September 7, 2009

"Programming" Courtesy of Dharma Initiative.

Mysteries of the Universe. Part 3

Narrator: "We now return to Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative."
A church. Normally a place for worship, not a place of scandal.   This church in Los Angeles has always been regarded as a sanctuary for the mind and spirit.  Perhaps there is a secondary element to this church that our researchers pray to uncover.   Mysteries of the Universe has discovered that this church has quite a large collection basket.   Records state that this church has received funds upward of $1.5 million from a private organizationObserve the octagonal logo in the upper right corner. This is the same image found on the job posting.  We have found hundreds of invoices for enough supplies to sustain a colony for quite some time.  But not all items purchased make sense.  Strange requests and purchase orders that cover the most unusual spectrum of mystery.
1.4 tons of seeds.
Ammunition for M1 Carbines.
Pneumatic tubing.
Animal care supplies.
Zoo keeper supplies.
But enough to service a town. Electromagnetic coils and Tesla coils.
Psychotropic drugs. Other pharmacological supplies.
And soft restraints.
Ostensibly, the church is responsible for the procurement of these strange wares. However, our reporters' investigations into the church's financial records have proven there is nothing unusual. Furthermore, a stunning discovery is that the church does not own the very land it sits on.  Research into the landowner's name has led our intrepid team to discover a dizzying array of shell companies that have ordered all the unusual supplies.
Our investigation brought us to this man: a behavioral psychologist that works at a Los Angeles clinic. He, too, claims he was interrogated by The Dharma Initiative. He did not wish to be identified."

Man in the Shadow: "My name is [censored]. I'm a behavioral psychologist with a strong background in pharmacology. The interviews were intenseThey also interviewed my colleague.  He was a chemist. Name was Oldham, or something or other. They asked me questions about every facet of my job, everything I've ever learned or... drug reactions, side effects, even things we were still researching. Classified research. Ludovico, etc."

Narrator: "The Ludovico technique. It's where a subject is repeatedly told a series of phrases or images, and upon repetition, the subject may eventually believe they are true.  Some believe this may be called brainwashing."

Man in the Shadow: "Oldham went but I considered everything, and I didn't think it was a humanitarian mission at all. When it came to my ethics and values, it it crossed the line. I thought it was a cult. Not religious, but certainly it had the same feeling and actions of a cult."

Narrator: "Ammunition, drugs, tranquillizers. But perhaps the strangest of all: submarine fuel.  What type of organization would maintain and operate a submarine fleet? Why would they need one? The only time a submarine is used for clandestine purposes and operations is to sneak in and out of contested waters, under the cover of...liquid night.  During World War II, submarines were regularly used for transport to areas in the non-industrial locations in the South Pacific, not suitable for large ships. Many of these vessels were lost at sea.   But could they also be stolen, or bought on the black market by The Dharma Initiative? Seemingly limitless resources, and tendrils that touch every corner of society.
More, when we return."

What is the Dharma Initiative up to?
We need to find out why this organization feels the need to gather up people who seem amenable for coercion, and contain them in an environment that is cutoff from the rest of the world. How is it that this very wealthy consortium gets to play by their own rules in this global game they are playing?

Brainwashing, psychotropic drugs, mind manipulation are a few of the tools being used in association with this troop of people.

In this clip we hear about a place of sanctuary for the mind and spirit, but may also hold a secondary element. Is it possible this combo could be one of the things I’ve been mentioning over the years… Enlightenment and self discovery occurring under the guise of a game…It’s a possibility.

We should keep the bits of fun info we get from these clips and

At this point I would not be surprised if a “Mass Brainwashing” leads us right into the show FlashForward.

I am pleased with the detailed notes I've taken for my LOST blog, as they are riddled with clues the writers put in the story subliminally. Insights to all the things that are being brought to the surface now, have been right in front of your eyes all along. But we still need to be very careful of something I still feel very strongly about...People and things are not what you think they are. There is still a literal blurring of what is being presented to us.

Cult or Con? We have been exposed to a series of phrases and images, and upon repetition… you may believe these things to be true.
Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* Who is the bald mystery man. Hmmm...
* Cult.
* Shadows in the background.
* Military. Submarine.
* The supplies requested connect to the “Island” indeed.

Vocabulary and Research…
* A psychoactive drug, psychopharmaceutical or psychotropic substance is a chemical substance that acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it alters brain function, resulting in changes in perception, mood, consciousness and behavior. These drugs may be used for recreation to purposefully alter one's consciousness as entheogens for ritual or spiritual purposes, as a tool for studying or augmenting the mind, or therapeutically as medication.

* The Ludovico technique is a fictional aversion therapy from the novel and film A Clockwork Orange. It involves the patient being forced, through the use of a speculum holding his eyes open, to watch violent images for long periods of time, while under the effect of a nausea-inducing drug.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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  1. Hi! Karen. Glad to see you again :)
    And yes...drugs...brainwashing...
    The bald mistery man could be Dave?
    I can´t understand every word he says. ABC should subtitle these videos.
    Thanks for to share your observations!


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