September 8, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! S.O.S.

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Rose is organizing the beach food pantry on the beach. {I guess the one in the hatch is off limits now!} Bernard seems bothered by the food and the situation. He questions if she’s even remotely curious where all this came from.
Rose was raised to "Never question her blessings."
Bernard was raised to question "food with weird labels that just fall out of the sky".
Rose feels he is having a bad day.  Bernard complains that he’s had seven weeks of bad days on the other side of the island, just trying to stay alive; so I can get back to her. "But here, my god Rose, they've built a kitchen on the beach. They've given up."
Rose nonchalantly asks- "Given up? On what?"
Bernard-"On getting rescued."

The beeping of the countdown clock is heard.

Two minutes on the beeping clock.
John is at the computer drawing on 'foil' tray/wrapper from Apollo Bars. {How many Apollo bars has John eaten? Crutches lean against the desk.} He closes his eyes, trying to use his minds "eye" to remember and sketch out the blast door map.
Frustrated John is so engrossed in this, that the alarm had to have been beeping for two minutes already, and he hasn't heard it! {The alarm starts a 4 minutes.}
At the 1 minute warning, Jack asks "Are you gonna get that?" making Locke snap out of it.
John enters the code, resetting the timer. He looks up at the timer and gives it a pissed off look as if he's annoyed by it.

Jack asks Ana when the last time was she went in to see “him”.
Ana, who is reading a book with maps, tells Jack she went in to see Henry a couple of hours ago; he was sleeping. It's been two days since Henry spoke, ate or drank anything.
Jack is tired of waiting. He opens the armory door.
Fake Henry appears to “turn on/come to attention” and sits up.
It is obvious he doesn’t want to talk.  Jack is going to change his dressing and if he tries anything then, “We’ve got a problem”.

Ana Lucia stands guard. {Just look at her face!} They still call their prisoner Henry.
Jack reminds Fake Henry of the conversation they had before they found out who he was.
Jack- "You were saying if you were one of them, that you'd lead us into a trap. Capture our people, force a trade. Us for you. It’s a pretty good idea, Henry. And since you are one of them, I thought now’d be a good time to use it."
Jack is going out to the line that they're not supposed to cross and telling them that they've got him. And if they want him back, it's gonna cost them. And when they get Walt back, he might just have been worth all the trouble.
Fake Henry speaks! "They'll never give you Walt."

A car is stuck in the snow. The tire just spins unable to move forward.  
New York. {Wow! I remember snow in N.Y.!}
A man/Bernard offers to help the driver/Rose. He advices her not to gun it; "You have to rock it out". She's been driving in snow her whole life; she'll manage, yet she continues to gun it and just spin her “wheels”.
Rose wants to call triple A. {The song These Arms of Mine plays.} He asks her to trust him, he can do this. He pushes her car from behind; instructs her to ease on the gas. {Plate number BNQ 1925} The stuck car moves forward and Bernard falls.   Rose gets out and tells him she would have gotten it out eventually.
Bernard- "Oh sure, July's right around the corner."
They share a laugh and she thanks him for the help. They introduce themselves. As Bernard is about to get in his car Rose offers to buy him a cup of coffee. Bernard jumps at the offer!
{Flash Whoosh}
Watch Bernard walk across the beach!
Rose talks to Hurley about Dharmalars. She had to beat back half the group; she saved them for him. But Hurley is on the fish and water diet.
Bernard marches right up to Hurley and asks what he’s doing right now.
Hurley-“Uh talking to your wife.” {Does Bernard not see her right there?!}
Bernie asks if Hurley can get Libby and meet him at the edge of the tree line in five minutes. He also wants Hurley to round up Jin and Sun, Jenkins and Neil Frogurt the frozen yogurt guy and Craig and anyone else he can get. Bernard has an idea!

In the hatch Ana tells Jack that she’s not so sure trading people is their thing.
Jack feels that talking to Henry is getting them nowhere, so maybe they can get something for him. She asks him if he wants her to go with him.
We see Locke still sitting at the computer.
Jack grabs two snack bars from the pantry.
Ana advises him not to go out there alone. {They still get to use the pantry!}
Jack looks over at Locke and tells Ana that she "needs to stay here."
Ana gives him the gun.
She tells Jack "You need it more than I do." {Because she's not friggin afraid of Henry!!!}
Jack takes her gun. Ana again advises him not to go out there alone.

At the beach Kate and Sawyer are gathering up...{It fucking better NOT be oysters! Jin said in 'THE WHOLE TRUTH' that there weren't ANY oysters there!!! I'm gonna friggin freak!!!}
Kate has gathered four of these "not" oysters. Hehehe.
Sawyer is amused to note Dr. Giggles walking over.
Jack tells Kate that he's "going back out to the jungle and talk to their friend with the beard. See if we can make a trade".
Sawyer-“Ah. The ol prisoner exchange. And you're inviting me along cause you want a gun?"
Only Jack's not inviting Sawyer, he's inviting Kate, and he's already got a gun. Sawyer wonders how Jack got a gun. Kate goes along with Jack.

Bernard is spearheading a pep talk to a bunch of people that have been recruited for the project.
They've been on the Island two months. Bernard shares his amazement about the Castaway's all becoming comfortable with life on the Island. He asks them if they’ve “forgotten they “crashed on this Island. It's like none of you want to go home again."

Claire proclaims they do want to go home.  Bernard wonders  then why  aren’t they doing anything about it. Hurley mentions the building of the raft; that counts, even though it got blown up. Bernard reminds them the pallet of food had a parachute. "Which means a plane dropped it here. Which means there are other planes that fly over the Island."
He wants to make a MASSIVE SIGN for planes and satellites to see.
Rose-"Maybe you should speak to Jack about this first?"
Bernard- "Do we have to run everything by Jack? I mean he's not the president, he's a doctor". {President Jack? Hmmm.}
Rose- "You're a dentist."
The group giggles. Rose has embarrassed him. {You can see how annoyed Rose is by this attempt at rescue}
Privately Bernard tells Rose, "It's just a sign. I don't see what the harm is?"
Rose is bothered by him telling people about airplanes and satellites coming out of nowhere to save the day. Bernard is just trying to do something, “I wanna get back to our life.”
Rose - "The only thing you're doing is giving these people false hope!" {Bernard seems hurt}
Bernard- "Excuse me. I have a SIGN to build."

Rose and Bernard are having a meal at a Niagara Falls restaurant. They have the perfect window seat with spectacular view.   Rose is impressed by the beautiful amazing falls, Bernard is not.   She asks him "What does God have to go to get your attention?"
He is distracted. He calls over two violin players to play while he kneels down and proposes to Rose.   Bernard has been a bachelor for 56 years.
Bernard- "We fell into this rhythm, like we had known each other forever. I'd always dreamed of finding somebody like you, but I had given up hope that I ever would."
He knows it's crazy; they met five months ago. Five months is long enough because he knew after five minutes. He presents her with box; an engagement ring.  Bernard loves her. He asks her to marry him.
Rose reveals she's sick and she's dying; she has cancer.  She was in remission for the last couple of years, now its back; this time it's not going away. She has about a year, maybe a little longer.
Bernard looks stunned, yet only wants the answer to his question.
Rose says yes.
{Flash Whoosh}
Eko and Charlie are moving logs for their construction project.   Bernard marches up, {Charlie must be quite the craftsmen. He's helping Eko, and he was helping Sayid with building projects. Wow! What a guy} and tells Eko "You bunk with a guy for 48 days, and now he doesn't call or write."
Bernard explains that he has a whole team of folks throwing together a big sign...” and he could use all the bodies  he can get to help put it together. {YEP AGAIN!}
Eko, who is obviously focused on his task, says he is busy.    Charlie only has two hands, so he can't help, but he wishes Bernie good luck.   Eko won't share any of his logs.   Charlie reveals they are building a church. {It sounds like they consider the Island home to me.}
Bernard is very frustrated. "Everybody on this Island is building something! I'm trying to get us saved." {Everybody is building something! Does Bernard know of more building happening on the island? Hmmm.}
Eko tells him that people are saved in different ways.    Bernard liked Eko better when he just hit people with his stick. {How many times has Bernard witnessed that?} Eko and Charlie don't miss a beat and continue to build.

A record is playing a lovely Island tune in the hatch. Locke is still sitting at the computer working on his drawing. He is very frustrated and his leg seems to bother him.
Ana is on the floor working on something/pulley with ratchets/tools. {I don't know what she's doing, but it looks like a pulley. That and the ratchet sound could be considered similar to one of the sounds related to the monster}

Locke wants to talk to "him".
Ana tells Locke that Jack has the gun, the door stays closed. She encourages Locke to talk to him through the door. Locke hobbles over to the armory on his crutches {one shoe on, one off. Watch Ana while he talks to Henry.}
Locke- "Henry can you hear me? It's John, Henry… Henry did you enter the numbers? Did you push the button or not? Henry, I need to know! I need you to answer me. Answer me!!!"
Fake Henry sits there grinning. {He has started something BIG!}

Back at the beach, Bernard is losing his recruits; he’s down to eight. They have been lugging those big black rocks.
Bernard, who is undeterred, says, "Moving on."
He instructs the rest on what he wants done. The letters have to be really big; 40 feet. The black rocks will get maximum contrast with the sand. They have to retrieve the rocks from the lava field that’s a half of mile inland.    He wants them to get the rocks in two man teams. Bernie will sketch the letters in the sand.
Hurley offers to sketch the letters, but Bernard reminds him that 'Everybody's got a job Hurley, I do my job, you do yours" {Yep! Jobs done in a distinct manor.}
Jin says something in Korean. Hurley somewhat interprets that Jin's not happy about carrying the rocks. {How did Jin know that's what Bernard's instruction was?}
Bernard tells Jin "ROME wasn't built in a day you know."
Let’s get started.
{Flash Whoosh}
Rose and Bernard are driving through the Outback.
Rose –“We’re lost.
Bernard- "You saying we're lost, doesn't make us lost, sweetheart. I know exactly where we are."
So does Rose, “Driving around in circles in the middle of the outback.”
That’s why she wanted to be on a beach for their Honeymoon. {Down under, the steering wheel is on the right side not the left.}
When they arrive at a farm/civilization Rose is heard saying-“Bernard must get directions.”
Bernard-"I don't need directions. I told you honey, we're not lost.
He explains why he brought her there.  He wants her to see Isaac of Uluru, the faith healer who's helped hundreds of people.  Bernard insists he's legit; the real deal.  Bernard received three separate calls recommending him after informing people of Rose’s situation.     Bernard donated $10,000 to get Rose in. {Bernard in Plaid. License plate- MRL-724}
Rose gets upset that this is why Bernard brought her to Australia; to bring her to this kook. "I didn't ask for this!"
Rose has made her peace with what's happening to her but Bernard hasn't.  He can't just do nothing! That’s not who he is. He asks her to try, for him.

At the beach Bernard is still trying to recruit folks to help him. He asks Sawyer for help but his answer is no.   Rose is filling up water bottles and heard him asking for help.
Bernard started with 15 people, now he's down to four. He expected her support.

 Rose suggests people may be quitting because "Maybe you got yourself a management problem." {Is that like a Locke problem?!}
Bernard is pissed at her not wanting to help get them rescued.
Rose wonders why can't Bernard just let things be.
Bernard- "If I didn't always have to do something, you wouldn't be here.”
Rose walks away. {Oh really!}

In the jungle, Jack and Karen, I mean Kate is on their trek.    Jack admits to asking Sayid to come with him first, but he turned him down.    Jack asked Kate, because they don't want her.   They don't want him either.  Damaged goods, both of them! {Maybe Jack knows they don't want Sayid either.}
Kate reaches down to pick up a doll that is missing an eye. It's a trap! Jack tries to stop her but it's too late; they’re both hanging together in a net from the tree.
Jack feels it's not one of “Theirs”.
Kate- “Not sophisticated enough. Must be one of Rousseau's traps. Hopefully she’s not far from here.”
Jack says that it'll be a week before she shows up. {How the fuck does he know her schedule?}  Kate's going to use the gun and shoot the rope to release them. {She grew up hunting with her dad.}
Kate shoots, and misses! It's Jack's turn. He can waste another bullet because he still has “13 more to shoot each other with." {WTF?} Jack very, very confidently makes the shot! YEAH!!! They fall to the ground.

Back at the beach Bernard yells at Jin, who is the last one standing.   Bernard demands three rows of rocks so they can see it from the air.   Jin answers in Korean.
Bernard pleads with Jin; he just wants to get Rose home.
Jin says "Sorry" in English, and leaves Bernie to his project.

Locke is sitting at the beach and Rose walks over.  He's in her spot! {Uh huh}
John-"I can move."
She sarcastically joking asks "Can you?"
She guesses his sense of humor got trapped under that door with his leg.
Locke comments he saw her husband in the jungle hauling rocks.
Rose tells Locke about the big sign in the sand Bernard is building "So the satellites will see it. That man doesn’t know the difference between an errand and a fool’s errand.”
Locke seems amused, “Well Rose, most of us don’t.”
Rose can't remember the last time she saw John out of that hatch.
Locke is done with the hatch.
Rose feels he's just frustrated, "You'll be out of that splint and running around the island again in no time." {Sure will!}
Locke- "And yet Jack said it would be at least four weeks." {I heard Jack say a couple of weeks not four. AH! But what do I know?}
Rose- "But Honey, You and I both know it's not gonna take that long." {Those two know lots of things!!}
{Flash Whoosh}

{The crutches hanging here remind me of the "roots" on the "Island"}

Rose is led in to meet Isaac the “healer”.
There are crutches, canes and walkers all over the place!
Thank you notes cover the walls.

Rose asks Isaac how this works; does he chant or pray or what?  Isaac explains to Rose that there are certain places with great energy, spots on the earth; like the one they're above right now.  Perhaps its geological, magnetic or something else. He  can harness this energy and give it to others.
{Note Isaac has two different eyes.}
Isaac closes his eyes and hovers his hands around her head.  Rose just watches him do his thing.  He tries to heal Rose but he can't do anything for her. Rose didn’t expect him to.
Isaac tells her "It doesn't mean that you can't be healed. Like I said, there's different energies. This is not the right place for you {Gee, she must NEED to go to the “Island”.}
Rose wonders, “Where is the right place?”
I wish I knew.”
Rose will tell Bernard that "You fixed me"
Rose watches Bernard through the window talking to a little girl on crutches.
{Flash Whoosh}
In the rainy jungle Jack questions Kate what she meant back there in the net; that "they were sophisticated, the Others".
She mentions that last week when the baby got sick, she and Claire went into the jungle and found another hatch; a medical station. It was all cleared out. But there were lockers with dirty worn clothes on hangers, like costumes, make up kit, fake beard. She was going to tell him all this when he decided to let her back in the club. {WHAT CLUB?} He kept one of them locked up in the hatch for like a week and said nothing…
Jack tells her, "We're here". {Okay! That time he was there it was fucking DARK! Now it's daylight and raining!} You can actually see him recall events from that night including "There is where I laid my guns down".
Jack starts yelling for them! He is very focused and pleased with this.
{You can hear Kate say they're not here.}

At the beach Rose brings Bernard supper. He is working alone moving the black rocks. Rose asks where everybody is.  Bernard looks very worn out.
Rose apologizes to him for lying about Isaac healing her. "He didn't heal me. He didn’t do anything."
But she is healed!

We see Rose in the airport sitting next to Bernard. He has a ticket in hand.
Rose- "When you're sick and you've got something inside you that doesn't belong there, you can feel it. And after the crash, I couldn't feel it anymore. At first I thought it was just shock, but it wasn't. It's this place."
She told that lie so that they could spend whatever time they had left without Bernard trying to “do something.
Bernard feels maybe she's in remission. How does she know she’s not?
We see Rose take meds of her bag; one bottle falls. Locke, in a wheelchair, picks it up for her. {Flash Whoosh}
Rose-"Trust me. I know."

Bernard realizes that Rose doesn't want to be rescued. "You think if you leave, it'll come back. And if you can't leave, then neither can I. We won't ever leave Rose."
They hug, I cry!  Bernie would offer to take down the sign but they didn’t get very far with building it.

In the hatch, Locke is smiling, listening to a record; These Arms of Mine. {Same song as Rose and Bernard.}
Ana walks in and tells Locke with happiness that she pressed his button.
Locke-"It's not my button." {Ana smiles. She knows whose button it is.}
Ana- Where’d you go?”
Locke, after needing to stretch his legs on his crutches, hobbles back into the computer room to work on his blast door map. He seems more confident, focused and happy now. {The words on the paper he is drawing on, is in French.}

Eko and Charlie are working on the church in the dark.
Sun and Jin are tender with each other.
Claire is playing with Aaron.
Hurley and Libby are making shadow puppets.
Vincent finds his way to lonely Sawyer and eats right out of his hand.
Bernard and Rose are romantic by the fire.

In the jungle, tired Kate asks Jack how long he's going to wait. When his voice comes back, he'll yell some more.
Jack feels “They can hear me.”
Kate apologizes for kissing him. Apparently he’s not sorry.
They hear a twig snap and footsteps run through the jungle. They see a lit torch and hear hurried labored breathing.
Michael falls out of the jungle!

Dark and light. Rose and Bernard tied to the "Island".  Yes! But how?  They know exactly where they are.
Is Bernard a recruiter of some sort, or a guide? Who the hell is he, just a Tailie?!    Rose is important. Was Rose recruited or part of a medical study there?    Is cancer a byproduct of tests or experiments on the Island? Did she even really have cancer? Did she get "healed" by the “Island”?
What about Locke?  He and Rose share a major connection.
The metaphor of the "crutch" is great!   These emotionally lost people do indeed have "crutches".
I must note that sometimes I feel that when Locke is talking to other people, i.e. Henry, Eko, Rose, Jack, etc. that he’s really talking to himself.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
☯ Trade. Deal. Cost. Worth. Boundaries. Line. Value.
☯ Record. Log. Stick. Map. Numbers. Button. Computer. Net. Crash.
☯ Is Rose a different “energy”?
☯ Have Rose and Bernard known each other for forever? I feel they will stay on the Island.
☯ The hatch is painted a “rose” color.
☯ Remission is a "holding pattern" of sorts.
☯ Clues and ties to the monster and Locke.
☯ Satellites more important than planes. Other planes as in levels, perhaps.
☯ Jack and Kate experts on traps made by others. HA!
☯ Is something BIG being built on the "Island" besides Eko's church of sticks?
☯ Rose knows that they belong on the "Island". Rose and Locke are aware Bernard is wasting his time. Could Locke taking over Roses spot? LOL!!
☯ Locke is done with the hatch! He's moved on to something else. Drawing the blast door map!
☯ French and Greek clues.
☯ One of them= what?...Whom?
☯ And then there's Michael! HA!
☯ Fake. Isaac the healer. Costumes, theatrical makeup, beards.
☯ In Lockdown John gave Helen a box with an engagement ring and asked her to marry him.
☯  It is NOT John Locke's button.
The little girl on crutches Bernard speaks to… Is she someone who is going into to see Isaac in hopes of being healed? Or proof that he is a fake?

Vocabulary and Research...
♦S.O.S.. Morse code for Save our ship.
♦Secretary of State, Special Ops Squadron are a couple of uses for S.O.S.
SOS RESPONSE, is a post replication DNA repair system that allows DNA replication to bypass lesions or error in the DNA.
DNA REPLICATING is the process of copying a double stranded DNA molecule.
Niagara Falls- is a set of massive waterfalls located on the Niagara River, straddling the international border separating the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York.
Crutch- Something that sustains or supports somebody or something that is otherwise liable to collapse, fail, or falter.
- Emotional Crutch.
Strutters- Are a variation on under-arm crutches.
A sign, in common use, is an indication that a previously observed event is about to occur again.
-A sign is an entity which signifies another entity. Communication.
  -Sign, in Tracking (hunting): also known as Spoor (Animal); trace evidence left on the ground after passage.
  -Used in computing.

This episode hit close to home for me, more than you’ll ever know.   Here I can relate to exactly why Rose won’t entertain the idea of leaving.   If only there really was a beautiful place to go to feel safe, to find inner peace, be free from fear, guilt and sickness,  I’d be on the first flight there.    It seems as if deep emotional and physical pain and challenges can this only be “fixed” on "this Island” and through the new challenges the “Island” presents.

Back to Bernard's sign...It is very possible this is really a “sign” that “something” is going to happen again.
So...S.O.S... Same Ol Shit!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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