September 8, 2009

The Greater Good

Let's talk about LOST! The Greater Good.

Sayid is staring. Shannon sits next to Boone’s body touching his hair as if he’s only sleeping.
Sayid asks Shannon if there’s anything he can do for her, “Sun said he wouldn't let Jack take his leg. Didn't want him using up the antibiotics. She said he knew what was happening to him… that he was brave.”

Shannon doesn’t say anything.
This is a special security announcement…” {Flash Whoosh}
Sayid is being escorted through Heathrow Airport by two soldiers; he is handcuffed.
Sayid is brought to a room and his cuffs removed. He’s sitting with agents from Central Intelligence and ASIS.
Agent Cole {American Accent}-“Okay, Sayid. 18 hours in a holding cell should be enough. Let's get to it, shall we? I'm Melissa Cole from Central Intelligence; this is Robbie Hewitt from ASIS. We're here because you're going to do us a favor.”
Sayid- “A favor?”
Agent Hewitt {Australian Accent} -“Last week 300 pounds of C-4 explosives were stolen from an army base outside of Melbourne.   The men responsible are members of a terrorist cell intent on disrupting the coalition presence in Iraq.  300 pounds of C-4 ...I want it back.”
Sayid says to Cole, “You're the CIA, plant a few bugs.”
Cole assures him they have, but he’s going to get inside for them.
Sayid cuts her off, “I am Iraqi. I am not a terrorist.”
Cole reveals they didn't snatch him up because he’s a terrorist. They snatched him up because he knows one. Cole shows Sayid photos of Essam Tazia on a cell phone. He was Sayid’s roommate at Cairo University and a member of the cell.   Sayid wonders why he should care. Hewitt tells him he’d be saving lives.
Sayid repeats, why should he care?
Cole-“Because we know where she is. 7 years since you left Iraq. 6 months here, 3 months there, always moving. There's only two reasons a man would do that, Sayid.  Either he's running away from something, or looking for something. {A photo of Nadia holding a green binder.} Noor Abed-Jazeem.”
Sayid is sentimental and shares nobody calls her Noor. Agent Cole bribes him. If Sayid wants to know where she is then they’re going to Sydney.
{Flash Whoosh}
Kate walks through the jungle looking for something; she finds Jack’s bandage.    Jack {Key around neck.} comes running out from the trees; he looks like shit.  He wonders what Kate is doing out there. Kate was looking for him.
Jack-“Well, you found me.”
Kate says he’s just walking around in circles and he needs to come back. But Jack isn’t coming back without Locke.
Kate-“You haven't slept. You gave Boone your own blood.”
Jack is focused on his task because Locke lied. “Boone did not fall off any cliff.  His leg was crushed, and I based my medical treatment on his lie.”
Kate informs Jack people are scared and upset. They don't know what's going on. “We need you to come back, Jack. Please.”

Hurley helps carry Boone’s body wrapped in blue tarp for the funeral.  Sawyer looks troubled, so does Hurley.
At graveside Walt takes Michael's hand.  Everyone is sad and Sayid looks over at lost Shannon.   Jack asks Shannon if she wants to say something. Shannon just says “no”.

Sayid speaks. “I didn't know Boone very well, and for that I am sorry. On our 6th day here a woman named Joanna died. She drowned. And Boone was the first one into the water. I didn't know him, but I’ll remember his courage. And I know he will be missed.”
Locke speaks from behind the group, “It was my fault. We found a plane, a Beech craft, in the jungle. It was lodged in the canopy so…I would have gone up, but I… my leg was hurt so… he…There was a radio inside and he thought he could…{Jack and Shannon are eying Locke}… Look, his weight must have made the plane shift and it fell… and… it happened because he was trying to help us. He was a hero.”
Walt is very interested in what Locke had to say.
Jack is fired up! He asks Locke, “Where were you? Where were you? Where the hell were you, you son of a bitch?! {Jack tackles him} What did you do to him?! What did you do?!” 
Jack goes on about how Locke left him to die and lied to him. “Where were you?!” 
{Uh, Locke brought Boone to you so you can help him. He didn't leave him to die.}
Charlie and Sawyer pull Jack off of Locke.   Jack is freaking out so badly he collapses. Sawyer yells for someone to get some water.
Charlie - “Breathe. He's okay. Just breathe, Jack.”
Sayid and Locke are locked in a gaze with each other.
Jack- “He’s lying.” {Walking through the beach camp.}
Sayid- “You're suffering from fatigue."
Jack- “Locke told Boone not to tell"
Sayid- “Tell about what?"
Jack- “Something about a hatch. Locke's hiding something.”
Sayid- “Jack, listen …”
Jack- "Look, the man is hiding something."
Sayid- “Jack, listen to me. What we need is for the one doctor on this island to get some sleep.”
Jack feels he doesn’t need it, he’s fine. Even Sun feels Jack needs rest.
{Flash Whoosh}
Sayid is kneeling in a Mosque praying.   He looks over to note Essam is there.  At the end of prayer Essam gets a look at a familiar face, Sayid.
Outside Essam calls out to Sayid. Obviously the men haven’t forgotten each other; they hug.  Essam asks what he’s doing in Sydney.
Sayid has been traveling.
Essam shares he’s lived there almost a year and he’s a tree cutter. “I cut trees.”
Sayid thinks that sounds like good honest work.
Essam- “So much for my philosophy degree, huh?”
Sayid- “Whatever puts food on your table. How is Zahra?”
Essam reveals she died via a stray bomb while she was out shopping for a dress.  Essam feels they have a lot of catching up to do so he invites Sayid over.

At Essam’s place a video game being played. Essam brings Sayid something to drink.
One dude is pissed he’s out of ammo in the game. His friend suggests he use the crowbar.
The gamer feels that only works on the zombies, not the big bugs.
Sayid-“The three of you live here?”

Essam admits Sydney is very expensive and this is the best they can afford. The friend smoking the cigarette asks Sayid what he does.
Sayid- “At the moment I'm at liberty.”
Essam chimes in mentioning Sayid’s on holiday. He tells Sayid he’ll love the beaches and Australian women.
Sayid notes the smoke detector near the guy smoking the cigarette.  As Sayid walks over to the smoke detector he shares a bit with the men. “I've had the misfortune of being landlocked for several years. The last beach I was at was Sharm-el Sheikh with you Essam…remember, before our English exams? {Sayid holds a cigarette to the smoke detector which doesn't detect the smoke.}   I hear the beaches here are very nice, especially the women. {Pulls a bug device out of it}  Perhaps we can go. {Puts the bug in a glass} So tell me exactly what kind of trees do you cut?”
The cigarette guy asks, “Who are you?
Sayid- “I was a communications officer.”
Essam reveals Sayid was a Republican Guard; he knows things.
The cigarette dude- “Perhaps it's not happenstance that you and Essam met at the Mosque. Perhaps it is fate.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Claire sits with the baby. She tells Charlie and Sun she’s fine, but Charlie insists she needs rest.  Sun informs Claire in a hospital they would have her sleep; the nurses would take your baby.   Claire is not in a hospital.  Charlie feels all the more reason to take extra care.   He offers to take care of Turnip Head for a while. {Name is based on the baby’s head.} That’s what he’s calling him until Claire gives him a name. Claire is concerned but Charlie reassures her she’ll be there for the baby after she sleeps. Claire feels she can’t and says no.
Charlie-“Claire, no one is going to take this baby away from you. No one.”
Claire says he doesn’t know that so he can’t say that.
Charlie-“I won’t let it happen.”
Claire thinks it over and turns the baby over to Charlie, “Just be really careful, okay?”   She gives Charlie instructions about the baby’s blanket and his neck.

Shannon sits alone on the beach. {Ah, those crashing waves.} Locke, still wearing the bloody shirt, walks up to her and gives her a green satchel that belonged to Boone.   Locke didn’t go through it. Shannon thanks him.
Locke-“Welcome…. {He sits next to her} Storm coming...I should have said no. The first time he offered to hunt with me I should have said no.
Shannon-“He would have gone anyway.“
Locke-“Yeah, I suppose he would have. {Locke looks at Shannon} I know how confused and angry you must be right now.  I can't say I understand what you're going through, but I know what it feels like when you lose family. {Shannon finally looks at him} I hope you can forgive me. I'm sorry.“
Locke gets up and walks away. Shannon watches him and cries, but her wheels are turning.

In the caves Sayid is working on a piece of electronics.   Shannon walks up to him and says, “You asked if you could do anything for me.”
Supportive Sayid says, “Anything.”
Shannon-“John Locke killed my brother. Will you do something about that?"

Kate and Jack are at the tent on the beach.
Jack is drinking something that Kate encourages will get his blood sugar level up. She’d like him to have more.
Jack-“Enough already. I’ve rested.”
He insists he’s fine and starts to stand up.
Kate-“Where are you going?
He wants to go talk to Locke but Kate strongly advises him to lie down. Jack starts to feel funny and wonders what’s going on now. Kate admits she crushed up some sleeping pills and put them in his juice. She drugged him. Jack seems a little amused and dozes off. Kate says, “Night.”

At the caves Locke is kneeling, washing out his bloody shirt.  Walt watches the blood get wrung out of the shirt.  Locke waves at him but Walt doesn’t wave back; he walks away seemingly a little afraid of Locke.
Sayid asks Locke-“How did you get that?”
There is a large scar on the left side of his body in the kidney area, but he claims it to be a war wound. Sayid feels it looks more like a surgical scar.
Locke- “Like I said war wound.”
Sayid inquires about the plane’s radio; was Boone able to pick up a signal?  Locke was on the ground and all he could hear was static.  He confirms it was working but he can’t imagine it survived the fall.   Sayid thinks some of its parts may work for the transmitter he’s building for the raft.  Locke is willing to take Sayid.
As the two walk to the fallen plane Sayid asks how Locke came upon it. Locke- “Luck.”
Sayid confirms Locke and Boone were boar hunting.  Locke explains the boar got scarce a couple of weeks back, “We weren’t hunting. We were exploring.”  And they happened upon a Beach craft perched in the trees.
Sayid-“At the funeral you said your leg was injured.”
Locke-“It was just a charly horse. A cramp.”
Sayid knows what a charly horse is.
Locke-“Back in Iraq you were an interrogator.”
Sayid- “Is that a question?”
Locke- “Yeah.”
Sayid-“A long time ago I was.”
Locke-“Well, you haven't lost your touch.”
Sayid- “Why would I interrogate you, John?”
Locke-“Jack called me a liar in front of every man, woman and child I've come to know over the past month.   Maybe there's a part of you that thinks maybe there isn't a plane out here at all.”
Sayid knows when he’s being lied to, “There’s a plane.”
Locke looks through the trees; there’s the plane.
Locke-“Like I said, you haven't lost your touch.”
{Flash Whoosh}
You’re lost your edge, old man.” Sayid and Essam are playing soccer in a park.   Essam feels he “never had one when playing again you.”
Sayid wonders, “Were you always this slow?”
Essam just wants to keep playing.  Sayid tells him he has to get out of that apartment to practice more. Essam shares that Haddad would like the "more blending in with the community".
Sayid- “I think he's got his eye on a target.”
Essam- “What makes you say that?”
Sayid- “For the last two weeks he's been asking me about explosives.  Blast radius, transport.”
Essam knows Haddad's very thorough.
Sayid- “Do you know if he's gotten hold of any yet?”
Essam- “The explosives? I don't know. All I know is there's going to be an operation … and there is going to be a martyr.”
Sayid- “You?”
Essam- “Haddad told me this morning.” Although he is upset he wants to keep playing. Ultimately, nervous Essam doesn’t think he can do it.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Sayid at a dock with Agents Cole and Hewitt. Sayid wants her to listen to him, “I can get Essam to turn himself in. He wants out.”
Cole asks if Essam knows where the C-4 is.
Sayid insists it’s the other two they want, Essam’s confused.
Cole-“Does he know where it is?”
Cole-“Then he's useless. These cells run top down. It's all need-to-know. The recruit's handed a bomb and target at the last possible moment. The only way to find that C-4 is to wait for Essam to walk out that door with a target to hit.”
Sayid-“He's in over his head. He doesn't even know why he's doing it...”
Cole-“That's why you're going to convince him to go through with it.”
Sayid won’t do it. “I'm done. It's over.”
Hewitt-“No, no, you're not even close to being done, my friend.”
Sayid-“What are you going to do, arrest me?”
Cole-“No. We'll arrest her. Your girlfriend's an Iraqi living abroad with a record of insurgency. Wouldn't it be terrible if she got picked up as an enemy combatant, Sayid? So, if you want any chance of ever seeing her again you're going to go and talk your good friend Essam into blowing himself up.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie is walking on the beach with crying Turnip Head, singing “The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the spout. Down came the rain and drowned the spider out...”
Hurley {with a long stick fish pole}-“Dude, it's washedwashed the spider out. Unless it's some kind of British version?”
Charlie- “Oh, okay. Down came the rain and washed the spider…Oh, bollocks, shhhh, shhh, shhh, shhh.”
Charlie can’t get the bloody thing to stop crying. Hurley wonders, maybe it’s hungry. Charlie doesn’t think so; Claire nursed him five times.
Hurley-“Any deposits? You know, diaper wise?”
Hurley breaks out the big guns and sings it a lovely little ditty.... "Woah! I feel good, na, na,na,na,na,na,na..I knew that I would…" {See, now I bet that song will be in your head all day! LOL...It's okay, you can thank me later!}
Although Charlie was digging the tune, poor turnip head still cries. That’s all Hurley’s got.
Sayid tests a sample and determines its heroin. {No shit!} The cargo hold's full of it. The best Locke can figure is they were smugglers.
Sayid-“The plane was perched in the canopy? Yep, right up there.
Sayid-“And Boone climbed up by himself because of your charly horse?”
Locke-“Yes, that's right.”
Sayid asks him why he lied.
Locke- “I made a mistake.”
Sayid is going to salvage what he can of the radio. “If we leave now we should beat the storm back.” {There are Virgin Mary Statues all around.}
Sayid rummages through the inside of the plane.
Locke, holding a Virgin Mary Statue asks, “Why don't you trust me, Sayid?”
Sayid-“For one thing, you've been carrying a gun you've told no one about.”
Locke takes the gun out of his pocket and gives it to Sayid. “We found one of the smugglers about a half a click west of here dressed as a priest. Nigerian currency in his pockets, and this. Now you're armed and I'm not. Does that earn me any trust?“
Sayid feels Locke gave him the gun because he caught him concealing it. “That earns you adaptability.”
In an apparent effort to earn trust Locke shares something with Sayid.
Locke- “Okay, I'll tell you something you don't know….The first week after the crash there was a cave in. Jack was trapped. Do you remember that?”
Sayid does.
Locke continues-“You, Kate and Sawyer went out into the jungle to try and triangulate a signal…You were hit from behind knocked unconscious.  When you woke up your transceiver, your equipment was destroyedThat was me.”
Sayid grabs Locke by the neck and holds the gun against it. “This is one time you'd better not be telling the truth.”
Locke did what was in everyone’s best interest.  Sayid feels Locke ruined his chance to find the source.
Locke- “The source of a distress call that kept saying they're dead, it killed them all over and over? Is that a place you really want to lead people to?”
Sayid wonders why he waited all this time, “Why not tell me then?”
Locke- “Because back then you wouldn't have engaged in reasonable debate. And nobody else would have. You were all so focused on getting off the island that you weren't seeing things clearly. It's like what's happening now with the raft.”
Sayid asks if he burned the raft. John says he did not.
Sayid-“What is the hatch?”
Locke- “The hatch?
Sayid-“Boone mentioned it before he died.“
Locke-“A hatch? Two hatches on a plane, Sayid. Could be forward or aft.”
Sayid lowers his gun.
{Flash Whoosh}
Essam confesses to Sayid he’s not sure if he can do this. Sayid tells him he would not be a martyr if you didn't have to overcome fear.
Essam isn’t afraid to die, “It's all the innocent lives. All those people. The Imam preaches peace, Sayid. Every human life is sacred.”
The men are out in public among many people.
Sayid- “It's true, innocent lives will be lost. In service of a greater good.”
Essam questions if what he’s doing is because he’s angry; because they killed her.
Sayid- “What if you are? Should we just accept what happened to Zahra? What about all the others like her? Do we just accept their deaths? Because if we do, it means that ultimately we care nothing about them. I lost someone too, Essam. I will never be whole again. There need to be consequences for those responsible. That's my duty. That is how I will honor her.“
Essam feels Haddad was right. That it was fate that brought them back together. He asks Sayid “Will you do this with me?”
Sayid will.
{Flash Whoosh}

Shannon goes through Boone's green bag and finds a picture of her and Boone with his checkbook.  Sayid walks over and asks how she’s doing, “Do you want to take a walk.”
Sayid let's her know he spoke to Locke and Locke took him to the plane. Sayid believes what happened was an accident. Shannon asks why he lied. Sayid doesn’t have any idea, but he doesn’t believe he meant to harm Boone. This isn’t good enough for Shannon.
Sayid-“I know how strong the need can be to find someone to blame.”
Shannon- “You don't get it, do you?”
Frustrated, she tells him to forget about it. He watches her walk away.

Michael, Walt and Jin are working on the raft. Walt wonders how much weight it can hold.
Michael doesn’t really know, “A lot…Enough.”
Jin, who is working with wires, says something in Korean and Michael responds as if he understands, “Yeah, yeah. Tighter. Got it.”
Walt-“What if it tips over?”
Michael says it won’t; that’s why they made it this wide.
Walt-“What if a shark attacks?”
Michael-“A shark's not getting anywhere near us, man.”
Concerned Walt asks, “What if we die?”
Michael replies emphatically, “We are not going to die.”
Walt-“Boone died.”

Charlie, carrying crying Turnip Head walks up to Michael and asks him if he knows anything about babies as he can't get this little guy to be quiet. Michael suggests walking with him and he’ll calm down but Charlie already tried that.   Charlie asks Jin if he’s seen Sun.   Jin says something in Korean. {It’s almost as if he could have said, ‘who?’ Lol} Charlie needs some help with this baby. Jin just says “no.”
Sawyer walks by carrying wreckage and tells Chucky to keep that kid quiet, “Baby Huey's like nails on a chalkboard.”  
The baby immediately stops crying but once Charlie speaks he cries again. Charlie asks if he’s happy now.
Sawyer-“I was. If you're going to play nursemaid, at least do the damn job.”
The baby quiets to Sawyer’s voice.
Charlie asks him to say something else, “Say anything.”
Sawyer- “Okay, fine. I liked that thing a lot better inside than I like it outside.”
Charlie follows Sawyer because he found the trick to quiet the baby.

Jack is sleeping. He wakes up with Kate there to greet him. She brought him something to eat and he asks what’s in it, “Chloroform?”
It’s soup.
Jack realizes the key he wears around his neck is missing. He asks Kate, “Who was in here?” {Uh, outside?} Kate says nobody was in there.
Jack-”The key to the gun case… it’s gone.”
Kate suggests that maybe it fell off this morning. Jack runs into Sayid and tells him “Locke took the key. He’s after the guns.”
Kate-“I haven’t seen him all day? You don’t know…”
Jack wonders, then “who was it?”
Sayid stops Jack, “It wasn’t Locke.”
Thunder rolls.
In the pouring rain Shannon opens the gun case and loads a gun.
Sayid walks out of building 815. A white van with Haddad and Essam pulls up, “Get in…It’s time.” {Someone else is driving. Plate-ALK-125}
The van pulls into a warehouse. A box truck is filled with boxes/file boxes- explosives.
Haddad-“Stay relaxed and focused; drive
with the windows down. The fresh air will keep you alert. You will need to wear these {Blue OC uniform jackets.} If you run into any problems use this {hands Essam a gun}. You are heroes. Good luck.”
Sayid and Essam get in the truck; Essam prays and starts the engine. {Sayid’s name on the jacket is Steve and Essam’s is James.}
Sayid tells him to stop and reveals he’s working with the CIA. “I’m going to give you 10 minutes to get away before I call them.”
Essam is upset that he got set up, “You said we were going to do this together. You said you lost someone.”
Sayid reveals her name is Nadia. “We were separated years ago. They know where I can find her.”
Essam’s pissed he got used to find a woman. He pulls a gun on Sayid, “You talked me into this.
Essam-“You said it was for the greater good.”
Sayid begs him to go.
Essam-“You said you were my brother. You were supposed to be my brother, my friend.”
Sayid-“I am your friend.“
Essam-“A friend who told me to do this for Zahra just so you could find some woman that you love? {He’s about to shoot Sayid} Well, then, Sayid, I hope she makes you whole again.”
Essam shoots himself.

Sayid runs through the jungle in the pouring rain. Kate and Jack run behind him. Jack stops, looks woozy and kneels on the ground but yells for them to “Go! Go!”
Kate helps Jack up.

Sayid continues on and comes upon Locke {appears to be kneeling.}

Locke-“She doesn't believe me, Sayid.”
Sayid pleads for Shannon to listen to him. But Shannon knows Locke did it.   Sayid tells her she’s not thinking rationally, “You’ve never fired a gun before.”
So Shannon fires the gun.
Sayid-“Shannon, you don't want to do this.“
Yes she does!
Sayid-“If you do it, you can never take it back.”
Jack and Kate show up.
Shannon-“Stay back! What did you do to him?”
Locke told her it was an accident.
Shannon-“Jack, you told me he was a liar. “  {Locke is pissed at that!}
Sayid runs to tackle her, Shannon shoots and Locke falls back.   Kate and Jack look over to see Locke not moving; and then he does.
Shannon is screaming. Sayid tells her he’s sorry. Shannon wants him to get away from her. Kate goes after Shannon.
Locke has a bullet graze on the left side of his forehead.
Jack looks appalled and walks off.

Sawyer reads aloud from a magazine “The low rumble breaks the crisp fall air as a flash of red streaks down the maple-dappled Vermont highway. The 32 valve V-8 engine purrs as the transmission clicks down a gear and the vehicle unleashes all 400 horses and 350 pound feet rear-wheel torque.”
Claire walks over and the baby fusses. Charlie wants Sawyer to keep going.
Charlie “shhh” to Claire as he has Sawyer continue, “…sports car offers a bewitching blend of taste, comfort and economy.”

At night Sayid watches Shannon {Wrapped in a dark blanket} sitting alone at the beach.  Kate tells Sayid Shannon just needs time; she’s been through a lot.  Sayid feels time won’t make a difference, “Perhaps I made a mistake.”
Kate-“You couldn't let her kill Locke. You had no choice.”
Sayid-“There's always a choice.
{Flash Whoosh}
The body is being wheeled away.   Agent Cole gives Sayid the Intel on Nadia. “She lives in Irvine, California, just south of Los Angeles. Works as a lab-tech at a medical testing company. Plane ticket, walking around money, you're on an Oceanic flight to LA. It leaves in two hours.”
Sayid asks what will happen to his body.   Cole says he was a terrorist so he's not exactly getting a state funeral.
Agent Hewitt answers that after it's released he'll be cremated.  Sayid feels a Muslim man is supposed to be buried but there is no one to claim the body, so Sayid will claim it.  The agents tell him he can’t because he’s due to be on a plane in two hours.  Sayid has them change his flight to tomorrow.
{Flash Whoosh}
Locke sits alone at a campfire putting gunk paste on his head wound.
Sayid asks him,” How’s your head?”
Locke-“It'll heal.”
Sayid-“Another war wound.”
Locke knows what it cost Sayid to do what he did, “Thank you.”
Sayid-“I did it because I sense you might be our best hope of surviving here. But I don't forgive what you did. And I certainly don't trust you. And now, you're going to take me to the hatch.
Locke-“Hatch? I already showed you the...”
Sayid- “John, no more lies.”

The Greater Good is a GREAT episode!!  Everyone is on a damn mission! As much as this is a Sayid centric it really does connect to Jack.  Yes, Jack.  Jack is called a hero and tried to save Joanna, as did Boone.  Then of course there is the connection of a funeral and Christian.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Video games. Playing games. Soccer.
* Mission. Cost. Sacrifice. Earn items, accessibility and strengths.
  -Earn trust and adaptability. WTF? A game where you earn things like that.
* Remember- Locke said to Boone not to make an enemy of Sayid; they'd want him on their side.
* Bug. Electronics. Wires.
* Communications.
* Sleep. Fatigue. Rest. Gunk paste. Wake up. Shhh. Head.
* Kate drugs Jack with "Sleeping pills".
* Eyes.
* Emotional pain.
* The two soldiers who escort Sayid don’t have any identifying markings to their names or allegiance.
* Boone’s leg. Locke’s leg.
* Boone’s a hero. Jack’s a hero.
* Remember. Forget.
* Hide. Hidden. Camouflaged. Blending in. Hide in plain sight.
* There's a lot of similar dialog that gets repeated. Also repeated props. Scripted.
* Sayid tries to convince Essam to go through with playing the martyr for "The greater good."   Christian told Jack that being a surgeon is about the greater good.
* Sayid knows a terrorist. Who on the "Island" is the terrorist? Hmmm...
* Locke still concealed The Hatch from Sayid.
* Charlie's song foreshadowing something in his future -maybe. There is another foreshadowing statement in this episode!!{WOW! very exciting! Did you catch it?}
* Essam wanted out then sacrifices himself.
* Everyone talks about “the baby” as if it’s more of a “thing/it/item/prop, than a “baby”. Interesting , huh?

Vocabulary and Research...
* The Cell is a film about a child psychologist who is an expert in an experimental treatment for coma patients: a virtual reality device that allows her to enter into the minds of her patients and attempt to coax them into consciousness.
* A charley horse is a popular North American term for a painful contusion of the quadriceps muscle of the anterior or lateral thigh that commonly results in a muscular hematoma and sometimes several weeks of pain and disability. The injury is aka a dead leg, granddaddy, or chopper. The term can also describe a simple painful cramp.
* Top-down: A description of a game in which the action is viewed from above.
* Trick An alternative term for “cheat.”

The "Island" sure does have their share of liar's running around, but each one has their own motivation for it.   Is Sayid the only one on the "Island" who has a "6th sense" about liars?  No.  But Locke must have many secrets to keep to himself.  Shannon must have really, really felt something for Boone if she was willing to kill Locke for his accidental death.
Jack, the Do It All, Stay Up All Night doctor... We know he never wants to fail at anything, yet he always wants to be in the middle of everything.  With that kind of control over people and situations, one is bound to make a mistake or wrong decision at some point. No one person is perfect, no matter how afraid of failure they are!
What is up with Locke and how come Walt has a reaction of fear with him now. What has changed? Walt must know something is about to change. Let’s not forget that in Claire’s vision, she was a little afraid of him too.
BTW, again I feel like this episode was gearing us toward Locke. He is always careful about what he reveals, how much he reveals, and who he reveals things to.  Locke knows his own mind. He knows what he's doing and he knows how to play the game.

Who and what is the greater good really for?

Love to all who are "Lost"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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