September 8, 2009

...And Found.

Let's talk about LOST! ...And Found.

Claire and Sun are on the beach wringing out clothes. The waves are crashing.
Sun-“It’s been four days.”
Claire feels that’s not that long, "They said it could take up to two weeks to find a current. I mean, Michael knew what he was doing. I doubt anything would have…”
Sun realizes her wedding ring is missing. This is very upsetting to her. She is panicked and is speaking in Korean.
But Sun is focused on looking for it and speaking in Korean.
Sun tells Claire, “My wedding ring, it's gone.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Sun is sitting in front of the mirror and puts a jeweled hairpin in her hair. Her mother comes in and asks if she plans on wearing that. {They speak only in Korean}
Sun wonders what’s wrong with her attire.  Mom picks up a pair of beautiful shoes/pumps and takes them away.
Shoe-less Sun yells out that she likes those shoes. Her mother likes them too, but tells Sun she’s to wear another pair, “He might be shorter than you...“
Mother brings her a pair of flats. Sun feels this is ridiculous.
Mother-“If you'd found a husband in college we wouldn't need a matchmaker.”
Sun-“I went to college to get a degree.”
Mother-“And after four years of college, you're ‘silver. Don't you want to find a husband before you turn ‘bronze’?”
Sun feels she’ll find a husband when the time is right.
Mother-“Well, your father says the time is now.”

Jin and his friend are in an apartment. Jin is putting on a tie while Tai Soo reads a "Destiny book". {They speak only in Korean.}
Tai-“I'm telling you, man, this year love will find you.”
Jin-“Well if the destiny book says it, it must be true.”
Tai-“My grandma used this book to meet my grandfather. It never fails.”
Jin-“What kind of woman? I mean, what she look like, so I'll know when I see her?”
Jin, in front of the mirror, questions, “Orange?”
Tai-“Yes, love will look... orange.”
Jin-“I can't take care of a woman, I can barely take care of myself!”
Tai-“You could always let a woman take care of you.”
Jin puts on his shoes, “That's not what a man does. A man needs a goal in life. He works harder than anyone. He gets promoted. Then he'll be respected...not like the son of a fisherman.”
Tai feels it’s only a job interview.
Jin knows it’s a very important job interview. He asks Tai how he looks, “Stunning, huh?”
Mr. Stunning forgot to cut the tag off the tie. Jin couldn’t cut the tag off it because then he couldn’t return it, “This tie cost a fortune.”
Jin playfully slaps Tai with the tie.
Tai-“So, Jin, what should I do if Love calls?”
Jin smiles, “Tell it to wait.”     He heads out the door.
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin, Michael and Sawyer, who is sleeping, sit in the dark Arrow Station. The Tailies are huddled and whispering about the three Castaways. {What is so secret that these people cannot speak openly in front of the Lostie's? Why are they still treating them like prisoners? They're all supposed to be in the same situation, apparently NOT! The Tailies are made up of different group of people for sure.}
Michael, in his orange shirt, feels compelled to go over to Jin and tell him in English, “It’s okay.'ll be with her again. Soon, OK. {He wakes Sawyer and whispers} Hey, I think they're trying to figure out what to do with us.”   {Jin understands him}
Sawyer thinks they’re going to eat them. Ana, with her big sticks, tells them all to get up, “We’re moving out.
Michael-“Moving out where?”
Ana-“You’re going to help us get food and water.”
Sawyer questions if they work for her now. Ana feels they’re going to do it because they have a long walk ahead of them.
Sawyer-“A long walk where?"
Ana Lucia-“Back to where you came from."

As they exit the Arrow Station, Ana Lucia makes sure all is clear.  Sawyer whispers to Michael that he thinks they should stage a prison break here. Michael wants to figure out what the hell is going on over here before he makes any decisions about anything.

Ana Lucia speaks loudly as she tells everyone to listen up, “We need to gather as much food and water as we can. You travel in pairs. You move as fast as you can. Don't make any noise.”
Michael wants her to take a minute to explain to them what the hell is going on over here that’s got them all so on edge.
Ana Lucia-“You know what? That's a great idea, maybe we can swap stories on the road.”
The big dude is going to go scout before they move.
Sawyer whispers under his breath that he thinks she needs to be slapped.  Ana directs Cindy to go with Michael. {Cindy and Libby have big sticks that look more like hockey sticks or a shepherd's staff.} Bernard and Ana will gather the fish, but Jin would like to help as he knows how to fish. Jin will go with them as per Sawyer’s encouragement.

At the beach Sun is frantically looking for her wedding ring. Jack sees her behavior and asks her if she’s okay. Upset Sun confesses she lost her wedding ring.
Jack-“When was the last time you saw it?”
Sun doesn’t know as she’s gotten used to it.
Jack-“I lost my wedding ring once. It's crazy where you’ll look when you want to find something bad enough. I went through the garbage outside the house…emptied the bags and everything. I even took apart the pipes in my bathroom because I was convinced that it had gone down the drain in the sink.”
Sun-“What did your wife say?"
Jack-“She never knew.”   {Jack is capable of deception and secret keeping}
Sun-“How is that?"
Jack-“I went to a jeweler and I had a replica made, that's how. {He looks at his left hand} Yeah, now it's just rattling around in my sock drawer back home.   Um, I can help you look. {He doesn't admit divorce or anything else. But I'm sure we need to know that so when he does get back to 'Sarah' he can wear his ring again, for a little while anyway! lol}
Sun-“No, thanks. I'm sure it will turn up."

Jin is picking off and tossing the pointy parts of a urchin into the water. {Bait}
Ana Lucia and Bernard are struggling with a net. Ana yells over to Jin for some help. Jin shakes his head no. {He understands English!}
Ana Lucia-“You want to eat? Help us!” {She gestures eating} Jin replies in Korean.
Ana Lucia-“Does it look like I speak Korean?”
Jin throws his net into the water and pulls in a bunch of fish. He is proud, “Fish.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin sits in an office for his job interview with Kim Kwan-Hak, General Manager. {They speak only in Korean. The scene is bathed in Orange.}
Mr. Kim looks over Jin’s application and notes he worked at the Asiana Hotel as a busboy. Jin shares that he became a waiter.
Mr. Kim-“They don't promote from within.”
Jin-“No, sir. Not usually. I believe I was one of the few exceptions."
Mr. Kim-“What village are you from?”
He says it’s obvious Jin’s not from the city.
Jin-“Namhae. On the south coast.”
Mr. Kim-“No wonder. I thought I smelled fish on you.”
He pulls the price tag off of Jin’s tie, ”This was sticking out.”
Jin thanks him.
Mr. Kim picks up the phone and tells whomever that, “Mr. Kwon will be joining us.”
He tells happy Jin, “You will start immediately. You work rain or shine. You don't ask for a raise or time off.” {What is he, a frickin robot?} A man knocks on the door and enters presenting Jin with a uniform. {Black suit, white gloves, top hat and a rose.}

Mr. Kim-“And Mr. Kwon... The Seoul Gateway is one of the finest hotels in the country. Do not open the door for people like you.” {What a mutha fucker! That dude needs an attitude adjustment.}
Jin-“Yes, sir. I understand. I will do my best. Thank you, sir.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Orange shirt wearing Michael and Libby walk through the jungle. Libby apologizes to him. Michael asks what for.
Libby-“You know, about throwing you and your friends into the pit.”
Michael just never thought about it like that; he guesses one of them is his friend. Libby guesses not the redneck. Michael confirms not the redneck.  Libby doesn’t think she’s ever seen someone so scared in her life, and she knows about scared.  Michael asks if that’s why she threw them in the pit, “Because you were scared?”
Libby confesses they have trust issues.
Annoyed Michael-“Huh, how about that? Where the hell are all the fruit?”
Libby states they picked these trees pretty clean. Sometimes you can find them on the ground.”
Michael is looking deep into the jungle and asks, “Why don't you head inland? That's where all the fruit is on our side.”
Libby-“We don't go that way.”
Michael wonders why.
Scared Libby informs him, “Because that's where They come from.”

Sawyer is sitting, dozing off.
Ana Lucia, Bernard, Cindy and Jin sort through the fish and fruit.  A huge piece of metal/knife is stabbed in a piece of wood next to Sawyer. He jolts awake and is informed by the big dude that this is for his protection for when they travel. {Are they taking too many steps while holding the ball?! Lol}
Sawyer asks him, “Did you make this? {he nods yep} So what's your name, anyway?”
The big dude’s name is “Mr. Eko.” {Watch how Eko delivers his name. Very dramatic} Sawyer wonders if that’s like Mr. Ed.

Libby runs over to Ana Lucia to tattle on Michael, “He just left.”   He said something and then went into the jungle, “He's gone.”
Jin listens.
Ana tells everyone they’re leaving now, “Let's go.”
Sawyer questions her.
Ana informs him that his buddy ran off into the jungle. Jin communicates with Sawyer in Korean.
Bernard-“What's he trying to say? What's he saying?”
Jin goes on in Korean and blurts out “Walt! Walt!”
Sawyer looks pissed.
Ana Lucia-“Let's go. We're moving out now. Cindy, water. Libby, can you carry the radio?”
Libby has the radio.
Sawyer-“Wait, you have a radio? Does it work? Can you use it?”
Sarcastic Ana thinks that’s a great idea, “You going to slow us down?”
Jin is very upset about Michael being out there. Ana wants them to get going before Michael can tell Them where they are. Jin again tries to communicate to Sawyer about Michael.
Sawyer-“What are we supposed to do, wait for him?  He ain't coming back without his kid. Walt! He ain't coming back without Walt. You really think he's going to find him? In case you haven't noticed it's every man for himself, Chewie. Mike's got to worry about Mike. And I've got to worry about me."
Pissed off and motivated Jin starts to leave and Eko tries to stop him but Jin punches Eko.  So Eko head butts him, knocking Jin to the ground.   Jin gets up, they have a short stare down and then Eko moves out of the way so Jin can go.
Eko-“You're going the wrong way. {points in opposite direction} That's where he's going. Toward Them.”
Eko hands Jin a handmade weapon {looks like a hockey stick or a wooden shepherd's staff}.
Concerned Ana asks Eko what he’s doing.
Eko-“I'm going to help him find his friend.”
Ana informs him they can’t wait for him and Eko doesn’t expect them too.

Hurley and Sun walk along the beach. Hurley tells Sun all she’s gotta do is retrace her steps. He asked her what she did yesterday.
Sun-“I woke up, washed up, walked with Shannon, picked some fruit, cut it up to feed Vincent. And then I was...”
Hurley thinks that’s it, “BINGO!”
Sun and Hurley wait around to see if Vincent ate the ring.   Vincent looks like he’s eating something but he’s also nosing around in the ivy.  Hurley asks Sun if Seoul is the good Korea or the bad. Sun says the good one. Hurley wonders if she went to Olympics. Sun just feels this is ridiculous waiting for...”The dog did not eat my ring.”
Hurley knows dogs will eat anything, “When I was a kid, my dog Buster. I had a drawer where I’d throw in all my change, right? I guess there was some ‘Smarties' in there. So like the next day Buster craps out a buck thirty five in nickels.”
Sun is not amused. Sun owned a dog. Jin gave Sun a puppy named Bopo. Bopo means a kiss. {In Italian it would be Bacci, just thought you'd like to know that.LOL}
{Flash Whoosh}
Sun and her wealthy mother get out of a fancy chauffeur driven car. {They speak only in Korean} Mother is instructing her to keep her hands in her lap, “In fact, don't speak unless they ask you a direct question.”
A woman greets them, mentions how beautiful Sun is, “You're going to love him! He's handsome... well educated... and his family owns this hotel, and twelve others.”
They enter the grand hotel. The doorman bows down and welcomes them to the Seoul Gateway. The doorman is happy Jin.

Sun and her mother are sitting at a table with her "date," Jae Lee, and his mother. Mrs. Paik compliments their hotel.
Mrs. Lee understands that Sun attended Seoul National University. Indeed she did, but it’s certainly no Harvard. The two manipulating mother's give the two some time to get to know each other. Sun looks uncomfortable. {Orange drinks} Jae asks Sun who’s pressuring her more, her mother or father.
Sun-“My father... via my mother. What about you?”
Jae-"My father...via my mother...via my aunt...via my grandmother. What did you study?”
Sun studied Art history. Jae doesn’t know anything about art. He studied Medieval Russian Literature, but somehow ended up in hotel management. {HUH? Medieval Russian Literature. Why? Is that a big money making career? LOL.}
Jae confesses he usually dreads these set-ups, but today is different. It is different for Sun too. She smiles.
{Flash Whoosh}
Mr. Eko and his big stick lead Jin on their trek to find Michael. Eko stops and is listening to something. Jin hears it and wants to run to it thinking it’s Michael, but Eko wants him to wait. Jin runs off and hears what sounds like someone walking in the jungle. He sees the trees move and a huge boar charges at Jin, knocking him down. Jin jolts up as he sees a dead man with a stick through his chest.

Eko reveals his name was Goodwin. Jin, who is covering his mouth and nose from the smell wonders, “Others.”
Eko nods yes.
As they continue their search, Eko breaks off a piece of aloe and Jin wonders, “Michael?”
Eko says no, it’s for his cut.
Eko-“So, you're married? Your ring. You have a wife?” {Again, Jin understands}
Jin-“Yes. You?
They drink from the funky canteen.
Eko-“Worse. Your wife, what is her name? Her name?"
Jin-“ Sun."
Eko-“She was with you? On the plane?” {Eko uses a hand gesture to indicate plane}
Jin nods yes.

Sun is in her garden looking through the soil for her ring. She gets totally angry and starts ripping up plants in frustration. {Roots} She sits down and cries.
Locke wanders by in all his Locke-ness {I love Locke!} and asks her, “Bad day? {Hands her a handkerchief made blue plaid cloth } It's clean.”
Sun thanks him.
Locke-“You mind if I sit?”
Sun gestures for him to sit and blots her tears.
Sun-“Did you see me?”
Locke-“Rip apart your garden? No. {Sun chuckles, obviously he saw her} Sometimes I wish I had a garden to tear apart.”

Sun-“I don't think I have ever seen you angry.”
Locke chuckles- “Oh, I used to get angry all the time. Frustrated too.”
Sun seems intrigued by that and asks, “You are not frustrated anymore?”
Locke smiles and shares, “I'm not lost anymore.”
Sun-“How did you do that?”

Locke-“Same way anything lost gets found...{He replants a plant right in front of her}I stopped looking.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Sun looks into her compact mirror while she sits alone waiting on “someone” to arrive at the restaurant.
Jin is the happy doorman at the hotel. {Fu/Foo Dogs outside the entrance} A car horn beeps and he runs to escort the person out. Jin welcomes Mr. Jae Lee. Jae asks Jin if he can borrow that {his pinned on rose} because he has a date. Jin is happy to help out. As Jin opens the door for him, Jae asks {They speak only in Korean} “Your name is...?
Jin-“Jin Soo Kwon, sir.”
Jae Thanks Mr. Kwon. Jin is pleased.

Jae is sitting with Sun in the restaurant, he’s in the middle of telling her a story.
Jae-‘...then the card slips out of the door and there I am in the hallway, wearing only a towel!”
Sun is amused, “I thought that only happened in movies.”
Jae-“I had to convince the maid I owned the hotel... but she didn't believe me! How embarrassing!”
Sun can’t believe how normal Jae is. Jae thinks she’s great too. {He is wearing the rose}
Jae-“So... I'd really like for us to keep seeing each other. Our parents will be so thrilled. No more ‘matchmakers.’ No more pressure. We can be free. Can I tell you a secret? {She says yes} When I was at Harvard, I met an American woman... I haven't told my father yet, but... in six months, I'm going to move there and marry her. {She looks disappointed} Wait... you didn't think...”
Sun says of course not; she is very happy for him. The manager comes over asking if there’s anything else they need; coffee or dessert.
Sun-“No, thank you. In fact, I have an appointment.”
Sun thanks Jae for lunch and exits.
{Flash Whoosh}
Eko and Jin are still searching. Jin starts to walk in a different direction {Left} but Eko corrects him, “No, not that way. Over here.”
He found a footprint, “A round heel. This is fresh. These tracks...”
Jin -“Michael.”
Eko feels yes its Michael, “They don't leave tracks.”

Eko is hot on the trail of the tracks but stops to look and listen. {He’s looking up}
Jin asks “Where?”
Eko literally covers Jin’s mouth to silence him.

We follow along a ground level view to find Jin and Eko hidden in the thick brush with only their eyes showing. They watch several sets of dirty, muddy barefoot people quietly walking by single file, with the last one dangling a teddy bear hanging from either wire or vine. {They made no sounds, and only slight sound when stepping down on twigs}
Jin and Eko get up from their hiding place, and Jin leads to follow the passersby to get to Michael but Eko tells Jin no, they don’t have him, “They came from that way {points} Your friend went that way {pointing in other direction}, crossed ahead of them... very lucky.”
Jin-“You, go back. I go.”
Eko refuses, “No, we go together.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Happy Jin is welcoming and opening the door at the hotel. As he bows, Sun walks right out the door; they never see each other. A “common poor” man asks Jin if his son can use the hotel bathroom because it’s an emergency; he really has to go.
Jin is sorry and explains it is for hotel guests only and mentions there’s a bathroom down the street. He asks the fidgety boy if he can hold it. The boy says no, giving puppy dog eyes, so Jin lets them in. The boy’s father calls Jin a good man.
Mr. Kim sees this and goes right up to Jin asking what he told him about who he lets inside. Jin apologizes.
Mr. Kim-“Consider this your first warning.”
Jin tries to reason with the manager by having compassion for the little boy.
Mr. Kim-“He can piss in the gutter for all I care. You people are used to that. If you want to keep your job go find them and get them out of here!”
Jin takes off his gloves and hat. Mr. Kim wonders what he’s doing. Jin hands over the hat and gloves and thanks him for the opportunity.
{Flash Whoosh}
Ring-less Sun sits on the beach rubbing her finger, staring out to the water. Kate walks over, remarks about how pretty the Ocean is and mentions Hurley shared that Sun lost her wedding ring.
Sun-“I was just sitting here telling myself it's silly to be so upset about is just a thing.”
Kate-“Well, they've only been gone a few days, and....”
Sun- “Don't! I'm sick of everyone saying he's alright. He's not alright. Claire found the bottle. The one with the messages inside. The one from the raft.”
Kate asks where it is.
Sun-“I buried it.”

The Tailies and Sawyer continue their trek. Only Sawyer is getting weaker so he sits. Ana gives him water and remarks that if he keeps slowing them down they’re going to leave him behind.
Sawyer-“Go ahead, leave me behind.”
Ana- “See ya.”
Sawyer has a question for her, “Now that your tracker's gone how are you going to find our camp without me?”
Ana Lucia-“Walk across the island, follow the beaches. And Eko's coming back.”
Sawyer asks if she’s married. Ana says no.
Sawyer feels that’s too bad as she seems suited for it.
Ana asks if he’s married then asks if he’s gay. He answers no to being married.
Sawyer stands up-“Funny. Let's go. What are we waiting for?”

Jin and Eko stop at the stream. Jin sips water from his hand while Eko fills up the canteen. Eko tells Jin to wait here as they lost his trail. He'll go back and find it. He heads off.
Jin is alone and Michael appears on the other side of the stream. Michael asks Jin what he’s doing, “Go back.”
Michael yells for Jin to “Go back, man!”
Jin looks back to the direction Eko went then turns to see Michael run off. Jin takes his stick weapon and runs after Michael into the jungle.
Michael is calling out for Waaaaalt. Jin calls out to Michael.
Michael-“Go away! I'm not going back without him! Walt! I'm here! Where are you, man? {He yells louder} Walt!! {Jin tries to quiet him} What, you worried they're going to hear me? {Michael yells even louder} Let them take me! Come! Come take me!”
Eko appears and tells him shouting is not a good idea, “You need to come back with us now.”
Michael {pointing at Eko} is not leaving him/Walt out here.
Eko approaches and Michael and Michael raises his big stick prepared to hit Eko.
Eko- "I know they took your son. But you have no idea what these people are capable of. They will not be found if they don't want to be.” {Eko has 2 tied whiskers on his chin}
Michael is getting upset, “They took him right out of my hand… right out of my hand! I'm not going back without him.”
Jin, in English -“You find Walt, Michael.”
So the three stick carrying men head off.

Sun digs up the bottle of messages.
Kate-“Can I see it?"
She empties out the messages and is looking at them. {Probably wanted to see if anyone wrote a note about the fugitive Kate is on the island HA!}
Sun-“Kate! Those are private. Kate, stop. What are you doing?!”
Kate gets quiet-“We didn't, uh... I didn't say goodbye.”
Kate looks down and smiles, “Sun.”
Kate nods her head in the direction she wants Sun to look. Sun picks up her wedding ring; she is relieved it is found. She cries and puts in on.
In the jungle Jin looks at his ring.
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin, dressed in dark and light is walking along a canal by a bridge in Seoul. A woman wearing an orange dress walks by him and he checks her out. As he turns back around he literally turns right into Sun and she drops her purse. He hands it back to her.
They look into each other's eyes...
Sun on the beach crying and happy. You can see how relieved she is, but also how much in love she is with Jin!

...And Found is a GREAT episode. These poor lost people are trying so desperately trying to find something and even find themselves.   But through all of the challenges they face on the "Island" are there a few of them who don't want to be found or come face to face with a truth.  After all they will not be found if they don't want to be, they have to want it...they have to want to change.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...  
☯  Kwan. Kwon.
☯  Games. Bingo. Olympics.
☯  Art. Movies.
☯  Replica. Match. Pair.
☯  Silver. Bronze.
☯  Ring-Circle-Loop.
☯  Shoes. Feet.
☯  Orange-the color or the fruit? Locke uses orange slices to make big smiley faces. Michael wears an Orange shirt. Orange drinks.
☯  Rose. Roses.
Jae is in the family business. Jack is in the "family business"
☯  Learn. University
☯  Prison.
☯  Language. Linguistics. Communication. Via. Radio.
☯  Language barriers seem to not interfere with communicating with each other. Besides, I think Jin may understand them all anyway. I know, I'm crazy like that!
☯  Eko has something “Worse” than a wife! WTF does that mean?!
☯  They symbol of the "Rose"... Is it a hint to our Rose on the "Island"? Rose (The Castaway) appears to all of us to be calm, at peace, all knowing about Bernard. She is different in all her behaviors from the rest of them. She is special. Why would this be? I've always questioned her. That may upset a few of you, I know. But when we got to the "Further Instructions" episode in season 3 and I detailed my Locke/Boone vision findings, it involved the remaining, living Losties, all of them except for Rose. Again, I wonder why?
☯  Why don’t the Others leave tracks? Are they not real?
Locke tells Charlie in a previous episode that he was trying to track Desmond, but he didn't leave much of trail. Was Locke not really looking for Desmond, or does Desmond not leave tracks?
Heart. Soul/Seoul. 
Locke is a bald man that gives Sun some insight. Jae is a bald man who gives Sun a push in a different direction, right into Jin's path.
☯  Eko is Jin’s guide in the jungle. 
☯  Name. {Nahme} Identity.
☯  Sawyer calls Michael, Mike.
☯  Clues to doors and doorways, and to guarding 'said' doors. Who is guarding the doorways of the "Island" and on the "Island"?

Here's where I start to really look at the Tailies very differently. When we are first introduced to them I was apprehensive to say the least. Now at this point I find myself to really read between the lines with them and also read their body language. I know, you want to tell me to chill out, don't 'read' that much into stuff but I can't help myself.   The obvious two sections of two groups of people from two sides of the "Island"... TWO SIDES! Please really watch the Tailies. Look at them and how they are around each other, the words they say to each other, etc. When they speak to each other, they say things that can be taken as 'I know what I'm doing here, I know why I'm here, but I don't like it!' I think that our tail section people are aware of more than they let on.

Vocabulary and Research... 
Replica-Italian-from Latin replicare (“to copy”)
  - is a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original.
  -is a client-server data replication system for Plan 9 from Bell Labs. The server stores changes to its file system in a log; the client updates itself by reading that log and applying any changes.
  -Replica=copy-imitation-model-duplication-reproduction-mock up-carbon copy
Tie (Draw)a finish to a competition with identical results, particularly sports.
Crook: A tool with a bend in it. 2). A shepherd's staff.  
- aka A crosier-staff of office (pastoral staff). Symbol of the Bishop or Apostle.
 - Hindu swamis traditionally wear orange robes.
 -Orange is used to symbolically represent the second chakra.
 -Orange represents the Noachide Law against blasphemy.
 -In the U.S. and Canada, orange regalia is associated with the field of engineering.
 -In baseball many Foul Poles are orange.
 -Orange is often quoted as a word that doesn't rhyme with any other word in the English language.
Fish can refer to a poor chess or poker player.
- Buddhist symbolism: A pair of Golden Fish. Representing conjugal happiness and freedom.
- Phishin is an Internet crime
-FISh (programming language), an array programming language. Its strategy is to perform what it calls "static shape analysis" on all programs before executing them. This "shape computation" reduces higher-order functional programs to simple imperative forms.
-Files transferred over shell protocol-is a network protocol that uses Secure Shell (SSH) or Remote Shell (RSH) to transfer files between computers and manage remote files.
♦  (Fu) Foo Dogs: they are Asian imperial guardians. They are powerful mystic protectors that have stood in front of Chinese imperial palaces, temples, emperors tombs, government offices and the homes of government officials and the wealthy from the Han Dynasty. They were originally introduced to Han China as the Buddhist protector of Dharma.
♦  Rose- A rose is a beautiful flower. Some consider this flower to be the most beautiful and fragrant flower of all. With all its beauty it has thorns!
 -Another meaning for the word rose in its past tense is, Rise. Rise (Get up, Ascend, appear above the horizon, gain a higher position, origin, area of higher ground). Yes, I went a little extreme here with showing the past tense of the word, but it could be clues. wink, wink.
Sun-The sun is a shining celestial body around which planets revolve. It gives us light; it is a huge star.

At this point should they all feel as Locke feels? He knows he's where he belongs, the "Island" and he actually states that he's not lost anymore.    It may be taking the rest of them a little longer to realize it.  They are not lost...well, they are lost but they're exactly where they're supposed to be.  This is especially true for Jack.
Sun and Jin, are they really truly and completely in love? Are they soul mates destined to be together forever?

Is it coincidence or chance that they literally bumped into each other or did fate and destiny cause their paths to cross? Was their meeting part of a bigger motive?   Is there such a thing as destiny being written out, predetermined?

Although my research may nudge me in one direction I can't help but WANT them to be in love and destined to be together regardless of how or why they bumped into each other.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace August 3, 2007

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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