September 8, 2009

The Other 48 Days.

Let's talk about LOST! The Other 48 Days.

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The tail section of the plane comes crashing down into the water.

Day 1
The Island appears upside down. There are sounds of creaking and metal. In the distance the tail section is sinking into the water.
A deep breath is heard and Ana Lucia pops out of the water. {Remember she said that she woke up under the water. Also it is very, very important to note what she is wearing here; Her brown leather jacket, black thin strap top, no necklaces.}
People are scattered in the water, they're screaming and calling out for help. We see Cindy the stewardess coming out of the water. There are face down bodies in the water.
A black man in a dark suit with a white shirt {Eko} is pulling bodies out of the water.
Ana makes her way to shore.

Ana dives back in and helps bring people to shore.
Eko is carrying a little boy who is calling out for his sister Emma.
Emma is floating face down in the water and Eko retrieves her. {Cool designs on Emma's pant leg.}
The little boy has a teddy bear.

Ana is helping a man {Donald} but heads over to Eko who tells her the girl is not breathing. Ana revives Emma. The little boy gives Emma the teddy bear.
Emma comes to, asking where her mom is, "She's meeting us in Los Angeles."
Ana tells her that they're not there yet, "I promise, we're going to get you home soon, okay?"
An Asian man is calling out for his wife.
There is chaos on the beach. {Loud metal sounds and creaking continues}
The tail section submerges under the water.

Eko asks Cindy to look after the children; there's something he has to do. He heads back into the water to retrieve the dead bodies.

Libby is tending to a bald man with a hurt leg (Donald). He asks her if it's bad, "It's bad, isn't it?"
Libby tells Donald it's not that bad and tells him the story of when she snapped her left leg.
Ana asks her if she's a doctor.   Libby reveals she spent a year in med school before she dropped out, now she's a Clinical Psychologist. {Ana is NOT wearing a ring!}
Libby notes Ana saved that girl's life, "You a doctor?"
Ana just says no.

A man (Goodwin) comes running out of the jungle calling for help.

There's someone in the jungle, alive.
Ana goes to help out Goodwin. {Goodwin! The crash just happened! How is he there already? Remember in 'Tale of two cities Ben dispatches him and we're told he'd be where the tail section is in about an hour! Has an hour past already?}

Bernard is calling out for help. He is stuck in a seat in a tree. {The last we heard, he was in the bathroom in the back of the plane.}
Ana calls up to the panicking man, "What's your name?"
Bernard, seeming to have to recall his name says, "Uh, uh, uh...Bernard." {Watch him}
Ana instructs Bernard to grab the branch next to him because the seat is going to fall. {She knows the seat is going to fall. LOL!}
Bernard asks if the limp unconscious guy sitting in the seat next to him is dead, "I think he's dead!"
Goodwin whispers, "I think we should climb up there."
Ana says no and tells Bernard she needs him to focus. She gives him the instructions again, "Unbuckle your seatbelt. {He does} Now grab the branch next to you."
Calm Ana encourages the freaked out Bernard with positive words.
As Bernard grabs the branch the seats fall out from under him and come crashing down in front of Ana and Goodwin.
Ana tells Bernard to hold on tight, "Coming up to get ya!" {How the fuck is she going to bring him down?}
Goodwin looks impressed with Ana.

The sun is going down on the Tailies beach. Eko walks hand and hand with the two blond children. Everyone is waiting. Libby asks if anyone has any water.

Goodwin tries to start a fire.
Ana walks over and asks, "Find any matches?"
Goodwin wants to start a signal fire so someone can find them.
Ana asks him jokingly if he's a boy scout; he tells Ana he's a grownup version, he's with the Peace Corp.
Ana wonders, "They still have that?" Ana asks him his name.

Sad Bernard heard that Eko was the one who pulled the dead bodies out of the water so he inquires if any of them were African American.   Eko says no.  Bernard can't find his wife and he wonders where the hell the rescue planes are.
Eko will pray for her and the rescue planes.

As they all sleep under a full moon, the Tailies hear struggles nearby. Goodwin grabs a torch and Ana tells Libby to watch the kids.
Goodwin directs Ana, "Over here."
Only the two of them run into the jungle to check it out. They come upon bloody Eko; he killed 2 'others/people' with a rock. {He looks like he was gonna eat them. lol. OK, if we remember from "A Tale of Two Cities" Ben says he wants lists in 3 days!  How did Goodwin get info to Ben that fast?}

Day 2.
Eko stands in his bloody white shirt.
Ana looks over the two dead shoe-less Others and notes, "No wallets. No cell phone. No keys. Nothing."
She walks over and asks Eko, who just removed his shirt, if he’s okay. He doesn’t respond.
Nathan comes running out of the jungle to inform the camp that, "Three other people are missing. The blond guy, the curly hair guy and the German who was helping with the injured" {3 other people? Does that mean 3 additional people or what?}
Ana-“Where did they come from? How many there were?”
Nathan-“No, I didn't see anything. Who are these people?”
Eko takes a stick from the brush.
Ana-“I don't know. They're out here in the jungle with no shoes, nothing in their pockets, no labels on their clothes. {Labels, like Gucci or Prada? Lol} These people were here before us.”
Ana declares, “We need to get off the beach. We need to find a safer place.”

{A guy with one red-topped sneaker standing behind Donald, I just hand to note this guy only had one shoe on.}

Concerned Nathan wonders, “We've got kids and people that are seriously hurt. Where are we going to go? How are we going to move them? And what about the signal fire? How are we going to get rescued if we're off the beach?”
Goodwin feels Nathan is right.
Ana-“They have satellites. The black box. We don't need a fire for them to find us.”
Cindy the stewardess states, ”Yes, we do. Before the crash, the pilot said we'd lost communication; we were turning back. We were flying for two hours in the wrong direction. They don't know where to look.”
Nathan just looks at Ana.

Day 3.
Ana is making her "Cool Killer Chick" vest! (Cutting up her jacket). Libby tells Ana about Donald's leg; the infection is getting worse, "He'd be the 4th to go!"
Ana- "What are we supposed to do about that?"
Libby looks disappointed. {The 4th to go where? Leave? How many dead bodies got pulled out of the water? Are they counting those? Why would Nathan say '3 other people are missing? What are the correct number of people?}

Day 5.
Bald Donald dies.
Goodwin and Nathan put him in the grave. {At the funeral I count 16 people and that includes Goodwin and Nathan and the 2 kids. I counted possibly 9 graves. Ana wedding ring on}
Eko stands alone with his stick.

Day 7.
The men circle around a frantic chicken, scrambling to catch it. Goodwin catches it and breaks its neck. {Chicken! Who else has chicken? Ben and the Others!} We see them eating their chicken. {Here I count 16 adults, no children. Number of people not consistent}
Shirtless Eko sits alone and is crafting his Jesus stick; carving scripture into it.
Libby offers him chicken right out of her hand
He's not spoken in a week and Libby wonders why he isn't talking. Eko doesn't answer.
Libby-"Hey. It wasn't your fault you know. You were just defending yourself."
Eko listens but continues work on his stick.

Day 12.
Everyone is pretty much just sitting on the beach….sad and waiting.
Ana is crafting a curved spear. {Looks like a hockey stick, now I’ll add polo stick to that description} She heard "a pig" or something out there. Maybe they can have some bacon tomorrow." {Pig, Bacon, she was a cop. LOL}
Ana looks over at the kids playing with a stick. {Yeah, does she know they're going to be taken?} Goodwin notices her watching the kids. When Ana asks him ‘What?’, Nathan strolls back on to the beach.
Ana-"Where were you?"
Nathan had to go to the bathroom.
Ana-"We have a system for that. We go in pairs."
Nathan apologizes but seems to be getting a little annoyed with her.

At night everyone is sleeping by campfire. Shoe-less 'Others' come and literally snatch up the children and adults. In the distance you can hear a kid yell, “Help us, please!”
As Ana runs after the kids a hooded Other jumps in front of her! In all the chaos Ana kills one of them {a female} with a rock.
Gone are Nancy, Jim and Eli are among the taken and the two kids. { That's 5 people}
Ana asks Libby {Goodwin is right there!} which way did they go and when she doesn’t get an answer Ana tries to wake up the dead Other. “Wake up! Wake up! WHO ARE YOU?! Talk to me!”

Goodwin declares the woman dead.
Ana takes a pocket knife and a folded up list off the body.
{Torn yellow lined/legal paper.}
It is a list of 9, “Of us.” {Ana has ring on}
Eko looked around but there is no sign of them. Ana questions him but he doesn’t talk.
Ana yells, “What needs to happen to make you say something?!”
Nathan tells her to calm down and they’ll figure it out.
Pissed off Ana presents the ‘list of names of every person they took’ to Nathan. The list indicated all nine names, what they were wearing, what they looked like…”One of them had a list of us!”

Nathan suggests they could have gotten their names from the people they already took.
Ana-“Nobody knew anybodies names the first night.”
Nathan-“Maybe they’re watching us.” {Ya fucking think?!} All of a sudden Ana inquires about him being gone for two hours yesterday. Nathan again insists he was going to the bathroom.
Goodwin tells them to stop, “We’re all scared. Let’s not get paranoid here. We don’t know anything.”

Bernard feels Goodwin is right, “Why would they try to infiltrate us? That’s crazy.”
Libby-“Well whoever they are they know we’re here. We need to leave this beach.”
Torn Ana says to Goodwin, “You said we need to keep the signal fire burning.”
Goodwin-“I think it's time we let it go out.”
Nathan and Ana share another intense look at each other.

Day 15.
Ana, Goodwin, Bernard, Libby, Cindy, Eko and Nathan have been walking for three days. Ana {with a pointy spear} gives them a 5 minutes break. Nathan suggests they stay at a stream with the fruit and a rock wall. The rest of the group all look to Ana for approval.
She agrees, "Fine. Okay. This will work".

Day 17.
Ana is digging a pit/hole by herself!
Libby chats with Ana about Nathan being missing for two hours that day back at the beach.Creeps me out, Ana. Do you really think it's possible that one of us…one of them?"
Ana-"Why do you think I'm digging this hole?” {They know they are “them"}

Day 19.
Bernard and Nathan build a rabbit trap.
Ana nonchalantly walks right up to Nathan and kicks him in the face. She alone carries unconscious Nathan and throws him in the pit. {She dug that ENORMOUS pit in two days by herself. She is awesome! What is with these 'tiny' jungle women and their invulnerable physical strength? HA!}

Ana tells him they’re gonna have a little talk. Nathan demands to be let out as he didn't do anything, but Ana closes the stick hatch door on him and walks away.
She walks over to the rest of them and announces that "He wasn't on the plane." {Sound familiar?} he tells them "We were in the air for two hours I didn't see him once. Not once"
Goodwin-“It’s a big plane, Ana. Just because you didn’t…”
Cindy, who prides herself on being really good with passenger’s faces, insists she didn't see him either. {What's the truth?}
Libby adds that Nathan never talks about himself, “Anytime I ask him anything he just dodges.

Bernard wonders if he really were one of them why would he still be there. Ana’s going to find out. In the distance Nathan is still calling out for Ana to “Let me out!

Intimidating Eko lurks silently a few feet away from the group with his threatening stick. Ana asks Eko if he’s got a problem with this. Eko doesn’t reply.
Ana, with a torch, interrogates Nathan at the pit/hole. She opens the stick hatch lid and asks him where the kids are, twice.
Nathan looks up at her, never answers that question; he doesn't respond to it at all.
Ana asks where he’s from.
He was in Australia on a company retreat. {YEP!}
Ana-“Where are they?...The rest of your retreat! Where are they?”
Nathan-“They weren’t on the plane. I stayed a couple extra days to sight see.”
Ana wonders how come nobody saw him on the plane.
Nathan insists, “I was in the lavatory.”
Ana-“For two hours?!"
Nathan doesn’t remember seeing Ana Lucia on the plane.
Ana-“That’s because you weren’t on it.”
She closes the hatch lid on him.

Day 23.
Ana is still interrogating Nathan in the pit/hole about the whereabouts of the kids. He's not talking! She angrily throws a rock at him to make him get up and reveals that someone's been giving him food. {Who has been taking care of him?}
Ana asks the group who gave him food. She speaks directly to Bernard, “I’m trying to find out what They did to us and you’re taking care of em.”
Bernard –“I didn’t do anything. And what if you’re wrong, Ana? We don’t even know if there is a spy.”
Ana and Libby feel that “They” haven’t come to pick them off like at the beach, once they put him in the pit. Ana demands to know who gave him food. Eko steps forward. {Actually steps up behind Ana.}
Eko doesn’t answer her, he just gives her a disgusted look and walks away.

Ana is at the stream drinking water out of her hands and Goodwin shows up. Ana uses the pocket knife to cut food. {Looks like an onion}
Goodwin seems concerned and tells Ana, "I’m worried about you, Ana. You've had him down there for four days."
Ana promised the little girl she'd get her home to her mom.
Goodwin asks her is she has any kids.
He tells her that "We should let him go. We're not savages." {We're not savages!}
Ana says if they were savages she would have cut off his finger already, “That’s tomorrow.” {She's a torturer?}
At night Nathan jolts awake in the pit/hole.  Goodwin pulls Nathan up with a rope and tricks Nathan into thinking he’s letting him go by saying they all think Ana Lucia’s gonna hurt him and he needs to get away from there. He gives him food and tells him to go, directing him to the beach 5 miles away. Nathan takes a couple of steps and Goodwin grabs him and breaks his neck.

Day 24. {A short whoosh sound introduces this day. It is not a flash whoosh sound}
Ana wakes up next to Goodwin who is already awake watching her as if waiting for her to wake up. The rest of the camp is sleeping.

Cindy runs out of the jungle to inform Ana that Nathan is gone. {Watch the camp all wake up/get up at the exact same moment!}
They check the pit/hole and it’s empty.
Ana feels that “they’ve” found them, “It's time to move.”

Day 26.
Chief Ana Lucia leads her flock to the Ocean. She looks at the waves. Goodwin is at her side.
Day 27.
The gang carrying their sticks/hockey sticks arrive at a door. {It is not covered by vines}
Cindy asks, “What is it?
Ana doesn’t know but answers, “Some sort of bunker.”

Libby-“Do you think it’s theirs?”
Silent Eko pulls open the door.

The word “Quarantine” is stenciled on the inside of the door.

 They walk down the corridors with lit torches.
The Dharma logo identifies it to be the Arrow Station.
Cindy-“What is this place?”
Goodwin says it looks like some sort of storage facility.
Ana fiddles with some knobs and discovers there is power/electricity.

Ana opens an old crate and in it they find: A book that Bernard picks up and quickly puts down, a glass eye and a radio. {I wonder how many people on the island now or have in the past been missing an eye?}

Eko picks up the book; it’s a holy book.

Outside Bernard tries the radio. “Hello. Hello. Can anybody hear me?”
He gets only noise and light static.
Goodwin literally takes the radio out of his hands, puts the antenna down and claims, “The hills are blocking it. If we want a signal we need to get to higher ground.” {Just like Sayid had said!} 

Seeming like he’s bothered by this inconvenience Goodwin says "I'll do it."
Ana wants to go along. {When Ana says this watch at how Goodwin gives a look at Bernard.} Goodwin suggests Ana stay and get the place set up as a shelter.
She feels they can be back in a couple of hours and they can all do it.
She wants to go with Goodwin.

On their trek to higher ground, Ana asks Goodwin, “Why do you think they’re doing this?”
Goodwin-“Why do I think whose doing what?
Ana wonders why They attack them.
Goodwin- "Maybe… they're not… attacking us"
Ana- “Yeah, they just drag us into the jungle every now and then. No real harm done.”
Goodwin feels that’s a good point.
Ana- “Why do you think they take some of us and not the others?”
Goodwin- “Uh…that first night they took the strongest of us, our quiet friend, three other guys. They’re all athletic… tough… threats" {Isn’t their quiet friend Eko?!}
Ana-“They didn't take you." {That's because at this point the has to keep an eye on her.} Goodwin guesses they changed their plan after two of them got killed.
They take a break.
Goodwin asks Ana for the knife and cuts fruit for Ana. {We are sure to be shown a close up of her touch his finger.}

Ana asks him where he thinks they got it/the US military knife, “I mean they don’t even wear shoes.”
{Goodwin’s right pant leg has a tear in it.}

Ana shows him the tang stamp on the knife. She says that knife is probably 20 years old, “You don’t see these anymore. Yet here it is…on this island. Weird, huh?”

{I think the following dialogue is important. It shows Ana starting to realize/remember things, although she may have her facts a little confused.}

Ana- "When you ran out of the jungle the day of the crash… how did you, how did you find Bernard up in the tree?"

Goodwin- "I heard him shouting from the beach" {Maybe he can see the future.}
Ana- "From the beach."
Goodwin- "Why are you asking me about that Ana?" {As if she 'should' know the answer.}
Ana- "Did he see you out there? Is that why you pretended to be one of us? You ran out of the jungle 10 minutes after the crash, you weren't wet… you were never even in the ocean." {Watch Goodwin’s body language here.} Where are they…your friends? Nathan…what did you…”
Goodwin-"If you had cut off his finger and he still told you he was on the plane, I think maybe you would have started to believe you had the wrong guy.”
Ana asks if he killed him.
Goodwin-“Nathan was not a good person... That's why he wasn't on the list."
He goes on to tell her the children are fine, “They’re better off now.” {I think it's here that Goodwin realizes that Ana is a threat to the situation.}
They fight!
Goodwin picks up the spear and in their wrestling the spear and the two fall down a hill.

Ana uses the spear to spear Goodwin.

Ana arrives back with the group and they wonder where Goodwin is.
Ana only says that they’re safe here now.

Day 41.
Bernard turns on the radio only a couple of minutes a day to see if he gets a signal. Ana feels he's wasting his time because there is no signal.
Bernard hears someone on the other end of the radio!
The Voice/Boone-“Hello. Hello. Anybody out there? Mayday. Mayday.”
Bernard is getting excited-“Repeat your transmission.
The voice/Boone- “Hello. We’re survivors of Oceanic flight 8 1 5. Please copy..
“Bernard-“We’re survivors of Oceanic flight 8 1 5.”  
Now it’s Ana turn to literally take the radio away from him saying, "It’s them. It's them. They’re trying to draw us out. They're trying to find us.”
Bernard is hopeful because the voice knew the flight number. But Ana chalks it up to them knowing because Goodwin knew the flight number.
Bernard is getting upset, “But what if there really are survivors out there.”
Ana-"There are no survivors! This is our life now… get used to it.” {Yeah, they don't need to be found, their all where they're supposed to be.}

Ana sits at the stream with the radio nearby and she starts to cry. Eko stands near her and tells her it’s going to be okay.
Ana- “What, you talking now?”
Eko-“It’s been 40 days.”
Ana-“You waited 40 days to talk?”
Eko-“You waited 40 days to cry.”
Compassionate Eko holds broken Ana.

Day 45. {Short whoosh sound, not the flash whoosh sound}
Cindy and Libby are working on the fishing net.
Cindy sees a body face down in the water at the shoreline. There’s a small piece of raft a few feet away from him.
The girls retrieve Jin from the water. {What a coincidence, they find the fisherman!}

Jin is blindfolded like a prisoner.
Eko removes his blindfold and asks,Who are you? Where are you from?
Jin replies in Korean.

Ana tries to convince her small tribe that because Jin has a broken handcuff on he’s a threat but the tribe doesn’t feel the same.
Jin breaks free and runs! {With a stick attached to his tied hands} They run after him!
Jin ran right to Michael and Sawyer; even calls out their names.
We see images of Eko beating the men and the tribe dragging the 3 Castaway's through the jungle in nets and throwing them in the vacated pit/hole.
Then we get Ana’s perspective on when she planned/staged that she wanted in the pit with the three Castaways.  She tells Eko to hit her so it looks like she’s captured as well, all this to get intel about the three men.
Eko does hit Ana.
She is thrown into the pit/hole.

Day 46.
Ana takes the three men out of the pit/hole and brings them to the Arrow Station.

Day 47.
They all take the long trek to the Castaway's beach camp. {We get a shot of Cindy}

Day 48 TODAY.
”Where’s Cindy? Did they take her?”
In the pouring rain the Tailies are calling out for missing Cindy. They all hear whispers; it surrounds them. Ana is armed and ready to fire at the whispers but shoots Shannon.
Michael calls out, “What was that?”, because he didn’t see anything.
Then we see images of Sayid over Shannon’s body, holding her and Ana staring.

The Other 48 days is a GREAT episode! It is filled with so much info and insight!
I know some of you feel I have not given you answers, again, I don't want to tell you what to think or influence a theory you may be onto. This is just the route my detective work took me to and things I got out of an episode.  But I hope it's here you can start to see where I'm coming from.
I feel that this episode shows us many of the connections, not only with all the residents of the island, but with each other and of them all being part of 'something'.

The tail section "survivors" know more of what's going on, who they are and what their jobs/roles on the island are. They are the closest 'link' to helping Ben with the Island. They all know each other.

Clue to the show are always in the title? Yep, the same is true here! Read it again if you have to! YES, I think they are Others, but there's is something else...A different set of 48 days. Hmmm...

Things to Note...Questions to ask... 
In the last episode Sawyer tells Michael "I did leave you behind".   He friggin remembers leaving him behind! But that was not the same 48 days... Do you see?!
Ana Lucia is a killer! That is her role. 
✈ Doctor.
Two. Twice. Pair. Copy.
Stick. Sticks. Stuck.
The Tailies acquire a bible, a radio and a glass eye.
Crazy. Paranoid.Clinical Psychologist
Goodwin lets Nathan think he's helping him, protecting him from Ana and then Kills him. I think, they already knew each other.
Goodwin vacates the pit by removing Nathan to make room for the Raft Losties.
Two versions of the same situations!
The tail section survivors have very similar dialogue and actions as the fuselage survivors.
✈  The number of survivors not adding up!
✈  The time it takes Goodwin to reach the tail section beach and get info back to Ben with the 'list' is fucked up! It's WRONG.
✈  This Ana was not wearing the clothes we see her in at the bar with Jack in Exodus! Different clothes!
✈  She has on a ring, she doesn't have on a ring!
✈  Nathan from Canada and wasn't on the plane (I note that only because Cindy said he wasn't on the plane.)
✈  Ethan from Canada and wasn't on the plane.
Kate says she's from Canada in Tabula Rasa.
✈  Nathan said he was in the bathroom on the plane (tail section).
✈  Bernard was in the bathroom on the plane (tail section).
✈  Ana calls the Arrow station a 'Bunker' - Hurley calls the Swan station a 'Bunker'
Ana says the military knife is 20 years old.
✈  Locke tells Desmond he hasn't seen a computer looked like that in 20 years.
Ana not too interested in 'rescue' attempts{she knows that they're home}.
✈  Locke not interested in 'rescue' attempts{he knows they are home}.
✈  Both sides have access to a 'radio'.
✈  Nathan is gone for long periods of time in the jungle- Locke is gone for long periods of time in the jungle.
✈  Libby was almost a Dr. (1 year in med school) - Desmond was almost a Dr. once.
✈  Ana creates a system for things - Locke creates a system for the button.
✈  Bernard in a tree- Naomi in a tree(season 3)
✈  Ana revives Emma. Sawyer revives Michael. Jack revives Rose {The word revive means to bring back to life, or bring back to use!}
✈  What's the deal with bathrooms? Bernard, Nathan, Charlie.
Important to remember…BERNARD IS FROM THE TAIL SECTION! What is so important about Bernard? Hmmm?

Vocabulary and Research...
Mauna-Vow of silence (in Buddhism)

Match- a game or series of games, played between two teams. 2). A horse race with only 2 horses.
- Equal, counterpart.
- adversary, analogue, antagonist, approximation, companion, competitor, complement, copy, correlate, counter type, dead ringer, double, duplicate, equivalent, like, lookalike, mate, opponent, parallel, peer, replica, ringer, rival, spitting image, twin, affiliation, alliance, combination, duet, espousal, marriage, mating, pair, pairing, partnership, union.
Stamp-brand, mark, imprint, mold, cast, hallmark, earmark, print, impression, signature, endorsement, seal. Imprint, engrave, inscribe, fix, impress. – character, type, form, make. – trample, beat, stomp, crush, pound.
Retreat 1). a religious or spiritual term for time taken to reflect or meditate
            2). a withdrawal of military forces
            3). in survivalism- a place of refuge for those in the Survivalist subculture or movement

Ana reminds me very much of the tough chicks that work at the Looking Glass Station! Wink, Wink!

Here's a question….How do we know that the Tailie's were even on a "plane". Yes, we see them in the airport, but to this point we never saw them ON the plane. Maybe they never were.

Is it possible we are seeing a different run through on the Island where things only changed slightly depending on the choices made by the players, or are we seeing a matched set of Tailes who look identical. Could it be a bit of both scenarios?

I still see that even though this adventure game is in play, these people are in desperate need to find out who they are!

Moral of this episode...This is a look at the other 48 days.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace Aug 6, 2007.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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