean.
They come upon a silver parachute with the parachutist hanging lifeless from the tree. They call out.
Jin yells out to her in Korean. {lol}
Desmond-"I'm sorry Penny."

Desmond without a band aid and dressed in street clothes, meets Brother Campbell in his office to return his "robe".   On his desk is a picture of Brother Campbell and Miss Hawking. {WOW! Imagine that. And what a bizarre picture it is!} Brother Martin's heading to town in a few hours, he can give Desmond a ride; if Des doesn't mind heavy lifting.
10 cases are ready to go. Brother Campbell is explaining to the woman picking up the order, and whose father sent the check in advance; a generous donation.   Apparently they see each other from time to time. Brother Campbell shakes Desmond's hand and says goodbye. {Crate is marked 12B1989}
Desmond makes eye contact with this woman. She instructs him to put them/crates in the back, the rest will can go up front.
Desmond runs up to the parachutist. Desmond's voice, "You better drive safe Miss. This vineyard only makes a limited number of these cases each year." Desmond is climbing the tree up to the hanging body. Desmond tells her a funny about the lazy monks, easier making grape jelly than wine. She giggles. He tells her he's an ex monk, as of last night, he was fired. She didn't know monks could be fired. Desmond explains to her that the Abbey wasn't where he was meant to end up. It's just a step along a path. God allegedly has bigger plans for him. He doesn't entirely believe that.
She says- "Maybe they're right. Just think, if you hadn't gotten fired, we wouldn't have met. And then how could help possibly me unload these crates in Carlisle?"
Desmond- "Did I say I was coming to Carlisle with you?"
She replies, "Not yet".

Jin, Charlie and Hurley hold open the silver parachute to catch the body of the woman Desmond is cutting down.
Desmond doesn't usually get in cars with strangers. "In that case. I'm Penelope….Penny."
He kinda stares at her and says on word-"Desmond."    He smiles.
They guys surround the body. Hurley says she's alive. Desmond runs to her and removes her helmet. It is NOT Penny.
This chick says only one word, "Desmond."

Catch 22 is a  GREAT EPISODE! There are tests and challenges on this adventure.
I want to start with this….Desmond wanting things done exactly his way.  He tells everyone, "according to his puzzle visions..."   BULLSHIT! He is indeed seeing "Flashes" of something, but of what? {Flashes of insight toward enlightenment perhaps?}
Did we start this episode with a Flash within a Flash? Desmond experienced a Flash within a Flash in Flashes Before Your Eyes.

Let's break a couple of things down as far as these "Flashes" of Desmond's go:

Desmond tells Hurley he can't tell him about the other puzzle pieces because it'll change the picture on the box…Yet in Flashes Before Your Eyes Desmond did make changes in those Flashes and it changed NOTHING.   He still ends up on the "Island" playing the game and walking the path in this adventure.  Unless the changes he "thought" he made in an effort to "change things" was the way the things he did all along.
In this episode Charlie makes a change to Desmond's plans to head into the jungle at night to get to "her".   Desmond says "All four of us have to go now!"    Well apparently not leaving at that moment doesn't really fucking matter!    Because Desmond gives in and waits to leave in daylight.   Desmond gives in to Charlie, all to keep the con going with Charlie and to keep them all together;  But it changed nothing.
On their trek Charlie says "Kryptonite BALLET SLIPPERS" before the trap goes off, but in the Flash he stops at "Kryptonite".    Desmond's Flash shows Charlie getting shot with the arrow but later shows Charlie holding the parachute in the Flash. The arrow pierces Charlie's neck in the Flash, while the actual arrow pierces the neck of Charlie's guitar.
Desmond is using Charlie. Desmond is willing to sacrifice Charlie, to get to his girl. There's one of our answers!
Desmond says -"The Flashes don't happen exactly how I saw them. The picture changes. I was supposed to let you die, Charlie….I keep saving your life….It's gonna keep happening again and again. Maybe it's a test?… Because I changed what I saw."   COME ON! The Flashes showed us two different things as far as Charlie was concerned!  So what did he change? He made a choice to save Charlie here. In his puzzle visions Charlie is holding one end of the silver parachute, so Charlie obviously didn't fucking die in one of the run throughs! 

With all that said, could Desmond just be experiencing Flashes of Memory? Isn't it possible Desmond is just remembering events and facts from another go-around on the "Island" or even multiple go-arounds?  That could include the past, present and  the future.   But no matter what he still always has a choice to save Charlie!
Desmond is using what he knows/remembers about Charlie's destiny with death and conning him; trying to get Charlie to trust him so he can use poor Charlie to get what he wants.   Desmond admits to being a coward so he needs someone else to do a particular quest for him!
Does Desmond truly believe that Charlie having to die is the point to getting to the next step? This is a fucking LOOPHOLE!
When Desmond says, "Earlier I hoped it. Now I know it."- Apparently he's a very confused man, or just playing one hell of a game...Because he was wrong!

On to the Castaways:
This whole bit with Losties being "gone" and coming back, etc… Are they all going back and forth at separate times, but still end up back at the beach/"Island" together?  Imagine something like you or I just taking little short trips away from your neighborhood, then you come home. Your neighbor goes on vacation, then returns.  The whole neighborhood isn't going on a trip at the same time but you all end up back home at the same time, at some point.  Did that make sense? lol.   I'll make it simpler...How about you exit the game/journey and then you can enter again.

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* Can they all travel back and forth from the "Island" in a "FLASH"?
* Challenges. Tests. Quests. Missions. Value. Sacrifice. Team. Game. Win. Race.

* Black. Red. White. Silver/gray. Brown. Purple.
* Conscious mind.
* Clues to the comic book. Superhero.
* Des recruits the guys but he cons Charlie to go.
* "Did you eat those mushrooms…?"  Clue to being drugged/Hallucination.
* Can anyone/something vibrate through walls or go under doors?
* Carlisle- Boone's last name is Carlyle
* The cable is connecting things. Wire. Keep in mind the main "Power source" has to come from somewhere else!
* Chupacabra.- Extraterrestrial monster.
* Cassette of "The Best of Phil Collins" There is no cassette titled that. That exact title was for a song book. A music, vocal, piano song book/sheet music.
* I wonder if Kelvin is hanging around somewhere?!
* Could any of the "Island" residents be children of parents who were willing to sacrifice their children to this cause?
* Desmond is helping himself.
* Language. Communication.
* Rose.
*  I wonder who Desmond's father is.  Maybe Christian? 

* Christian and Jack are connected to this "Desmond" episode.
* Wine. Alcohol/Liquor. Drunk.
* Maybe Desmond is someone's "father". {Creator}
* Adoptive parents?
* Why is someone always in a "tree"?
* The Monastery was also referred to as an Abbey. Monastery and Abbey differ to some degree.
* Date on bottle labels 1995. On the crate 1989. I'm just noting it.
* Desmond really on the "island" for three years? Hmm...
* "The first thing I noticed was the rope tied around his waist."
* Desmond co-pilot or pilot?
* Hurley is the master...of what? Is anyone else a master?
* Silence. Offering.  Path. Leaving behind "attachments". Heart.
* Beacon...Light...Enlightenment

Vocabulary and Research...

* Ruth: Compassion or pity for another.

   2). Sorrow or misery about one's own misdeeds or flaws.
* Catch-22 is a novel by Joseph Heller published in 1961. It's set during the later stages of World War II.
* Catch-22- describing a paradox in a law, regulation or practice in which one is a victim regardless of the choice one makes. In probability theory, it refers to a situation in which multiple probabilistic events exist, and the desirable outcome is an AND join of these events, however there is zero probability of this occurrence. Double bind, a term for a common instance of the catch-22 logical conundrum in psychology.
* 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: a genetic disorder also known as CATCH-22.
* Morton's Fork is an expression that describes a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives (a dilemma), or two lines of reasoning that lead to the same unpleasant conclusion.
* A Hobson's choice is a free choice in which only one option is offered, and one may refuse to take that option. The choice is therefore between taking the option or not taking it. It is analogous to the expression "my way or the highway".
* A monk (Greek for alone), in modern parlance also referred to as a monastic, a person who practices religious asceticism, the conditioning of mind and body in favor of the spirit, and does so living either alone or with any number of like-minded people, whilst always maintaining some degree of physical separation from those not sharing the same purpose. The concept is ancient.
* Colonel Bogey March was written in 1914. Lieutenant F. J. Ricketts published "Colonel Bogey" and his other compositions under the pseudonym Kenneth Alford. Supposedly, the tune was inspired by a military man and golfer who whistled a characteristic 2-note phrase (descending minor third interval) instead of shouting "Fore!"
* Bogey, a golfing term for "one over par".
* Bogey (brevity code), a radar or visual air contact whose identity is unknown.
* Superman- The story of Superman, he was born Kal-El on the alien planet Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father moments before the planet's destruction. Adopted and raised by a Kansas farmer and his wife, the child is raised as Clark Kent, and imbued with a strong moral compass. Upon reaching maturity the character develops superhuman abilities, resolving to use these for the benefit of humanity.
* Flash Memory- A form of non-volatile computer memory.
* The Flash-Once nicknamed the Scarlet Speedster, the Flash possesses "super-speed," which includes the ability to run and move extremely fast, use superhuman reflexes and seemingly violate certain laws of physics. There are a few incarnations of The Flash, with different Main character names. In later stories of the Flash, The Flash also introduced a much-imitated plot device into superhero comics when it was revealed that Garrick and Allen existed on fictional parallel worlds. Their powers allowed them to cross the dimensional boundary between worlds, and the men became good friends.
* The Wall. Concept album by Pink Floyd. Story portrays the life of an anti-hero named Pink, who is beaten down by society from the earliest days of his life: having lost his father, smothered by his over-protective mother, oppressed at school by tyrannical, abusive teachers, a cheating wife, Pink withdraws into his own fantasy world, building an imaginary wall, an allegory for being emotionally distant, to protect himself from the rest of the world. Every bad experience in his life is "Another Brick in the Wall". Pink slowly goes insane behind his freshly completed wall. He is lost on the inside.
* Charity (practice), the practice of benevolent givings. In Christianity it is a virtue.
* Charity is a purely functional experimental programming language, developed at Calgary. Based on ideas by Hagino it is completely grounded in category theory. Disregarding interactions with the outside world, all Charity programs are guaranteed to terminate.

I'm adding these two here because the cold clue has been coming up. I'm just noting them here.
* In physics or engineering, cryogenics is the study of the production of very low temperatures (below –150 °C, –238 °F or 123 K) and the behavior of materials at those temperatures. (Rather than the familiar temperature scales of Fahrenheit and Celsius, cryogenicists use the Rankine and Kelvin scales.) The Kelvin (symbol: K) is a unit increment of temperature and is one of the seven SI base units. The Kelvin scale is a thermodynamic (absolute) temperature scale where absolute zero, the theoretical absence of all thermal energy, is zero (0 K).
* Cryonics is the low-temperature preservation of humans and other animals that can no longer be sustained by contemporary medicine until resuscitation may be possible in the future. Human cryopreservation is not currently reversible. Cryonics is derived from the Greek word meaning cold.

* Buddhist use 108 beads, representing the 108 human passions that Avalokiteshvara assumed when telling the beads. This number also ensures the worshipper repeats the sacred mantra at least 100 times, the extra beads allowing for any omissions made through absent mindness in counting or for the loss or breakage of beads.
* In Buddhism:
The Eight Offerings:
-Offering water to cleanse the mouth or face:
-Offering water to wash the feet:Offering flowers signifies the practice of generosity and opens the heart.
-Offering incense symbolizes moral ethics or discipline.
-Offering light
-Offering of perfume or the fragrance from saffron or sandalwood. It signifies perseverance or joyous effort. Through that one quality, one develops all the qualities of enlightenment.
-Offering of food which has a lot of different tastes signifies samadhi, which is a nectar or ambrosia to feed the mind.
-Offering of musical instruments.The Eight Lucky Articles or Eight Bringers of Good Fortune to support the practitioner's efforts at reaching enlightenment. 

Each of these also represents an aspect of the 8-fold Noble Path which is DHARMA.

Catch-22. I guess it doesn't matter…Flashes…Flashes of Time…Flashes of the Past…Flashes of the Present…Flashes of the Future…Flashes of Memories…Flashes of insight... It now and forever will always be a catch-22 for them.

Love to all who are "LOST" ™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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