September 11, 2009


This is a re-post of LOST Predictions sent in to Simply Television.
Be sure to check out that site for more predictions.


These are the last of these predictions from Lost Bloggers and Podcasters so I have included 3 sets.

These predictions are from the cream of the crop in Lost podcasting world infact Darlton told me over brunch that these 3 featured podcasts are their favourite Lost podcasts..........ok no they didn't but I'm like 108% confident they are their favourites, They must be!!!

These predictions are from Jen from The Transmission podcast.
If your a Lost fan and haven't listened to this pod.......... your not a Lost fan!

1. This will be the "Memento" season. Memento is a film that came out in 2000. It's a revenge movie, the story of which is told backwards. I think we'll see the very last scene of the series first and find out all the events that lead up to that conclusion.

2. Someone very important will die. Just because.

3. Juliet is dead, but we will see her at least once in flashback. She's too important to have gone the way she did without another peek into her on-island life. Also, we will find out she was expecting Sawyer's baby.

4. Ben Linus will be redeemed, somewhat. We will still understand that he's an evil, conniving little bastard, but we will see that most of what he's done was done out of a desire to protect the island.

5. Kate will end up with neither Jack nor Sawyer. She will finally learn how to fight her own battles and be her own woman.

6. Somehow, some way, Hurley will be happy.

7. We will find out where Shannon's inhalers went, and it'll be surprising.

8. Sayid will beat Mr. Paik to a bloody pulp.

These predictions are from Cliff from The Weekly lost podcast.
Listening to this weekly Lost Pod should be a higher priority than the weekly shopping list! Shame on you if it isn't!

1 I believe that "They Did Change Things" That we will see an "alternate reality." where our losties never crashed on the island. And if not, this is what I would like to see. I'd love to have the "flashbacks" be "flashes between parallel dimensions."

2 I believe that we will see Cindy, the flight attendant again, as well as Zack and Emma, the children from the tail section.

3 I believe that we will see believe that we will see Richard Malcon again. He was Claire's psychic from "Raised By Another."

4 I believe that Jack and Kate will ultimately end up together.

5 I believe Claire and Aaron will be show to be key to the main story.

6 I believe that Rose and Bernard will end up being Adam and Eve (Dead bodies found in season 1 by the caves)

7 I believe that we'll see the return of a lot of characters that have died in the previous five seasons. When I say a lot, I would guess at least four or five. Possible choices would be (Boone, Shannon, Michael, Charlie, Mr. EKo, Libby, "Anna Lulu", "Nike and Appollo Bar", etc. )

8 I don't believe that they will end the story by tying up all the loose ends. I believe that they will give us enough at the end to just barely satisfy us, but still leave us enough room to argue over the meaning of so many things for the rest of our lives.

These are from Karen from The ODI podcast!
Again just.........Listen to her pod! Your Not a proper Lost fan otherwise!

1). The "time glitch" will be "fixed" because the bug in the system is repaired.

2). We will be joined by the players of the game who have already been removed from the playing field.

3). Ben will continue to lie.

4). The person or person's who have truly found what they are looking for will move on to a life in the actual "real world".

5). The powerful creators of the "game/experience" will be revealed.

6). The importance of Hurley will come to the surface.

7). I think fans will be shocked that people we see are not who they thought they were. And that a particular "things" are not what they seem. (Wink, wink!)

8). The experience the Lostie's have been on will simply make sense. The answers have been right in front of our eyes all along.

9). There will be people who have to "play the game" again.

10). John Locke is alive and well living in a cute bungalow in the Florida Keys.

11). The finale will ABSOLUTELY leave us wanting more!!

Fade to white..............

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