September 8, 2009

Do No Harm.

Let's talk about LOST!    Do No Harm.

“Come on! Outta the way!” yells Jack.

In the caves the, group is moving badly injured Boone. There’s a bit of commotion. We hear things like, “Fell down a cliff” and “He was with Locke” and “He’s bleeding a lot”.
Kate is pressing on Boone’s chest. {over his heart} Jack needs Boone kept steady; slow and gentle. Boone’s leg is bad. Jack needs Kate to press harder on Boone; she is trying. {Note: we hear a loud heartbeat.}
Boone is having hard time breathing.
Jack calls to Sun to get him a pair of scissors from the second drawer in the cart.
Jack mentions there are diapers in the first drawer.
Kate is helping but Jack informs her “Sun’s gonna switch places with you.”
He calls for Sun, “I need...”
Sun- “Yes. I understand.”
Jack directs Hurley, who looks a bit in shock and queasy to grab me that first class seat from up there, also, I need that mesh. We need to create some kind of sterile...Hurley, I swear to god, if you faint...“
Hurley- “No...first class, mesh. I'm cool. Lord in heaven.”
Jack tells Kate to “Get to the beach. Ransack Sawyer's stuff. I want his alcoholrubbing, scotch.”
Boone's lung collapses. Jack pours peroxide on Boone’s chest and takes a very long “needle” {It friggin looks like an antenna} and plunges it into Boone’s lung.

Kate is shocked by what she just saw.
Jack assures Boone- “Good job. Gonna put a tube in that and you’re gonna be just fine.”
Hurried Jack asks Kate what she is still doing here, “The alcohol, Kate! If you want him to live get to the beach, now!”
Boone is struggling to get air.
Jack works on him with the tube.
Jack exhales strongly...
{Flash Whoosh}

Jack is tying Silverman’s black bow tie.
They joke about clip on ties and real ties. Jack asks Silverman if he’s nervous. Silverman wonders what he has to be nervous about. Jack feels it’s a big responsibility, which Silverman feels he can handle.
Jack- “Maybe. But I know that you don't like to get up in front of crowds.”
Marc feels he’ll be fine...after about eight beers.
Jack- “She'll bust you, man.”
Silverman- “I'll brush my teeth.”
Jack- “She'll bust you. {They turn and look into the mirror.} You can still back out, Marc.”
Marc-“Nah, it's just a stupid speech. I'll make you proud.”
The tailor comes out carrying another tuxedo.
Tailor- “Okay, groom's turn.”
Marc- “You can still back out, Jack.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Jack is ripping Boone's pants to get to check out his leg.   Jack determines it’s a closed fracture; he thinks he can set it.
Sun asks Jack if he can sew Boone’s chest wound.
Jack notes he's lost a lot of blood and wonders how far Locke had to carry him. Boone says I'm going to die.
Jack-“Boone, listen to me. Listen! You are not going to die. I'm going to fix this, okay? I am going to save you.

Claire walks on the beach. Jin works on the raft while Sawyer, Michael and Walt cook fish over an open fire. Collarless Vincent is there too.
Michael teaches Walt to flip em or they’ll burn.
Sawyer asks Mamacita if she wants any fish.
Claire declines as she’s not really hungry. {A pregnant woman not really hungry, what’s that about?} She then asks how long you think till it’s ready. {She looks over to Jin working on the raft with the ax.}
Michael answers “Maybe a week, maybe less. You okay?”
Claire’s fine; she’ll see them later.
Sawyer smiles- “She likes me.”
Michael calls over to Jin and tells him to take a break and eat some fish.
Jin waves him off.
Sawyer feels that man's got what he calls an overzealous work ethic.
Michael- “Try obsession. He wants off this Island bad, man.”
Sawyer- “Can't say I blame poor Kato. His lady speaks English all this time and he didn't have a clue? I'm surprised he didn't try to swim out of here. Hell, I would've...”
Kate runs up to Sawyer and tells him she needs all of his alcohol. Now!

Sawyer opens a suitcase, unwraps a towel that hides all forms of liquid alcohol. Kate relays the Locke said he fell off a cliff while they were out hunting boar.
Sawyer- “Boar they never seem to get.”
Sawyer packs her bag full of the bottles.
Kate- “Is that it?”
Sawyer-“Afraid so. You need anything else? I could come with you.”

Kate-“Too many cooks already, but thanks.”
She takes off running.

Jack is sewing up Boone’s chest while Boone is still wheezing and mumbling “I'm sorry.”
Jack determines he needs blood; a blood transfusion.
Sun wonders how he’s going to do that. Jack doesn’t know but he’ll figure it out after he sets the leg. Stressed Jack takes out a bottle of peroxide and nurse Sun relieves him of that task, “Let me. Get some air.”
Charlie asks Jack “How is he?” Jack doesn’t know yet.
Charlie- “What happened out there? Where's Locke? Do you think that...“
Jack doesn’t know.
Charlie questions, “What, he just took off?“
He asks where Shannon is.
Jack doesn’t know. They walk toward the waterfall.
Charlie- “Well, she's his sister. You don't “
Jack- “I don't know where she is! “
{Flash Whoosh}
“And here she is…the future Mrs. Jack Shephard.”
Marc introduces and toasts Sarah.
Sarah takes the mic- “Thank you. Wow, can I get another microphone? I think this one's been drinking. A little over two years ago, I blew a tire out...flipped over the center divider into oncoming traffic, and was hit head-on by an SUV.   My back was broken. They all said it was irreparable. And then there was Jack. And he promised he would fix me. Because that's the kind of guy he is. Because you are the most committed man I have ever known. Because you fixed me… I will dance at our wedding. To Jack, my hero, Jack."

Jack is examining Boone's leg. Sun enters holding a small stick for Boone.
Jack feels they're beyond herbal remedies but she shows him it's a stick for him to bite on {Looks like a horse bit.}
Sun holds Boone's shoulders and Jack pulls on the leg.   Boone screams out in great pain. Hurley is nearby and plugs his ears from the scream.

Kate is running through the jungle to get back to the caves. She trips and falls, landing on the bottles; breaking a few of them. {Not all of them.} Kate hears something in the jungle and comes upon Claire; in labor.
Claire wants to be left alone.
Kate-"You're having the baby."
Claire says she's fine; she just needs to catch her breath.
Kate insists she's having her baby.
Claire-"No it's not. It's just gas pains. It's fine."     She is adamant she is not having bloody contractions!
Kate wants to get Claire to Jack; she calls out for help.

Jin, who is working on the raft with the ax, hears a call for help. He looks around the beach camp and there's no one there!
Jin runs into the jungle to investigate. He stops and listens to a voice in the distance..."Please help!"
He takes off running and comes upon Kate and Claire.
Kate sends him to retrieve Jack-Doctor from the caves.
Claire doesn't want Kate to leave her. Kate promises she won't leave "honey".
Kate gives Jin the backpack with the alcohol to take with him.

"Ask him again." Jack knows Boone is in shock but he needs Sun to ask Boone the question again. Jack is sharpening a stick into aneedle.
Sun-"Boone. Can you hear me? What is your blood type?"
Jack is frustrated that his crafted stick won't penetrate his skin. He explains to Sun veins are like wet noodles, first you have to find one then you have to have a hallow needle sharp enough to pierce it, "I've got bamboo!"
Jack decides none of it actually matters because he doesn't know Boone's blood type or that his injuries... Boone cuts him off, "A negative."
Jack-"Boone. What did you say?"
Boone-"Shannon...the plane."
Jack needs Sun to get Charlie.
"Ask everyone you can find, everyone, what their blood type is. A negative, okay?...And find his sister. Find Shannon."

Shannon and Sayid are walking together.
Shannon-"Where are we going?"
Sayid-"This way."
Shannon-"Are you lost?"
Sayid-"No, absolutely not. Those trees look really familiar. It's this way... I think."
Shannon seems nervous, "Did you just say I think?"
Sayid leads her to a surprise; a beautiful romantic set up of fruit, flowers and water.

In the caves Charlie tells frustrated Jack, “I found an A.”
Jack- “Positive or negative?”
Charlie says she doesn’t know but he also found two B positives and one AB negative, “At least he thinks so.”
Jack-“Did you find any O negative?”
Charlie- “Sun said A negative!”
Jack wonders where Sun is and Charlie shares they split up and he thought she’d be back here. Charlie also tells Jack he asked the whole sodding camp what their blood types are and nobody knows what theirs is. Charlie doesn’t even know his own bloody blood type.

Sun enters with a cooler; she didn’t find Shannon but she found something for Jack. She shows him a spiny sea thingy and breaks off one of the spiny things, “A hollow needle sharp enough to pierce a noodle.”
Jack thinks it’s perfect.
Charlie- “Not to rain on your proverbial parade but I thought you said we needed someone who was A negative.”

Jack-“Or O negative.”
Charlie-“Right, which judging by your tantrum, no one is.”
Jack- “Someone is.”
Charlie-“You?! Why'd you make...”
Jack-“O negative is universal donor. It's in the ballpark, it's not a match. My blood could put him into anaphylactic shock...stop his heart.”
Charlie- “You mean he'll die?”
Jack-“He's not going to die.”
Jack preps the tube and needle.
{Flash Whoosh}
Jack plays the piano in the hotel lobby. He is drinking. Sarah comes down in her pj’s. {Number 44 on front left side of shirt.} She lets him know two girls are checking him out; one’s kinda cute, the other one is trashy. The couple plays the song Heart & Soul with Sarah taking the easy part of course.
Sarah-“You know you really don't have to do this if you don't want to.”
Jack asks how she knows he hasn’t. Sarah knows he hasn’t. She hits wrong notes, “Oh, sorry. It was a silly idea. I just...I read too many bridal magazines. I think it rotted my brain.”
Jack wants to and is going to; he just has to figure out the right way to say it.
Sarah-“They’re just vows.”
Jack-“Just vows?”
He notes a taxi pull up and a woman gets out.
Sarah- “Hey. He’s going to come.”
Jack knows.
Sarah- “So, you stay down here as long as you need to. And when you're I’ll be...upstairs.” She cannot wait to marry him, “Jack Shephard.”
Sarah gets up and walks away. {Huge number 44 on her back}

“Jack! Jack!” {Flash Whoosh}
Jin asks Hurley for “Jack! Doctor!"
Hurley points him in the direction of Jack.
Jin enters the treatment area and sees Sun and Jack transfusing his blood to Boone.
Jin speaks Korean to Jack. Sun translates that Claire is with Kate and she’s in labor. Mind you Jin seems annoyed Sun is the translator. Claire’s contractions are coming every two minutes; she’s okay but in pain.
Jack asks a list of questions to Sun to translate: Is she nauseous? Can she stand? Is there any bleeding? Did her water break?
Sun translates-“No, none of that, but she can't move.”
Charlie says they should go, “What do we need? Towels, bandages, hot water? How do we take hot water?”
Jack, who is literally being drained, is sure he’ll figure it out. He wants Sun to tell Jin to take Charlie with him and go back to Claire. Charlie wants to know how to look out for that dilating thing.
Jack is getting a bit woozy- “Charlie, listen to me. Okay, Charlie, look at me. Tell Kate to wait until the contractions are 60 seconds apart, you got that?   Now, she's going to need to make sure that Claire pushes, but not too hard, not too fast, just until the head is clear.   And then, as hard as she can. When the baby is out make sure she clears its nose and its mouth.
Charlie-“Yeah, but, you'll be there by then, right?”
Jack needs to stay there, “Now, you tell Kate she's going to have to deliver this baby.”

It is getting dark in the jungle. Claire tells Kate, “They’ve stopped.”
Kate, who is sitting by the fire, thinks that happens.
Claire is happy they’re not coming anymore and insists she’s fine. Claire stands up and wonders “What is that?”
Kate thinks her water just broke.
Claire freaks, “I can’t have the baby now.”
Kate encourages her to hold on because Jack is coming.

Jack is still giving Boone blood. He puts his head very close to Boone’s mouth to listen. {For breathing or words?} Jack walks away then Boone speaks! He knows he screwed himself up pretty bad; his leg hurts. Jack doesn’t want him to move and asks if he can breathe okay. Boone reveals that a plane fell on him when he was out with Locke.
Jack-“Locke said you fell from a cliff.
Boone clarifies “It fell...the plane. It’s because of the hatch. We found a hatch.”
Boone tries to stay conscious, “Locke said... John said, John said not to tell. About the hatch.”
Jack-“What did Locke do? What hatch? What...”
Boone complains his leg hurts and appears to pass out; then whispers, “Shannon. Shannon. Shannon.”

Shannon and Sayid are making out on the beach. Shannon decides she needs to come clean about a few things and reveals some things to Sayid.
Shannon-“My brother, Boone. He's not really my brother. He's my step-brother. Our parents got married when we were like 8 and 10. He's kind of in love with me.”
Sayid- “In love with you? And how do you feel towards him?”
Shannon-“I'll always feel something for him. But am I in love with him in that way? No. Not at all. We're here for god knows how long...and so is Boone.”
Sayid suggests maybe they should go back but Shannon doesn’t want to go back. She wants to take it slow. Sayid’s okay with that; he had hopes but no expectations.

Claire is in pain. Jin and Charlie show up. Charlie informs Kate Jack couldn’t come because he’s pouring his own blood into Boone’s arm right now. Kate wants to take Claire to Jack before it’s too late. Jin motions for them to be quiet.
Charlie tells Kate she has to deliver the baby; Jack talked Charlie through it; it's relatively simple. Kate feels she can’t do this; actually she’s adamant she can’t deliver this baby.
Charlie-“Well somebody has too.”
Jin calmly speaks to Claire in Korean.
Claire tells him-“You know I was out there for over a week…days I can't remember. I mean, what if, what if they did something to the baby? I'm not ready for this. I'm not... I'm so scared. I'm scared.”
Kate walks up behind Claire and tells her, “I'm, I'm scared too. But we're going to get through this together. Okay?”

Drained and woozy Jack checks out Boone’s closed eyes. {Opens the lids}
Sun walks in, checks out Boone and declares “It’s not working.”
Jack-“The blood's not the problem. It's the leg. All the blood's pooling there. Compartment syndrome. He didn't get this injury from a fall. Something crushed his leg.”
Sun rips the transfusion tube out of Jack’s arm, “You've given him enough.”
Jack walks out and calls out to Hurley. {Does he have diapers?}
Hurley asks if he’s okay, “You're looking kind of Goth.”
Jack needs Hurley to get Michael from the beach.
{Flash Whoosh}
Jack is sitting at the edge of the hotel pool with his feet in the water, drinking from a half empty bottle of alcohol. {Important!}
Christian finally arrives, “Hey kiddo.”
Jack looks up to see dad. Christian takes his socks and shoes off to join Jack in the fantastic water. He shares with Jack about the screaming kid next to him in first class, “How does that happen, huh? What you got there?”
Christian takes swig of Jack’s bottle. Jack is definitely buzzed.
Jack-“Oh, Sarah wants us to write our own vows.
Christian reading from a piece of paper, “My hearts skips beats at the sound of your voice. My skin warms... to the touch of your fingers. Where you go, I will go, etc. etc. This is, this is very nice.”
Jack-“Those aren't my vows. Those are hers. I stole them out of the room. Can't write mine.”
Christian feels that’s because Jack’s a doctor not a writer. He compliments Sarah's beauty and then asks Jack if he loves her.
Dad wonders then why he’s sitting out there.

Jack has concerns. “What if I can't be the husband, or the father, that I want to be? What if I asked her because I saved her life? ... Should I marry her, dad?”
Christian-“Commitment is what makes you tick, Jack. The problem is you're just not good at letting go.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Boone is going downhill fast. Sun is tending to him.
Jack and Michael's conversation can be heard even though they are in the distance at a cargo container. Michael wonders if Jack is saying Locke lied.
Jack feels Boone didn’t fall; his leg was pinned under something heavy.
Michael- "Okay, Jack, wait. The cargo container? We've got to do this? What about the ax?"
Jack- “We can’t use the ax.”
Sun wonders what they’re doing. Jack explains the right leg is filling with blood. If he doesn’t stop it he won't be able to save him, “The leg is dead.”
Jack tests the amputating ability of the cargo container door with a log.
Jack confirms, “There's no other choice.”

In the jungle Kate decides it’s about time Claire starts to push. Claire holds her breath.
Kate-“And, don't hold your breath, honey. You won't be able to push if you...Claire? Claire, what are you doing? Oh, no, no, no, Claire, you need to push, right now. Don't do this, Claire, okay? You can't stop this, this is happening. Your baby is coming and I need your help.” {What?!}
Claire- “It's not going to want me….It knows I don't want it, that I was going to give it away. Babies know that stuff.“
Kate-“Do you want this baby now? Hmm? Do you want it to be healthy and safe? {Claire nods yes} Okay. Then the baby knows that, too. You are not alone in this. We are all here for you. This baby is all of us/ours. But I need you to push, okay? Okay? Alright. 1, 2, 3, push. Good. Good, push.” {That's a very interesting statement to make about a woman's child.}
Charlie and Jin are nearby watching. Charlie looks like he's wants to go to Claire but Jin stops him. Jin knows better.

Sun gives Boone some water but he ends up coughing up blood. Michael and Jack move Boone to the stretcher on 3. Jack counts, 1, 2, 3.
Sun is asking why he’s doing this, “He’s bleeding inside. You’re not helping him! You can’t save him, Jack! You can’t...”
Jack-"Don't tell me what I can't do."
They move Boone. Jack uses a belt as a tourniquet for Boone’s leg; pour more alcohol on the wound. Jack puts a green towel over the leg and feels Michael doesn’t need to see this.
Michael-“You need me, shout.”
Jack and Sun look at each other for a few seconds and then she walks away. Jack tries to gather strength and courage to cut off Boone’s leg and he moves the door just a bit. {Listen to the sound it makes.}
“In sickness and in health...”{Flash Whoosh}
“ good times and bad. I risk it all because I love you.”
The minister thanks Sarah and asks Jack to go on with his vows. Jack seems very lost in thought for a few seconds and is very emotional. He snaps out of it when the minister says his name.
Jack-“I didn't write any vows. I've been trying to for a month but, I couldn't. So I started to wonder why that was. And as time went on it only got worse... because I'm, because I'm not good at letting go. Or maybe I'm afraid of what'll happen if I fail. But I know one thing. I would've never been able to write anything as beautiful as what you just said. And last night, Sarah, when you were talking about the accident… you got it all wrong. I didn't fix you. You fixed me. I love you, Sarah, and I always will.”
They kiss.
{Flash Whoosh}
As Jack is about to cut Boone's leg off...
Boone- “Wait...Wait.”
Jack-“I have to, if I don't...”
Boone- “I'm all mashed up inside. You know it."
Jack-“This is our best chance.”
Boone-“There's no chance. Really. I mean, look where we are.”
Jack- “I'm not going to let you give up.”
Boone-“I know you made a promise. I'm letting you off the hook...Let me go, Jack.”
Jack cries-“I’m sorry.”
Boone-“Don't be.”

Kate- “Watch, watch, watch. Breathe...c'mon breathe. Breathe. Okay. Okay. Ready? You got another one I see its close, c'mon. That's really good. C'mon, I think its close... Okay, good, good, good. I can see it. I can see the top of its head. I can see it. I can see it, okay... You're almost there...You're so close, you're so close. Ready, ready? C'mon, one more... Go Push, push, push, push, push…. Oh, you have a little boy.”
Kate hands her the baby.
Claire is happy, “I have a son.”
Charlie and Jin are very happy and hug!
Claire tells her little one to “Shhhhh.”

Jack lays Boone down. Jack is worn out.
Boone struggles for a breath.
Boone whispers, “Tell Shannon...tell Shannon... tell her. . . “
Jack closes Boone's eyes.

Claire brings her new baby to the beach camp to meet everyone.
Hurley taps Jack on the shoulder to let him know happy Shannon is walking up the beach with happy Sayid. Jack walks over to talk to her. {Vincent has a collar on.}
Shannon is at the caves crying over Boone's body.

Jack is alone on the beach with a backpack; he looks like he may have been crying.
Kate walks up to him.
Jack-“Beautiful, healthy baby.”
Kate-“Wanna talk about it?”
Jack-“Talk about what?”
Kate- “Boone died, Jack.”
Jack-“He didn't die. He was murdered.
Kate- “What? Jack, where are you going?”
Jack gets focused- “To find John Locke.”    He is a man on a mission.

Do No Harm is a GREAT episode!!
Unfortunately it’s game over for Boone.
Even though we are seeing a "Jack" centric, John Locke is not completely absent from it.
I'll never stop telling you to keep your eyes on their eyes. You'll get sick of hearing me say that.

Things to Note...Questions to ask... 
  Jack sits with a bottle of vodka talks about drinking beers with Marc, we see him drink at the rehearsal dinner, and at the piano. He must be quite the drinker.
  Alcohol. Liquor.
☯  Speech.
Sawyer hides all forms of liquid alcohol together. For example, he doesn’t have the rubbing alcohol with medical.
Blood. Blood type. Boone: A negative. Jack: O negative. B negative.
☯  Jack tells Kate to ransack Sawyer's stuff. The boar ransacked Sawyer’s stuff in Outlaws.
☯  At the rehearsal dinner Sarah mentions her accident was two years ago, 2001. So this event must be 2003.
☯  WTF does Kate mean by "This baby is all of ours/us" really?
☯  Be aware of play on words and phrases.
☯  Emotional pain. Physical pain.
☯  Heart Heartbeat. Heart & Soul.
☯  Brain. Mind.
☯  Breath. Breathe. Air.
Write. Written. Read. Log.
☯  Language. Understanding language. Translate.
☯  Time. Timer.
Jack- “Is she nauseous? Can she stand? Is there any bleeding? Did her water break?” Sun translates the response-“No, none of that, but she can't move.” Wow! Claire doesn’t have any other labor symptoms besides pain and she can’t move. Lol!
☯  It seems pretty important that Kate is the one who delivers the baby.
☯  Life
☯ Death.

Vocabulary and Research...
♦  Ax- In computing: Accumulator eXtended (x86 registers in computing.)
♦  Ax- In rallying: a leg is each day of the whole event.
♦  Commitment- 1). Responsibility. 2). Loyalty. 3). A previously planned engagement. 4). Institutionalize someone. 5). Court order confining someone to prison.
Yin Yang- is used to describe how seemingly disjunct or opposing forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn.  The concept lies at the heart of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being a primary guideline of traditional Chinese medicine, and a central principle of different forms of Chinese martial arts and exercise.
According to the philosophy, yin and yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, which constantly interact, never existing in absolute stasis.
   - Yin and yang can also mean good and bad.
♦  Fix, slang for a shot of drugs eg. heroin or a mixture of liquor, citrus, and sugar
   -Fix,a planned setup (interchangeable with the same use of "rig") of an event so as to influence the outcome.
♦  Factor IX (or Christmas factor) is one of the serine proteases of the coagulation system.

We learn a lot about Jack's personality; commitment in particular.   He really is a dedicated man, a man of his word, and a man who doesn't want to give up, or is it “let go”.    He's very afraid of failure. These are all very strong personality traits.   We saw that at some point in his life Jack and Christian were comfortable having heart to heart talks.   Jack really did realize on his wedding day that he did indeed love Sarah.
But more importantly to note is it seems to me this is an "alcohol" episode. I got the sense that Jack was taking a look at himself with everything he experiences here, like he was looking head on to himself being an alcoholic.   I know, call me crazy.   But, Jack could very well have a problem with alcohol and needs to deal with some heartfelt issues and then learn to let go of them.

So, move or don’t move...the choice is yours.

I'll want to leave you with this Zen proverb...“Let go over a cliff, die completely, and then come back to life - after that you cannot be deceived”

Love to all who are "LOST"™

PS: As we approach the end of season one and I review all these notes I've kept since the beginning, I'm still amazed at how new the show still feels for me. Even when I re-watch I NEVER tire of it. There's always something new to see and a new way to look at something. The way the show draws you in and wraps you into it is absolutely surreal. We talk about all the things that made us fans and what we love about the show, there's just so many reasons. I agree with all of your reasons and I'm very guilty of obsessive behavior. I love this fantastic, smart show!!! Maybe one day I will share with you all how and why I became the obsessed LOST fan you see today, an active participant in the show, why it's such a part of my life and why it's it held near and dear to my heart.

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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