September 8, 2009

...In Translation.

Let's talk about LOST! ...In Translation.

Jin's EYE.
Jin is standing on the beach quiet and lost in thought and seems to be looking for something. The waves crash.
{Flash Whoosh}

Jin stands silent in front of Mr. Paik while he signs documents.   Paik’s auto manufacturing office is very modern with two TV monitors. {Paik wears a Movado watch. Jin wears a gray/silver suit.}
Mr. Paik asks Jin why he wants to marry his daughter.  Jin explains although he is from a fishing village he has ambitions to open a restaurant and own a hotel.  Paik wonders what Jin’s father thinks of the marriage.
Jin reveals his father is dead. He also tells Paik he would do anything for his daughter; even work for him.
Mr. Paik-“Why would I give my daughter to a man who sells his own dreams so easily?”
Jin-“Because…She is my dream. Sir.”
Mr. Paik stands and shakes Jin’s hand. Jin is happy.
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin still stands on the beach in thought and sees Sun in a blue bikini on the beach.  He runs up to her, wanting her to cover up, “Are you out of your mind?”    He tries to cover her with a dark blue fabric/towel.
Sun is complaining. Everyone on the beach is witnessing them argue. Even Jack remarks “There they go again.”
{Jin has one handcuff on left hand.} All of a sudden Jin literally pulls on Sun and she falls to the ground.  Michael is pissed off and runs over to stop Jin’s treatment of Sun.  Michael actually pushes Jin away and says, “Hey! Get your hands off her!”
Jin is mouthing off to Michael in Korean and Michael just swears to god that if he puts his hands on her one more time… Jin taunts and pokes at Michael.
Sun slaps Michael across the face. Michael is stunned.

At the caves:
Jin stares at the gold Rolex watch and asks Sun what is going on between her and Michael. She says nothing is going on.
{Flash Whoosh}
Sun is being helped into her wedding dress. {Her white dress hangs nearby}

Jin knocks on the door and happily asks for a moment with his wife.
As sun is dressing in the mirror she shares with him that she wishes his father had lived to see this.
Jin-“Where ever he is, I’m sure he’s proud of me.”
Jin holds up the honeymoon for six months because he wants her father to see he’s committed and after his management training is done.   He puts a white flower in her hair and promises her the honeymoon they’ve always dreamed of.  Sun kisses him.

{Flash Whoosh}
Sun heads over to the raft where Michael is working. She apologizes, but explains that when she slapped him she was protecting him from Jin. Apparently Jin is capable of some intense shit.
Michael- “It’s not my problem…It’s yours.”

Jin is on Hurley’s golf course hitting some black rocks.  Hurley walks over and tells him he should try sea urchin, “They got more ping.”
Hurley goes on to chat with Jin in English while Jin continues swinging at the rocks.   Hurley suggests Jin may want to relax with some fishing after that whole husband and wife thing.
Although Hurley is “trying”, Jin blows him off.
Hurley-“Okay. You wanna be an outsider it’s your business.” And takes his {Bamboo} fishing poles and walks away. You can see Jin is troubled.

Shannon ties a perfect Bowline knot so well that impressed Sayid asks if she has a past in the Navy she neglected to tell him about.   Shannon learned by dating guys with sailboats. They play the “flirt” game to see what happens.

Walt brings his father {Michael} some wires to the raft. {Vincent has no collar}
Michael feels Walt is gonna love New York City, “No city like it”.
He really wants to show him the buildings; the architecture. He also tells Walt about the oldest skyscraper in the city; the 1902 flat iron building. That one building inspired Michael to start drawing and designing things.
Michael is excited about it but Walt doesn’t look very interested.
Walt is interested in throwing the ball to Vincent.

Jack walks over and notes Michael’s progress with the raft.  Michael runs down the list of items used in this project: Bamboo for the decking, a piece of the fuselage for the cabin and some storage bins. Jack {Key around neck} gives Michael the heads up on all the talk going on “about who’s going on this thing with you.”
Michael- “It’s not the Queen Mary. I only got room for four people. There’s one open spot.”
Jack wonders who took the other one. Sawyer bought himself a ticket this little tub and the fare was steep. Sawyer tosses cable for Mike to use on constructing the raft.

At night in the tent Kate asks Sun how much longer she is going to let him treat her this way. The tent is glowing with light from campfires around it. Sun shows loyalty to her husband but still refuses to tell him she speaks English. Kate is just trying to understand. Sun explains he wasn’t always like this; he used to be tender and then he was different.
Kate-“What changed him?”
All of a sudden the shadows of people running past the tent is seen.
The raft is on fire!   We get a close-up of Locke, watching.
The entire beach camp works hard to put out the vicious fire. {Did that fire just friggin' growl?!!}

Michael is very upset to see his work go up in flames. Walt looks scared.
Michael turns to Sun and demands to know “Where the hell is he?!”
Sun replies in Korean and Jack says, “She doesn’t understand, man.”
Kate wants Michael to back off but he won’t.
Michael-“Her husband did this and she knows it! {He asks Sun} You trying to protect him now? Is that it?”
Kate is Sun’s alibi. Walt tries to put out the fire but Mike holds him back. Sun runs off and Michael threatens to break Jin’s damn neck.
Rational Jack remarks they don’t know that Jin did this.
Michael-“Then who did, Jack?!”

At the caves Jin is rummaging through the medical supplies. Sun sees that Jin's hand is burned. Sun assumes Jin burned the raft and wonders how can he do that when Michael is trying to get them “off this island”.
Jin is very jealous of Michael.
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin runs up the stairs to Paik’s office.
Jin is taking full responsibility for what happened; claiming the machinery is old. Mr. Paik didn’t call Jin up to reprimand him; he is promoting him. “You will be my new special assistant.”
Jin’s first task
is to go to the home of Byung Han, the secretary for environmental safety and deliver a message on behalf of displeased Paik.

Three knocks on the door:
Jin-Soo-Kwon introduces himself to the man and is invited in. Han is very afraid. There is a young girl sitting on the couch petting her dog. {TV in the background shows Hurley is on it. There is a Foo dog.} Han doesn’t want the message delivered in front of his daughter.  Jin informs him Paik is displeased with him. The man is relieved, and apologizes by giving Jin the little girls championship breed dog; it is incredibly valuable.
Jin seems pleased.

At the beach Boone reveals to Sayid that Shannon likes older men who can take care of her.  He thinks in this place Sayid fits the bill.  He also says “When she gets what she needs she’ll move on. When she does…don’t take it personally, man.”  {Campfires and torches are a blaze all over the place. Boone is wearing the shirt/sleeveless he worn in Locke’s dream.}
Sayid wasn’t asking for Boone’s permission in pursuing a relationship with Shannon.

Its daylight and Jin is sleepingBirds’ wings flapping wake him up.  He kneels by the stream, looks around and puts his hands in the running water. Out of nowhere pissed off Sawyer appears, “Messed up my ride, Chief!” and kicks him in the face.

Sayid helps capable Shannon tie up plastic for a tent. Sayid feels she would be alright building it on her own. Sayid looks troubled and Shannon see this. Sayid suggests she should find another friend to help her with her shelter.
Shannon realizes he’s been talking to her brother and runs off.

In the jungle Shannon comes upon Locke who is having a rat dinner. {There are two additional rats hanging from the tree.} Shannon is looking for Boone but Locke hasn’t seen him.
Shannon gives Locke a message for Boone, “Tell him to keep his stupid mouth shut. And if he has something to say he can leave Sayid out of it and come say it to my face.”
Locke wonders if he should be writing this down.
Shannon wants Boone to stay out of her business.

Locke-“Do you like him?”
Locke feels if she does like him, “What’s it got to do with your brother? You’re a grown woman. Sure, you can yell at Boone till you’re blue in the face, all you’re doing is giving him what he wants.”
Shannon–“Yeah what’s that?”
Locke-“Your attention. Everyone gets a new life on this island, Shannon. Maybe it's time to start yours."

Sawyer has Jin, hands tied behind his back and leashed.   He’s taunting him about being scared; he thinks Jin understands being “scared”, and if he aint, he’s gonna be. {The camera closes in a bit on Sawyer’s mouth} “The folks down at the beach might have been doctors and accountants a month ago…but its Lord of the Flies time now.” as he threatens Jin with a knife.   Jin just stares him down.
{Flash Whoosh}

Sun playfully has Jin’s eyes covered with her hands. She directs him to the table where she presents him with a romantic feast.  Mr. Paik calls Jin’s cell phone, interrupting them. Jin ignores the call; business can't wait. Mr. Paik calls the house phone.

Pissed off Mr. Paik is questioning Jin about why his factory is closed. He feels he’s losing millions because Jin is too incompetent to deliver a simple message.   Paik has Jin drive with his associate back to Han {Dressed in white and black.} to see how to deliver a message.

In the car in the backseat, the associate readies himself for the message delivery; with rubber gloves and gun with silencer.  He wants Jin to keep the engine running, “I will be inside less than two minutes. When I return you will not drive faster than the speed limit.  You will take this car to the riverbank eight kilometers away. Do you understand?”
Jin and the hit man arrive at the house. Jin goes in without the associate and is completely in “thug” mode. He does indeed deliver a violent message and tells Han the factory will open tomorrow.
Jin whispers to him, “I just saved your life.”    Jin looks over and sees the upset little girl. The associate watches from the sideline.

Jin returns home to Sun all bloody. {Note the dog is bigger} At first Sun wonders if he’s hurt, but realizes it’s not his blood.   Jin explains he was working.  Sun demands answers about what he does and ends up slapping Jin in the face after things get physical.
Jin-“I do whatever your father tells me. I do it for us.”
Sun backs out of the room.  Jin continues to wash the blood off his hands.
Jin is very upset, looks at himself in the mirror and cries.
{Flash Whoosh}
Sawyer throws Jin down into the sand.  Michael comes running over to Jin about burning his raft. Michael gets intercepted by Hurley and Jack. {Charlie is wearing his black hoodie because it must be very cold on the island!}

Everyone starts arguing about it. Jin is listening. He says something in Korean. Michael asks what he said.
Jin repeats himself, almost as if he’s purposely taunting Michael.
Michael goes after him and punches Jin in the face.
Walt is stunned at the chaos and fighting.
Sun screams in English, “Stop it! Leave him alone.” {Why didn't Michael ever ask Sun in private if he burned the raft?}
Jin is now stunned.
Sun-“He didn’t burn your raft.”
There is shock when the reveal of Sun’s ability to speak English.
Jack-“You understood us? All this time? Why didn’t you say anything?”
Crying Sun explains to Michael that his raft was already on fire when Jin arrived. He burned his hands trying to put it out.
Michael never looks at Jin but asks, “Then why did he run?”
Sun translates the question to Jin but Jin doesn’t reply.
Mike-“That’s what I thought.”
Sun feels her husband is many things, but he is not a liar.
Sawyer won’t listen to "her/Betty" lecture because she obviously lied to old man, Jin about her ability to speak English. “How do we know she’s not covering for him?”
Locke interjects-“Because she isn’t.”
Locke knows Jin and Mike have personal issues but doesn’t feel he would ruin their best chance of getting off the island.
Locke-“Okay, it's personal, but why take it out on our best chance of getting off the Island? Why would any one of us block an attempt to get home? We’re so intent on pointing the finger at one another that we’re ignoring the simple undeniable truth that the problem isn’t here it’s there! They’ve attacked us, sabotaged us, abducted us, murdered us! Maybe it’s time we stop blaming us and started worrying about them!...We're not the only people on this island and we all know it!" Locke walks away.

Sun reiterates to Michael “He did not do it.”   Jin walks away from Sun.

Vincent, without a collar, sniffs around the burned raft.   Michael is upset because he can’t salvage a thing. {Pontoons, decking, twine} He has a bit of a temper tantrum.
Michael apologizes to Walt. “Look. We all have setbacks. I mean god knows, man. It’s just life. We’ll start over.”
Michael wants to build a better raft. {Goody!} Walt will help.

Sun tries to talk to Jin. He has chosen to deal with her by packing his stuff.  Sun asks why he just didn’t admit to her he didn’t burn the raft. “Why won’t you speak to me, Jin? What have I done to deserve this?! When did we stop talking?”
Jin walks away from her and she yells out in English “I was going to leave you!”
Jin stops and turns to listen.
Sun-“I was going to get away. But you made me change my mind. You made me think that you still loved me!”   Then she switches to Korean- “I want go back to the beginning. Can’t we…just start all over?”
{Flash Whoosh}
Handsome Jin arrives at a tiny fishing dock.   He approaches an older man who is stunned to see him. Jin apologizes to his father. “Please forgive me. I was…ashamed of you.”
Jin cries and papa hugs him.
Jin helps his father move a crate/box and he tells him of his love for his beautiful, intelligent, hardheaded wife Sun and his work for Mr. Paik.   Jin feels that’s the reason they don’t talk anymore.  He can’t tell her about her father.
Jin-“In a good world she would hate him, not me.
Jin's father feels it is a good world.
Jin-“You don’t know what I’ve done.”
Father feels as his son it doesn’t matter what he’s done.
Jin-“I wish I could start over.”
Father feels there are no more important responsibilities than his wife.   Father advises to do this last delivery of watches for Mr. Paik to Sydney and Los Angeles, and walk away. “Don’t come back. Go to go to your marriage.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Jin is standing in the cave starring at Sun.
Jin-“It’s too late.”, and walks away.

At night near a campfire, Shannon approaches Sayid and kisses him. Sayid wonders what that was for.
Shannon-“Everyone gets a new life on this island. I’d like to start now.”
Walt is playing with the backgammon game. (Vincent is there)
Locke asks, “Got yourself an opponent?”
Walt tells him Hurley owes him $83,000 and told him he’d give him a chance to win it back.
Locke-“It’s been a while since you and I played.” {Really?! How long?}
Locke sits down opposite Walt and pets Vincent. Locke doesn’t have $83,000.
Locke asks where his pop is and Walt asks if Locke has a dad and if he's cool.  {Walt is not allowed to leave the caves after dark.} {Michael is at the beach.}
Locke says everyone’s got a dad and no, his pop isn’t cool.   They play backgammon and Walt seems pretty good at it.
Locke –“Why did you burn the raft, Walt? Don't worry, I'm not going to tell. You must've had a really good reason.
Walt says he doesn't want to move anymore, "I’ve been moving places my whole life. I like it here!"
Locke-"I like it here too."

Michael is on the beach rummaging through the raft wreckage. Jin strolls over with a bundle of bamboo, turns to Michael and says, “Boat”. Apparently the boys will play nice now.
Hurley walks by them with his headphones on for his CD player. The song Delicate plays.
Shannon and Sayid are hanging out together; eating.
Sun walks down to the beach in her blue bikini and lets her dark blue towel fall away.   She steps into the water.
Hurley watches Charlie brings Claire a drink.
The CD player batteries die.
Hurley-“Son of a bitch.” and removes his headphones. {How long has he been able to use that CD player? How long do those damn batteries last? Are the super duper power batteries? Is there a fucking time discrepancy?!!!}

...In Translation is a GREAT episode!  We get a peek into both Sun and Jin's "make up".   I find that interesting in itself.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* Dream. Wake up.
* How much of what we see involves the use of computers?
* Wires. Cable.
* Task. Deliver. Value.
* Why is Hurley on the TV? Why do they’re connections to each other seem very contrived?
* Sun slaps Michael across the face and slaps Jin across the face.
* Machine. Engine. Factory.
* Translation. Communication. Language. Message. Write it down.
* Understand. Misunderstanding.
* Learn. Lecture.
* Former Roles.
* Probability of Jin understanding English=Pretty fucking good, I'd say!
* Jin is not a liar. Sun is a liar.
* People are not what you think!
* Shannon gives a message to Locke to give to Boone. Jin delivers a message.
* "We’ll start over.” - “I want go back to the beginning. Can’t we…just start all over?”    “I wish I could start over.
* When you get what you need, you move on.

Vocabulary and Research...
*  Ping: A computer network tool used to test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network; it is also used to self test the network interface card of the computer, or as a latency test. It works by sending ICMP “echo request” packets to the target host and listening for ICMP “echo response” replies. The "echo response" is sometimes called a pong. Ping measures the round trip time and records any packet loss, and prints when finished a statistical summary of the echo response packets received.
* PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost)
* Ping in video gaming: the network latency seen between a game player's computer and the game server (or another player).
*Ping: an ability in the trading card game Magic: The Gathering.
*Ping (golf) a brand of golf club.
*Ping: a pulse of sound in active sonar.
* The Ping-Pong virus (also called Boot) is a boot sector virus.
* The bowline knot is an ancient and simple knot used to form a fixed loop at the end of a rope. It has the virtues of being both easy to tie and untie.
*Shelter-Protection-cover-refuge-haven-sanctuary-asylum-safe haven-safe house-shield-housing-lodging.

This episode shows us how Jin changes from being the goodhearted simple man to a man of violence.   But just like Sawyer, he became a product of his circumstances and necessity.    I believe he truly loves Sun and she loves him.   The dominance that her powerful father has over everyone is very dangerous.    Jin is hurt that Sun kept her speaking English a secret.  Even though it appears that Jin doesn't speak or understand English, and even in an upcoming episode he says he doesn't, I'm not completely sold on that being the truth.   Too many times it appears they all do verbally communicate to and with Jin.
It seems as if these people have a problem with communicating their feelings with the people closest to them.  They seem to keep emotions, hurt and pain, locked deep inside.

There is nothing lost in translation with this episodes' meaning...
"Can't we just go back to the beginning?...Start over?"
And indeed you shall!    Literally!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

This is the Flatiron Building {Fuller Building} in New York City, located at 175 Fifth ave. It sits on a triangular island block at 23rd Fifth ave and Broadway, anchoring the south (Downtown) end of Madison Square.

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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