September 8, 2009

Everybody Hates Hugo.

Let's talk about LOST!    Everybody Hates Hugo.

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Someone puts the needle on a record. The song ‘My Conversation’ is playing.
Hurley stands in amazement in the food pantry inside the hatch.

He eats opens a candy tin and ferociously eats an APOLLO BAR, Ripple chips, opens a cardboard box containing a steak dinner, a perfectly prepared ice cream sundae. Walt is pictured on the milk carton as a "missing child".

Handsome Jin stands in the doorway and speaks in perfect English to Hurley “Hi there, Hurley.” Hurley sounds a little surprised, “Jin, you’re here.” {As opposed to where?}
He sure is!

Hurley-“Dude, you speak English.”
Jin-“No, you're speaking Korean.”
Hurley speaks Korean- “I am?”

Hurley stands up and out of nowhere appears a man in a chicken suit standing next to Jin. {This is the guy who manages the store where Hurley bought the lotto ticket}

Hurley asks in Korean-“What's he doing here?”
The 4 minute countdown beeping can be heard in the background.
Jin-“Everything's going to change."
Hurley, in Korean-“What?”
Jin-“Everything's going to change. Have a cluckity-cluck-cluck day, Hugo.”

The dude in the chicken suit says "Hurley" only it’s Kate's voice.

Hurley jolts awake. He was sleeping on his shift at the computer in the hatch.
3:44 on the timer.
Kate walks over and asks, “You feel asleep?”
Groggy Hurley states he was just resting his eyes.   Kate touches the post it note and tells him the numbers are right there.    Hurley remembers the numbers and he enters them into the computer.  Kate informs him Locke went back to the beach so she’ll be taking the next shift.
Kate-“Jack told me about your job.At least we have jobs again, right?”
Unimpressed Hurley says, “Hurray for us.”
He presses EXECUTE and the timer resets.

Sawyer, Michael and Jin are in the pit.
Sawyer-“Aint life grand.”
He really needs a cup of water right now.  Jin says something in Korean in Sawyer and gestures to lift him up again.
Frustrated Sawyer-“No way. No more human pyramids. Just forget it.”
Michael yells for their captors to let them out of there. Sawyer wants him to “NO! Just chill!” But Michael feels every minute he spends down there is another minute his boy is still out there.
Sawyer-“Well, let me break it down for you, Mikey. Right now, Rambina and her buddies are trying to figure out what to do with us. Until they make up their damn mind there ain't nothing we can do.” Jin speaks Korean pointing out Sawyer’s wound is getting worse. Sawyer remarks maybe Jin should pee on it. Just then, the stick hatch lid is lifted and a rope is dropped in. The big dude asks Jin in English to please grab the rope, but Sawyer advises him not to.
Armed bitch Ana Lucia demands he climb the rope or she’ll shoot his friend, so Jin climbs up the rope; Michael’s next. But first Sawyer warns Mike that she’s bluffing, “The gun’s only got 1 bullet, she aint gonna waste it...”
Sawyer gets pegged in the head with a rock! “Ow, son-of-a-bitch. Ow, God.”
The big dude pulls Michael up. {Note Ana carries a big stick.}
Sawyer-“You want me, hot lips, you're going to have to come down here and get me...” They shut the hatch on him.

Hugo is dressed in his Mr. Clucks attire, stands watching the TV announcing the winning lotto numbers. {Note, we see different a versions of the lotto ticket! On top of th TV' photographs and scale}
Mary Jo-“4, 8, 15, 16, and 23, with the mega number 42. Whoever has those numbers has won, or will share in, a near record jackpot.”
Lotto Announcer-“That's right, Mary Jo, because this is the 16th week without a winner.”
Hugo faints and Hurley's mom runs in to get him.
Carmen-“Hugo? Hu.. Hugo! Hugo, wake up. Wake up.” {She slaps his face} Hurley tells mom to stop; he just slipped.
Carmen- “Slipped sitting down? Is it your heart?”
Hugo insists he’s fine but mom feels he’s lying. “I always know because you don't look me in the eye.”
Hugo says he’s not lying as he literally can’t look her in the eye. Mom asks what happened.
Hugo quietly folds the lotto ticket to hide it. He lies saying it must be something he ate.
Carmen-“Yes, it must be something you ate because you eat basura, and you don't exercise.”
Hugo says he does exercise.
Carmen-“Falling down is not exercise. The only time you move is to lift a drumstick from the bucket. Every day it's the same thing, Hugo you work, you eat chicken. You have to change your life, Hugo. You think someone else will change it for you? Maybe if you pray every day, Jesus Christ will come down from heaven, take 200 pounds and bring you a decent woman, and a new car. Yes, Jesus can bring you a new car.”
Hugo- “Maybe I don't want to change. Maybe I like my life.”
The phone rings.
Carmen-“Oh that must be Jesus. {Leaves the room to answer the phone} Hola. Momento. {Yells to Hugo} Yes, it is Jesus. He wants to know what color car you want.”
{Flash Whoosh}
At the beach Hurley splashes ocean water on his face. Charlie walks over with the baby needs to have a chat, “Don't worry, mommy's off for a walk, so it's just you, me and the baby. Spill it.”
Hurley-“Spill what?”
Charlie wants to know about the hatch and what’s in it.
Hurley-“Nothin, really.”
Charlie- “You’ve been out there an entire day and night...looking at nothing?”
Hurley-“Well, I guess it's kind of like a bunker, you know, from WWII, only newer.“    He doesn’t know what’s in it.
Charlie asks yet somehow he knows it’s a bunker?
Hurley-“Well, I guess someone told me?
Charlie- “You're going to lie to me? You're going to lie to the baby?”
Hurley-“Dude, look, I'd never lie.” {He doesn’t look him in the eye.}
Charlie-“Oh, and the time you told you were worth 150 million dollars?
Hurley corrects him, “It's 156 million.” {He looks him in the eye.}
Pissed off Charlie says, “I'm sorry, I must have confused it with the 900 trillion I am worth myself. And this baby's made of chocolate lollipops. So, if you'll excuse us, I'm going to flap my wings and fly off this island.” He walks away. {Now that’s an important statement!}

Rose is hanging laundry while humming a tune {I believe it's My Conversation}. Hurley walks over and notes she’s doing laundry.   Rose asks him to hand her the dirty clothes, so he hands her a black suitcase. Hurley asks her if she wants to know what’s happened out there; about what’s in the hatch. Rose, now washing clothes, feels that’s his business and whatever it is it’s not going to help get this laundry done.
Hurley-“Well, actually, it sort of is.“

Hurley leads Rose through the jungle, “It's around here somewhere.”
Hurley finds the somewhat hidden entrance and he and uneasy Rose go inside. It’s dark.

In the corridor near the painting on the wall Rose wonders, “Someone actually lived down here?”
Hurley confirms it. Rose asks what it’s for.
Hurley-“It's kind of a long story.”
Jack comes out from a room and wonders who else Hurley told.
Hurley-“No one. I swear. Dude, it's a big job. I“ {Lie. He told Charlie.}
Rose and Jack wave hello to each other. {There is a magnet hum}
Hurley-“She's cool. She won't tell anyone.”
Rose looks around, “Honey, I don't even know what I would say.”

The waves crash on the shore of the beach. While Claire is on her peaceful walk the bottle of messages wash up right in front of her. {How fucking convenient is that?!}

Jack, Rose and Hurley are in the pantry.
Rose questions. “All of this is food?"
Jack feels it’s only a matter of time before they have to tell everyone what they found down there.
He asks Hurley, “So, do you know what to do?”
Hurley-“Inventory of all of it, and figure out how we make it last.”
Jack-“And in the meantime, nobody gets anything. No exceptions. That's your responsibility, Hurley. Okay?”
The 4 minute warning of the countdown timer beeps; Rose asks what that is.
Hurley-“You don’t wanna know.”
Hurley and Rose work together on the inventory. Rose counts items and writes the list. {The song Up on the Roof is playing}
Hurley comments on the Dharma Initiative salad dressing-Ranch composite, “Sounds tasty.”
Rose laughs and hums the tune along with the song.
Hurley opens a tin of candy, “Apollo bars? Ever hear of these?” {He just ate these in his “Dream”.}
Rose-“Um, umm. But candy is candy. That's what Bernard always says. Talk about a sweet-tooth. That man has a mouth full of sweet-teeth. {Oh really Rose? Kind of a strange thing for a dentist when they know how bad candy is for the teeth! Lol. Or just the man has eaten many Apollo bars?}
Hurley-“Bernard, that was your husband?”
Rose-“Is my husband.”
Hurley-“ Oh, but, I thought he was in the back of the plane. {Rose gives him a hell of a look. Almost as if ‘don’t doubt me.’} I'm sorry, I didn't mean...”
Confident Rose says it's okay, “Don't feel bad. Bernard is fine. I know it. You want to get the canned tuna?“
Hurley shares with her that he feels everyone is going to hate him.
Rose-“Now that's just plain silly. You're about the only one on this island that everybody loves.”
Hurley-“Well, that'll change. {Okay, that was it for me! Listen to me...Everybody loves Hurley, BUT, Everybody hates Hugo! Do you see it?!!}
Kate pops her head in asking if they saw any shampoo. Rose points her in the direction of it. Hurley tells Kate she can’t take it but she grabs shampoo and soap anyway and leaves.
Rose feels, “It's just one bottle.”
Sad and disappointed Hurley says, “That's where it starts.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Hurley, on shift at Mr. Clucks, stares at his lotto ticket. Johnny asks Hugo if he’s okay. Hugo crumbles up the ticket and pockets it. He gets called into Randy's office.

Last night's surveillance tape shows Hugo eating chicken while reading a comic book {I think}. Randy informs him he owes the company for an 8 piece dark meat combo.
Hugo states he didn’t eat 8 pieces.
Randy-“You want to watch the whole tape? Oh, and while you're here, how many times do I get to tell you those napkins cost money, alright? It's two per customer. Two. We are not made of money here at Mr. Clucks, Reyes. I'm not made of money. Are you made of money? Because if you're made of money … maybe you don't want to work here. So get it together. What, is that a problem, Reyes?”
Hugo removes his visor and hair net and tells Randy, ”Dude, I quit.”

In the parking lot stressed out Hugo is breathing into a Mr. Clucks paper bag. Johnny comes out asking if he’s okay.
Hugo says he’s fine.
Johnny-“Randy's losing his brain in there.”
Hugo-“You should get back in there or he'll have you scrubbing johns for the rest of the week.”

Johnny doubts it as he quit too. “Looks like we've got ourselves a day off. Who needs money when you've got good looks?”
{Flash Whoosh}
Locke walks through the jungle. He picks up a piece of fruit up from under a tree and starts to cut into with his big knife. “You can come out now. I saw you back at the rock, and then at the mangrove tree. In fact, I walked in a big circle. I'm not sure how you didn't realize it.” {Rock. Black Rock?}
Charlie walks out of the jungle. “Alright, you don't have to insult me.”
Locke asks why he’s following him.
Charlie seems annoyed, ”Yeah. Quite simply, John, there are a lot of secrets around here, and I'm tired of being at the bloody kid's table. I got Claire's baby back. I didn't go swanning off to the Black Rock on the bloody A-Team mission, but I would have if... someone had asked me. I think I'm entitled to some sodding answers around here.”
Locke nonchalantly asks what he wants to know. {Could Charlie be hanging around those places when nobody realizes it? Does he follow other Castaways around? Does he spy? If he does, how can he not be spotted? Hmm? I wonder about such things! LOL}

In the hatch Sayid is hammering on the wall with a large piece of metal, trying to break through a door. Jack asks how it’s going.
Sayid- "It's not. On the other side of this door there's more concrete. I'd say it's at least 8 to 10 feet thick.“
Jack shows Sayid what happens when the key around his neck is pulled by the magnetic force.
Sayid-“Interesting. Good thing this is titanium. Almost no magnetic attraction. But we're not going to get in up here.”
Sayid lifts up a grate in the floor and they look down.
Sayid-“Perhaps we can go under it.”

The big dude shows up at the pit and throws the rope down to Sawyer. Sawyer won’t do anything until he knows if his friends are okay.
Michael appears up top,” So, we're friends now, huh?”
Ana demands Sawyer do it now or the rope comes up.
Sawyer gets pulled up top, says “Howdy boys. Thanks for the rescue.”
Michael informs Sawyer everything’s cool because they talked and they believe they were on the plane too.
Sawyer-“Swell, I guess we can all sue Oceanic together.”
Ana sees that Sawyer is hiding a rock to use as a weapon. She gives him 3 seconds to drop it. When he doesn’t drop it she elbows him in the face.
Sawyer- “Ow! You didn’t say 3.”
The bitch stomps on his bullet wound!
Ana Lucia-“Shut up. When I tell you to do something, you do it. I say move, you move. I say stop, you stop. I say jump, what do you say?”
Sawyer-“You first."
The bitch stomps on his bullet wound again. “You don't like the rules, I toss your ass back in the pit right now, you understand?”
Sawyer understands. Ana informs them they’re moving out and Sawyer asks to where.
Ana-“What did I just tell you?"
Sawyer-“Sorry, forgot. Just one thing, hit me again, I'll kill you.”
Ana Lucia-“Let's go.”
Sawyer’s in a lot of pain.
They all head off into the jungle.

Charlie and Locke talking in the jungle. Charlie is curious about the whole button pushing every 108 minutes.
Charlie-“But how is that possible? I mean, didn't he sleep?”
Locke doesn’t know as he didn’t have a chance to ask him.
Charlie wonders after all this time, where Des went.
Locke-“Don't know. I tried to track him, but he didn't leave much of a trail. I guess he figured he found his replacements.” {Let’s remember that for later. When we learn about 'the Others'}
Charlie-“Meaning us?”
He feels this sounds a bit nutty.
Locke-“It is what it is, Charlie.”
Charlie wonders what happens if they don’t push it.
Locke-“We're not going to find out. I'm setting up a system. I'm still working on it, but it looks like it's going to be two person shifts every 6 hours or so.”
Charlie-“Shifts? Pushing a button?”
Locke-“Oh, and there's a record player.”
That seems to please them both.
Charlie asks what Hurley’s been doing there and Locke shares that Hurley’s in charge of the food. Locke smirks at that.

Hurley sits against a tree on the beach. Charlie comes over to have a serious chat, “Hey mate? Where you been?
Hurley’s been around.
Charlie reveals to him that he knows...{Listen to this important dialogue.}

Charlie-“I know about the food. Locke told me everything."
Nervous Hurley says, “Yeah, well, Locke's lying.
Charlie-“Oh yeah, is he lying about the button we have to push every 108 minutes or the Island will explode?“

Hurley blurts out, “It's not going to explode.”
With that, Charlie knows that Hurley knows.

Hurley-Look, Jack put me in charge. Look, I don't even want...”
Charlie asks if there’s peanut butter, “Nutty, creamy, staple of children everywhere.”
Hurley reveals there is a couple of jars of it.
Charlie-“Brilliant. How about you give us one? It's for Claire.”
Hurley can’t do it. Charlie feels like Hurley is saying no to a nursing mother.
Charlie-“Oh, it's exactly like that. You know, I never thought this would happen but it did. You've become one of them.”
Hurley-“One of them?”
Charlie is getting worked up, “Them. The I thought we were friends. You've changed, man.” {Hurley in a role of fucking importance! I've been saying forever Hurley is important!...Somehow.}
{Flash Whoosh}
Hugo and Johnny are in the record store singing out loud "You all everybody" {Ah, a lovely ditty! Only it sounds like they're singing ‘You Are Everybody’}
They are out of sync, out of tune and each other, and use wrong words with how the song really is.
The band Drive Shaft’s CD is in the $2 Sale Bin and in the "One hit wonders" category.
Hugo goes to check out the headphones. He walks up to the cute girl at the counter.
Starla- “Hu-go”
Starla wonders why the chuckle heads aren’t at work. Johnny informs her they are exploring other opportunities. {Big red sign "COMICS"}
Starla-“You quit?”
Hurley admits he did. {Johnny's wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt from 1977, the one with the winged man on it. That was the image for Swan Song Records, I believe.}

Johnny-“He's mixing it up today. He's off the rail. Somebody get a straitjacket.”
Hugo asks Starla for a set of headphones to try on.
As she takes the pair of the wall she tells Hugo, “You're messing with my world view here, Hugo. You're my rock. I mean if you quit your job the next thing you know bees will stop making honey, and flowers will die, and, hell, the whole damn thing will fall apart.”
{Hugo never hears her say that last part because his headphones are already plugged in.}
Hugo speaks loudly so Starla takes the headphones off of him.
Hugo-“Sorry. Uh, well...hol...The Hold Steady is playing the Troubadour this weekend, and I was wondering… maybe Friday...“
Starla has to work but offers Saturday as an option. Hugo thinks that’s totally cool.
As they’re walking out of the record store Johnny says to Hugo, “Dude, you've been crushing on this girl for months and doing nothing. Today you're fricking Fabio. Seriously, man, what has gotten into you?”
Hugo knocks into a tower display of CD’s.
Hugo-“Nothing, I just wanted to ask her out before..."
Johnny-“Before what?”
Hugo replies, “Nothing.”

Sayid and Jack are making their way through underground ducts.
Sayid-“This is the last duct. I believe we're under the area where we began. They poured concrete all the way down here, too.” {Perhaps they went in a circle.}
Sayid hammers against the wall with the piece of metal, noting the wall’s just as thick.

Jack wonders if there’s a way around it.
They crawl under huge pipes/tubes.
Jack wonders what it is.
Sayid-“My best guess? There's a geothermal generator behind this wall. That's the power source. Careful with these pipes, they're very hot.”
They discover it’s blocked. Jack asks Sayid what he thinks about that.
Sayid-“What do I think about what, Jack?"
Jack-“This place...the computer? What do you think is going on?”
Sayid-“The last time I heard of concrete being poured over everything in this way was Chernobyl.” {I think the ducts maybe sealed up for more than magnet bull, it may have something to do with the monster.}
They hear a loud noise; they head in the direction it came from to check it out.
Jack climbs up through a grate in the floor {Steam} opens a door to find Kate coming out of the shower. He remarks about her taking a shower. Surprised Kate had to see if it worked. Jack asks her how it was.
Kate-“Uh, pressure sucked, it kind of went cold at one point, and it smelled a little bit like sulfur was a shower.”
She tells him he could use one. {Ha! Like Sarah suggested in MOS MOF.} Kate will leave the shampoo for him. Jack smiles as she walks away.

The tail section group and the three Lostie’s trek through the jungle. A woman steps on a twig, loses her balance and Michael helps her. The woman introduces herself to Michael. This is Libby.
Libby-”How many of know, on the other side of the Island?”
Michael-“When we left, around 40. How many of you survived?”
Libby-“23 of us.” {But that's not what's left now} The big dude with the stick asks Sawyer if he’s alright.
Sawyer-“Now you give a damn"
Big Dude- “I said I'm sorry. It was a misunderstanding.” {Why is he wearing palm leaves around his neck?}
Sawyer-“A misunderstanding is when you bring me lemonade instead of iced-tea.”
Ana Lucia-“I said no talking.”
Sawyer sarcastically says, ”He was talking to me.”
Ana Lucia stops and announces, “We're here.”
Sawyer-“What are you going to do, beam us up?”

There is a door hidden behind the jungle vines. Ana Lucia knocks on the door in a pattern- 2 sets of 3 raps.
{WTF? Hello… secret knock?! Plus, how the fuck was it originally discovered by the Tailies? How would they know it was there?}

A man opens and they enter.
They walk down a long corridor with large pipes/tubes. There is a woman sitting in the corner on the floor in one of the rooms, she gets up and has whispering heated dialogue with the man who answered the door. {Keep in mind through this whole show that Bernard is a Tailie; he is one of them.}
Michael whispers to Libby, “I thought you said there were 23 of you."
Libby-“There were.”
The Lostie's seem concerned.
This is the Arrow Station.

Sun is working in her garden. Claire with Aaron and Shannon with Vincent on the leash, walk over to Sun. Sun asks Claire, “What’s wrong?”
Nervous Claire tells Sun. “I, uh ... I found something out in the water, and I told Shannon about it, and we thought you should know about it. {Shannon presents the bottle to Sun} It's the messages from the raft. We thought you should decide what to do.”

In the hatch armory Locke checking out a huge gun. Hurley walks in and asks Locke why he told Charlie. Locke told him “Because he asked, Hugo.”
{The dialogue between these two is very informative and important! It is very revealing!}
Hurley is getting annoyed. “Yeah, well you shouldn't have. You should have listened to me about coming down here, period. Now it's all going to change, everything."
Locke-“Change is good, Hugo."
Hurley-“You know, people say that, but it's not true, man. Trust me, I know. And guess who gets to be the bad guy...who has to say, no you can't have peanut butter for the cute blond and her poor island baby. You know who? It's me! You know what? I'm not going to do it. Find someone else to deal with the chow, man.”
Locke-“No, we all have our jobs, Hugo. My job is to convince people to push a button every 108 minutes without them knowing why or for what. Wanna trade?"
Hurley-“I don't want to do this, man!"
Locke-“Yeah, I've had a lot of jobs I didn't want to do. I still did them. I'm sorry, Hugo, you don't get to quit."
Hurley- ”Okay, then.”
Hurley treks through the jungle. He retrieves wrapped dynamite he had hidden away in a tree.
{Flash Whoosh}
“Be careful!” Johnny tells Hugo.
Hugo is being careful. They are stealing garden gnomes and have acquired a van full of them. {Note the cute gnome dressed for the beach and the large cell phone!}

They’re on someone’s lawn and Johnny feels, “This is genius.
Hugo directs Johnny, “A little to the left, dude, and more of an angle.”
Someone opens the front door of a house and yells “Hey!” Hugo and Johnny run. It’s Randy’s house.
They’ve left him a little gnome lawn message. CLUCK YOU.
Johnny yells “Freedom!” out of the van window. {Johnny’s driving}
Hugo laughs, “Dude, what are you doing?"
Johnny-“Freedom! So, anything else you want to do tonight you better let me know now. Cause our day off is just about over, Huggy Bear. In about 10 hours we’re going to have to find ourselves some new employment. I hear Pizza Bin is hiring, or we could try our luck at, ah, Gyro-Rama. But I do kind of dig the chick who works at the Bin.”
Happy Hugo wants Johnny to promise that no matter what happens, they will never change,This will never change.”
Johnny-“Okay. Oh, I know what this is about. I know why you've been acting so weird lately. You're getting that, uh, that, uh, stomach stapling surgery thing, aren't you?"
Hugo-“I'm not getting surgery.“
Johnny-“Awe, c'mon man, it's cool. I mean, I could still be all surprised and be like, ooh, my, Hurley, wow, is that you?"
Hugo-“Listen, Johnny, I'm serious. Promise me that you and I will always stay the same.”
Johnny-“I'll do you one better. Not only will I stay gold, Pony boy, I will drink to it. {looks in his empty wallet} Can I borrow 2 bucks?”
{Flash Whoosh}
Hurley is in pantry rigging the dynamite with a wire/fuse. Rose walks in asking what he’s got there. Hurley’s honest and says it’s dynamite. Rose wonders what he’s going to do with it.
Hurley-“I'm sorry, but I can't let it happen again.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Hurley and Johnny pull into the parking lot of the convenience store gas station combo. A news crew is outside interviewing the guy who was in the chicken suit in Hurley’s dream. Johnny wonders why. Hugo looks a little panicked and says they shouldn’t go there, “They jack the prices here.” {Jack}
Curious Johnny gets out of the van thinking maybe somebody got shot.
Hugo looks down at his winning lotto ticket.
{No Flash Whoosh}
Rose asks him why he’s doing this. Hurley tells her to just get out of there. Rose is concerned he’s going to hurt somebody.
Hurley-“Not if I do it from outside the door. It's thick, and I'll make sure there's nobody around first. So, please, will you just go?”
Rose-“Uh-uh, you haul me off of the beach and you dragged me into this place, the least I can get is an explanation before you blow it up.”
Hurley-“You don't get it. This is going to mess it all up."
{Flash Whoosh}
Hugo looks at his lotto ticket and folds it. Johnny yells over to Hugo in the van, “Dude, somebody won the lottery!”
Hurley raises his voice at Rose, “Let me tell you something, Rose. We were all fine before we had any {pulls chips off the shelf} potato chips. But now we've got these potato chips and everybody's going to want them. So Steve gets them, and Charlie's pissed, but he's not pissed at Steve, he's pissed at me!”
The clerk points at Hugo in the van. “That's the guy! That's the guy!
Johnny stares at Hurley, looking hurt and shocked/surprised.
{At this point the events of Hugo’s “Flash” is running in slow motion and with distant voices but is literally overlapping with the Hurley “Island” events.}
As the camera crews surround Hugo in the van with their flashing cameras, video cameras and microphones Hurley’s dialogue with Rose is heard and the images switch from Hugo in the van to Hurley in the pantry...
And I'm going to be in the middle of it. And then it's going to be, well, what about us, why didn't I get any potato chips? C'mon, help us out, Hurley. Why did you give Kate the shampoo? And why didn't I get the peanut butter? {Image of Johnny here} Then, they'll get really mad and start asking, why does Hugo have everything. Why should he get to decide? Then they'll all hate me... {Hurley in the pantry} I don't know what to do.”
Rose compassionately touches his arm. {The images continue back and forth.}
On the beach Hurley tells Jack the inventory is done and "this is the only way."
Jack asks if he's serious. Hurley shares that there's enough food in there to feed 1 guy, 3 meals a day for another 3 months, "We have 40 people, it's just not going to work. You put me in charge, this is what we're doing." Jack says okay. Hurley seems relieved.
{This helps my time line work. Remember in the season 3 finale I had things changing for them in a total of 4 months time-maybe just a little longer}
We see Hurley give Charlie the peanut butter to give to Claire and passes out food to the camp. Charlie even hugs Hurley. Everybody loves Hurley!
Sun buries the bottle of messages.

Jin, Sawyer, Michael sit in the Arrow Station while the Tailies chat in the background. The man who opened the door asks the three Castaways, "Um, excuse me. Hi. Back where you guys, uh, where you came there a woman named Rose there?"
Sawyer-"Black chick in her 50's?"
The man nods yes and asks "Is she, is she okay?"
Michael confirms she's okay and introduces himself.
The man is relieved, "Thank you, Michael. I'm, I'm Bernard."
Michael-"Okay, it's okay. She's good."
We see Rose take an APOLLO BAR put it in her pocket; still holding Bernard's wedding ring and smiling. She is the only person who is completely at ease with being on the island and knows her husband is there and is fine!

Everybody Hates Hugo is a great episode! This episode I find to be on "Karen's List of Important Episodes". Not that they're all not important because they are! But this one, WOW!! Talk about the clue in the title!
My first question is “who” put the needle on the record? My other question is what the hell is wrong or isn’t working in this place and who friggin broke it or will break it?

It is very interesting that Hurley opens a cardboard box to a picture perfect meal! It’s obvious this box contained something he was desirous of and “poof” there it is.

In this episode we see not only how “Island” events and “Flash” events blur together for sure, but that things crossover to what is going on with other players in "Island" events.
Are you listening to what is going on?

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
☯  Hugo is capable of lying.
☯  What is real and what is not?
☯  I'm interested in the hatch entrances.
☯  I know they’ve been on an “Island” and food is a great find, but when they eat Apollo Bars they are in ecstasy!
☯  A record is something that contains recorded information and data.
☯  Jobs. Roles. Teams: A team- B team. Missions. Trade. Flying.
☯  Game. Rules. Lotto. Bluff. Jackpot. Deal. Gamble.
☯  Worth.
Up. Down.
Right. Left.
☯  Remember. Forget.
☯  Language. Communication. Linguistics.
☯  Rose knows that nothing is supposed to be given out from the inventory, yet she allows Kate to take it.
☯  Play on words- GNOMES-GENOME
Computer. Buttons. Headphones. Write. Record.
Rose writes the list.
The number 10 is shown a lot.
The conversation between Charlie and Hurley is important. So, who knows about any explosions or anything that will happen if the button isn't pushed? They know more about what's going on than us!
The rant Hurley has in front of Rose in the pantry is not about potato chips! 
Jack puts Hurley in charge of an important job.
Making wishes. Granting wishes. Wishful thinking.

Vocabulary and Research...
Record- Data Storage device that contains data (more specifically audio data)
 - Record- (computer science) a data structure
  -Record (database) other name for a relational database row
  -Boot record- record used to start an operating system
Gyro- a combination form meaning "circle", "ring", "spiral"; used in the formation of compound words. 
- an apparatus consisting of a rotating wheel so mounted that its axis can turn freely in all directions
Gnome- From Ancient Greek(gnome),(“thought, opinion”), from the base of (gignoskein),(to know)
 - The 'genome' of an organism is its whole hereditary info and is encoded DNA, this included genes and the non-coded sequences of DNA.
 - A small owl of the Western United States.
 - Gnome (rhetoric)saying or maxim providing instruction in compact form
 - GNOME-is desktop environment software for computers running Linux and Unix-like operating system
 - Gandalf NOvice prograMming Environment, a former experimental programming environment from Carnegie Mellon.
 - Gnome (Dungeons & Dragons) a race; in Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game
 - G-Nome- A video game.
  Composite character, a character in an adaptation of a work formed from two or more characters from the original work.
 -Digital compositing or optical film compositing, a common 2-D visual effects technique.
  Mate- Short for checkmate winning/losing situation in chess.
 -One of a pair; partner
Synonyms: acquaintance, alter ego, analog, assistant, associate, bedmate, bride, buddy, chum , classmate, cohort, colleague, companion, compeer, complement, comrade, concomitant, consort, coordinate, counterpart, coworker, crony, double, duplicate, familiar, friend, groom, helper, helpmate, intimate, match pal, peer, playmate, reciprocal, roommate, schoolmate, sidekick, spouse, twin.
   "Up on the Roof" is a song recorded in 1962 by the Drifters. 

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I have to share this with you...
In the 1970's I had a toy. This toy had such a stupid name that I not only remember the name, but say the name almost every day!
It has become a big joke with my husband.
The toy was called "Hugo-Man of 1,000 Faces"!
I just thought I'd share that with you! lol!

Back to the matter at hand...
If we take the 'food/potato chips' out of the equation, we have something more, something big. Hurley's role on the Island must be of importance. We may find him to be in charge of something very big with major decisions being left to him.   Is Hurley the one mixing things up here, or is it someone else like Locke?   Whatever it is it could have/had him being hated by the rest.   What could it be? This is something I made a big deal about when I shared my findings in the Locke/Boone vision in Further Instructions.
Bottom line question with Hurley is...What does Hurley know?

As small as a part Rose and her “husband” seem to be playing, I wouldn’t count them out as important “pieces” to the game.
On a whole we have many reference to things already have happened before and history about to possibly repeat itself; or at least of things seemingly written out and known.

I sometimes feel like these people all got their roles by “luck of the draw”.

Imagine me, you  and twenty friends are going to put together a role playing game...The outline of story is written with key action and dialogue, but we supply the rest of it. We acquire our roles literally by luck of the draw. We put all the names and roles of the men in one hat and the girls and their roles in another hat, each sex blindly picks a role and job and that's what character you play out for the duration of the game. But what the hell do I know?

Everybody loves Hurley, BUT, Everybody hates Hugo.

Just be careful what you wish for.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace July 30, 2007

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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