March 26, 2009

The ODI Lostcast "Embraces" Namaste.

Hi Losties!!

Well we have decided to try out two new segments this week. The first segment is what we call Initial Thoughts in a Flash. This will be the opening of the podcast and is a 2-3 minute clip of us chatting about the episode for the first time. SO you get an inside listen at what we thought of the episode right after it aired.

The second segment was created because there was so much positive feedback for having DarkUFO LOST Recapper Vozzek on the last recap podcast that he has agreed to do some weekly clips for us. We are calling that segment Vozz's Final Thoughts. This segment will be the end of the recap portion right before the preview/spoilers section

Nothing else is changing we will still have our regular recaps followed by a preview of the upcoming episodes with a spoilers-round up.

Enjoy the LOSTNESS!!

NOTE: The SPOILERS Section starts at the 88 Minute mark this week.

ODI LOSTcast 36 - Epi 509 Recap and Epi 510 Preview

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  1. Just wanted to say how much I liked the two new segments on your podcast. Very nice touches for an already very intriguing, engaging podcast. I think you have great chemistry with your partner and I appreciate the depth and breath of knowledge your both exhibit.

  2. Hey Karen,

    I've made a discovery about how I think, certain members of the O6 made it back to 1977 while the others stayed in the present.

    I remember you saying in a recent podcast that the eyes are a key to the story line. Now if you go back to the episode 316 and onwards and watch the scenes in the plane just before the flash or crash. We witness several people keeping their eyes closed. We see Hurley covering his eyes, Kate also does, and in the latest episode Namaste we see that Sayid definitely does. Now it's unknown if Jack does or not, but if my theory is correct, then he does. Now we know several people who have their eyes open. Sun is one, Ceasar is another as he witnessed Hurley disappear. I wonder if this is the key to where the flashed.

    Just talking about the eyes during the crash. Takes me back to the pilot, where Jack states that he didn't see the events of when the plan split. He just passed out, but Kate saw the whole thing, she states.

  3. Thanks so much Amy! We trying to evolve the podcast into a fun experience for all the Lostie's.

    To Jay...You're thought here is very interesting, indeed. I do feel the eyes are telling us something for sure. And I've wondered why this "time travel" element is able to "pick and choose: who, where and how these travelers end up. That part as been driving me crazy!
    You surely have given us something to discuss.



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