September 8, 2009

Whatever the Case May Be.

Let's talk about LOST!  Whatever the Case May Be.

We begin with a panning view in the jungle and up to see Kate high up in a tree, out on a limb picking fruit. On her walk back a twig snaps and Kate looks around but doesn’t see anything. She walks on and the sound of branches cracking stops her again. She picks up a black rock and throws it into the jungle miraculously hitting Sawyer who was hidden from sight. She practically busted his knee. Kate wonders if he’s stalking her.

Sawyer-“Stalking you? I was protecting you.”
Kate is amused and asks, “From what? Southern perverts?”
Sawyer asks why she’s all the way out there alone after what happened. Kate explains everyone has been eating a lot and this is the only place the trees aren’t picked clean. Kate feels she’s fine; she can take care of herself.

Sawyer mocks her, “Of course. I don’t need protecting. I can take care of myself. Me Kate. Me throw rock.”
Kate silences him because she hears something. {Was that a whisper/breath?}
Sawyer-“What? You smell blood on the wind?”
Kate-“You don’t hear that?”
They walk through thick tropical plants to reveal a beautiful waterfall. Just like in a dream!
Excited Sawyer takes off his shirt and shoes because he needs to soak his sore knee. “Come on, Freckles. After all we’ve been through on this damn island don’t we deserve something good?”
Kate joins him. They enjoy frolicking and flirting in the water! They even jump off the high rocks into the water.

They dive under the water and something catches Kate’s eye. Two dead bodies seat belted in airplane seats; partially decayed. Sawyer will dive back down to see what they have on them. Kate is right there with him.
The male has no socks and shoes on and the woman has long blond hair. Under the man’s seat is a silver case. Kate sees it and wants it! Sawyer retrieves the man’s wallet but not the case.
Kate wants Sawyer’s help getting the case; She claims it belongs to her. Sawyer retrieves it.

Sawyer-“Wouldn’t happen to have your key on ya, would ya?”
Kate looks the case over and Sawyer realizes the case doesn't belong to her; she lied.   So Sawyer takes the case into his possession. Kate makes like she doesn’t care although she looks otherwise. This amuses Sawyer and he asks if there’s anything Freckles wants to tell him about that little suitcase. Kate doesn’t answer his inquiry, she only tells him to take it.

On the beach everyone is running from the huge crashing waves.
The tide is threatening the fuselage and the camp; it’s literally taking the suitcases.
Sayid feels this can’t be normal! The tide shifted suddenly; rising in such short a time.
Jack confirms “There’s a lot not normal around here.” 
 He feels the fuselage is going to be underwater in a matter of days.
Jack suggests they move everybody inland to the caves.  Sayid mentions people are slightly wary entering the jungle after what happened to the pregnant girl; not to mention whatever that thing is.
Jack tells Sayid “I need you to take me back to the French woman. Rousseau. Claire’s still out there. Now, Rousseau mentioned there are.. “Others” on this Island.”

Sayid-“Her mind is gone.”
Jack- “You heard them yourself.”
Sayid- ”I don’t know what I heard.”
Jack-“You said that y…”
Sayid- “The wind, Jack. It was the wind playing tricks.”
Jack wonders about the papers, documents and maps Sayid took from her.
Sayid- “I'm skilled at mathematics and decryption, but these equations are beyond anything I've ever seen. There are these notes in French accompanying some of the maps and diagram. If I could translate them I might be able to make sense of it, but...Perhaps some things are best left untranslated.”
Jack suggests “Maybe you should tell him that.”        Pointing at Charlie who is sitting alone, lost somewhere inside his own mind looking out toward the ocean.

Shannon sits relaxed reading a magazine. {Sunglasses} Boone is glad she’s doing something productive with her time. {He’s wearing the shirt he wore in Locke’s dream.} Shannon wonders where he’s been. Boone and Locke have been leaving before sunrise and coming back after dark for the last four days.
Shannon-”Is he your new boyfriend?”
Boone only tells her, “We’re looking for Claire.”
Shannon thought there wasn’t a trail anymore; no one knew where to look.
Boone-“At least I'm doing something. “
He feels they get looked at like no one takes them seriously.
Boone feels he is contributing while calling Shannon useless. She looks hurt.

 The waves are rough.

At night Kate sits working on her campfire and she sees Sawyer strolling by with the silver case. {In slow motion.} She eyes the case in his hands.

“Okay, Miss Ryan. If you’ll just give me some I.D. we’ll get started on your loan app.” {Pay attention because at one moment you can see Mark's name plate look like it says the word MAP}
Kate is in a bank. She tells Mark Hutton her work as a photographer brings her to New Mexico.
She’s been commissioned for a coffee table book; pictures of old theaters in small towns. He tells her about a fantastic one in Ruidoso. If she uses that one she’ll be sure to give him an acknowledgment.

Masked armed men {Black hooded type and one wears a baseball cap over his mask.} kick in the door, they’re robbing the bank. They shoot out the cameras. They throw Kate to the ground and have the manager Hutton open the cage before people start getting killed.
{Flash Whoosh}
Kate enters Sawyers tent where he is sleeping with the silver case between his knees. Kate tries to gingerly take it but is wrestled by Sawyer. She head butts him trying to take the case from him. Sawyer flirts with her and  her need for wanting the case.
Kate-“Give it to me.”
Sawyer smiles-“No.”
Kate walks out and Sawyer is pleased with himself and his possession of the case.

Shannon sunbathes on the beach; checks her tan lines.
Sayid comes upon her informing her they’re quite close to the equator. “The sun may be stronger than what you’re used to.”
Shannon feels she has a pretty good base.  Sayid needs a favor translating the papers he took from Rousseau.
Shannon asks who Rousseau is. He reminds her about the French woman and her distress call they intercepted. {Did she really not remember?!} Topless Shannon wonders if her brother put him up to this.
Sayid- “Your brother? No. The papers contain equations accompanied by notations in French. If I could understand the notations, then. . .”
Shannon can’t do it. This troubles Sayid as he claims she’s “the only person on this island who speaks French.”   Shannon admits she barely speaks French.
Sayid-“Please, Shannon. Could you at least try?
Sawyer is trying to pick the lock on the silver case. Michael walks by dragging suitcases and stuff from the beach. He tells Sawyer he’s wasting his time.
Michael-“If you pick the lock on a Halliburton I’ll put you on my back and fly us to L.A..
Sawyer-“You better find yourself a runway, Daddy. Cause there ain’t no lock I can’t pick.”
Hurley laughs at Sawyer’s quest and wishes him luck.
Michael informs Sawyer the only way he’s gonna open that case is with pure force; impact velocity. “It means you gotta hit it with something hard like a sledgehammer. Or the ax.“

Boone meets up with Locke in the jungle.
Locke is literally sitting there, waiting. Boone brought the ax for Locke.
Boone-“Isn’t there an easier way to get there?”
Locke-“The easiest way isn’t always the best.”
Locke asks him if anyone say him take it. Boone says no one saw him.
Locke-“Good. Let’s get to work.”

At the beach Rose is working hard moving plane wreckage. {She is right in front of the engine.} She walks in front of Charlie who is still a silent loner, and says hello but he doesn’t reply.
Rose-“Oh. That’s right. You’re not talking much these days. But it doesn’t mean you get to be rude.”
This seems to snap him out of it. Rose explains to him that “Everyone else is helping us move the camp up the beach, except for you.”
Charlie wonders if she’s serious.
Rose-“You think you’re the only one on this Island that’s got something to be sad about? Baby, I got sob stories for you, so why don’t you grab the other end of this thing and help me.”
He very reluctantly gets up to help.

Sawyer is in the jungle banging the case against a big black rock. He tries over and over until his arm hurts. He decides to throw it off the top of hillside/cliff that houses Banyan trees/roots. “Impact velocity. Physics my ass.”
He drops it down atop a pile of rocks, it doesn’t open. Just then Kate runs out of the jungle, grabs and runs off with the case while Sawyer is still up on the cliff.
Sawyer chases Kate through the jungle. He cuts her off in the tall grass, tackling her. Kate head butts him. Sawyer takes the case and makes her a proposition. “You tell me what’s inside and I’ll give it to ya.”
Kate-“Are you serious?”
He tells her there’s no way of opening it; he just cares about satisfying his own curiosity. They play “keep away” with the case again. Kate wants that case very badly. Sawyer doesn’t care what it is; the thing that’s burning him up is why it means so much to her. “Last chance.”
Kate doesn’t speak so Sawyer just walks away with the case.
{Flash Whoosh}

The masked robber wants the money cage key from Mark Hutton. {Masked dude has a painted black pinky nail.} He’s tired of asking nicely.

The armed robber with the baseball cap yells at everybody to be cool, “You wanna go home? Don’t look at me. Look at the floor!”
A bank patron whispers to Kate, “I can take him...The tall guy, he’s not watching us. It’s now or never. Keep your head down.” {One robber is looking out the window.}
The patron grabs the guy and he drops his gun.
The patron wants Kate to pick it up and shoot it. “Turn off the safety...It’s on the side! On the side! Turn it off! Turn it off!”
She claims to not know how. One thug grabs her by the neck Kate and pushes the little hero into a private room to talk.
Inside the Third Liberty Finance room the thug removes his mask and is impressed with Kate’s comment about not knowing how to use a gun. They giggle and kiss.

Shannon is looking of the papers Sayid took from the French woman; she still feels she can’t do this. Sayid feels if she really puts her mind to it she can do it.
Shannon shares that she learned to speak French because she knew this guy.
She kind of lived in St Tropez for a while.

In the caves Sun brings plants in that she knows are natural remedies for headache. This is conveyed to Jack through hand gestures/language.  Jack thinks it’s cool.

Kate arrives to tell Jack they’ve got a problem. Kate’s really the one with the problem. Jack is the only one who knows about Kate. {Doesn’t Hurley know too?} Sun is listening.
Kate shares the news about the silver case with Jack. The airline wouldn’t let the Marshall bring the case on the plane. “It was hard enough to convince them to let him wear a gun on his ankle.”   But they made him check his case. She tells him the case contained some traveling money, some of his personal stuff and four 9 mm with a few boxes of ammo.   Sawyer has the case now and hasn’t been able to open it.  That’s lucky for them but sooner or later he will be able to open it. Kate knows where the key is.; the marshal kept it in his wallet in his back pocket.
Jack-“I buried him, Kate.”
Kate-“I know…Where?”
Jack wonders what else is in the case.  Kate says that’s it, but Jack wonders about her truth telling ability.
Jack-“If you want my help, we’re gonna open the case together.”
Kate’s okay with that.

Rose and Charlie work together as a team to move the stuff off the beach.   Charlie asks her why she’s smiling.
Rose-“Am I?”
That must mean that she’s happy.   Charlie feels there’s no reason to be happy because things are awful.
Rose-“They’re not that awful.”
They’re stranded on an Island and no one is coming for them.
Charlie-“What I do know is there’s something in that jungle that eats people. Just because we’ve not heard from it in a couple of weeks doesn’t mean it won’t get hungry again. And I know there’s a person or people that are trying to hurt us.”
Rose tells Charlie that nobody blames him for what happened to Claire; it’s not his fault. He did everything he could do including coming close to dying himself.
Charlie-“Yeah. Maybe I should've died.”
Rose thinks Charlie needs to ask for help. Charlie asks who is going to help him.

We get a shot of the cross grave marker.

Kate asks Jack-“Why didn’t you put him with the others? When you burned the fuselage.”
Jack-“Cause I needed to bury him.”
{Flash Whoosh}

Kate asks Jason if he’s ready to do this. Indeed he is, “By now they’re imaginations are running wild.”
She tells him not to hold back, “He won’t talk if the details are off.”
Jason-“Even your details, Maggie?”
Jason smacks her across the mouth.
Masked Jason parades the hero back out to the others in the bank then throws her on the ground. A voice that sounds a little distant tells everybody to relax, “I said quiet!”
Jason-“Okay, Mr. Manager. You wanna be a hard-ass. Protect the vault that doesn’t even belong to you. Okay. There’s gonna be consequences.”
Kate interjects by acting like she’s gonna get killed anyway. Jason grabs her, holds the gun on her and says “You got three seconds to give me that damn key. One. Two. Three.”
The manager says alright, “I’ll give it to you.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Jack and Kate reveal the decaying, skeletal-ish, body of the marshal. {Looks very much like the body under the water. But WTF do I know.}
They are digging away; The smell is terrible.   Kate will go for the wallet. You can hear  buzzing. {flies.} Kate retrieves the wallet. It’s filled with bugs; maggots.
Jack checks the wallet to note the key isn’t in there.

Jack- “But that was real good Sleight of hand distracting me with the wallet.”
Kate lied and palmed the key.
Pissed off Jack takes the key.

Shannon speaks French, translating the maps and papers. “The sea of sparkles. No. The sea of silver…Sparkles that change…It’s the same as the last one.”
 Frustrated Sayid asks if she's sure. "The equation is completely different, it doesn't relate. What you're saying doesn't make any sense."
He wonders about one that he believes should say something about latitude or longitude, something about the stars. She looks over the words and translates: Next to the eternity...No, infinity.
She's feels something about this is familiar. Sayid says it more like nonsense.
Shannon gets defensive and tells him, 'A'. I told you that my French sucks. And 'B' this is not my nonsense, Okay? Did you ever think that after 16 years on mystery frickin island your friend might not be quite adjusted."
Sayid feels this has been a mistake.  
Hurt and insulted Shannon replies, "Yeah. Haven't you heard, I'm completely useless."
She storms off.

At Sawyer's digs: Jack tells him he wants the case.
Sawyer figured she'd get him to do her dirty work for her.    The deal is if Sawyer won't give Jack the case Jack will withhold the antibiotic Cephalexin he's been giving him "You're right in the middle of a treatment cycle, now if I keep giving you the pills you're gonna be right as rain . But I'm going to stop giving you the pills. And for two days you're going to think you're all good, then it's going to start to itch. The day after that the fever's going to come and you're going to start seeing red lines running up and down your arm.   A day or two after'll beg me to take the case, just to cut off your arm."
Sawyer-"That's a nice story, Jack. And, even if it were true, I don't think you could do it."
Jack-"You're wrong."
Sawyer backs down and gives Jack the case, hoping he's got some jaws of life back in Cavetown. Jack will figure something out.
Sawyer doesn't let go of the case when Jack takes it. He tells Jack he knows Jack thinks he's doing her a favor but "However she talked you into doing this...she lied, brother."

Kate sits alone near the burned fuselage. Jack toting the case tells her they're going to do this together.
Jack-"Cause that's what I said we'd do."
Kate's annoyed. She follows him {in slow motion.}
{Flash Whoosh}
"What the hell you waiting for? Open the damn thing!"
The manger opens the cell door that holds the cash. {It looks more like a jail.}
One of the thugs puts his handgun in his back waistband.    The bank manager let them in so he wants the robbers to let the girl go.   We learn "the girl" is the one who set him up. "The girl" picked this bank and picked this vault. "This whole thing is the girl's idea."
Jason removes his mask and tells Maggie he's cleaning up after himself."
Maggie pulls a gun on him threatening to shoot if he shoots. She shoots Jason in the leg. Then things get crazy and she shoots two of the other robbers.
Jason blurts out "I told you not to trust her."
Maggie demands the key to safe deposit box 815 from the manager.
The manger asks, "Who are you?"
She just wants the key to the box now.
The manger informs her you need two keys; the banks and...
Maggie has the customer key but can't use it because she's not on the signatory card. Jason is pissed because she put him up to this all for access to a safe deposit box. She reveals her name isn't Maggie.
She retrieves the box, opens it and reveals an envelope.

In the cave Jack asks her if there's anything she wants to tell him. Kate doesn't say a word. Jack opens the case.
Kate watches nervously as he goes through the items.
Jack takes out a yellow manila envelope labels Personal Effects".
Inside that envelope he removes an envelope and gives her what she wanted. She reveals a toy plane. {Why would the toy plane end up in New Mexico?}

Jack pressures her for the truth about what it is, "Just this once. What is it?"
Kate-"It belonged to the man I loved."
Jack-"The truth."
Kate-"It belonged to the man I loved!"
Jack- "Stop lying and tell me the truth!"
Kate- "I'm not! It belonged to the man I killed!"
She breaks down crying. Jack looks troubled and leaves her to her crying.

There's an exodus leaving the beach to higher ground. {Vincent has a collar.}

At night Rose sits very tranquilly with her hands folded, eyes closed and she's smiling. Charlie joins her. They talk about her husband being in the tail section of the plane and that she knows he's still alive. This amazes Charlie.
Rose-"It's a fine line between denial and faith. It's much better on my side."
Charlie breaks down crying and asks Rose for help. {He's really hurting and very lost.}
Rose-"I'm not the one who can help you."
Rose prays with Charlie. {Charlie is wearing his black and white van sneakers.}

Shannon tells Sayid she recalls why it sounded familiar.
The guy from St. Topez had this kid, Laurent. He watched the movie over and over and over again; 900 times. It was the cartoon about the fish, "You of the computer ones." The movie was dubbed in French and the end was this song.
Shannon feels the notations are song lyrics. And the French woman is just like Laurent because she wrote them over and over and over again.
Sayid-"What's the song?"
Shannon sings Le Mer.(French words and all)
Boone is watching her from behind a tree.
Jack walks right passed Kate, takes a look back at her and moves on.
Kate cries as she looks at her toy plane.

Whatever the Case May Be is a great episode!
Whatever the Case May Be...whatever "that thing" is!

Things to note...Questions to ask...
✈ Things are not what they are presented to be!
✈ Imagination. 
✈ Feels like a game or a race.
✈ Sides. A-B.
✈ Retrieval of the Halliburton case. It’s like the quest is to acquire the case.
✈ Retrieval of the wallet. Retrieval of the key.
✈ These people are friggin' athletic!
✈ Documents. Maps. Key. Computer. Movie.
✈ Case.
✈ Head. Headache.
✈ Are whispers being heard by all?
✈ Questionable sanity. Mind. Hurt. Sad. Helpless. Useless. Lost. Heartbreak.
✈ Wind.
✈ Playing tricks. Sleight of hand. Palm the key. MAGIC.
✈ I.D.. Identity. New I.D.. Fake I.D..
✈ This line bothers me...“It was hard enough to convince them to let him wear a gun on his ankle.”-Kate.
✈ Sun knows how to use of the earth to make natural healing remedies.  I find it interesting for the daughter of a very rich man. How many times in her rich life would she have to know how to make her own medicine! Maybe I'm wrong, but do rich people make their own medicine? LOL
✈ Maggie- Maggots. LOL!
✈ Things not Real. "That's a nice story, Jack. And, even if it were true, I don't think you could do it."
Two keys.
✈ Open lock. Locke.
✈ The thing in the jungle “eats” people.  Locke is in the jungle.

Vocabulary and Research...
Le Mer means beyond the sea. The movie she references here is Finding Nemo. The DVD release was 11/4/2003 in the US, 1/16/2004 in Australia, 2/27/2004 in the UK). Finding Nemo was released only on DVD, not on VHS.
Tree Structure: a way of representing the hierarchical nature of a structure in a graphical form.
Tree (Data Structure): a widely used computer data structure that emulates a tree structure with a set of linked nodes.
TREE (DOS and Unix) a recursive directory listing command that produces a depth indented listing of files
Tree Network: A type of computer and communication network topology
Treeing: A method of hunting where dogs are used to force animals that naturally climb up into trees, where they can be shot by hunters.
Zero Halliburton is a company which manufactures hard-wearing travel cases and briefcases made out of aluminum.
Bank: Holds money/cash and valuables for safe keeping.
Data Bank: a storage area for information in telecommunications.
Memory Bank.
Bank in computing- cache.
♦ You can “Bank” points/items/for future use when playing games/gaming.
Key: A device used to open a lock.
   -a piece of information that controls the operation of a cryptography algorithm.
   -a guide to a map's symbols
   -a guide to colors and symbols used in a data chart, graph, plot or diagram
  -Computer keyboard keys.
♦ The KeY tool is used in formal verification of Java programs.
Candidate key- (Data bases) A minimal superkey.
Key:  A set of music notes.

In this episode we see just how much lying Kate is capable of.   Kate is cold and ruthless. She'll lie to anybody as long as she gets what she wants. She manipulates, cons and knows how to use people to get their help. Did she really love the man she mentions and did she really kill the man she mentions? Who is the man she's talking about?
Is Sawyer {and the marshal} right...should we not believe her no matter what she does to convinces us otherwise?

Faith comes back around. Rose, who has a sense of knowing, is a supporter of faith. She's trying to give Charlie some hope.   She's trying to help him come out of another dark place.  Remember Locke helped him get out of a dark place with his heroin addiction.
What else comes back around? It's very simple...everything. Karma.
I wonder if it really is better on Rose's side.

I can't help but note and question if the "Island" residents are under some sort of therapy/treatment with this Island adventure.  After all, all these people are feeling "blue" and  need some kind of help!
It does seem like hints may be telling us computers are involved in some way.

"That's a nice story, Jack. And, even if it were true, I don't think you could do it." That line is very important.

Le Mer....Meaning 'Beyond the sea'.
Is it.....Clues about the Island? Where the Other's are?
Directions to get to the "Island"?

It is very important to pay attention to details and figure out the key to solving this puzzle or else our imaginations will run wild. We can't have that now...can we?

Love to all who are "Lost"™

Posted on MySpace July 2007.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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