September 8, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! Lockdown.

Locke reveals that he has hidden in a green and white sock in his drawer is an engagement ring in a black box.

Locke packs a picnic for Helen. John uses the old fashioned word 'fella'.
He hides the engagement ring in a rolled up napkin and doesn’t tell Helen where he’s taking her; it’s a surprise.
Helen enjoys reading the obits as she feels it’s the nicest part of the paper. “No one says anything mean about people once they’re dead.”
John thinks the funnies are the nicest part of the paper. {That's important}
Helen asks John his father's name. We learn that Anthony Cooper, John's father is dead.
{Flash Whoosh}
John just stares at Henry; while still eating his dry Dharma cereal. Jack wants Henry to draw the map to the balloon again.
Henry says that he was joking, “There's nothing out there besides my balloon. I was just frustrated. It was a stupid thing to say. I’m sorry.”
Locke- “It's too late anyway, she's already long gone, Jack.”
Jack-"So, what's done is done?" {YEP!}
Locke- “That’s right.”
Jack tells Locke to "Put him back in the armory."

Henry really pushes Locke's buttons by asking, "Why do you let him talk to you like that?"
This makes Locke very frustrated. Locke grabs Henry and tells him to shut up; he throws him back in the armory.
Henry- “John, I’m sorry.”

In the rainy jungle Sayid, bitch Ana Lucia and Charlie still search for the balloon. Ana thinks Henry is wrong and suggests searching the other side of the cliff.
Frustrated Sayid says they've "been searching for three hours. This balloon does not exist!"
He calls out for Charlie.
Ana told Henry she would protect him whether they found his balloon or not.    Sayid tells Ana that she has given Henry two more days to stall to figure out how to escape by sending them out on this balloon search.   Sayid calls out for Charlie, this time Charlie replies.
Charlie finds the grave marker {Cross} covered with black rocks. “He said he buried her, right? His wife.
It's not raining over them because overhead is a huge smiley face balloon.

At the beach Jack asks Hurley if he's seen Ana Lucia. Hurley mentions she took off into the jungle with Sayid and Charlie, yesterday.
Jack is surprised by his answer, "Yesterday?" {Okay, did Jack just come from the hatch and his conversation with Henry or not?}
Jack wonders if they said where they were going.
Hurley says maybe if he was in the loop he could be more helpful.
Jack- "There is no loop, Hurley." {Wanna bet!}
Concerned Claire asks Jack to check the baby because he's been hot and fussy.
As Jack walks away carrying Aaron Hurley states, “Loop, dude. Loop.”

Jack tells Claire the baby’s fever is completely gone; Aaron is fine. Distracted Jack touches Claire's shoulder to reassure her he and Aaron are fine.
Libby-“Doctor still in?”
Apparently she was grabbing for mussels and pissed off a sea urchin while at the tide pool. Jack suggests some Neosporin for her not infected right hand.    Sawyer happens to be in possession of the Neosporin and the current rate of exchange for it is 10 loads of laundry for one tube. {We get a close up of Jack's water bottle.}
Jack looks over at a card game Sawyer is running with Hurley and Kate.

At the hatch Locke is peddling to nowhere on the exercise bike.   Jazz music is playing on the record player. Henry appears very comfortable as he relaxes on the cot reading a book.    Locke hears a women's recorded voice/crackling/feedback coming from the PA/ speaker.    Locke walks over and takes the needle off the record so he can better hear the static/noise.    He checks the computer; it's fine. The timer just clicked to show 47.

Locke gets a screwdriver from the toolbox. He's checking for a loose wire or something that would have had the PA/speaker malfunction.
From inside the locked armory Henry wonders, "What's the matter?"

{Flash Whoosh}

Helen and Locke drive into the graveyard {Crows caw of course because it’s a graveyard.}

Helen jokes about Anthony leaving John his kidney. {Just for fun, note one of the grave markers has the name Lee, and we're also sure to see John wearing black and white and a watch.}
At the grave/burial site for Anthony's funeral Locke notes two men watching from afar by a tree; he also notes a car. The priest asks John if he wishes to say anything.
John-"I forgive you."
The car he noted starts up and speeds away. The static noise from the hatch is heard.
{Flash Whoosh}
You can still hear static/feedback and voice saying 'please proceed'... The recorded voice skips and glitches. John is trying to listen carefully to the recording through the static and glitches while Henry is calling out to him for info on what’s going on.

Locke tells him to "Shut up!"
Then the 'voice' starts a countdown! You can see panic on Locke's face.
Henry-"Maybe you should get Jack!"
All of a sudden the BLAST DOORS come down!

Locke manages to slide a crowbar under one of the closing doors. {This shot ends up being shown in a slight slow motion.} Henry looks concerned and asks “What happened?”

Hurley and Sawyer card game at the beach.   We get a close up of the cards 3,5,4,8,J, and the papayas.   Hurley wants to bet four papayas.   Sawyer tells Muttonchops he can’t bet; he can either call or raise or lay em down.
Hurley looks to Kate for advice.   Jack walks over and advises Hurley to lie em down, that Sawyer has him beat!
Hurley feels he’s got a killer hand but Jack knows he really has a "baby straight" and Sawyer has the "flush".
Impressed Kate wants to know what Jack thinks she has.
Jack-"It's hard to say but, you're just playing for the fun of it!"
Jack turns to walk away and warns Hurley “Don’t call em”.
Sawyer calls out to Amarillo Slim that just because he watches poker on TV, “you can tussle with the big boys."
Jack's got to get back to the hatch, but Sawyer tells him "The hatch ain't going nowhere, Doc."
Jack- "Looks like I can play a hand or two."

Locke bangs on the blast door. The lights flicker. John and Henry are locked in!
Locke tries to pull on the trapped crowbar.    Henry is really freaking out wondering what’s going on.
John yells to Henry, “Nothing is wrong!” yet he looks concerned.
{Flash Whoosh}

Locke doing a home inspection. He is the owner of "Welcome Home"

 The inspection is for Nadia.
{ Sayid's girl. NOTE the Realtor sign says L A TEAM, in Escrow. That's IMPORTANT! Locke's jumpsuit LOOKS LIKE A DHARMA JUMPSUIT, THE ONE MIKHAIL WEARS in enter 7 7! Plus a fantabulous plaid shirt underneath it! LOL}
Nadia-"What's the verdict Mr. Locke?"
Locke-"The seismic bolting is all first rate, there's no visible mold, no dry rot.  It will all be in his report." {Yep, report.}    He feels her and her husband have a very pretty nice house here.
Nadia is not married.
Locke has her sign an invoice.

As he walks over to his brown/tan truck he sees a suspicious car across the street. The window is lowered to reveal Anthony Cooper...Alive! {Lamppost reflected in window.}
Anthony-“Hello, Son.”

John and Anthony sit in a bar for a drink.
Blues music plays in background.
Locke is mad that Anthony stole his Kidney.
Anthony-"I was dying"
John-"You could have just asked me."
Locke downs a shot and wonders what Anthony wants from him.
Anthony goes on to explain that he "killed himself off" because, “There are two men out there who were gonna beat me to it.”
Anthony didn’t steal their livers, he took them for $700.000 in a retirement con. Anthony has the money in a safety deposit box; he needs John to get it because he can’t show his face. {Yet here he sits in a friggin bar, out in public!}
He gives John a key. John can have $200 grand of it.
Anthony will be at the Flightline Motel near the airport.   He’ll be there until tomorrow afternoon. Then he's gone, money or no money. “And John, if I don’t see you again...I’ll understand.”
{Flash Whoosh}
John announces to Henry, “We’re locked in.”
Henry asks if he tried to pry it... {Come on, he knows Locke would try to pry it.}
Locke-"Maybe if the two of us..."
Henry-“You want me to help you?”
Locke wants to let Henry out to help him get the doors up, but John will lock Henry back up again. Henry wants John's "word to not let 'your people' do anything to me."
John-“Well, if you’re who you say you are then what are you worried about?”
Henry- "Things have happened to them.  Things that I have nothing to do with.  But they've got no one to blame except for me. So, I'm gonna need your word… that you’ll protect me... no matter what." {Why does Henry need such protection?}
Locke opens the Armory door with the combination and he asks Henry "Who are you?"
Henry-"My name is Henry Gale. I'm from Minnesota. And I crashed on this Island just like you."
John gives Henry his word. A deal is made!

Jack joins in the game. {The dialog between them is very telling.}
Sawyer-"Think you're in my head, Doc?"
Jack- "You've still got three papayas. Call or fold.” {Jack drinks from water bottle}
Sawyer- "Well you're in trouble now Cool Hand. Pocket Queens makes me a set."
Jack shows his hand- "Kings wired. But at least I'm not in your head."
Jack beats Sawyer; he got it all.{The fruit}
Sawyer wants it all back. {I LOVE Kate's comment about the ruler! HA!}
They play again for all the medicine Sawyer stole from the armory.

Locke and Henry work together to try to pry open the blast door with the crowbar and the bar from the weights. The lights flicker as they raise the blast door higher.    They get one door braced open just for a moment with a toolbox.    Locke tries to go under it feet first, but the door comes crashing down on his legs!   He is trapped under the blast door.
Henry stacks weights under the door to try to stop the pressure.    Henry tries to remove John from under the door but John wants him to wait.   It’s only a matter of time before somebody comes down. John feels they don’t have time.
{Flash Whoosh}
In the bank vault John opens the safety deposit box. {Box 1516} He retrieves the money.
John returns home to tell Helen to put on her Sunday best; he is taking her out to paint the....
Uh oh, they have visitors.    Helen is there with the two men he saw at the funeral.   They ask if he's seen his father since he died.   They were thinking that he’s possibly “not dead” and maybe John knew that.    Helen freaks out, tells the thugs they were at the funeralto get past him, to get on with their lives and to let him go".
They inspect John's work bag for the cash.  The only things they find in there are John's work papers, goggles and stuff, just as John said there would be.
The thugs leave.
Helen asks John "Were you lying to those men, John?"
John-"No, I was scared." {John lies.}
{Flash Whoosh}
Sawyer asks the Doc where he learned to play cards. We discover that Jack learned to play cards back in Phuket, Thailand.
9th grade dropout Sawyer asks what Jack was doing there; Jack didn't answer.
Far East”, Sawyer, dealing the cards, wouldn't take Jack for a world traveler.
Sawyer- "Is that where you got the art on your shoulder?"
Again, Jack doesn't answer that question he only says “How bout you deal again? This time from the top of the deck.
So Sawyer tried to cheat but Jack calls him on it!

From under the blast door Locke is explaining to Henry that they push a button every 108 minutes and they're not sure what the button does.   He also informs him the alarm will go off very soon. He needs Henry to "go up through the grate and into the vents...There’s another grate in the pantry, you can get up through there. Take the vent into the dome."
Henry admits he tried the grate in the armory and it was bolted shut. Locke says he trusted Henry now Henry has to trust him. “That button has to be pushed!
He gives Henry the instructions for when he’s inside; the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, "And then you press Execute." It has to be exactly those numbers in that exactly that order.
Henry repeats the numbers back to Locke quickly and flawlessly. {Because he friggin knows the numbers! He doesn't need to write them down or anything!}
Henry climbs up in the pantry shelves and falls down, knocking himself out!
The beeping of the timer starts.  We know there is four minutes to reset the clock.
Trapped John is helpless.

Hurley is looking through binoculars from a far at the card game.   Libby and Kate are with him.
Hurley- "Jack and Sawyer are finally gonna beat each other up." {What? Are they? BTW the prize is the medicine that never runs out!}
Jack bets-10 mangoes.”
Sawyer calls him with the aspirin and raises him a bottle of Amoxicillin.
Sawyer knows what Amoxicillin is because he’s been to Tallahassee. "Let’s just say, something was burning and it wasn't from the sunshine."
Jack-“I’m all in.”
Sawyer feels that’s the move of a man who wants him to lay it down.    Jack feels Sawyer's not gonna lay it down because, "There's a bunch of people watching us right now, and you don't want them to see you lose...again." {Oh really! A bunch of people watching!}
Excited Sawyer- “I call. Watcha got?”

Jack pushed in with a pair of 9's.
Jack-“You caught me. Let’s see em.”
Sawyer shows his cards.
Jack wins again!

Sawyer wonders why Jack didn't ask for the guns as stakes.
Jack- “When I need the guns...I’ll get the guns.”

Trapped Locke yells for unconscious Henry to "Get up!"
Henry wakes up. He wants to know how long he was?...
There's no time, he has to go now!
We see Henry peek his head through the grate.  John lies on the ground concerned. The buzzing starts on the timer.
Trapped John is freaking out knowing that’s bad.
{Flash Whoosh}

John arrives at the Flightline Motel in his Welcome Home truck. {There are vacancies and an Oceanic Plane flies over.}

Cooper lets John in. Anthony loads up an Oceanic flight bag with the money.
Cooper asks "Your date at my funeral, she got a name?"
John- "Helen."

John shares he will ask Helen to marry him tonight. Cooper congratulates him and gives him his 'share'; it should buy him a nice honeymoon.
John didn't do it for the money. {For fun, I'll note the Chinese food container on the counter, maybe a clue to other Asian clues, maybe nothing, also close up of escape route on the back of the door.}

Anthony opens the door and there's Helen. {The look Anthony has when he sees her is more troubling to me than the look Helen has.}
Helen- "Are you him?"   She slaps Anthony and tells him they were moving past this.
Helen walks away upset. John runs after her.
Helen- "You lied to me. You looked me right in the eye and you lied to me. You made your need his love more than you need mine."
John insists his "choice is her, I was gonna..."
John-"I love you, and I want to spend my life with you, and I can't live without you."
John gets down on one knee, shows her the ring and asks her to marry him.
She shakes her head "no" and leaves.
Anthony leaves in the cab. Another Oceanic plane flies over.

The buzzing of the timer is still buzzing and John is calling out for Henry. We hear the computer/timer reset, the sound of a machine wind up and the lights go out.

Black lights turn on to reveal a hidden map on the blast door. Locke is amazed, curious and intrigued!

The lights go back on and the blast doors go up.

Locke crawls into the computer room looking for Henry and sees the timer has been reset.

Henry comes back; showed up behind Locke. Henry wasn't going to leave him and helps John to stand.
Locke-"Thank you, Henry. Thank you for not leaving me.”
Henry-“You’re welcome, John.”

At night in the jungle Kate catches up to Jack on his way back to the hatch.  She wants to join him; she needs a shower.    Jack lies to her and tells her the plumbing is busted. The water’s been running muddy; they have a cracked pipe and it will take some time to find it.
Kate- "I guess I wasted a trip then."
Jack- "I'll let you know as soon as we get things worked out down there."
Kate is glad he beat Sawyer. Jack offers to walk her back to the beach; the hatch can wait until morning.
A flashing light catches Kate's eye. It's a Dharma food drop from a parachute. {NO ONE EVER SAW IT DROP! OR HEARD ANYTHING OVERHEAD!}

Charlie, Sayid and Ana come out of the jungle right where the food drop landed.
Charlie- "What the bloody hell is that?"
Jack asks them "What did you find?"

In the hatch Henry is helps injured Locke to the sofa.
Locke-“What did you do to end it? Make the doors go up?
Henry says he did what Locke told him to do but nothing happened other than that clock flipping back. He was just climbing back into the vent when the lights went out. “10 seconds later the doors went up. I didn't do anything." {Sure you didn't}
Locke-"Do you think it was all just random?"
Henry-"Don't look at me, it's your hatch."

Jack enters with Sayid, Charlie, Ana and Kate. Sayid has a gun pulled on Henry. Locke tells them "It's Okay, I let him out."
Locke explains there was some kind of lock down and he was helping me.
Henry-“Couldn’t you find my balloon?”
Sayid- "We did find your balloon, Henry Gale. Exactly how you described it. We also found the grave you described. Your wife's grave. The grave you said you dug with your own bare hands. It was all there.  Your whole story, your alibi, it was true.   But still I did not believe it to be true. So I dug up that grave and found that there was not a woman inside, there was a man."

Sayid shows him the license of a black man named Henry Gale, 815 Walnut ridge rd. Wayzata MN 55391 {Also note: Expires 03, issued C4, class A1, sex-male. There is a STAR on the bottom right corner of it.}

Lockdown is a GREAT EPISODE!!!!!
It’s pretty self explanatory. There is a lockdown in the hatch, and our "Locke is down". Locke needs the help of an ally and he turns to Henry, a man he is at odds with.
I wonder why I sometimes feel like John is looking into a mirror when he is with Henry. {But also when he's with Jack} Weird huh?

Was this a forced lock down, did someone make it happen, or did it happened randomly?  The "Island" residents/Castaway's must have had a need for more supplies so Poof, there they are!   How come no one on the beach/Island saw this parachute with a flashing light fall from the sky? NO ONE! They're all supposed to be looking for flyovers and shit! I guess rescue really isn't an issue anymore.

Henry is a person who must be the carrier of some very precious information and knowledge. Therefore he needs to be protected.   He also needs John’s protection here because he knows what Sayid will find via Ana and the map.  Could part of Henry's role to put certain things in play? What is it that connects John and Henry?

John is trapped by the fact he "can't let go" of the painful past involving his father.  What will it take for him to move forward?

We see proof of fake/staged death in this episode.  At least the concept of "death" may not be what  you  think.  So the faked or staged clues I've been onto aren't out of the question.

Things to Note...Questions to ask... 
✈  Eyes.  Look. See.   Listen. Hear.
✈  "In your head." Wired
✈  Play. Game. Bet. Wager. Deal. Gamble. Cheat. Loop-hole. Con. Escape.
Team. Visitors. 10. LA TEAM.
✈  Highlight color of this episode is green and red.
✈  Assumed dead but is NOT.
✈  Does not exist. 
✈  Bar.
✈  "'s your hatch."  Locke's hatch. Did he create it? Did he design and build something?
✈  Is Henry a liar or fulfilling his role to put things in play? All in an effort yo do what is necessary to have things 'play out' like they're supposed to.
✈  So, if one thing is faked, how many other things are faked/staged?
✈  Who are Locke's "parents", really?!
  Reference to the comic book/funnies.
✈  Reference to Obituaries in the newspaper. Cemetery. Grave. Bury.
✈  Remember what I feel about the Flashes.
✈  LOOP OR NO LOOP? That is the question! BTW, yes there is a loop.
Who is watching them and watching from where?!!!
✈  What is the big deal about Tallahassee? Is it a portal or something?
✈  The strange similarities in the Dharma jumpsuit. If that's true, does that give us more proof that Locke's connected to the "Island"?   How far back would his connection go? Hmmm.
✈  There a big game going on here.
✈  Jack also has a wedding ring rolling around in a drawer at home. (He made his wife a replica)
✈  Jack's father is dead. John's father is dead.   Jack and Locke have seen their father's since they were "declared dead".  
✈  The Wizard of Oz.
✈  The record/record player.   A record can be played over and over. It can skip a song, jump or replay a song. Basically the needle can be placed anywhere on it. Record is record or recording of something.

Vocabulary and Research... 
  LOOP:   a line, figure that curves back to cross itself.
   -Control flow loop (computers), a sequence of commands that is executed repeatedly.
   -An infinite loop is a sequence of instructions in a computer program which loops endlessly.
   - Loop (telecommunication), sending a signal on a channel and receiving it back at the sending terminal.
 -  Local loop (telecommunication), the link connecting the customer to the carrier.
  -Balloon loop (railway), one of several looping track configurations.
   -A loop drive in table tennis, "The Loop" is an extreme topspin drive that produces a loopy trajectory.
♦  Tide- 1). The rise and fall of the ocean twice a day.   2). Trend
♦  Escrow:  State of a deed held by a 3rd party until conditions are fulfilled.
♦  Wayzata: A west suburb of Minneapolis located in Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States. Came into existence in the center of Chief Shakopee's Indian village. While these natives had been living off the land for many years prior, in 1803 the land was claimed by France.
♦ The name Henry means "Home Ruler".  This name was introduced to England by the Norman's and it was subsequently used by eight kings.

A blast door map...Where are we?!

Lockdown...Locke all part of the plan.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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